Great Eight Ultra All Inclusive & SPA 5 Anapa

Recently opened in Anapa, the Great Eight Resort & Spa offers a Russian version of the overseas concept of “all inclusive”. It’s like all inclusive, except for a large number of paid services. This complex was opened in 2021 and has not yet had time to “get estatic”. The hotel serves guests and provides comfort of living at the level of three stars. The main pearl of relaxation is a fresh spa complex with steam room and a huge swimming pool. Here come lovers of swimming and drinking, because alcohol is poured without restrictions.

Irina Palkina writes a review: “settled quickly, the number for four. I liked the comfortable bed, clean linen, tea set. The spa is good. Vacationers behave disgustingly: they smoke, drink all night, fight and amuse guests. There is almost no animation – only a disco in the evenings. But the pool complex is really beautiful.”

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Rooms in a single design

All living quarters of the hotel are made in a single style and unified for economy and ease of operation. The furniture is the same as in the standard as in the apartments. Some rooms have small balconies (without garden furniture), while others do not. The view from the window is either of the pool and the interior, or of the trees and the small strip of sea that is visible in the distance.

  • The standard area of 15 square meters. meters is designed to accommodate two adults with a child up to three years. This tiny room is equipped with everything you need to sleep: a double bed, air conditioning, bathrobe, slippers and clean linen. Opposite the bed there is a TV with cable channels, an electric kettle and bags on the table, a wardrobe and a safe. The bathroom has a fenced shower, there is a large mirror with a countertop and a minimum cosmetic set. The design of the room is made in a modern urban style. Carpet is laid on the floor, the walls are painted in one tone, the bath is tiled.
  • Deluxe with an area of 26 square meters. meters is equipped in the same way as the standard. Only a wide folding chair is added, on which you can accommodate a child up to 12 years old.
  • Family room is a two-room suite of 60 square meters. meters for a large family of five people. In the living room, a sofa bed and an armchair form three beds. The design and equipment are identical to the standard room, only the bathroom is finished a little more expensive, and the shower cabin is replaced by a bath.
  • The 80 square meter is designed for 6 people. The equipment, furniture and design are the same as in the previous rooms.
  • The apartment has an area of 90 square meters. meters have 6 beds. A kitchenette is added to the equipment, combined with a living room. However, it is not clear what and why cook on it, if the hotel assumes the concept of “all inclusive”.

Rooms on the richness of equipment and interior design correspond to the level of three stars. The only advantage is that it is quite spacious.

Olga N writes a review: “SPA is a complete delight. Loved the huge outdoor pool. Even with full occupancy of the hotel there is no discomfort from visiting the spa. The staff is polite. There are also disadvantages – three days did not clean the room. There is a lot of food, but you don’t want anything. Who serves cold lamb? It’s a moveton! There is no diet table. Two days for garnish were pasta and powder puree. Who even makes puree from powder? I had to steal boiled meat and fries from the children’s table. Desserts suck, every day is the same. I had to drink every day…”

Food is far from “all inclusive”

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant “Green Tea”, which is located on the 1st floor of the building. Dress code: Do not go down in towels, bathrobes and slippers. It is also forbidden to take food out of the hall. The menu of the Swedish line can neither look at the photo nor read on the site, which in itself is suspicious, since food is an important component of the holiday. But there are reviews left by vacationers in the hotel:

“Separately, I want to note the restaurant: the tables are dirty, there are not enough waiters, the choice of dishes is small.” “Questionable assortment in the restaurant. The food seems beautiful, but fresh.” “No one goes hungry. There is nothing supernatural on the giveaway, but the food is normal. There are cakes, and fruits, and meat, and fish. There are no delicacies at all.” “The food and the kitchen are just terrible. But 15 minutes after the start of lunch or dinner, the pots are already empty. Fill quickly only trays of pasta. We got no meat or fish. Except for chicken cutlets. The mushrooms in two species tasted like grass.”

Bar “Star place” is located on the concert venue and has a double menu: paid and free. From 10:00 to 21:00 you can come here and eat shawarma, pizza, fruit salad for free. You can also enjoy baked potatoes or a cup of cheap ice cream. From drinks give tea, kvass and juice “I”. Holidaymakers come to this bar mainly to drink alcohol, which is included in the price of the voucher. Pour wine “Chateau Taman”, vodka, chacha, beer “Carlsberg”, brandy “Ararat”, whiskey, gin, rum and tequila. Apparently, all “free” drinks of local production. Since the paid menu of the same bar offers foreign alcohol at prices higher than in Michelin restaurants. For example, a glass of whiskey (50 ml) costs 400-1600r depending on the manufacturer. Mini-glass (160 ml) of cocktail “Mojito” – 600 p. “Elite” snack is also paid: mussels, shrimp, mullet – a portion of 300p, and French fries – 150p.

Restaurant “Grape” is designed to receive very rich people who do not count money at all. Prices for dishes from a not very extensive menu are twice as high as in gourmet restaurants on the coast. For example, a mini-ribey steak with a simple sauce “demiglass” costs 2600r, and a portion of a piece is declared in 250 grams. Or flounder with asparagus weighing 190 grams is offered for 2550r. Such prices are not even in well-known Moscow restaurants. The interior design of the institution is more like a children’s café – a white ceiling, blue curtains, self-leveling floor, inexpensive furniture and dishes.

Relax and spa near Anapa

The spa is five-star. The pool complex is one of the best in Russian resorts.

There are four swimming pools on the territory. The street is connected to a covered barrier-free passage, so you can swim back and forth. There is a children’s pond, which is also connected to the covered one. Around all the pools there are a large number of sunbeds, and on the street, in addition, there are umbrellas. You can sunbathe in the sun and relax in the shade. The bowls are spacious – an expanse for lovers of swimming. One of the pools has a hydromassage machine.

The thermal complex is six different steam houses, a visit to which is included in the price.

  • Hammam – wet steam at a temperature of 30-40 g;
  • classic Finnish sauna with lighting;
  • herbal sauna is the same as the Finnish, but with the addition of bunches of herbs for inhalation;
  • salt sauna has a wall of pink salt;
  • classic Russian bath;
  • Greek sauna with warm surfaces on which you need to lie and warm up the body.

Phyto-bar on the territory of the spa complex has a rather biting price tag. For example, a glass of 200 ml of fruit smoothie costs 350p. Pepsi 330 ml – 180r. Cappuccino – 240р. Or the question is the sale of a glass of “natural” juice “J7” for 150p. Why is it in a hotel where for breakfast, lunch and dinner drinks in the assortment are bottled free of charge in any quantity?

Massage is also a paid service. The cost for 1 hour of the procedure is 4000r. This is almost twice as high as in other resorts of the Black Sea coast.

The beauty salon has the prices of the capital’s elite studios. For example, just wash your hair with short hair – 1000r. And in the room for free.

The beach “Miracleon beach” is located just a few kilometers from the complex of buildings. There are transfers here, but you can walk along the asphalt road – 15 minutes in the sun. It is a sandy beach with lots of sunbeds and umbrellas. Bar with soft drinks on the beach is also paid, the price tag is high. A ball court has been set up.

Marina I writes a review: “Everything is done to ensure that guests spend money. Want coffee in the lobby or a drink in the spa? For the money. Dreaming of a gin and tonic cocktail? Pay money. Because gin is included in the price, and tonic is not. Free cola ends quickly, as do snacks at the bar. Paid cola – never. Animation is absent as a phenomenon. Today was a hurricane – everyone was sitting in the lobby, bored in the coffin silence. Someone was loitering back and forth. And who wanted to drink tea or something else in the lobby bar – pay money. “

Children’s rest

The outdoor playground for children has an artificial coating and several objects: a swing, a slide, a mini-carousel. There are trees growing around and the lawn is mowed, generally cute.

Rope mini-town for young children is a safe design on which children like to climb, overcoming obstacles.

Children’s room for children 3-7 years old is open until 22:00. Here, kids can play with toys with each other.

The children’s pool has a smooth entry into the water and a maximum depth of 50 cm.

Sports & Simulators

The gym with a relatively small area (about 100 square meters) has a good arsenal of simulators and equipment. In combination with swimming and visiting the thermal complex, here you can pump up the torso and muscles well, if you do not aggravate with alcohol.

The hotel offers bicycles and scooters, but it is not entirely clear whether it is included in the price or not.

Tennis is represented in the “great eight” by one tennis court with artificial turf.

Nkv1984 wrote a review: “lived in a spacious family room with sea views. Of the pros: a comfortable bed and a balcony. Cons: the shower is not closed, the water scatters throughout the bathroom. The sink is very small, there is no bidet at all. Mini-bar in the room is paid. In the evening we went to dinner: there is practically no hot, only cutlets. Freshly squeezed juices never happen at all. It is not possible to order alcohol for dinner – the service is not provided. The hotel cannot claim five stars.”

Surroundings and entertainment

To the center of Anapa, the distance of 15 km is overcome by taxi, which will cost about 400-500r one way. Every 10 minutes there are city minibuses – 60 minutes. The city has a lot of entertainment for every taste: an equipped promenade with cafes, nightclubs, fountains, amusement parks. With children it is good to visit the dolphinarium, zoo and ride on attractions. Sports enthusiasts can appreciate the diving centre and water skiing. There are different routes of excursions to tourist places and attractions.

Products can be bought on Gorky Street – a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Here is a grocery “Pyaterochka” and a coffee shop, where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee with dessert at reasonable prices. On the same street you can visit the beauty salon “Provence”, which offers a large selection of services. For example, a men’s haircut costs 400-600r. Massage – 2000р.

Russian Pancakes Tavern is a 15-minute walk away. This is an institution with affordable prices and decent home cooking. The average account is 500-800 rubles. There is a veranda, served by waiters. In the evening in the season there are almost no free tables.


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In conclusion, it should be noted that in the “great eight” you can relax perfectly, especially on the action and with solid discounts. The secret is that you do not need to expect special comfort or food at the level of five stars. This is Anapa, not the Dominican Republic. The spa and beach are what can pleasantly surprise you in the “g8”. The rooms have everything you need to spend the night in comfort and safety. The hotel opened in May 2021 and it definitely has room to grow.