Spa hotels in Tallinn: the top 10 best options for an unforgettable holiday in the Estonian capital

Spahotels in Tallinn are chic holiday options, which, among other things, offer a variety of additional services for relaxation and entertainment. This is a great option for tourists to stay in this amazing and original city.

Rest in the spa hotels of Tallinn is associated with luxury apartments, delicious and useful food, the sights of the old city, as well as everything you need for outdoor activities and relaxation. Each of them has its own features, which will appeal to a particular category of visitors to the city. At the same time, all of them are guaranteed to provide comfortable living conditions and a full rest.

Hotel Telegraaf

Hotel Telegraaf is an opportunity to stay in the heart of the Estonian capital, in comfortable living rooms equipped with everything you need for a full leisure and leisure.

Residents get luxury living quarters, equipped with air conditioning and have access to satellite TV. The bathrooms have robes and slippers. In addition, residents can use the services of a sauna, steam bath and whirlpool bath, where to relax, gain strength after shopping and tedious walking surveys of the old city.

You can use the services of beauty salons. The food is organized on the basis of the Tchaikovsky restaurant, which is part of the hotel complex. You can use the delivery of drinks and food to the room. If you want to eat in a restaurant, due to a large enough attendance tables should be reserved in advance. The restaurant offers visitors culinary masterpieces of Russian and French cuisine.

Like the hotel and lovers of antiquity. Just a few steps away is the passage of St. Catherine, 0.6 km – The Toompea Castle. In order not to burden yourself with the hassle of arranging a trip to and from the airport, you can order for a fee transfer. Of all the currently functioning Spa hotels in Tallinn, Telegraaf can be classified as more for the same money.

“I lived for a week. I loved it. If I have to visit Tallinn again, I will definitely stay in this hotel again.”

Swissotel Tallinn

Swissotel Tallinn is a hotel for people who value convenience and safety, prefer active rest. The accommodation offers visitors spacious living rooms. It is located in the tallest building of Tallinn in the center of this capital city, providing from most windows picturesque views of the Gulf of Finland and a variety of attractions.

In the rooms thanks to air conditioning you can create the necessary microclimate, flat-screen TVs will provide a comfortable viewing of satellite television. Each of them has a safe for storing valuables. Fans of outdoor activities and wellness treatments will have to taste a network of treadmills, a fitness center, a spa, saunas and an indoor pool.

The meals are organized on the top floor of the Horisont Cafe Bar. Here you can order amazing cocktails and dine, having tasted extraordinary food. You can enjoy a wider range of dishes, visiting the restaurant Cafe’Swiss. In addition, there are a variety of catering facilities and shops in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

“I lived for three days. Everything is fine, one bad time to cover, the whole list of services that the hotel offers.”

Hilton Tallinn Park

Hilton Tallinn Park – comfortable rooms, a small distance from international transport hubs, a full meal and huge opportunities for relaxation.

The facility will please some of the spacious living quarters, of which they have a guest area. Each room has a separate bathroom equipped with the necessary accessories. It allows you not only to soak up the bathroom, but also to take a shower. Leisure is provided with free satellite TV and Wi-Fi. The hotel has a special recreation area, which consists of a spa, swimming pool, sauna, etc.

The services of this institution can be used at any time of the day or night. The reception desk is open all 24 hours a day. For those who like to eat, the accommodation offers a buffet with delicious steaks and amazing wine. Its advantages also include convenient parking, a small distance from the international airport and bus station.

It will delight lovers of abundant food, relaxation, comfortable rooms and ample opportunities to visit a variety of attractions of the ancient city. Among the spa hotels in Tallinn, Hilton Tallinn Park is a place where price, food, amenities and entertainment are best combined.

“I lived for two weeks. There were only the most favorable impressions, except for the luxurious rooms, liked and quality service.”

The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn

The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn is the right choice for foreign tourists who are interested in antiquities, the importance of living facilities and full relaxation after the tedious sightseeing of the city.

Visitors to this accommodation are greeted by spacious living rooms. They are equipped with air conditioning, providing the necessary microclimate, a safe for safe storage of valuables. There are rooms equipped and equipped with free bath accessories bathrooms.

A buffet filled with exquisite French cuisine is available to those who eat deliciously. Without leaving the hotel, you can change the currency, and then make purchases in accordance with your own priorities. Its surroundings are teeming with a variety of shops and catering facilities.

The sauna, Japanese swimming pool and massage rooms of the hotel will be allowed to relax after the tedious shopping and sightseeing of the old Tallinn. Therefore, if you are a fan of antiquity and shopping, inexpensive but full-fledged food and accommodation amenities, included in the line of spa hotels in Tallinn The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn will be the right choice.

“I lived for five days. To be honest, I didn’t want to leave, I haven’t created such comfort at home yet.”

Nordic Hotel Forum

Nordic Hotel Forum is a great solution for a business trip, a conference or a seminar held in the business center of this accommodation. It offers its future tenants comfortable and spacious living rooms, leisure which provides the opportunity to watch satellite television, access to the World Wide Web via Wi-Fi networks. The food in it is organized on the basis of an inexpensive restaurant, where you can taste the exquisite delicacies of international and local cuisine.

The hotel will please not only fans of food and fun to spend time, exploring local natural attractions, objects of historical heritage, visiting a diverse and extensive shopping network of the city of Tallinn. It is also interesting for business people who have come to the Estonian capital to make a deal, offer any product or service, attend a symposium or seminar held on the basis of the business center of this facility.

A small distance from the main maritime, bus and air communication hubs, the location in the downtown area more than contributes to this. Therefore, from a wide range of spa hotels in Tallinn, Nordic Hotel Forum is the best solution for a business trip and a good option for a tourist.

“I took part in a three-day seminar. Not only did I get a lot of useful things, but I also had a great rest, even managed to examine the old Tallinn despite the busy schedule.”

Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia

Radisson Blu Hotel Ol’mpia – Located in the downtown area, the hotel will enjoy chic camphor rooms, excellent food, the opportunity to spend time in an active mode, as well as an effective rest.

Any guest of the city expects from the object of accommodation amenities of accommodation, the opportunity to fully relax and brighten up your leisure time. All this offers a accommodation facility, which is called the Radisson Blu Hotel Ol’mpia. For a relatively small fee, the occupant receives a comfortable room with a fully equipped bathroom, air conditioning to provide a microclimate, a safe for storing valuable items and things. The rooms have access to satellite television and Wi-Fi networks through which you can surf the World Wide Web Internet. The hotel offers a free swimming pool and sauna services.

Customers of this accommodation and the appearance of the rooms, their equipment strong and convenient to use wooden furniture. The hotel offers a buffet filled with masterpieces of international and local cuisine, fresh fragrant pastries, a variety of drinks and snacks in the lobby bar. One of the best spa hotels in Tallinn, radisson Blu Hotel Ol’mpia is the best solution for those who value comfort, leisure, excellent food and efficient relaxation.

“Everything is wonderful – excellent rooms, responsive staff, full and varied food, sorry was a little, as he came on business.”

Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn

Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn is a great choice for summer holidays, exploring the sights of the old city and an effective relaxation after outdoor activities.

This accommodation offers customers classic furnished living rooms. They are equipped, creating the optimal microclimate air conditioning, a safe for storing valuables. Have a bathroom with all the necessary bathroom accessories to clean the body. Some rooms are equipped with whirlpool baths. For an additional fee, this facility offers massage parlour and sauna services. The hotel invites customers all 24 hours a day, and day and night you can explore the surroundings – the reception desk is open 24 hours a day.

Located in the hotel, the Nipernaadi restaurant offers guests of the capital a variety of local cuisine, which can be tasted in the room or the premises of the food facility, as well as on its summer terrace. In addition, it offers to enjoy fine wines and a variety of local beers. From a wide range of spa hotels in Tallinn, the Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn is the best fit for a summer holiday, and it is a good option to stay there at another time of the year.

“The numbers are super. Fresh air, drinks, exquisite cuisine. When I take another vacation, I will come here again in the summer.”

Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark

Kalev Spa Hotel and Waterpark will appeal to lovers of rest on the water, a variety of water treatments and effective relaxation, people who look after their own appearance and health.

Residential rooms of the accommodation are easy to use, equipped with a mini-bar, have a special corner for the reception of guests. In the rooms you can use the internet web via free Wi-Fi, watch satellite TV.

Located in the hotel complex, Linda Restaurant offers visitors in a wide variety of healthy dishes of international cuisine. The hotel is equipped with the facilities and infrastructure necessary to provide access to its various services to people with disabilities.

Residents will find a wide variety of water procedures. They can train together with experienced water gymnastics coaches, visit a water park, an indoor pool 50 meters long. You can use the services of spas and massage therapists, providing relaxation and wellness procedures. Located on the list of the best spa hotels in Tallinn, Kalev Spa Hotel and Waterpark is ideal for health and outdoor activities on the water.

“I was pleased with everything from rooms and pumping a variety of water treatments. It’s a great place not only to rest, but also to restore shattered health.”

Go Hotel Shnelli

Go Hotel Shnelli is an opportunity to relax in comfortable furnished living rooms, provide cosmetic and wellness care for the face and body. Any potential tenant of the accommodation object meets equipped under the classic style premises, which are equipped with durable, reliable, as well as environmentally friendly wooden furniture. Each room has a bathroom, which not only can you relax and soak up the lying, but also quickly take a shower.

Leisure is provided with free Wi-Fi and the ability to watch satellite television. For thrill-seekers and people gambling, the hotel has a casino, here you can also withdraw money from an ATM. The feature of this facility is the opportunity to use a variety of services that provide care for the body and face. The Laser Therapy Clinic offers its clients a variety of treatments that will make you younger and more attractive.

Any tenant of the hotel has the opportunity to walk to explore the sights of the old town, which is a slight distance from it. Included in the list of the best spa hotels in Tallinn, Go Hotel Shnelli will appeal to those who want to get healthy, rejuvenated, loves old age and thrills.

“A lover of gambling sensations, especially if they are offered in a place of residence. Here you can play, relax, and gain strength after a hard game.”

Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn

The Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference and Spa Hotel Tallinn are comfortable rooms that provide great window views, full meals and outdoor activities with the opportunity to explore the many nearby attractions. The tenant will be accommodated in equipped rooms with high windows, literally from floor to ceiling, equipped with air conditioning, flat TVs, providing the ability to watch satellite TV and access to Wi-Fi networks. Each room has a separate bathroom, equipped with the necessary bath accessories and accessories.

The food is provided by a restaurant called “Balalaika” which serves Russian cuisine, Cubano bar, where you can taste a variety of drinks for delicious snacks. Fans of meat products will like the grill-restaurant Grill 250 degrees. In addition, on a free basis, the hotel offers a lot of wellness procedures. Any resident can visit the gym, sauna or spa, relax after tiresome sports and walking around the old town, which is replete with a variety of antiquities.

One of the best spa hotels in Tallinn, the Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference and SpaHotel is associated with the old Tallinn, excellent and varied food, room comfort, and a wide range of leisure and leisure opportunities.

“I lived in a hotel for a week. There were only positive impressions, especially liked the kitchen.”

Spa hotels in Tallinn will be suitable for those who prefer active rest, lovers of antiquity, walking around the old city, with the possibility of a full rest not only in furnished chic rooms, but also during the use of a variety of services massage, spa and other salons. They are a great place to stay tourists, business travelers, vacationers and just visitors to the city.