Guest House “Aquatel”, Sudak

Did you know that the Crimean city of Sudak is not only a wonderful place for summer holidays, but also an area with a rich ancient history? The best way to get acquainted with it is a vacation in one of the hotels or guest houses, for example, in a cozy “Aquatele”.

Sudak is the south-east of the peninsula, it is surrounded by hills and bays. It is difficult to imagine that it began its history in the 3rd century, and several times changed hands: it was owned by the Turks, Byzantines, Italians. The place has always been rich in natural resources, stood out for its favorable geographical location and pleasant climate, for all this numerous wars were wought. Only in the 18th century, when the territory became Russian and belonged to Prince Potemkin, the production of sparkling wines, so popular now, was opened here.

Come to relax in Sudak, in the beautiful area between Feodosia and Alushta, on the unique beaches of quartz sand and in places with a long history, and the guest house “Aquatel” will provide you with comfortable accommodation.

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Hotel location and rooms

The guest house is located near the mountain Alchak, in Sudak, at the same distance from the sea and the city center. If you arrived in Crimea by plane or train, you can get to the hotel in 1.5 hours.

The location of the property is convenient for those tourists who want to get to know the peninsula better, to travel to the sights in their free time from the beach holiday. The beach and the coastline are not close, a kilometer away, in the same distance there is a water park, but the market, shops and cafes are very close, within walking distance.

The guest house is a modern building built in 2013, 4 floors, offering 18 rooms that meet all necessary standards. The interiors are designed in a classic style with comfortable furniture, TV and air conditioning, many have a full kitchen. A special charm is given by panoramic windows, which daily open to guests amazing views of the surrounding area. In addition, everywhere there are balconies where you can sit in the evening without going down into the yard. Daily cleaning and Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.

Guests can book rooms for four, ideal for families. Extra beds are available, and children under 3 years stay free of charge.

The courtyard of the guest house is small, but the whole is buried in greenery, is under constant protection, it is very safe here. Parking spaces are available for guests with their own transport.

Svetlana, Moscow “When we went to Sudak and booked this hotel, we saw that the sea is quite far away, to go somewhere – about a kilometer, but now I want to say not about it. The time that you spend in the room and on the territory should also be comfortable. The rooms are very spacious and stylish, wonderful panoramic windows overlooking the mountains – this is their “chip”. Modern technology all works perfectly, even there is a kitchen, and you can cook yourself, if desired. In general, who needs the first coastline, of course, this is not the option, but in terms of price – quality – a super option. Special thanks to the staff!”

Meals at the hotel

Meals are not included in the price, but there is a cozy café in the building where guests can order à la carte food, from breakfast to dinner. If you are used to and want to eat on your own, then the rooms have a mini -kitchen, which will provide you with such an opportunity. Indeed, many vacationers prefer only to have breakfast at the hotel, and then spend the whole day on the beach or excursions, in this case, the “free” style of food will be very useful. In the village there is a market and shops where you can buy all the necessary products, and even fresh meat for cooking it on the grill. The hotel offers barbecue facilities and everything you need for a self-picnic.

The guest house is located at a sufficient distance from the city center, and, as guests note, sometimes after an active day you just do not want to go anywhere, so the cafe is never empty. Prices here are optimal, and you can have a delicious dinner with the whole family here for a small amount. The hotel staff tries to do everything to make the stay of guests pleasant and comfortable.

The bar serves light snacks as well as local sparkling wine.

Olga, Yaroslavl “The guest house is small, but this is exactly what we were looking for when we booked accommodation. It’s okay that food is not mandatory, on the contrary, it is easier if you can decide on the spot whether you need it or not. In the south, there is no problem to have a snack, everywhere they cook satisfactory, the portions are large. Very pleased that there is a mini – kitchen in the room, just in case it is necessary, came with children. The hotel has a café, and the menu dinner more than once, very decent. We walked in the center of Sudak, there are also many interesting places. The main thing is that the service is excellent, and each guest is given attention. Recommended!”

Additional services at the hotel

Please note that guests of the hotel can use the city beach of Sudak, which is a kilometer away. If you do not have your own car, a free shuttle service to the sea and around the city is organized.

The beach is clean, sandy – pebbly, there are sun loungers, umbrellas and a convenient entry into the sea. Water sports and sand games can be arranged at an additional cost.

There is a café, you can have a full meal without returning to the hotel. A special menu is offered for children.

On the territory of the hotel wi-fi works confidently, parking is provided for living guests, cleaning of rooms is carried out daily.

All types of outdoor activities are available outside the territory, and now we will tell you where to go in Sudak, and what attractions will be of interest to both children and adults.

Attractions & Activities in Sudak

The climate of the resort, of course, is similar to the entire part of the southern coast of the Crimea, but due to the fact that the mountains here are low, the steppe winds penetrate here unhindered. Unlike the usual subtropics on the peninsula, here the climate is marine continental.

Those who like dry hot weather, you should definitely come to Sudak. In summer, there is often a drought, often the air temperature rises above +30. Therefore, the water in the sea is so warm that all the beaches are filled with children.

Sudak – the resort is not as big and advertised as the rest on the South Coast, but very cozy and with a rich history. Experienced tourists will not exchange for anything else its unique landscapes with bizarre rocks, the remains of ancient settlements and architectural monuments. Everyone enjoys visiting parks and groves, man-made historical masterpieces and entertainment complexes. Absolutely everyone will find in Sudak, what to do and what to see.

Genoese fortress

This is a unique historical museum in the open air, and not only a symbol of Sudak, but also the pride of the entire Crimea. This protective structure was built in the 14th – 15th centuries by the Genoese and gave it its name. The place of construction is not accidental, it is a mountain in the form of a cone, with the name fortress. For many centuries, the bastion was known as impregnable, and this was due to the two-tiered defensive structures. By the way, nature itself also “tried” and strengthened it with steep mountain slopes.

The fortress has survived to this day in excellent condition. What does it look like? These are battlements with a height of 8 m and a thickness of 2 m, in the composition have 12 towers and surround the territory of 30 hectares. Now it is a museum, and it includes the following objects:

  • Consular Castle;
  • Maiden Tower;
  • mosque – a museum with an exposition of ancient finds;
  • temple;
  • warehouses;
  • barracks.

Beautiful sea views open from the Maiden Tower, the height here is more than 150 m above sea level. Every year on the territory of the museum there is a unique historical reconstruction, and all guests are transferred to the Middle Ages. The festival is called “Genoese helmet”, and you can get to it in July – August, plunge into the atmosphere of ancient centuries, participate in real jousting tournaments.

Cape Meganom

The cape is known as the longest in the Crimea, from the side even looks like an elongated peninsula. In general, this is a rather strange, in some ways a mystical place at the resort. An interesting name in translation means “big house”, but on the contrary – there is no one here now, and earlier people did not constantly inhabit it. The territory only attracted random travelers on ships, and at the end of the last century a lighthouse was installed on the cape, perfectly preserved to this day.

It is surprising that Meganom has its own landscape and a mini climate that differs from neighboring ones, even in minimal distance. It is almost a desert, covered only with grass, and the relief resembles the dunes of Africa. Crimeans therefore call it “little Tunisia”, really similar.

It has its own unique natural monuments – “Deplorable monks” – stones hewn by the wind.

Precipitation here is a rare phenomenon, and the heat is usually very strong, but the water in the sea is crystal clear, which is highly appreciated by divers.

We all love myths and legends, so there are a lot of them on Meganom:

  • a boy luring people to a cliff;
  • ship – a ghost on a moonlit night;
  • bleating lamb;
  • the entrance to the kingdom of Hades in the time of the Ancient Greeks;
  • zone with a downed UFO;
  • a place of power for Buddhists, a chance to move through time.

Museum of the History of Wine Making named after Golitsyn

The museum is located in the village of Novy Svet in the former house of Golitsyn – the founder of the plant for the production of sparkling wines. A few centuries ago, Crimean wines gained fame and respect not only in Tsarist Russia, but also in Europe. French connoisseurs liked it so much that at an exhibition in 1900, Count Chardont confused his local “work” with Golitsyn champagne, so tasty it was.

The museum in the New World was opened in 1987, it consists of 7 halls and contains 400 exhibits.

Visiting the Museum of Wine Making, guests will learn:

  • about the life of the famous prince Golitsyn;
  • history of viticulture and wine production in Crimea;
  • production secrets;
  • taste of many wine brands during tasting and visiting the factory.

Church of St. Luke

One of the most famous and prayed temples of the Crimea and the history of the man who gave his name is unique. Archbishop Luke (Valentin Voino-Yasenetsky in the world) was a scientist and a very professional surgeon, as well as the only priest to receive the Stalin Prize. Over the course of his life, he tried to find a connection between religion and science, and of course treated many. After his death, miracles occurred on the grave, accompanied by prayers. For this reason, in 1995, St. Luke was canonized, and in the village of New World, local residents asked to build a personal temple.

Since 2012, the park of the village is decorated with a bright and blissful temple with priceless shrines: an icon with the relics of Luke, a carved icon “The Last Supper” from the great-granddaughter of Prince Golitsyn, a cross with the relics of the Chernigov venerable martyrs.

Chaliapin Grotto

The grotto is a unique natural monument of Sudak, it is a cavity in the rock on the way of the Golitsyn trail. It was noticed by the prince himself at the occurrence of the trail, and when he estimated the constant temperature and humidity of the grotto during the year, he professionally placed a wine cellar there. Special niches were made in the wall for storing bottles, and in this unique room Golitsyn hosted the Royal Family when they visited the Crimea.

It is said that the famous singer Fyodor Chaliapin (hence the name of the grotto) sang here, and thanks to the acoustics, the sound was so strong that crystal glasses burst. Like it or not, it is not known for sure, but in our time a stone stage is made in the grotto, and concerts are held.


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Vacation in the Crimea is the dream of many, so allow yourself to realize it in the best possible way. Come to Sudak, to the guest house “Aquatel” and enjoy the coming summer!