Delicious Sunside Beach 4 Turkey, Alagna, Conacly – Reviews, photos, service, infrastructure

Sunside Beach Hotel 4, which we will give you reviews later, is located in Turkey and has democratic prices, acceptable living conditions and service that does not contraance the established European standards. Its history began at the end of the last century, but that does not mean that in the rooms you are waiting for ancient TVs and fans. Restoration work is carried out here annually, the equipment meets all the requirements. Later you will find out what awaits you in the apartment, and in the meantime we will familiarize yourself with the general information.


This small hotel was built in 1996 near the village of Konakly. The last large-scale restoration took place here in 2016. All furniture and appliances have been replaced in two five-storey buildings, bathrooms and air conditioning systems have been restored.

As for the distance from the major cities, Alanya is only 12 kilometers away. If you want to explore local attractions, you can use public transport or taxis. But to get to the nearest air harbor you will need more than an hour and a half, as the international airport of Antalya is located 110 kilometers away. Take care of your comfort on the trip and pay for the transfer.

Next to the buildings there are many shopping centers, where you can buy everything you need for a full rest, as well as gifts to family and friends, jewelry, clothes and shoes. Many travelers specially come here for a profitable shopping, because the things sold in Turkey are of high quality and durability.

Mary: “If I had known that the beach was so far away, I would never have chosen this hotel. The only thing that soothes and distracts from the negative thoughts that I have to cross the road every morning is the democratic cost of living. I didn’t like the fact that it is so far from the airport.”


We have already talked about the fact that tourists to the beach have to cross 150 meters. The road is equipped with an underpass, so do not be afraid that you can be hit by a car. The length of the private part of the coast, which, incidentally, is located on the second line, is 80 meters. There is a bar by the sea, sunbeds and umbrellas. There is an issue point for towels and other beach accessories.

Now about the recreation area itself. The entrance to the sea is comfortable enough, so you can swim without fear, accompanied by young children. But you will need to take care of special shoes, because the coating here is sandy and pebble. But all guests are available paid and free entertainment, such as volleyball, mini-football and basketball, boat and yachting, canoeing, water skiing and catamarans.

Sandra: “In principle, these are quite acceptable conditions for a budget holiday. Of course, the four-star hotel can not afford to sprinkle the beach with fine sand, but the loungers and sunbeds here are of good quality, and the bar employs friendly and smiling waiters, ready to always offer you soft drinks and alcohol. Everything is clean in the changing rooms, the coast is cleaned from algae regularly.”

Entertainment and sporting events

A swimming pool with one water slide has been built on the territory of the interior of the complex. Near it regularly held shows with the participation of animators. They lure guests into group competitions, turn lazy lying in the sun into a fascinating adventure with the opportunity to meet and communicate with people living in neighboring rooms. There are constantly aerobics lessons, so you can return from vacation not only tanned, but also physically fit.

Sunside Beach has its own spa, which invites all holidaymakers to visit the Turkish bath, steam room, soak in whirlpool baths, visit a hairdresser and manicure. It also offers paid services, which includes a massage course, designed for the duration of the stay.

There is a gym on site, which everyone can freely visit. There is also a room with pool tables, darts and video games, which are so loved by young guests. By the way, a mini-club is open for them, and all children between the ages of 4 and 12 can become members. Experienced animators who speak Russian communicate with children. In the evenings they are looked after by paid nannies, while adults have fun at discos or dine in the romantic atmosphere of local restaurants.

Catherine: “I believe that every average Russian can afford a holiday, as there will always be such places as this hotel. The price (not the highest among the establishments in this category) includes food, laundry, room service, spa, gym and swimming pool. You don’t have to get up early in the morning to take a seat on a sun lounger, there are enough of them to meet all the needs of the guests.”

Room stock

As mentioned earlier, SunsideBeach is hardly a major tourist complex,and the evidence of this is only 105 rooms equipped for a comfortable stay. The apartment has everything you need to live in: cable TV, air conditioning, minibar, double bed, closet and safe. All rooms are complemented by cozy balconies with street furniture.

Cleaning in the rooms is carried out regularly, so you can not worry that your room will be chaos and disorder. Staff visit daily to vacuum the floor, wash the shower, clean the mirrors and change towels. In general, they create comfort, so tourists always leave positive reviews about their work.

Elizabeth: “Of course, the gorgeous view from the window here does not smell, but it is not the most important thing, because I came to my room only in the evenings, took a shower, called relatives, watched TV and went to bed. Leaving in the morning, left a mess, which for me carefully cleaned the service. Thank you for everything, I liked it!”


The main restaurant hosts basic meals every day. For early birds, breakfast starts at 7.30am and ends in two hours. Lunch, of course, is served between 12.30 p.m. and 2 p.m., and dinner from 7 p.m. In between, tea and fresh pastries are served by the pool, and the bar runs until almost midnight. In it you have the opportunity to order soft drinks and cocktails.

The beach also has a bar that serves only soft drinks and snacks until 6 p.m. As you may have guessed, all meals are decorated in the style of a buffet.

Arthur: “The food here is full, there are no complaints to it. I have never felt hungry, although I have a very good appetite. But the waiters did not please me. I went to the restaurant and often saw the dirty dishes left on the tables. During my time in the world, I have never been approached with questions about wanting to drink or eat. Dear hotel management, take action!”

Guest reviews

Of course, before writing the article, we analyzed a large number of opinions of holidaymakers in Sunside Beach 4, and, it must be said, they have both positive and negative color, let’s start with the advantages allocated by tourists:

  • Nearby is a large bazaar, where you can cheaply buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The hotel is adjacent to another complex, so guests have many areas with gardens for outdoor walks and photo shoots.
  • Delicious nutritious food. But in this barrel of honey there is a spoonful of tar: many note a meager assortment of dishes.
  • Animators are the pride of this institution. They hold fun parties, play with children, arrange competitions and competitions.
  • Although the beach has a sand-galic coating, but it is always kept clean.
  • The rooms are equipped with comfortable huge double beds with orthopedic mattresses. Clicking the TV remote, you can find all channels what you want.
  • The attendants are smiling, friendly, helpful. If you regularly give maids generous tips, they will please you with intricate pyramids and sculptures of towels.
  • Bracelets, which are a pass to the world of free entertainment and services, are worn to guests even before check-in.
  • You always have the opportunity to address administrator with any questions.
  • The atmosphere in the hotel is very cozy, quiet and calm.

On the drawbacks

Naturally, there is another side of the coin, so here was not without small pitfalls. Let’s find out about them:

  • Very often there is some confusion with the reservation, which is why the first days of vacation tourists spend in neighboring hotels.
  • Cleaning of the apartment is carried out in the afternoon. This is not the same for those who come on vacation with young children who often sleep at this time.
  • The most interesting children’s entertainment is paid. Many of this is associated with the fact that parents sometimes very difficult to deny their children their whims, so in the cash register hotels settle quite large sums of money.
  • Children’s animators speak only English.
  • Many recommend in advance to purchase funds from mosquitoes, which often swarm fly in the rooms.
  • Restaurants often serve unripe fruit.
  • Some guides with a fair amount of obsession remind that it would be nice to thank them with tips.
  • The bathrooms smell like dampness.

According to the reviews, sunside Beach 4 deserves the four-star category. It is not distinguished by luxury and delights, but it has no serious drawbacks, so it can be safely recommended to your friends. If you carefully prepare for all the nuances, the vacation here will be fruitful and exciting.

It must be said that tourists from different countries of the world live here. The low cost of living attracts travelers from the USA, England, Germany and France. At the same time, they note that this complex has a high level of service, and the service meets all European standards.