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Aromatherapy with fresh air, treatment with birds singing and quality food – all this is about rest in the hotel “Oasis”. There are also several types of rooms,which are furnished according to all the canons of Feng Shui.

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Location and description

Hotel “Oasis” is a combination of comfortable rooms with a huge territory of the complex. There is a swimming pool and water activities, exotic flora and sometimes running fauna, houses and sports grounds, bright sun during the day and incendiary parties at night. Such a huge variety helps guests feel comfortable and enjoy their holiday without any problems.

The hotel complex is located in the north-western part of the Black Sea of the Caucasus, more than 100 kilometers from Novorossiysk in the resort village of Arkhipo-Osipovka. This place is part of the city of Gelendzhik. The hotel is located in the area of dry subtropics. That is why rare unique plants and trees grow on its territory, which fill the air with a healing aroma. In addition, many trees enrich the air with their pollen, which contains a large number of various vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances.

In the “Oasis” come also for ornithotherapy – this is a treatment by singing birds. By the sea you can hear seagulls, crested grebes, dives and cormorants. In an incomprehensible way, with their singing, they create an orchestra that has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.

More information! Pets are allowed. To do this, you need to warn the staff in advance.

Hotel Rooms

In total, there are 22 rooms on the territory of the complex, each of which is furnished with stylish furniture according to the canons of Feng Shui.

  1. Junior suite. This is a one-room suite with an extra bed: that is, it can accommodate 3 people. The room itself is small, but it contains everything you need to stay. The price already includes three divorces a single meal.
  2. Lux. This room also consists of one room, but its size is slightly larger than in the junior suite. There are 2 extra beds: can accommodate up to 4 people. This room is designed in a pleasant oriental style with modern additions. Three meals a day are also included in the price
  3. Double suite. In total, there are 3 such rooms on site. And all of them are decorated in different ethnic styles: Thai, Mediterranean, European. The rooms in these rooms are spacious and contain all the necessary furniture for living.

Each space is decorated in the style of Feng Shui. And this was done under the guidance of the great master Shen-Tan-Su, who specially came to the oasis hotel for this. According to the legends of vacationers, every person who stays in this place becomes lucky in all spheres of life.

We came to rest with the whole family. We were accommodated above the bar, the music played very loudly every day from 22:00 to 2:00, it was impossible to sleep. But the administration quickly solved our problem and we were relocated. I liked that the hotel is open until 20:00. we managed to swim a little more after the sea before going to dinner. The kids loved the foam party and the cotton candy that was handed out after it. The area itself is clean, nice atmosphere, lots of greenery, friendly staff, which is important, the pools are clean. Our rooms were constantly cleaned, they looked well maintained, the air conditioning worked well. As for wi-fi – from lunch to evening in the rooms caught badly, so we went to the yard to sit on the Internet.

Food system

Spring and summer are a time when the body of citizens, especially children, needs a large amount of vitamins. For residents of large cities, experts recommend summer vitamin therapy and healthy eating: more natural fresh fruits, berries and vegetables.

The restaurant of the complex “Oasis” offers dishes prepared only from fresh natural products, most of which come to the hotel from the Kuban. This region has always been the pride of Russia – fruits and vegetables that do not contain GMOs are grown here. Apples, strawberries, apricots, which are served in the hotel during all meals, have a real taste and smell. They are incomparable with those that enter the country from other countries. Vegetables and fruits brought to the “Oasis” do not live as long as foreign ones, because they are not treated with chemicals. Therefore, for breakfast lunch and dinner, only fresh products are served, which are full of vitamins and benefits.

The hotel’s restaurant serves Russian and European cuisine. In addition, the chefs have developed a special menu for children – tasty and healthy. Also on the territory of the hotel complex there is a bar.


Hotel “Oasis” promises to fill with bright emotions every minute of rest on the Black Sea coast. On the territory of the hotel complex there is entertainment for any vacationer – family, children, company and bachelors.

Almost every evening the hotel “Oasis” arranges night show programs:

  1. Dizzy dynamic discos with the performance of famous artists and show groups.
  2. Spicy surprise programs.
  3. Striptease – male and female.
  4. Theme nights – New Year, Maslenitsa, Ivan Kupala and so on.
  5. And other surprises.

Very often on the territory of the hotel there are discos, where famous DJs perform.

Entrance to any event for guests of the “Oasis” is free. For others, the cost starts from 200 rubles per evening (depending on the program).

In addition to nightlife, the hotel complex has something to do during the day. For example, you can go cycling or play table tennis and billiards, or go on water slides and go to the sauna.

More information! Sauna is not included in the price and is charged separately.

Beach holidays

Tourists go to Gelendzhik and its districts, first of all, beyond the sea and the sun. Hotel “Oasis” went further and offers two types of water recreation:

  • beach and Black Sea;
  • swimming pools and sun loungers.

The sound of the waves, the coolness of the water and the endless horizon are the three aspects that make tourists go to the sea. Near the hotel there is a pebble beach. This repels many, as you want to walk on soft sand. But still, the stones have their advantages. First, the water on such a beach is cleaner, since the waves do not raise sand from the bottom. And secondly, pebbles are a wellness massage of the feet. Since ancient times, many people in the world have discovered the importance and benefits of walking barefoot along the stone-strewn coastline. In Tibetan temples, monks still go for a walk along the water every morning at any time of the year. This gives them greater vigor, activates the whole body and promotes longevity.

The beach next to the hotel “Oasis” is known for its entertainment. Fans of outdoor activities and vivid impressions in Arkhipo-Osipovka will enjoy flying with a parachute, riding a jet ski, “banana” or “tablet” and other water activities.

For those who like to swim in clean fresh water and sunbathe away from crowded beaches, the hotel offers to visit the swimming pools, which are located on the territory of the complex. One of them is intended only for adults, and in the other, family, there is a shallow place for children.

Two water slides, descending from the height of the second floor, are very popular with children and adolescents. But comfortable sun loungers, a bar with invigorating cocktails, soft drinks and light desserts are more attractive to adults.

To relax between swims, you can sit on the sun terrace, enjoy a barbecue or take a stroll in the garden.

Note! There are no sandy beaches nearby.

Leisure for children

“Oasis” positions itself as a family hotel, so children here will definitely not be bored. The child here can choose what he wants, in any case, he will get positive emotions, make a bunch of new friends and have fun. During the day, you can play in the children’s room or frolic in the pool with a shallow depth and roll down the high water slides. And in the evening, take part in a daily children’s event with competitions and prizes. Sometimes the animators of the hotel arrange foam discos and almost any entertainment has a healthy snack. Parents can not worry that their child will not find something to do. In the “Oasis” is interesting to everyone.

In addition to entertainment, children can play sports and play tennis or billiards. Also, sometimes on the territory of the hotel professional animators organize sports and intellectual competitions.

For the little ones there is entertainment in the equipped children’s room with toys. And for older children on site there is a children’s playground. We thought about the kids and the cook. They have developed a special healthy menu – healthy, rich in vitamins and, most importantly, tasty.

As you have already understood, tourists with children are happy to choose this hotel.

Attention! All entertainment for guests of “Oasis” is free.

We stayed at this hotel for a week in April. Everything was very nice! Large comfortable rooms with taste and sense of proportion. We stayed in a suite and junior suite. Each room has a balcony where you can bask in the sun! In the off-season – a great option for lovers of peace and comfort! In the summer, this place will be a good option for young people who love parties and entertainment. The hotel has swimming pools with a huge area for sunbathing. The sea is very close – literally 3 minutes on foot. The most important thing is the polite and hospitable staff of the hotel. The guys were always ready to help solve any problems. Many thanks to the owner and his staff for a pleasant stay!

Attractions nearby

Employees of the hotel “Oasis” will help to organize excursions in the picturesque surroundings of Arkhipo-Osipovka. It can be horse riding or water sailing, rafting or diving, sea fishing or a walk to interesting sights. You can also visit some places on your own. For example, the Ulan River is just a few metres away. Its shores are ideal for hiking and cycling. Next to the hotel there is also a historical and ethnographic museum. This is the main attraction of the village, which contains materials from the thousand-year history of the area.

In Arkhipo-osipovka there are a lot of places that you must visit and here are some of them:

  1. Dolphinarium. It is simply necessary for everyone who comes to Gelendzhik with children to visit. Experienced instructors and trainers invite visitors to water shows, where bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, beluga whales, walruses and even very beloved dolphins will show their skills. On request and for a fee, you can get a video of the performance, a CD with photos, individual personal photos with animals and even swim with dolphins.
  2. Oceanarium. A vast area where the inhabitants of the seas and oceans are represented in three thematic sections: freshwater inhabitants, marine and inhabitants of coral reefs. The area of aquariums is almost half a kilometer. Therefore, you should have at least two hours in reserve. Here you can see predatory sharks and bloodthirsty piranhas, mystical starfish and flexible octopuses, large lobsters and smiling rays.
  3. Aquapark “Emerald City” and GoodZone. Water parks in Arkhipo-Osipovka are small, mainly designed for the youngest visitors. There are simple and safe slides and small pools. If you still want to visit a large water park, go to Gelendzhik. The journey to it will take about an hour.
  4. Water parks in Gelendzhik. The construction of a water park right by the sea is a great idea, which was implemented in Gelendzhik as many as four times. The largest water complex in Russia is the Golden Bay. Here the wildest dreams and desires of vacationers are embodied. Bizarre designs, slides and trampolines of varying degrees of complexity, colorful playgrounds and “calm rivers” – “Golden Bay” offers everything that the soul of a tourist desires. “Dolphin” is a smaller water park, which also deserves attention. And if you avoid fuss and queues, a more modest Behemoth will suit you.
  5. Tesheb waterfalls. The main natural attraction of Arkhipo-Osipovka is the amazingly beautiful Tesheb waterfalls (better known as Gebus). You can get there by your own car with a tour. The road takes no more than half an hour. In the middle of summer it is quite humid and stuffy during the day, so we recommend that you come in the late afternoon. Along the way, you can also visit farmers raising ostriches and camels. For tourists, this is a great way to relax in the fresh air.
  6. Dolmens. The most ancient sights here, of course, are dolmens, and they are visited by almost all vacationers in Arkhipo-Osipovka. Dolmen is a burial of several tens of tons of stone blocks. They are called “places of power.” For lovers of magical and mysterious places – this is a very interesting excursion. In the vicinity of the village, there are not only legendary old dolmens, but also a monument of roman times – a watchtower of the I century AD.

The nature of the Krasnodar Territory, its reserves, clean air, transparent sea – this is all why thousands of tourists come here. Hotel “Oasis” is the pride of Arkhipo-Osipovka and a guarantee of high quality service for children and adults.

Attention! You can travel by car. To do this, there is a secure free parking on site.


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