Holidays in Kefalonia in a Greek Villa

Kefalonia is the ideal destination for those craving a holiday in a truly Greek villa. As the largest of the Ionian Islands, it combines intriguing architecture with incredible natural beauty.

Location and infrastructure

At Greek luxury villas, you’ll get to experience the atmosphere of this breathtaking island, exploring it as you please.

A variety of landscapes and architectural monuments give the tireless traveler the freedom to explore. For those who prefer a more sedate holiday, however, the island offers tourists a vast stretch of beaches along its southern coastline.

The buildings of Kefalonia reveal, epoch by epoch, the Greek history in which the island is immersed. Among the most fascinating architectural masterpieces here is a Roman villa with elements of a Venetian fortress, inside which there are 4 amazing mosaics.


To learn as much as possible about Kefalonia’s historical past, holidaymakers should visit the two museums of the island’s capital city, Argostoli. And after the museum tours, don’t overlook the busy but truly colorful city fruit and vegetable market – the very place where you can taste the real taste of Greece.

The port of Fiskardo, on the north-eastern coast, has a wealth of Venetian architecture that will also appeal to the true history buff. It is here that he is delighted to discover the sixth century basilica, surrounded by palm trees, a must-see while exploring the sights of the port.

Meanwhile, the smaller port of Aga Efimia Island on the northern tip of Sami Bay cannot be overlooked. Visitors can enjoy its tiny beaches and wander the narrow, crowded, unique shopping streets without losing sight of the panorama of the nearby island of Ithaca. The port will be especially remembered by those who are interested in water sports. After all, this is the place recognized as the center of scuba diving, where everyone will have the opportunity to discover the underwater world and the life of its inhabitants.

Beaches and views

Renowned for its soft sand and sparkling waters, Makris Yalos beach on the south shore is another renowned hot spot for water sports enthusiasts. Therefore, those looking for a more secluded beach holiday should head to Spartia, where you can quite successfully avoid the crowded beaches.

At the center of Kefalonia is Mount Anos, visible from all beaches on the south coast. It is from the top that the breathtaking view of the whole island opens up with its dense pine forests, typical Greek buildings and enchanting coastal waters.

No one staying in one of Kefalonia’s Greek luxury villas will regret their decision. This island, which harmoniously combines the beauty of architectural monuments and natural landscapes, never lets its visitors get bored.


Alina Abramova

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