Golden Resort Hotel, Alushta

If your choice has already fallen on the Crimea, namely Alushta,then the ideal option for accommodation is the hotel “Golden Resort”,known to many as the sanatorium “Golden Spike”. Now it is a whole complex with an excellent location and high service.

Alushta is a small but attractive city on the southern Crimean coast, a 20-minute drive from Yalta. Fans of a small resort a lot, for many years, it is worth visiting the local beaches at least once, as you immediately want to return here. Usually in a large traveling company or family it is difficult to please everyone, interests differ: some want excursions, others the sea or wellness programs. Alushta is for everyone, and the rest here is the most diverse. Book your stay at the Golden Resort hotel and make sure of it.

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Hotel Location

Resort complex 3 stars “Golden Resort” is a former sanatorium “Golden Spike”, which was reconstructed by 2010. As before, it is located in Alushta, 36 km from Yalta and an hour’s drive from the international airport of Simferopol. It is safest to book a taxi to the hotel, but you can also get there by public transport. The city center is within walking distance, and at any time you can change your beach holiday to an informative one – take a walk through the coastal village. Guests who book accommodation in the “Golden Resort” receive a double benefit: excellent hotel service and the silence of the relic park, in which the complex is located, the fragrance of flowers and lush shrubs only brighten up the situation.

Room stock

In total, there are 3 buildings with a total capacity of up to 450 people on the territory.

Room stock The hotel is diverse: guests are offered everything from standards to suites with sea views, and this is exactly what residents are waiting for. In whatever room you live, for comfort here created absolutely everything: comfortable upholstered furniture and a bed with an orthopedic mattress, climatic equipment, TV, refrigerator and bathroom with all accessories.

Rooms are cleaned daily, cleanliness and compliance with sanitary standards are carefully monitored. Please note that all rooms are hypoallergenic, suitable for accommodating guests sensitive to certain substances. Rooms for people with disabilities are required, and if necessary, specify this when booking.

“Golden Resort” – family hotel, and it is convenient for everyone to be accommodated here. And if you plan to hold a wedding celebration on the territory of the resort, then for the wedding night cozy romantic rooms are offered.

All rooms are non-smoking, and this requirement is strictly observed in the health institution.

Sergey, Kostroma “Accommodation in the hotel left only positive impressions. Everywhere it is positioned on 3 stars, but the level of service is much higher, and this pleases. The rooms are modern and comfortable, and this is no longer the level of a sanatorium, but a good hotel. Cleaning is daily, and the staff always knows if it is needed. The technique works perfectly, on the beds rested for real. Comfort and coziness created, thank you from the whole family!”

Meals at the hotel

The cost of accommodation in the hotel “Golden Resort” includes three meals a day on the buffet system, and not just breakfast. There are not so many such places in Alushta, and all guests especially praise the chef of the restaurant, who not only offers an excellent menu, but also controls the quality of products. Do not forget that the institution is a former sanatorium, and the type of food here is dietary. Local farms supply meat, milk, fruits and vegetables.

If you come to this resort not just to relax, but also to be treated, then the doctor will help you adjust the menu.

The restaurant has all the necessary furniture for feeding children, and the menu is also designed for all ages.

During the day, you can have a snack in the bars “USSR” and “Cuba”, in a variety of your evening you can visit the pizzeria with a children’s playroom.

Main profile of the hotel, treatment

Since Soviet times, the health resorts of the Crimea were on top, and now they have not lost their professionalism. Currently, Golden Resort provides guests with a choice of leisure options: a beach tour and a wellness tour, which must be longer than 12 days in order to complete the assigned set of procedures on time. Many guests go here for a long time, and are convinced that in the former sanatorium “golden ear” it is necessary for those who want to receive treatment of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, respiratory organs.

For many years, professional doctors of different specialties have been working in the health institution, and all guests are examined before the start of therapy and receive consultations.

Methods of treatment in the sanatorium:

  • massages;
  • therapeutic baths;
  • aromatherapy;
  • speleotherapy;
  • special devices;
  • physiotherapy;
  • inhalation;
  • Sunbathing.

Please note that for guests prone to allergies, all bed linen in the rooms and upholstery of upholstered furniture are made of hypoallergenic fabrics.

Olga, Moscow “I am a long-time fan of Alushta and the Golden Spike, I have been there many times. First-class specialists work here, select those procedures that are most needed, nothing superfluous. Of course, in 2 weeks it is impossible to completely recover from diseases, but full rest, relaxation and recovery are provided to you. Low bow to the staff, they are great fellows!”

Leisure and entertainment at the hotel

When you book accommodation and treatment at Golden Resort, you get a whole range of services that all together form your ideal vacation. The following is available to all guests staying:

  • buffet meals;
  • prescribed treatment program;
  • sauna and gym;
  • rest on the beach of the hotel;
  • use of children’s play areas and attractions, rope park.

The large aqua zone consists of two swimming pools: indoor heated and open with a children’s area, which is not heated and works according to the seasons.

In this area, sunbeds and umbrellas are available to all free of charge, in summer there is a bar nearby.

The beach of the resort is located 800 meters from the hotel, it is regularly cleaned, has sanitary zones and is very cozy. In order not to go to it on foot, you can use a special shuttle on schedule.

The territory of the hotel is so convenient that people come here to combine rest, recovery and work – it is possible. It offers 5 modern rooms for business negotiations and conferences, equipped with all the required parameters. At your request, they can organize a buffet, a banquet and even a wedding celebration.

Crimea is an unforgettable beauty of the resort, and having arrived here once, you definitely dream of returning. Those who go to be treated, know that therapy will definitely benefit if you back it up with pleasant moments of acquaintance with nature and attractions, and there is something to see here.

What to visit during your holidays in Alushta

Embankment and Rotunda

If you come to the seaside resort, then there will be a beautiful embankment here. This is the best promenade and just a romantic place near the sea. You will find many cafes for every taste, bars and discos with live music. No evening here is complete without sellers of souvenirs, local wines and fruits.

The symbol of Alushta is a snow-white rotunda near the sea, now it pleases the eye, as at the time of its creation immediately after the war, when it was so hard that I wanted a positive for the Crimeans. None of the photos in Alushta is complete without an elegant rotunda against the background of the sunset.

Valley of Ghosts

Agree, the name of the place is not only mysterious, but also fascinating. This is the name of the rocks of an interesting shape of the western slope of The South Demerdzhi Mountain. For more than 40 years it has been a natural geological monument. What amazes this place most tourists? Natural forces – wind and water – for many years carved out of the rocks bizarre figures of people, animals and just strange creatures. It is noteworthy that at different times of the day they look different, and it depends on the angle of the light falling on them. There are more than a hundred figures, and you can wander there and admire them all day. In Soviet times, episodes of the beloved comedy “The Prisoner of the Caucasus” were filmed here.

Palace of Princess Gagarina

The beautiful palace (Romanesque style) begins its history in the early 20th century, and its project was created by the same architect who built the Livadia Palace of Yalta. It was built for Princess Gagarina, and the interiors were richly decorated with ceramics and marble from Italy. The structure turned out to be “international”, because the rest of the materials were also transported from Germany and France.

Guests call it a medieval castle standing in a cypress park, with its battlements and gabled roof with weathervanes.

Park “Crimea in miniature”

For those who have not been to the Crimea before, but want to learn about all the sights of the peninsula, a visit to this park is a great idea. All known places and monuments are executed in miniature, in the form of models. It is not difficult to find a park, it was opened in the heart of the city about 10 years ago. Wander around the area and see in detail all 45 objects – excellent copies of museums, palaces, castles and temples. In the evening, it is especially beautiful here, when all the layouts are highlighted. We are sure that after visiting the “Crimea in miniature” you will certainly want to see everything in real size.

Mount Ayu-Dag

This majestic mountain rises above the entire southern Crimea and is located between Yalta and Alushta. As a special natural object, it is protected by the state. Locals call it “bear – mountain”, because it is very similar to lying on the belly of a bear. It is said that initially the mountain was supposed to become a volcano, but nature wanted otherwise. Its slopes are covered with oaks and pistachio trees more than a few hundred years old. You can visit here not only with an excursion, but also necessary.

Dacha “Golubka”

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most romantic places in Alushta. In the middle of the 19th century, the villa was built by one of the richest insurance companies, and later it passed into private hands and became a dacha, the most beautiful in Alushta. This place is famous for the fact that there was a meeting of the future Emperor Nicholas II and his future wife Alix. This event forever remained in the memory of the young couple, and on the facade of the building there is even a reminder of this – a memorial plaque. Nowadays, there is a library here.

Marble Cave

Excursions to the caves – a new and extremely interesting activity, especially since such beauty is unlikely to be seen anywhere. This Crimean cave is not at a depth, but on the contrary at an altitude of almost a kilometer, and it is rightfully considered the natural “highlight” of the peninsula. This is a whole system of so-called galleries and halls in which scientists once worked. Now during excursions tourists move along safe paths with handrails and lighting.

It is interesting to know that the Marble Cave is one of the five most beautiful caves in the world with unique crystals on the vaults, stalagmites resembling fabulous creatures. The temperature in the cave (+9 degrees), high humidity – all this together leads to interesting acoustics, which not many people can learn about. Be sure to come and appreciate the beauty with your own eyes.

Aquapark “Almond Grove”

A beautiful water park, loved by many, is built in the heart of the city, it works in the best weather season – from June to September. The capacity of the park and all the attractions is huge – 1500 people at a time, but here you can not only frolic on the slides, but also relax and sunbathe on the beach, visit the jacuzzi, sauna, solarium, gym or massage sessions.


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The southern coast of Crimea, the resort of Alushta has prepared for you many interesting places that you need to see at least once in your life. Come here, book a “Golden Resort” hotel, leave worries and enjoy a real good rest!