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Many tourists who rested in the hotel Kata Beach in Phuket,leave positive reviews, promise to return here and recommend choosing it in 2018 as a great place to spend a vacation. The hotel complex,we can say, is piled up on one of the best beaches in Thailand. This is the only pension on the south-west coast, which is located 20 meters from the ocean.

In addition to the ideal location, vacationers can enjoy a high level of service, comfortable apartments, delicious food. The hotel is located almost in the center of events, nearby there are many clubs, salons, shops, shopping centers.

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In general, Kata Beach Resort & Spa is a whole complex that has everything for a good vacation. The main thing that you should immediately pay attention to is, of course, the fact that it rises almost on the beach line itself. Kata Bay is one of the most beautiful coasts on this island. This is the southwest coast of Phuket, and it is here that incredible, breathtaking sunsets in the world are observed. What’s more, it is surrounded by a lush tropical garden with exotic songbirds and butterflies.

This pension can be called unique among the locals. Usually, in order to get to the cherished shore, it is necessary, at least, to cross the noisy street. This affects not only the travel time, but also the quality of rest in general – in the premises you can hear the noise of motors, voices, horn signals and so on. In that regard, Kata is superior to its competitors. From the room to the ocean – from the strength of 2 minutes walk.

There is a hotel area, but the beach is municipal. Therefore, sun loungers and umbrellas will have to be purchased for an additional fee. But the shower for guests is its own, free. Nearby there are open restaurants and bars, from which light music is heard, brightening up the pastime under the sun on a sun lounger.

Here from the airport no more than 25 minutes of travel. It is relatively close, but does not cause any discomfort. Patong City is about a quarter of an hour away by rail. You can go there to enjoy the urban life of the Aborigines, visit entertainment places or go shopping. A free shuttle bus runs daily from the main building to Patonga.

Nadia, Moscow: “After an unsuccessful stay in the “I will not say what” hotel, this one seemed to us a paradise. Here is the perfect outlet to the coast. We just needed to have the most convenient approach to water. My husband and I were driving from Patong and searched through the ads, already at random. They didn’t lose. Our apartment was on the third floor, no insects bothered us. Everything is fine, there are a large number of sunbeds, showers, a pool with a little dirty water, as it seemed to us, but this is not terrible. The vacation as a whole went with a bang”!


There is a fairly wide range of services that are offered to all guests. In the lobby of the main building in the location of guests a cozy lounge area, where you can relax in soft chairs, at cozy tables of the bar area and use free Wi-Fi, in the rooms it is paid.

In the lobby you will be greeted by long greenhouses with beautiful flowers decorating the foyer. The foyer is simply strewn with flower beds. Luxurious buds of unusual colors of different types and varieties decorate the spacious room. Small figured fountains complement the composition of the natural interior and add freshness to the room in stuffy Thai days.

Next to the foyer there is a separate special room with computers where you can use the Internet. In the main building there is also a restaurant in which guests have breakfast and dinner. Adds atmospherics high glass ceiling. It seems that the hall stretches in the open air.

In the building for guests there is a chic gym with a wide variety of modern simulators. After a good load on the muscles, you can relax in the Finnish sauna.


Then there is an opportunity to swim in the pool. There are only two. One is large, with a separate children’s area. Intricate rounded shape of an artificial pond lies on the way to the shore, under the windows of the rooms “overlooking the sea”. Around, around the perimeter are placed soft sunbeds and umbrellas. From the bar area, located nearby, pleasant music is heard. The second pool has access to many directly from the rooms. It skirts the building around the perimeter, tightly fitting to the walls and fence enclosing the territory.

Spa and Thai massage services are also offered to vacationers. Within the walls of the hotel there is a luxurious spa, which offers a range of services for wellness, fitness and relaxation.

You can also have a great holiday, conference or seminar. To do this, there is a furnished conference room equipped with modern technology. It is quite large, it can also hold various festive ceremonies. The staff will beautifully decorate the hall for, for example, a wedding.

For a family holiday with a child there is an equipped children’s playground. Only to look after the child will have to yourself, there are no animators in the children’s area. But separately, you can hire a local nanny so that there is someone to leave the child with while the parents, for example, went to the city for shopping.

Konstantin, Bryansk: “The advantage of this hotel is, of course, its location. The first line, a huge beach, sand, sunbeds (for guests there are their own, free, a little away). Excellent high-speed Internet, however, paid. Breakfasts are good, delicious. The rooms are a bit dark and in need of renovation, but apparently the renovation is in full swing. The territory is small but beautiful. Near many different cafes, restaurants, shops. I loved kata Boutique. I’ve been to a lot of places, seen and better, but this one, I still recommend, fully justifies its 4 stars. On occasion, I will gladly come back here again.”

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Kata Beach Resort has different rooms. Especially popular are the standard. Their advantage lies in the inexpensive price. Moreover, they often have different discounts and promotions. They are not very large, from 16 square meters. But they have everything for a comfortable pastime, from a spacious soft bed, to air conditioning.

All rooms have a balcony with chairs and a small table. Tea, coffee, sugar, a couple of bottles of drinking water and bath amenities are provided. These supplies are replenished daily when it comes time to clean up. There is a modern widescreen TV, electric kettle, hairdryer, telephone, refrigerator and safe. Wi-Fi is high-speed and catches in all corners of the buildings, but it is paid, free only in the lounge area of the main building.

Upon check-in, you will be offered a choice of views from the window: overlooking the garden, the street, the pool, the ocean. Superior apartments are larger in area, from 26 square meters, and with a gorgeous view from the window. Pool access numbers – this is a feature of this resort. They have direct access from the balcony to the pool. That is, from the balcony you can immediately dive into the cool water and swim near your temporary home. It will not be possible to swim far from here – on the one hand, an artificial reservoir is fenced.

Cribs are available for children. In some rooms, in addition to the bed, there is a comfortable couch on which you can place the child. Kids up to two years old can stay completely free of charge. Interconnecting rooms for families with adult children are also available. No deposit before check-in is not necessary to pay, as happens in many hotels in Thailand. But before you move in, carefully inspect the room for breakdowns and shortcomings, so that an additional invoice is not issued during the eviction.

Natalia: “They don’t clean up as well as we would like, I had to control. No, there were no attempts to sparse our things. Just cleaned up not very carefully. Before checking in, be sure to check the mini-bar, the maids may forget to replenish it, and then you will include it in the bill. We had an apartment with a swimming pool. It’s better just not to invent! I was just thrilled with it! I do not envy, of course, those who got other rooms, there is probably nothing to look at. Well, and, of course, I liked the fact that the sea is very close, and there is a way out to it. ”


The local restaurant is located in the main building. A rich buffet is served for breakfast and dinner. The morning reception includes a variety of exotic fruits, egg dishes, a large selection of delicious pastries. For dinner, a variety of meat dishes with a side dish are served. In addition, cuisines of different peoples of the world are provided in the menu. In-room meals can be ordered at an additional cost.

The room is quite large, accommodates 95 people. Suitable for festive reception. In the lobby of the main building there is a bar where you can taste local drinks and snacks. The terrace restaurant serves delicious grilled seafood. Many tourists vacationing here praised this institution.

There is also a lobby bar on site, where you can buy a delicious drink and sit with it on a sun lounger in the shady part of the beach. Under light pleasant music and the sound of the waves enjoy a delicious cocktail and salty aroma of sea water. In addition to these places, around the hotel there are many different other catering facilities where you can eat tasty and inexpensive.

Dima, Khabarovsk: “We moved here from another place and were very happy about the change. I recommend this hotel. Decent food. Breakfast includes cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, Thai food. There is an open-air area, it is very nice to have breakfast in the fresh air under the sound of the surf and a gentle breeze. In general, a very advantageous location. Near the boarding house a lot of interesting things, eats, where to have fun. Clean the rooms well, we rested with the child – we laid my son on a separate sofa, he liked it. Attentive and helpful staff.”


Round-the-clock service pleases guests, so the reviews for the service are mostly positive. Most of the staff consists of Thais, but they are well trained and understand English and a little Russian.

In addition to a beach holiday, the organizers offer a variety of excursions, and to some of the attractions of Thailand from here “at hand”. But, you can have a good time inside the walls of the boarding house, for example, in the jacuzzi, spa or in the massage room.

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For thrill-seekers there is an opportunity to go diving. Among the services provided to residents, there is also a car rental with free parking, dry cleaning and laundry. In the reception area offer to buy various excursions. They can go as a whole family with children, and only adults. During such trips to the city or other entertainment purely for adults, parents can leave the child with a nanny, of course, for an additional fee.

Alexander: “We were here for the second time. Many thanks to administrator Elizabeth. Thanks to her, there were no problems with understanding. In addition, she herself is a very polite and attentive girl. Breakfasts are delicious, but some monotonous. They settled us quickly. The internet is good, fast.”

When people are going to spend a vacation on the coast of the warm sea, often the choice falls on Thailand. The reason for this is low prices and visa-free regime. Therefore, the tourism sector in this country focuses on the budget tourist, offering favorable conditions. On the island of Phuket the best beaches in Thailand. Especially on its western part, where Kata Beachis located.

There is not only a clean calm sea, a beautiful sandy shore with a convenient approach to the water, but also a rich tropical nature. Luxurious gardens with sprawling trees, palm trees, where you can see incredible exotic birds. In this direction there is a mild climate, so you can come here at any time of the year.

The hotel complex has both a family holiday and a youth entertainment option. All conditions for babies, separate children’s areas and special qualified personnel are provided. For young people and those who came to Tai to have fun from the heart, there is everything for this.

Round-the-clock bars with live music and animators, nightclubs and even street musicians. You definitely won’t be bored. Of course, the main advantage of Kata Beach is its favorable location, which becomes a decisive moment in favor of choosing this particular boarding house. Paradise place for quite a reasonable price.