Holiday at Skylodge Adventure Suites Peru

Want something out of the ordinary when you travel to Peru? Or are you basically looking for extreme travel ideas? Then the Skylodge Adventure Suites hotel review is just right for you.

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Absolutely unique is the Skylodge Adventure Suites Hotel, located on a mountain range in Peru. These aluminum and polycarbonate pods that cling to the granite slope above the Urubamba Valley are absolutely unique. When the night sky shimmers overhead while you sleep, it feels like you’re in a spaceship, not a hotel.

Room Features

The hotel pods are a 90-minute drive from Cusco and eight miles from Machu Picchu in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Climbing to them will require a decent level of fitness and dexterity, and a fear of heights will not be helpful.

This is a truly innovative, bold and exciting concept. And although the hotel pods are sturdy and well-designed – attached to the rock with 20 strong anchor points, each capable of holding a ton and a half, a sea of adrenaline will be assured. Their interiors are minimal and functional, encouraging guests to admire the outside rather than the inside. To climb into and out of the capsules, you must wear a helmet, gloves and be secured with a safety rope.

Context is key with this hotel. This is as unusual as it gets. The guest is permanently secured with a safety rope, and all their food and water is stuffed into your guide’s backpack. Thus, there is no room service, gym, sauna or concierge. It’s just him (the lodger), the swirling wind, the Milky Way, and the occasional train horn echoing through the valley below.

Each hotel module has three beds that can sleep up to four people, with one double bed and two “singles”. The blinds can be pulled back for a dazzling view of the valley and the stars, and there are four simple lights that run on solar power. Once inside the module, the person can remove the safety rope, as the only way out is through the exit hatch at the top of the module. The module has six windows and four ventilation ducts to provide an appropriate atmosphere. The facilities in each module allow you to provide services of complete comfort and convenience. Beds, pillows, duvets and sheets of excellent quality will ensure a warm and pleasant night at 400 meters above the abyss. At the end of the module, which incidentally looks like a pod, is a primitive toilet cubicle where the waste is packed away and discarded later.


Everything for dinner and breakfast at this hotel is planned in advance and packed in backpacks, given the challenging conditions. Cooked and served in a quaint dining room, dinner consists of four courses, an organic soup dish, salad, main course and dessert. Wine is available for dinner, but it’s best not to overdo it, as there’s still to climb back into your pod in the dark. Breakfast is served in the form of coffee, eggs, toast, granola and fresh fruit.

There are two ways to reach the SkyLodge Natura Vive, the classic via ferrata path, bypassing the suspension bridge, or the intrepid Zip Line path, which will leave an indelible mark even on the more experienced hiker.

Not for nothing this hotel is unique and sort of the only hotel in the world.

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