Hotel Alean Family Resort & Spa Biaritz Gelendzhik

Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz 4*

Hotel“Alean Biarritz”is comfortably located in the Gelendzhik Bay, on the Black Sea coast. Unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, the sun hiding in sea water, mountain tops silvered by the moon are visible from the windows of each hotel room.

Picturesque beaches are surrounded by groves of relict Pitsunda pines, which purify the air, filling it with healing phytoncides.



Alean Family Resort & Spa consists of two triangular buildings, each consisting of seven floors. The hotel has its own green area, the size of more than four hectares. The landscaped protected area is filled with flower beds, lawns and a stunning aroma of the sea with notes of flowers and needles.

For adults

In addition to the walking area and residential buildings, a leisure area is organized on the territory of the hotel. Adults are welcome to heated swimming pools and a relaxation area.

Nearby there is a restaurant and conference rooms for corporate events. The multimedia space is already equipped with everything necessary to serve a forum, meeting or business meetings.

Creative evenings are held on the summer stage, not far from which there is a children’s club, a game complex and a terrace. Adults can enjoy the concert without worrying about their children, as their leisure time is organized by experienced staff.

For more than three years, the hotel has a Beauty and Health Center for guests of all ages. Here you can get a course of massages, improve your health, relax in the SPA or take a steam bath. For guests wishing to be treated, experienced doctors have developed medical programs.

Outdoor enthusiasts can play volleyball, badminton or other games on the special sandy court. Game equipment is provided free of charge. Those wishing to explore the surroundings, explore the sights and touch the past of Gelendzhik can use the services of the tour desk.

For children and teenagers

Children’s leisure is an important component of family recreation. Children of all ages are demanding on pastime, games, attractions and interactives. Competent organization of children’s leisure is the key to a good rest for parents. The Hotel Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz 4 * understands this, so the children’s infrastructure is very well developed.

The outdoor terrace is equipped with table tennis tables. billiards and air hockey. For preschoolers and older children there is a playground with sandboxes, swings, slides and children’s sports simulators. The site is supplemented with a complex of attractions, including:

  • snoocball;
  • Agry birds;
  • TRX simulators;
  • rental of sports equipment.

Children of secondary school age and teenagers visit clubs where experienced teachers are engaged with them. Master classes in dance, drawing, theatrical art and other interesting disciplines attract young people, give new knowledge, and also allow you to make new acquaintances. The hotel’s animators conduct interactives for children and their parents daily.

Beaches & Pools

The hotel’s swimming pools are located in the open air, from the bright Black Sea sun guests are protected by a dense canopy. For adults, water heating is provided, the teenage pool is equipped with everything necessary. Two children’s pools are designed for children of different ages and are equipped with water slides.

Alean Gelendzhik Hotel has a private beach, which is 500 metres away. Sun loungers, canopies and parasols are already included. Oak flooring protects guests from pebbles and sharp shells.

On the beach there is a medical office, a lifeguard post, toilets and changing rooms. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. You can enter the sea from one of the five landscaped slopes.

On the beach organized rental of kayaks, paddle surfs for active pastime in the water. Guests vacationing on the shore can take advantage of the rental of chess, checkers, lotto and other popular board games. Children’s play complex on the beach is equipped with wooden horizontal bars, a house for games, a suspended staircase. Older children are waiting for experienced animators and classes in the club: board games. weaving fenechek, aqua makeup. master classes, animation gazebo. The club can accommodate up to 12 children at a time.

Teenagers from 13 years old and adults can do yoga or fitness with an experienced instructor. Family activities, outdoor games with contests and fun music are held on the beach daily.

After a lot of fun on the beach, guests can quench their hunger and thirst and snack bar. The cost of meals and soft drinks is included in the price of the voucher.

Room stock

The hotel has two seven-storey buildings of unusual triangular shape. The design allows you to provide a picturesque landscape outside the window of any room. In each building there are rooms with three, two and one room. All rooms are equipped with showers, furnished balconies or terraces, toiletries. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.

Family Standart

A cozy two-room suite with an area of 35-45 square meters, in which a family of four or five people will comfortably settle. The furnishings of the rooms are attractive, the furniture is new. The peculiarity of the room is a balcony with comfortable armchairs, where it is pleasant to spend an evening with the family. In one room there is a double bed, in the second – two single beds. If there are more than four people in the family, an additional single folding bed is placed in the room. The hotel has more than 30 similar rooms, which allows you to accept many families with children.

Family Suite

The room of 75 square meters with three rooms and a spacious terrace is designed for a large family. Main places – 4. In the first bedroom there is a bed for parents, in the second – two full beds for children. In the third room, guests will find a modern sofa bed, which, if necessary, turns into two additional seats. Three-room suites are in both buildings. The apartments are equipped with a split system, three TVs, an electric car and a miniature refrigerator.

The terrace of 45 square meters is equipped with comfortable wicker furniture made of rattan. A full seating area for a large family with a sofa, armchairs and a table is an ideal place for gatherings at sunset.

Junior Suite

Comfortable room for two people or a couple with one or two children. The room with an area of 35-45 square meters with a balcony is equipped with a folding double sofa, additional beds are located on a single sofa and a folding armchair. On the balcony there is wicker furniture.


A small cozy room of 20 square meters for newlyweds, lovers or couples with a child. The room is designed for two people with the possibility of placing a third on a folding chair. The apartments are equipped with new comfortable furniture, split system, TV and other necessary things.

Suite Terrasa

Two-room suite from the category “Suite” can accommodate from two to four people. The room is equipped with two main and two extra beds. The room has everything you need for a comfortable stay: air conditioning, shower, TVs in each room, safe and fireplace.

The terrace is 45 square meters and rattan furniture. From the terrace you can get to the infrared sauna, designed for two people.


A small 20-meter studio can accommodate two or four people. Two additional beds have been added to the two main beds – a folding double sofa. As with all other rooms, the Superior has a balcony equipped with rattan furniture and a clothes dryer.


In the new season of [y], the hotel introduces a menu developed by the famous TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya. Actress, socialite and just a wife and mother knows how to stay alert during the day, saturate the body with nutrients, while not overeating and not experiencing hunger. Julia has developed a menu consisting of simple, but very tasty dishes for all restaurants of the resort.

The highlight of the new food system was the products of the “zero kilometer”, that is, those that grew and were mined on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. These are fresh fish and seafood, organic fruits and vegetables, fragrant juicy berries and other products.

All breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the restaurants of the hotel, as well as healthy snacks, low-calorie desserts and exclusive drinks are made in accordance with the requirements for healthy eating.

The management of the hotel hopes that proper nutrition, organized on vacation, will help all family members to develop useful habits.

To achieve maximum results, our instructors will help vacationers to put in order the figure, making an individual plan of physical exercises and procedures for cleansing the body.


In addition to the beautiful scenery and the seaside, the hotel offers a number of interesting activities.

In restaurants and bars:

  • low-calorie desserts from Julia Vysotskaya;
  • children’s menu for kids, schoolchildren and teenagers;
  • snack bar on the beach;
  • children’s ice cream parlor;
  • bar by the pool area;
  • buffet.

In the bath and health complex:

  • herbal bath;
  • Roman bath of high humidity;
  • traditional Finnish sauna;
  • therapeutic shower procedures;
  • phyto-bar with tea, healing water and herbal infusions;
  • wellness programs for the whole family.

In the entertainment club for children and adults:

  • animators and presenters of sports and entertainment programs;
  • sports activities: exercises, aerobics, yoga, fitness, flash mobs;
  • parties, modeling, master classes, discos and concerts;

At the box office:

  • bicycles for children and adults (3 hours – free of charge);
  • scooters;
  • strollers.


Reviews of vacationers

Irina, Kovrov
The hotel is amazing! We arrived in February, as we only need air and health. But with pleasure we bathed in the heated pool, rode bicycles and met the evenings on the terrace. Photos and videos are true. The buffet is magnificent, the abundance of dishes scatters the eyes.

We rested together for 10 days. All this time we had no time to be bored.

Thank you to the staff for timely service and first-class service!

Mikhail, Balashikha
I went on vacation alone, my wife was left to help my daughter with a newborn granddaughter, and I, like, do not need. So I took advantage of the moment, decided to improve my health.

Alean chose simply because he had rested earlier in the boarding house “Pine Grove” and I liked it there very much. The long sea promenade with pine trees is very well suited for walking. In the boarding house I found a chess company. Overall, a very pleasant stay, the air is so thick that it is intoxicating. Until the season begins, there are not very many people. I’m satisfied.

Alina Abramova

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