Estonian Spas – the perfect holiday at affordable prices

A small country in northern Europe, the shores of which are washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, attracts tourists from different countries with its virgin forests and pristine lakes. Guests of Estonia will like the local cuisine, which is based on dishes prepared according to old grandmother’s recipes, from products grown on their own beds. It is in such ideal natural and domestic conditions that Estonians offer spa services at affordable prices.

Estonia and Finland share not only common borders, but also respect for the surrounding nature. In both countries, you can safely drink tap water, signs are installed on the roadsides warning of possible meetings with local flattering residents – moose. Estonians are also imbued with the famous Scandinavian style of hügge in the interior, but, most importantly, the quality that unites these peoples is the love of spa treatments, so Finns are frequent guests of Estonian spa hotels.

Estonians are very hospitable to tourists. Most of the country’s residents speak basic English. You can also explain yourself in your native language with young people in whose families bilingualism is practiced.

Tallinn Viimsi Spa

Optimal for:

  • families with children;
  • amateur and professional athletes;
  • recreational recreation;
  • people who monitor nutrition and want to lose weight.

The hotel is located 10 kilometers from the center of Tallinn,literally on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. The range of services of Tallinn Viimsi Spa includes:

  • saunas and a separate service of sauna ceremonies, with the participation of a professional steamer, who turns the standard procedure into an unforgettable holiday;
  • mini-hammam, including Turkish bath ritual;
  • pleasant spa treatments with different options for face and body care, and that’s it.

The hotel has a health center where you can get wellness services, including physiotherapy, outpatient treatment and dentistry, as well as mud therapy, aquatherapy, kinesiotaping and much more. Guests of the hotel can take tests and come to see a doctor.

To complete the procedures provided by the hotel, is in a cozy lounge. Its interior is specially designed to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Guests can sit on comfortable couches and wrap themself in a warm chocolate-colored blanket, dissolve in quiet music and melodious singing of birds. Huge windows framed by sea-wave-colored curtains overlook the pine forest. A glass of cool water with a slice of orange orange will add a highlight to this idyll.

Another advantage of the hotel is the Viimsi cinema. It is believed that the image in the cinema halls of this cinema is the clearest in Estonia. All halls of the cinema complex are equipped with the latest technology and are designed for a large number of spectators.

On the territory of the hotel there is a sports club, where visitors are offered both group and individual training, consultations of a physiotherapist and a nutrition specialist.

For younger guests, the hotel has a special children’s center where they can play or even celebrate a birthday. The center provides a service “looking after children from three years old”, so parents can not worry about their children.

For food, too, do not worry. Restaurants in the spa hotel for every taste. For children ZOO café, for adults Sushitime, hotel restaurants, café-bar, as well as english pub Black Rose with delicious dishes and draught beer.

For vacationers who monitor meals, there are special packages with diet menus. Therefore, every potential client of this hotel will be able to choose the optimal package of services.

The cost of the package of services: from 35 euros / day.



Hestia hotel laulasmaa spa

Optimal for:

  • families with children;
  • couples who want to be together;
  • people who want to be alone with themselves and nature.

The road from the center of Tallinn to the hotel will take about 30 minutes, it is harmoniously located between the coast of the Gulf of Finland on one side and the pine forest on the other. A place designed for a relaxing holiday in silence and pleasant solitude. Frequent visitors to the hotel are guests from different cities of the world, they come here for long walks, relaxing spa treatments and fresh air.

For relaxation and beauty, the hotel offers baths, peeling, massages, face and body care, hands and hair. Each guest will find a suitable procedure for himself. The staff of the spa hotel speak several languages and will be happy to tell you about all the procedures, as well as select the most suitable one. Cosmetics used for face and body care contain marine extracts and belong to the french cosmetics line. But before caring for yourself, it will be great to visit the water-bath center. On a huge area of 100 square meters are located:

  • sanarius;
  • bath of cones;
  • aromasauna;
  • sea steam bath;
  • salt bath;
  • street sauna on firewood.

and also 6 swimming pools:

  • swimming;
  • external;
  • with countercurrent;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • massage and children’s.

The centre’s café serves snacks, drinks and ice cream.

One of the attractions of the hotel is the sauna in the tower, designed for a secluded holiday with a magnificent view of the sea.

Fans of outdoor activities will also have something to do. Gym, yoga, Pilates, golf, volleyball, cycling and more. Nature trails and stables are close by, and a game of chess is perfect for warming up the brain.

The gastronomic views of the hotel’s chef will pleasantly surprise visitors. The menu consists of amazing dishes for real gourmets. Herbs grown on site, mushrooms and berries collected in the surrounding forests are involved in the preparation. Only after reading the descriptions of dishes, immediately there is a desire to try them. For example, “Tomato cream soup, frozen cheese with blue mold from Alutaguse, oregano oil, crispy oregano.” Also, an experienced sommelier will complement the dinner with a suitable drink. For each season, the hotel develops a special menu with seasonal products.

For greater convenience, you can buy a gift card with certain services in the hotel’s online store.

The cost of the package of services: from 47 euros / day.



Grand Rose Spa Hotel

Optimal for:

  • honeymoon;
  • Getaway.

The way to the hotel from Tallinn is not close, however, it should not be frightening. The hotel is located on the island of Saaremaa in a town called Kuresaare. You can get there in several ways:

  • on a boat or yacht;
  • by plane straight from Tallinn;
  • by bus;
  • by car and ferry.

The hotel building is an old mansion with magnificent interiors. The hotel’s sauna spa was renovated in 2018. Steam bath in the open air will appeal to even the most sophisticated guests. The temperature in it is more than 90 degrees. Immediately from the bath in winter you can dive into the snowdrift, and in summer to cool down in the fresh air. Juniper, birch, pink, salty and, of course, Finnish sauna. The list of baths and saunas for every taste. Several types of pools, including a Japanese bath with a water temperature of 40 degrees.

At the end of the bath procedures, you can go to the beauty and health center. The services include bathroom treatments such as a milk and honey bath. Massage of various types, face and body care, hands and feet. There are also special procedures for children.

The hotel’s restaurant provides its customers with dishes of various cuisines, both local island and continental Estonian, but also those who want to try international cuisine will have something to choose. Breakfast and lunch are served in buffet format, while dinner dishes can be selected from the menu.

The island itself is full of attractions. Theatres and a museum will provide the cultural side of the holiday. And, of course, the fortress in Kuressaare. Hiking in the surrounding area will bring a lot of fun and comfort.

The cost of the package of services: from 135 euros for 2 nights and 3 days. It is also possible to purchase gift cards.



Kalev spa hotel & Waterpark

Optimal for:

  • lovers of outdoor activities;
  • those who want to relax without leaving the old Tallinn.

The 50-metre swimming pool in the centre of Tallinn is where swimmers still train. The hotel was designed by architects as part of the reconstruction of the pool into a center for relaxing and active recreation. 8 swimming lanes in the 50-meter pool, 25-meter and children’s pools, as well as a jacuzzi and even slides. It features a hot Finnish sauna and a steam bath.

Gym and beauty salon providing hairdressing services, manicure and pedicure, face and body care. The hotel is located in the city center and does not lack customers, so the procedures should be booked in advance.

Plus being in the city is an opportunity to dine in any place that you like. Or stay at the hotel and visit a local restaurant and try delicacies, which, by the way, are distinguished by large portions.

The cost of the package of services: from 27 euros / day for children and 36 euros / day for adults.


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