Five-star Adams Beach Hotel Cyprus, Ayia Napa – Luxury holiday is provided!

Adams Beach Hotel in Cyprus is known for its gorgeous panoramic views from the windows of the Mediterranean Sea. Its convenient location on the first coastline on Nissi attracts tourists from all over the world. There is everything for a great pastime, starting from comfortable rooms, ending with a water park on site.

Adams Beach is located in the city of Ayia Napa, more precisely, in the most picturesque part of it. To the city center the distance is not more than three kilometers. In the heart of Ayia Napa there are many clubs and other places for entertainment. But in general, there is no need to travel to the cities, as the huge area of the hotel complex has its own bars, restaurants, animation for all ages and much more.

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From Larnaca Airport to Adams can be reached in about 40 minutes by taxi. Its advantageous position allows vacationers to visit nearby attractions, such as the local monastery, the fishing harbour or the Talas Museum. Independent excursions around the neighborhood are also available – next to the boarding house there is a stop where you can take a regular bus.

There are several buildings for living:

  • The main thing where the reception is located is U-shaped. Here you can live with children, there are specially equipped apartments for living with several kids.
  • Deluxe, designed only for adult guests. It has its own restaurant, animation, swimming pools.
  • Four independent two-storey bungalows.

In total, there are five water pools. Many of them have a jacuzzi, fenced frog areas for babies. In addition, the pits are connected by the so-called lazy river. A narrow long winding pond connecting several separate pits. Across the lazy river there are several graceful bridges. Two high slides descend into a large artificial reservoir, one open, the other closed. If these slides are not enough, a couple of kilometers from here there is a water park. Some rooms of the Deluxe Wing have their own swimming pool, with access to it from the terrace. One reservoir is covered, located in the first building.

For sports leisure there is a tennis court, a beach volleyball court, a gym with a variety of modern simulators, a mini-golf course, billiard tables, table tennis, darts, bicycles for rent. In addition to all this, you can relax in the sauna or visit the spa, which offers a variety of services, from massage to manicure.

The boarding house itself has its own supermarket and souvenir shop. There are only six restaurants, two bars and one pub. Among the staff there are animators who are ready to entertain not only adults, but also children. For business trips, there is an excellent conference room. For festive ceremonies decorate the restaurant area, apartments, provide gifts, video, photo services and entertainment programs. All conditions are created here to get the most out of the vacation.

Sergey, Moscow: “I was pleased with my bay. Suitable for families. It’s calmer here than nissi. The room is large enough, there is a special bunk bed for the baby. The mattresses are very soft, I have never seen such a thing anywhere else. On the birthday congratulated, brought a cake decorated with the inscription Happy birthday, I was pleased. Employees are not very smiling, but clearly respond to all requests. There were no problems with the deposit and payment. Entertainment takes place on average up to 23 hours, karaoke bad voices a little interfered with sleep, especially children”.


From the hotel there is an exit to three beaches. Behind the main pool lies Latchi. It is surrounded by rocky elevated shores, so there are no high waves and strong winds. The coast is sandy, but entering the water is not very convenient, since the bottom is rocky. For a comfortable approach there is a staircase. Nearby there is a grassy area with soft sun loungers and umbrellas, in order to comfortably sunbathe. Latchi is quite large, stretching for 75 meters along the coast.

On the left flaunts the world-famous Nissi. It is considered ideal due to the white sand and the most convenient entrance to the sea. There is a variety of entertainment for tourists, from diving to water ATVs, so most of the vacationers are young people. Convenient for swimming with children, as shallow depth even at a fairly far distance from the shore. Nearby there are various bars and cafes from which music is heard. Municipal, so sunbeds and umbrellas for an additional fee.

To the right of Latchi, if you walk 10 minutes along the cobblestone path, you can come to the wonderful Golden. It is quite wide, with luxurious white sand and sandy sunset. The water here is especially clean, transparent. The depth is comfortable – near the shore somewhere knee-deeper, then deeper, you can safely swim without going far. Golden is also municipal, so everything is paid here.

Inna, Irkutsk: “Both Cyprus and the hotel we really liked. There is a beach where you can use free sunbeds and umbrellas. But we liked nissi more, beautiful and cote d’Azur, but there, of course, everything is paid. The gorgeous sea of Cyprus just makes you remember yourself for a long time. I recommend it.”

Room stock

In total, the complex has 395 rooms of different categories. Advantageously located buildings allow almost all rooms to contemplate the Mediterranean Sea. All rooms are decorated in warm colors, conducive to a pleasant stay. The furniture is comfortable, strong, made of high-quality materials. Everywhere there are air conditioning, satellite TVs and balconies.

The main building presents:

  • Standard rooms are the majority. From them directly or from the side you can see the sea surface. Small rooms with double beds. An extra bed is provided for check-in with a child.
  • Improved penates have a large area, but the view is already either on the city side, or on the water, but from the side. For kids there are bunk beds.
  • Junior suites can accommodate even large families with three children.
  • As well as large families can settle in two-story lofts or groups of three adults and two children.
  • Junior suites for newlyweds are equipped with a huge bed and a jacuzzi in the room.
  • Two-room suites can accommodate a maximum of two adults. The bathroom also has a Jacuzzi.
  • Three-room presidential suite, equipped with the latest technology, with a chic terrace, its dining room for 10 people, Jacuzzi and a huge bed. Designed to accommodate two people.

In the Deluxe wing, the chambers are distinguished by panoramic windows and a cozy atmosphere. There are rooms of the Category Private Pool with its own pond, the exit to which is located on the terrace. In this building there are no family rooms, it is not designed for this. Next to it there are 4 two-storey bungalows, which have everything for a family holiday, even special equipped areas for children. For people with disabilities there are equipped rooms.

Free Internet, constantly replenished supplies of coffee, tea, bath accessories, refrigerator, safe, telephone – this is not the whole list of amenities that are provided by the organizers. Since the hotel is five-star, everything will be done here so that there is not a single negative moment in the memories.

Olga, Kirov: “Whole, only good impressions. Fresh repair, very high quality. The rooms are decorated with taste, everything is made in a cozy style, nothing superfluous. Good sound insulation of the premises, you can not hear even a child’s crying behind the wall. Clean daily, qualitatively. All stocks are replenished on time, towels are changed. Everywhere is clean, not only indoors. But the main thing is the staff, all helpful, friendly, smiling. And everywhere, not only at the reception”.


As already mentioned, there is a large number of different institutions. Dionysos serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests, in the form of buffets. Breakfast includes fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, egg dishes, sausages, pastries and a variety of drinks. For lunch and dinner, European cuisine with meat, fish, delicacies is offered.

For those living in the Deluxe wing there is a restaurant Atlantis. Breakfast and dinner are also served buffet style. In this restaurant, even the most exquisite gourmets will find satisfaction, as they serve haute cuisine of European origin here.

Separately for lovers of Japanese cuisine, there is an institution where you can try the freshest rolls, sushi noodles with seafood. The glasshouse Lounge has an original interior, an open veranda with beautiful views from the fifth floor. Le Jardin and Lucculus present local Cypriot and international cuisine.

Vitamins stands next to the pool, the bar counter even descends into it. Here you can order a hookah and enjoy it lying on a sun lounger by the water. It also serves a variety of cocktails, light snacks and ice cream. In the sports pub Victory you can watch on the screens of various competitions, sipping delicious beer.

Vala Tavern is located right on the beach. Here you can try excellent freshly caught fish and other seafood. On the ground floor of the main building is open to the public piano bar Valentines, where every evening there is an entertainment program with karaoke and live piano music.

Alena, Irkutsk: “The food here is excellent! Breakfasts are great. And favorite buckwheat, and sausages, and cheeses, and sausages, various fresh fruits and vegetables, pancakes and much more. There is oatmeal, which is probably a big plus for vacationers with children! Overall, it was a pleasure to be here.”

Holidays with children

The first building has everything for families with babies. There is a special children’s club Bibliosha with animators. There are playgrounds and rooms equipped with a lot of entertainment. You can hire a nanny for the child, so that there is someone to look after the child during adult entertainment for parents.

There are separate children’s areas in pools with a small depth, fungi, fountains and slides. The restaurants have tables and chairs for kids and a special menu. Many apartments are designed for children, so they are equipped with children’s beds. For children under two years of age, you can ask for an extra bed free of charge.

Anastasia, Perm: “Upon check-in, they gave another room, not the one that was booked, a lower class. I didn’t understand why. But, as compensation, they gave the child a toy, and my mother and I a bottle of wine. The food is not bad, there is a separate children’s room, it includes pasta, french fries, sausages, nuggets and chicken soup. The coast and pools are not very clean, so we went to Nissa, thank God, it is not far away. The kid was fun, it was simply not possible to drag away from the children’s club and animators. “

Cyprus is a popular holiday destination, thanks to its gorgeous shores, clear sea water and mild climate. The Adams Hotel combines all the conditions for a good holiday for both young and married couples with children.

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A special advantage can be called the proximity of the best beaches of the local coast. Warm white sand and clear waves are all you need for a great time. Moreover, on the territory of the boarding house there are many places and programs for entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. Here you can have a great time without leaving the hotel.