Greenwood Dzhubga Hotel

The Green Wood Hotel is a place of privacy, tranquility and comfort. There is no noisy entertainment and a constant flow of cars, but only the sound of the sea and the sounds of the pine forest.

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How do I find a hotel?

Hotel “Green Wood” is located in the Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse district, in the urban-type settlement of Dzhubga. This is a truly picturesque place, which is surrounded, on the one hand, by the forest, and on the other – by the Black Sea.

Eco-hotel is located on the territory of the forestry, so the designers tried to fit the structure without disturbing the natural harmony.

The nearest city with an airport is Gelendzhik and it is located 70 kilometers from the village of Dzhubga. The approximate travel time to the hotel will be an hour and a half. But it is worth bearing in mind that due to a bad road, taxi drivers are reluctant to agree to bring tourists to Green Wood, so it is better to agree in advance with the hotel so that it presents a transfer for a certain time.

To the hotel you can drive and their Sochi. To do this, you need to get to the bus station, take the intercity route No. 566 and get off at the stop “Dzhubga”. From there 4 kilometers to “Greenwood” – you can get there by public transport or taxi.

More information! The hotel can be reached by car, parking will be free, but only in the summer season.

What rooms are available in the hotel?

Green wood is a small hotel with only 20 rooms:

  1. Standard room with one double bed. Despite the fact that this is a one-room suite, there is a huge balcony where you can play sports, drink tea and watch the sunset. There is also a private bathroom, a place to store your belongings, the necessary equipment and other trifles for a comfortable stay.
  2. Standard room with two single beds. This number is practically no different from the previous version. The only difference is that there is not one bed, but two.
  3. Deluxe with one double bed. This room also has a private balcony where you can enjoy sea or forest views. There are all the items you need for living, as well as an additional sofa and an armchair for relaxation. The size of this room is larger than that of previous options.
  4. Lux. This room does not have a balcony, but it is not needed. There are panoramic windows, from which you can see the forest landscape. In addition to a double bed with orthopedic massage, there are additional places to sleep – a pull-out sofa. Also here is an unusual shape of the ceiling – it is located at an angle, this must be taken into account by people of high growth. Includes a minibar.
  5. Family suite for two. It’s truly an economer. The double bed is equipped with an orthopedic mattress, hypoallergenic pillows and one hundred percent natural cotton bed linen. It has everything you might need to relax: shower, toilet, table for tea or a small work, bedside tables and a magnificent view of the sea.
  6. Home for family or company. Each such house is built of environmentally friendly pine timber. In front of the entrance there is an unsothed terrace with views of the forest. Inside the room is still made of wood: walls, floor, stairs, tables and so on. In addition to bedrooms and bathroom, there is a spacious kitchen combined with a dining room. The house has a double bed and two single beds.

Note! Each room at Green Wood Hotel is equipped with a modern TV, air conditioning, a refrigerator and comfortable furnishings.

I confirm all the positive reviews. Natural conditions, which many consider disadvantages, are just advantages. If it were not for the inaccessibility of the hotel and the “wildness” of the beach, then by the end of the season this paradise would have turned into an ordinary resort place. 25 minutes by stairs, and you are in the cleanest bay on the entire coast – Blue Bay. True, there was a minus, this year I upset breakfast. Although our friend, who was for the first time, is very pleased, but we know that they were even tastier. The hotel is super. Everything is fine. The rooms are clean and nice. Air conditioning, bathroom, TV. All. Cozy and peaceful. Nice yard. Clean and beautiful.

Where to eat?

There is a café on site, which is open all year round. In it you can eat at any convenient time or arrange one of the packages:

  • breakfast;
  • half board (breakfast and dinner);
  • boarding (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

In addition, tourists can always ask for tea or coffee with chocolate and cookies at the reception for free. Alcoholic beverages such as wine and champagne can be enjoyed in the room at an additional cost.

If you want to cook something yourself, then on the territory of the hotel there are barbecue facilities: you can cook your own fish, meat or vegetables on the coals.

Outside of Green Wood, there are also restaurants and cafes on the territory of Dzhubge. The best institution in this area is the TeaKhana “Caravan”: it has several halls with oriental, international and seafood cuisine. But to visit this restaurant and all the others, you need to go to the center of the village.

Also on the territory of Dzhubga there are the following institutions:

  1. L’Cafe. Here they bake the best pizza in the village and sell good wine for every taste. The advantage is that it is possible to make an order for delivery.
  2. Fish restaurant Sushi EDO. Japanese dishes are served, many of them are designed for vegetarians.
  3. Grand Paradise. People come here for the atmosphere and juicy barbecue.

If you do not want to go anywhere and experiment, you can ask at the reception of the hotel “Green Wood” that they suggest places where you can order certain dishes.

Important! The hotel organises a buffet for children.

What to do at the hotel and nearby?

In Dzhubga most often go for the sun and the sea, so tourists prefer to spend most of the day outside the hotel. As leisure activities, the Green Wood Hotel offers a games area, which houses billiards with a twelve-meter table made of quality materials and a game console.

Lovers of a relaxing holiday can stroll through the forest, which is located next to the hotel. Some tourists like to make morning jogging here.

Also, the hotel “Green Wood” offers its guests to visit the bath, which is heated on firewood. This way of leisure is especially popular in the cold season. In winter, you can also warm up in a heated gazebo – it is warm and cozy there.

The village of Dzhubga is loved for the fact that here you can walk not only for your two, but also go horseback riding on mountain trails, as well as master driving an ATV. To enjoy these and many other entertainments that are located outside the hotel, you can ask the administration of Green Wood to arrange a transfer.

Sea: Having more than 200 steps to the water is not scary, even nice and useful, but there is a problem with the shore. He’s wild. Big waves and stones. Walking is painful, difficult and very dangerous. This beach is not for children or the elderly. Pros – the water is warm, clean, odorless. The location is good. Very calm, there is practically no extraneous noise. What I didn’t like about this hotel: 1. Bad road, spruce got there in their car. Lots of pits and irregularities. But it seems to me that it is because of the inaccessibility here that there are few people and no noise of cars. 2. It is also difficult to drive up to the hotel itself, there are few parking spaces. 3. The beach is wild, every morning there are algae. It is difficult to walk along the shore because of large stones and wood debris (although thanks to this, the place can be turned into a romantic one – in the evening to light a fire and look at the sea and the stars). Otherwise, I liked everything. The rooms are cozy, there is everything you need for living. The children appreciated the playground, children’s room and trampoline.

Where can I buy?

The Green Wood Hotel does not have a swimming pool, but it is not needed. The sea is 100 metres away. But there is one feature, to get to the water, you need to go through 237 steps. This is a great way not to relax and keep yourself in great shape even during the holidays. If someone gets tired during the ascent, they can read the motivating signs that are placed here at almost every step. Nearby there is an observation deck from which you can watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset. And also, many tourists have repeatedly noticed dolphins that swim nearby.

The sea in the area is calm, clean and warm. It should be understood that the Green Wood Hotel is located in a protected area, so it is considered wild in a row. And this is another plus: no resort fuss, numerous sales and dirt.

Note! In addition to dolphins, raccoons also live here. Therefore, do not leave food and small things unattended.

What kind of entertainment is there for children?

“Green Wood” is a family hotel, so there are many opportunities for children’s recreation. To give the child a break from a busy day, you can turn on his TV with children’s TV channels or music, read him a book or play board games and puzzles with him.

For more active recreation on the territory of the hotel there are openings and indoor playgrounds for children of different ages. Please note that the child’s safety is the responsibility of the child’s parents, not the hotel staff. Leaving children unattended is absolutely impossible. The outdoor playground is divided into several zones by age, so even those who are older will be interested in playing.

Green Wood accepts children of all ages and even offers those under 3 years of age free accommodation in their parents’ room.

For a more juicy experience, you can go to the water park, which is a 20-minute drive away. On its territory, which occupies 2 hectares of land, there are 20 entertainment attractions and 4 large pools with different functionality, a waterfall, a jacuzzi, a lazy river and even artificial rocks. Since all the slides are in the open air – the water park works only in the summer season. There is also an oceanarium, a dolphinarium and a penguinarium nearby.

Also in the village of Dzhubga you can visit the popular museum “Quirks of the Forest”. All sculptures were found and created by a talented woodcarver A. Gzhelyak. But he didn’t just cut out the right pieces, he found them. Most of the collection is a creation of nature with a small addition of the author. Children like this place because here their imagination begins to work at 100%.

More information! The hotel provides a free cot only for children under 5 years old.

Where to go?

The village of Dzhubga is located in a picturesque bay, which is surrounded by hills and forests. To learn the history of this place, you need to visit the ancient sights:

  1. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the main Orthodox site in Dzhubga. The most famous exhibit is the icon of the Resurrection of Christ.
  2. Lighthouse. It is located on a hill 30 meters high. Entrance to the territory is free.
  3. Old dolmen. This is perhaps the oldest building located in Dzhubga: built in the III century BC. The dolmen is unique in its size, 250 centimeters high and 400 centimeters long, as well as the fact that inside the building there are drawings that appeared around the same time.

The most interesting and visited objects are still natural attractions:

  1. Regimental waterfalls. This is a complex of 9 waterfalls. The maximum height is 18 meters.
  2. Guam Gorge. This object is located outside the village of Dzhubgy, but it is not long to get to it. The length of the gorge is about 3 kilometers, and the minimum width is 2 meters. In addition to the gorge itself, here you can admire the boxwood grove, waterfall, cave and plants that are listed in the Red Book.
  3. Ashe Valley. People come here to admire the waterfalls, the Cave of the Witches, as well as the unusually picturesque suspension bridges.

About interesting and relevant excursions can be found in the hotel “Green Wood”. You can also book a transfer and go to the sights of the Tuapse district on your own.

A small hotel, where large friendly companies and families with small children are always welcome! Coming on vacation, everyone wants his place of temporary residence to be comfortable at home, because after a long, eventful working year, you really want to relax.


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