Greece: Royal Mare Holiday

Even a thousand years ago, people recognized the curative properties of the natural resources of Crete and since then it has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists. The ruined patriarchal villages and ruins of Minoan palaces, where the way of life did not change over the centuries, remind us of those early times. But the most important thing for which tourists from all over the world come here is the fashionable resort of Royal Mare Hotel.

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Location and infrastructure

The people of Crete are proud that their island is one of the most pristine islands in the world. And so, with pronounced pedantry, take care of the environment.

The decoration of the hotel is reminiscent of an ancient Greek palace. The special scrupulousness with regard to environmental cleanliness is clearly realized once you are here. The solar-powered rooms and seawater cooled air-conditioners are proof of that. And don’t be surprised that the fruit waiting for you on the hotel room table was grown right there on the beds of the resort farm, where it was watered with crystal-clear water. The resort beaches and coastal waters are just as crystal clear.

Admiring the magnificent shimmering waves, it seems that you’re not swimming, but soaring. You can see many shades of sea water here, from clear, emerald to piercing ultramarine.


In April, Crete blooms in carpets of green, lush grass and beautiful flowers. Healing herbs, seaweed and mud, in short everything that the island has to offer, are successfully used in the Royal Mare Tbalasso Thalasso and Spa’s health and beauty rituals. Here they widely apply both modern recovery practices and ancient traditions collected from all over the world. Thalassotherapy is especially popular.

The seawater, extracted at a certain distance from the shore and in a certain depth, is heated to 32°C, which causes it to resemble human blood plasma. Sea water obtained this way effectively relieves muscle tension, chronic fatigue, and is also an excellent tool in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

Spa treatments are renewed every year, with more advanced techniques appearing. And what novelty awaits holidaymakers this season remains a mystery. In order not to be disappointed with the long waiting time, it is better to book a personalised beauty programme in the Thalasso Centre well in advance. This excitement is not accidental, because the Thalassotherapy Centre of Crete won the Tourist Award in 2009 and is deservedly recognized as the best centre in the world.


Traditional Cretan cuisine is considered the healthiest. It is based on tender cottage cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs. This trio is harmoniously supplemented by fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables. The invariable ingredient of the Cretan food is the most delicious and aromatic olive oil. Fried snails, stuffed courgette flowers, all sorts of herb cakes, traditional specialties, in a word, there is room for the soul to unravel! And if you are a gourmand and fancy something special, the a la carte restaurant Candia, offers Mediterranean delicacies.

The central restaurant Symposib with a magical view of the sea, will welcome and delight holidaymakers with amazing breakfasts and dinners. And at the Albatros Restaurant, right on the coast, you’ll enjoy the freshest seafood.

Spa and thalassotherapy specialists provide the development of individual nutrition programs and treatment regimes.

In short, all that the summer generously bestows on us, you can now get on the island of Crete, more precisely in its Oscar-winning tourist resort. It is not for nothing that the Royal Mare Hotel was awarded the most prestigious prize in the world of tourism.

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Royal Mare Holiday