Отель Альбатрос Архипо-Осиповка

In the area of Arkhipo-Osipovka there are many private guest houses that are very popular. For guests who prefer to relax in a large hotel,not to engage in everyday life, we offer a comfortable family hotel Albatross.

Location and history

Arkhipo-Osipovka is a small cozy village on the Black Sea in the suburbs of Gelendzhik. Krasnodar Region has always been a favorite and affordable place of rest many decades ago. Families came here by train, in their own cars on the Don highway. If you remember the Soviet era, even tent camps of travelers who enjoyed a convenient location relative to the sea and a pleasant climate were very popular here. Now the village is developing as a popular tourist destination, it is surrounded by low mountains drowning in mixed forests. Their shape resembles animals – a hedgehog and a camel, so they are called. The air in this small resort is very clean, because the mountains close it from big roads and cities. The village itself is small, less than 10 thousand inhabitants live here, and most are engaged in tourism. Guest houses, sanatoriums, hotels are located in the south of Arkhipo-Osipovka, here, along the embankment, all the main entertainment is concentrated. To the north of the village, the territory is not inhabited, not occupied by hotels, but given to vineyards and lush gardens. The height of the tourist season falls on several months – from May to September, when it is not very hot, at the same time the pleasant rays of the sun allow you to sunbathe almost all day.

In the south of Russia there are a lot of such small and cozy villages, the unhurried rhythm of life of which attracts many beach lovers.

A few centuries ago, the Adyghe people lived in this area, but due to the devastating wars on the accession of the Caucasus to Russia, they could not live here and left their native lands. Times were difficult, and a few years later, in 1864, the village of Vulanovskaya was founded, inhabited by Russians and became a large village after 20 years. As was customary, the village was renamed and forever imprinted in its name the name of the Russian soldier – the hero of the Caucasian war – Arkhip Osipov.

More than 100 years ago, the area was highly appreciated as a resort place with a mild climate, and here they tried to organize an inexpensive sanatorium. Like many things, in the revolution it was nationalized and began to develop, receiving guests.

Maria, Vladimir: Very nice and peaceful place to relax with your family. We love to come to the Black Sea in this area, it is transparent and pleasant here. Nice beaches, there is a lot of entertainment for children and adults. We try to be here every year.

Rooms and services

Three-star hotel Albatross – the largest in Arkhipo-Osipovka. It occupies a fairly large fenced area on the first coastline, just 200 meters from the sea. The hotel offers several types of rooms for every taste and budget.

The most popular are the standards for two or family. The rooms are spacious and technically equipped, with beautiful modern furniture. Almost everyone has a balcony from which you will admire the mountains or the sea. Very many guests note comfortable beds, without which a full rest is impossible.

Family rooms are larger than standards in size, two-room, it is possible to install a bed for a child. In all rooms, regardless of type, there is a tea corner, TV, refrigerator, modern climatic equipment. The bathroom is spacious, combined with a bathroom. Room and beach towels are changed on request.

For lovers of exquisite interiors and increased comfort, suites are offered, with two separate rooms, a seating area and a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. The choice of this room is optimal for accommodation with children. It has a lot of space for sleeping and outdoor activities.

Stays at the hotel are based on an all-inclusive system. It includes accommodation in the room of the selected category, three meals a day at the buffet, unlimited access to the water amusement park, children’s town and game center. Paying once, you use the entire infrastructure of the hotel.

It is also pleasant that children under 5 years old live and eat at no extra charge (a separate bed is not provided).

The hotel prides itself on its quality service throughout. It offers a bar and several restaurants, a very tasty and varied menu, with possible delivery to the room. Rooms are cleaned daily.

Every tourist season the hotel accepts many families with children, and this is the main reason that the quality of food is given great attention. For the preparation of healthy dishes, products are delivered from local private farms, every day the menu in the restaurant is different, even on the Swedish line.

A special set of dishes has been developed for children.

Olga, Moscow: When we decided where to go to rest, we stopped in “our” south. Very lucky that friends recommended Albatross, we liked it so much that we will come back again. Very positive impressions of the beautiful territory, a huge children’s area and many swimming pools. Very tasty and varied food. It’s nice to communicate with all the members of the staff, with many friends.

The hotel has a fitness center and a spa – salon for those who want to diversify and complement their stay.

Leisure and entertainment

Hotel Albatross offers a wide range of entertainment for its guests. It can rightly be proud of the most modern and largest water amusement park in the area. It has 5 pools of different depths with the purest water, connected by a water river. In the aqua complex, everyone will find something to do: a deep sports pool is suitable for professionals; children frolic at a depth of less than a meter or play on rides; the pool with singing bright fountains will amaze everyone with its uniqueness.

Everything that happens on the water, especially in the children’s area, is monitored by rescuers, video surveillance is conducted on the territory. If you are hungry, you do not have to go far – in the water zone around the clock open café with a variety of dishes on the menu and delicious cocktails.

Special attention is paid to children’s recreation in the Albatross. Probably, the kids here are the main guests. To organize an unforgettable holiday and leisure time, the hotel has a children’s playground, game rooms on the street and in the main building.

In a children’s town called Ostrovok, located in the open air, there is a team of animators who involve children in a fabulous game atmosphere. Here you can hide in labyrinths, sing, draw, dance, arrange foam discos.

If the weather has deteriorated or there is simply no desire to go outside, then parents can leave the child in the Alibi playroom” where they conduct theatrical performances that develop quests, play board games. All the time spent there, the child is under the supervision of educators, and you can not worry about his safety.

A special area designed for sports games in the Albatross is organized very rationally and competently, using safe materials and the latest technologies. Here everything is thought out: young children will not be in the area for active adult games, but will spend the day on colorful comfortable slides and playgrounds.

Many guests who choose to stay in the Albatross are pleased to note that they were amazed by the variety of infrastructure, the number of swimming pools and children’s entertainment for every taste. There is no need to leave the territory at all in search of interesting leisure, both adults and children have classes here.

Of course, having arrived at the sea, you need to go to the beach, enjoy the gentle waves of the water element. The hotel stands on the first coastline, and a separate area is allocated for guests on the beach. The beach is finely pebbly, clean and well maintained. Guests can use sun loungers, umbrellas and towels free of charge.

The Black Sea coast is a beautiful region with a rich history.

What interesting places can you visit, what is new to see?

  • The water park in Arkhipo-Osipovka is small, located on the central embankment, primarily aimed at the youngest visitors. It has the simplest and safest slides and a small pool. Children will also be interested to attend a show with marine animals that perform at the local Dolphinarium. Performances take place several times a day, and you can easily schedule his visits, taking into account the child’s regime. If you still want to visit a large water park, then go to Gelendzhik, the road will take about an hour.
  • The main natural attraction of Arkhipo-Osipovka are the striking beauty of the Tesheb waterfalls (better known as the Gebius waterfalls). You can get there with an excursion, by your own car, the road will take no more than half an hour. In the height of summer in the afternoon there is quite humid and stuffy, so we advise you to visit them in the late afternoon. Along the way, you can also stop by farmers who grow ostriches and camels. For lovers of hiking – this is a great option for outdoor recreation.
  • Very clean coniferous air you will find in the tract Pine Gap, where grows a real Crimean pine and other rare plants. It should be noted that the area of Arkhipo – Osipovka – a real nature reserve with rich flora and fauna, clean air.
  • The most ancient sights here, of course, are dolmens, and all vacationers in Arkhipo – Osipovka certainly visit them. Dolmen is a funerary structure composed of stone blocks of several tens of tons. They are called “places of power”, they were built, perhaps, 3-2 thousand BC. For lovers of magical and mysterious places – a very interesting excursion. In the vicinity of the village there are not only legendary ancient dolmens, but also a monument from the time of the Romans – a watchtower of the I century AD. Most likely, going on vacation to the Krasnodar Territory, you did not think that you could see such sights.

The resort village is small, but even despite this, there are some very interesting museums:

  • The Museum of Cosmonautics will show guests authentic spacesuits of Soviet cosmonauts, simulators for preparing for flights, models of space stations and rockets. You will see the original door of one of the offices of Baikonur, on which, according to tradition, cosmonauts signed, before going on an expedition. In the souvenir shop of the museum you can buy tubes with real space food;
  • The Museum of Bread and Wine will tell about the traditions of bread production since ancient times, about the original devices of the 19th century. The entrance fee includes tasting of several varieties of wine and warm bread. This is the most favorite part of the tour for all guests.

The central promenade is a favorite place for romantic evenings and delicious dinners. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants where tasty and inexpensive food, live music sounds.

Nikolay, Perm: We love to rest with the whole family in the Gelendzhik district, namely in Arkhipo – Osipovka. For many years in a row we went here to friends in a private house, but recently decided to stay in the beautiful hotel “Albatross”. The all-inclusive system is perfectly established here, because you do not have to worry about anything. The food is very tasty, the rooms are new and comfortable. And the arrangement of the territory is a millet fairy tale. Our beloved village has been transformed. We will return here for sure, and to the hotel – too.

Sea resorts of Russia are developing and with each goal are becoming more comfortable for tourists. The nature of the Krasnodar Territory, its reserves, clean air, transparent sea – all that thousands of tourists come here for. Hotel Albatross – the pride of Arkhipo-Osipovka, a guarantee of high quality service. Everyone loves to visit it – both children and adults. Albatross is a great family holiday and a lot of positive emotions!




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