Divine Caesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5* Turkey, Belek – Hotel that everyone should visit

Cesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5 was built in 1995 and was originally planned to meet all the needs of tourists coming from Germany and other European countries. It is always quite quiet and cozy, so many people come here with small children. But often come here and those who lead an active lifestyle and love to play sports. Judging by the reviews of vacationers, all conditions have been created here for improving the body and improving physical fitness.


Quality of accommodation

The hotel we are discussing has a total of 599 apartments for every taste and budget. There are rooms for travelers with a modest budget, standard rooms, family rooms and royal suites. When booking, the administrator will ask you what view from the window you would like to observe. There are several options: a garden, an artificial pond built in the courtyard and the sea.

No matter what cost you are willing to pay for the room, we guarantee that you will find a cozy atmosphere and beautiful design. The administration also took care of people with disabilities, providing them with everything they needed for free movement around the hotel complex.

All rooms are complemented by terraces or balconies – it depends on the floor. There is also new furniture (double pastel, bedside tables, storage cabinet, small seating area with sofa and coffee table), air conditioning with individual control, TV, telephone, refrigerator, in which soft drinks are regularly updated. The price includes the use of a hair dryer and hygiene supplies. Service is provided around the clock and completely free of charge.

Ksenia, Stavropol: “The hotel is very good to relax with the family. We arrived in the morning in a large apartment for 4-5 people. On the first request, we were provided with a cradle and an extra bed was installed, since we arrived with three kids. In the rooms I did not find anything repulsive and frightening: the upholstery of furniture is clean, without defects, mattresses and pillows are not spoiled, the blanket is soft, there are always pyramids of towels on the pastels. The only thing that did not suit me was the cleaning schedule. The maid would come in the afternoon when my son was asleep.”

Food system

In the hotel Cesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5 * everything works according to the concept of “all inclusive ultra”. This means that all guests have the right to take alcohol, soft drinks and light snacks in unlimited quantities from local bars 24 hours a day. In many institutions of this type, alcohol-containing products of foreign production are paid separately, but here such rules are not practiced.

Three times a day, guests eat in the main restaurant. There is always a rich “buffet” with dishes of international and national cuisine. Lamb, turkey, chicken, seafood and fish are prepared in huge quantities here. There are many salads, including vegetarian ones. Fresh soups are always served for lunch. On the tables there are always a lot of desserts, pastries, fruits, greens and vegetables.

There are also several bars and a Moorish café on site every day. They always can order light snacks, fast food, exotic cocktails, ice cream, freshly squeezed juices and alcohol. The latter, by the way, is always of the highest quality, not a single tourist has complained that the bartenders dilute it.

Konstantin, Nizhnevartovsk: “The food here is very tasty, often cooking real delicacies. If you do not want to crowd in queues, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, go a little later than the set time, but not later than half an hour before closing for a break. At this time, you will no longer find meat and other goodies, they will be dismantled by your neighbors. À la carte restaurants require reservations in advance. They work only until half past eleven in the evening. The most delicious cocktails are served at the beach bar.”

Water activities

It is not surprising that almost all establishments of this type have at their disposal a private coastline. Hotel Cesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5 * was no exception. A separate area for its guests is constantly ennobled by the hotel administration, new sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, changing facilities are installed. All this is freely available. Garbage, algae and other waste left by guests are removed promptly, cleaning is carried out several times a day. There is a bar offering soft drinks, water, alcohol and fruit.

On the beach you can play volleyball, mini-football, basketball. The coating is very soft, the sand is gentle and warm. The entrance to the sea is gentle, which allows even children to dive and swim. Young and adult vacationers are constantly monitored by a group of rescuers. Highly qualified staff often receives praise in the reviews of grateful visitors.

Natalia, Taganrog: “This place has one distinctive feature: a river flows nearby, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, and its cool water is often brought to the shore by the current. Adults, of course, this is a joy, because it does not always have the opportunity to plunge into the coolness, tired of the high temperature. But children should not be allowed to swim. My son binged and then the rest of the days lay with a fever. In such cases, it is better to go to the pool.”


Many travelers note that the hotel Cesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5 * created everything to ensure that guests can enjoy their stay here every day. So, for example, you can always spend time by the pools. There are only three of them, the first is located in the backyard, the second – nearby (it is intended for children), the third – on the territory of the spa center. Especially for vacationers built high slides, which can ride all without exception tourists.

Fans of an active lifestyle will certainly be pleased with a large number of opportunities to play sports and improve your body. In the mornings, many customers visit the gym, fitness club and spa. In the latter, by the way, experienced masseurs and cosmetologists work. After their work, you will feel younger and more beautiful.

There are times when you get tired of lying on the beach or going on excursions. Especially for such cases, a tennis court, darts, boccia, mini-golf, billiards, football and basketball are built on the territory of the hotel. You can rent a bicycle, learn how to shoot a bow and do water aerobics.

In the evenings, this hotel complex hosts entertainment events, discos, live music, guest artists perform. Live music does not stop until midnight. Noisy companies always gather by the pool, animators work, a bar is open where you can order alcohol and refreshing drinks.

Alexandra, Minsk: “This is not the first time I have come here. Once I was here as part of a working trip, fell in love with this place and decided to return in the status of a simple tourist. There’s a lot of fun, but I was mostly diving and playing tennis. Sometimes I went on excursions, and made the following conclusion: tours that are issued at the reception are much more expensive than in Belek. For those who have not yet become acquainted with the sights of this resort area, I recommend paying for trips in third-party firms. There are a lot of them in the district.”

Children’s rest

Judging by the reviews of travelers, the hotel Cesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5 * is designed for a relaxing family holiday. In this center, children enjoy special privileges. For young guests from 4 to 12 years old there is a mini-club of interests. Within the framework of the project, experienced animators communicate with the kids, holidays, show programs, excursions and walks to the beach or to the pool are arranged. On the territory of the hotel there are several platforms with carousels and swings, a large water park with five slides is installed.

Very often children go to the mini-zoo. In this contact menagerie live turkeys and chickens, rabbits and dogs, cats and peacocks, goats and monkeys, horses and turtles. Animals are very happy with such visits and demonstrate all their abilities and talents, and children thank them for this with fruits and sweets.

Veronica, Orsk: “During the two weeks of vacation, I saw my daughter only in the mornings and evenings. Immediately after breakfast, she went to the mini-club, and returned to the room only after the evening disco. To all persuasion to stay with us a little refused. Many thanks to the animators for teaching the child to cook pizza, sculpt beautiful figures from kinetic sand, assemble a complex constructor. Even during the holidays, you developed his abilities.”

Cesars Temple Deluxe Hotel 5* is an amazing place with a high level of service and developed infrastructure. Not every hotel can boast of an incredible number of positive characteristics left by residents on thematic forums on the Internet. Minor shortcomings, of course, are revealed, but they are associated, rather, with overcrowding of the institution during the entire tourist season. For example, some travelers write about the queues formed in the main restaurant during the main meals. This problem is easy to solve by going to breakfast, lunch or dinner a little later than the due date.

It’s amazing how quickly and productively the local staff works. On the beach there is never garbage and algae, in catering facilities quickly clean dishes and change tablecloths, and the rooms are always clean and cozy. Employees are always smiling and ready at any time of the day or night to solve your problems and satisfy desires. The service here is brought to the highest level, for which tourists always thank and leave a generous tip.

If our article was useful to you, we recommend that you immediately start making a voucher. Hurry up to book an apartment, otherwise with the onset of the season, this hotel will always be crowded and you will have to look for another option.