Gorgeous Forest Art Resort village Dorokhovo, Russia — Prices, votes, description, photos

Hotel Les Art Resort,the prices for accommodation in which are quite democratic for the inhabitants of our country, offers a whole range of entertainment, including beauty treatments, massage, team sports and outdoor activities. The youngest guests are always waiting for cheerful animators and a large number of activities aimed at developing creative inclinations. We guarantee that the weekend spent here will be remembered by you for a long time!

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General information

This complex,consisting of six spacious buildings, settled in the woods near the Minsk highway. Its dense ring cordoned off the picturesque thickets of spruces and birches. It is said that in complete silence you can hear a slight ringing that appears from the incredibly clean air. The area of the occupied territory is quite impressive – about 20 hectares. Here you can place eight Red Squares, and there will be room for two St. Petersburg Summer Gardens.

In addition to the comfortable buildings, ten cozy villas found shelter here. Among them are the “Lagoon” – a building with an indoor pool, “Belvedere” – a pavilion for celebrations and a banquet hall, as well as a complex offering hotel customers rental of sports equipment, bicycles, skis and other equipment. Some guests often go to the local chapel, “hidden” in the forest thicket. Nearby, by the way, there is an artificial pond, a football field is equipped ten meters away, and there are also barbecue areas and children’s entertainment.

Varvara, Moscow: “I love this place, I always come here for the weekend to take a break from the bustle of the city and street smog. You have no idea how healing the local air is. You take a breath and feel your lungs open and tired shoulders straighten. The audience here is motley: some are looking for silence and solitude here, the second – unity with nature, the third – adrenaline and thrills. But all people necessarily get what they wanted. Amazing hotel!”


While writing this article, we were looking for information about room rates. I must say that until the end of the year there are no free places in the hotel. The average price for a standard apartment is about 10 thousand rubles per day (we are talking about a room designed for the stay of two adults). As evidenced by numerous reviews, the rooms have a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere, the design is made in light colors, nothing irritates the psyche and does not spoil the mood. The furniture is new, its condition is carefully monitored by the staff. On mattresses and upholstery you will not find dirt and traces left by former guests.

Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, which has a shower, toilet and sink. All toiletries, bathrobes, slippers and hairdryer are provided free of charge. In the room for rest and sleep there is a large wardrobe, safe, plasma TV, telephone, mini-bar. Everyone can take the password from the administration from the wireless Internet network.

Evgenia, Tikhvin: “I came here from the Leningrad region. I can not say that the cost of rooms pleased me, but for a good rest abroad was not enough time. If you are going to visit this hotel, be prepared for the fact that for a day of stay you will have to pay from 6 thousand to 12 thousand rubles, it all depends on the degree of “luxury”. Also, the price can be affected by the seasonality and the number of tourists, the view from the window and the total living area. Negotiate with the reception staff at once all the nuances, so as not to be surprised why you are required to pay extra. “

Food system

Surprisingly, in the hotel Les Art Resort 4 * everything works according to the concept of “all inclusive”. In the suburbs it is difficult to find an institution that serves its guests on a similar principle. If you love nature and consider yourself a patriot, rest here will seem like a real paradise on a par with the Turkish Riviera.

In the main hotel restaurant all the main meals are held. Everything takes place in the form of a “buffet”, which is replete with various dishes, both low-calorie for vegetarians and adherents of a healthy lifestyle, and delicacy with a lot of meat, fish and seafood of the first freshness for true gourmets and simple lovers of tasty food.

But if you are already fed up with self-service, the administration offers to visit several alternative options. On the territory of the complex there are several more establishments. In the “Gallery” there is always a romantic atmosphere and live music, and the chefs cook according to the recipes of French and Italian cuisine. A small but very cozy art café “Dali” will delight with its chamber atmosphere and reproductions of the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. In the spacious lobby there is a bar that serves drinks and light snacks completely free of charge and in unlimited quantities. The main bar with the sonorous name “5 O’Clock” is open until late at night and offers everyone not only to try exotic cocktails, but also to treat themselves to cigars or hookah.

Konstantin, Zheleznogorsk: “We came here several times with friends, but this month I got out to the hotel with my wife and the child, so I will talk about nutrition from the point of view of a decent family man. I was pleased with the presence of a children’s menu in the main restaurant, a large number of fruits and vegetables, which are so necessary for a growing body. Of all the useless he preferred ice cream, fast food, pizza and soda from the lobby bar. Several times we skipped dinners and roasted the meat ourselves in one of the equipped gazebos, which were supplied with warm air. We didn’t freeze and had a lot of fun despite the December frosts.”


The hotel complex Les Art Resort 4 * offers a huge number of opportunities for those who do not see the meaning in life without sports. Bicycle rental is available in summer, so you can take walks in the surrounding area at any time of the day. The surroundings here are very picturesque, everyone notes in their reviews the incredible beauty of the landscapes. In the winter months, tourists ski, and it brings no less pleasure than cycling.

In one of the buildings of the hotel there is an indoor swimming pool, in which everyone can swim, regardless of age. The aqua zone is open from nine in the morning to nine in the evening. For kids, by the way, there is a separate pond in which they can splash without any fears, since the depth is small and even the smallest guests will not be able to drown in it.

In the “Lagoon” you will find a Finnish steam room and a Russian bathhouse. After her visit, the daredevils run outside and jump into the outdoor pool with warm water. Many tourists come from this fun in complete delight, because in exotic countries there will never be an opportunity to swim in warm water and admire the nearby Christmas trees with snow-covered branches. This can only happen in Russia.

Next to this reservoir is a small pond, which in the winter months serves as an ice rink. Snow and ice slides are being built nearby so that children and adults can ride ice and tubing. In summer, tourists can play football and other outdoor games on playgrounds equipped specifically for sports.

Elena, Moscow: “All my life I have been involved in sports, in the past I have a category in athletics. I have long left the big competitions, but I continue to keep my body in good shape and regularly load it with physical exercises. Therefore, when choosing a hotel for a holiday, even for a few days, I am always interested in the availability of gyms. This hotel has a huge number of opportunities: In the main building there are several halls for yoga fans, a bowling alley, a fitness club. A huge number of different cosmetic procedures have been developed for women, which allows you to preserve your beauty and ideal appearance for a long time. “

Children’s fun

It should be said right away that in the hotel Les Art Resort 4 * your kids will not be bored! Here they are waiting for a lot of unusual and incredibly interesting. In addition to all these winter and summer entertainment, especially for them on the third floor of the main building is equipped with a huge room for video games, chess, air hockey, soft labyrinths, trampolines and other pleasures.

Especially I would like to note the work of experienced professional animators who tirelessly engage with kids, arrange colorful holidays for them and give them the opportunity to develop creative inclinations and talents. Teachers with experience give children new knowledge about the world and social adaptation in society, teach lessons of politeness, English and other useful information.

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Anna, St. Petersburg: “We come here often. The fact is that I am not a supporter of lazy beach holidays, and the state of health does not allow you to make long flights on airplanes and stay in the heat in the scorching sun for a long time. And my child loves it here. Nannies and teachers of the highest category work here, who not only allow kids to play with their peers, but also offer them to develop their personality from all sides. Modeling, singing, design, drawing, reading, the basics of art studies, mastering the norms of communication in society – all these classes are completely free of charge within the framework of the “all inclusive” program. I recommend all parents at least once in their lives to visit this complex. “


Hotel Les Art Resort 4 * – a beautiful tourist center, located just 70 kilometers from the capital. Many guests who have visited this hotel at least once tend to return at all costs for a few days of rest. And if you also planned a trip to the suburbs, we recommend that you take care of booking rooms in advance, because there are always a lot of tourists resting here.

Analyzing the reviews, we concluded that this is a great place to spend a quiet family vacation with family and friends. Those who prefer an active lifestyle filled with thrills and positive emotions from sports and games of football, volleyball, etc. can also come here. In between workouts and competitions, you can attend music concerts, go to discos and relax in restaurants and bars.