Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & Spa, Belek, Turkey — Holidays in protected areas

Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort Spa is a five-star hotel for a family holiday on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the Belek region, where you can spend a great holiday with your children.

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Hotel Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & Spa is comfortably located in the small resort village of Bogazkent on the Mediterranean coast. This one of the young resort centers of Turkey is located 8 km east of the famous Belek, fifty kilometers from the central regions of Antalya, 11 km from the city of Serik and four hundred meters from the sea beach belonging to the hotel.

Since the village did not have time to grow an impressive tourist infrastructure and is only gaining momentum, the prices in the hotels of this place are distinguished by pleasant moderation. It is most convenient to get here through Antalya, the international airport lies 40 kilometers away. However, the transfer from the airport can take up to an hour and a half, as Crystal Paraiso is the last in the line of tourist complexes. If desired, you can use a taxi or local minibuses – dolmushami, which are cheaper than a taxi and have more comfortable conditions than buses.

Maria, Perm: “The flight went normally, only almost an hour passed the Turkish passport control. We got to the hotel, with arrivals to other hotels it took an hour and a half. We were checked in immediately, such a sweet and pleasant girl, fulfilled all our requests. “

Structure of the complex

The hotel was opened in 2004, in 2009 and 2015 two renovations were carried out. On the territory of 4.2 hectares, there are eight 5-storey and three 2-storey buildings buried in greenery.

The housing stock has the rooms:

  • double type “standard”, with double and bunk beds, designed for two adults and two children;
  • family quadruple for adults, which can accommodate 1 single and 2 double beds;
  • double standard for two guests with a double bed or two single beds;
  • standard triple for three people with beds of different variants (1+2 or 1+1+1);
  • standard family for three adults and a child with two single beds and one double;
  • special offer – 6 triple apartments adapted for people with disabilities.

Guests can choose accommodation for smokers or non-smokers.

In total, Crystal provides 670 rooms for 1612 people.

Economy class rooms have a slightly smaller living area, and there are also rooms with a French balcony, a regular balcony and without it at all. The upper floors are designed for smoking guests.

Dwellings of class “standard” are located on an area of 26 m2. Each has a full package of amenities: a balcony with a place to relax, air conditioning, a small mini-bar, a safe that fits a laptop, a telephone for communication with the hotel services, a city telephone, satellite TV, a 220 volt power grid, a fire extinguishing system. Ceramic or parquet floor, the bathroom is equipped with a shower and a hanging toilet, all the necessary accessories for the bathroom, including a hairdryer.

Family rooms of 42 m2 and 26 m2, equipped with all the functions of the “standard” class.

The hotel has two double rooms “luxury” with an area of 44 m2. In addition to the “standard” set, they have a jacuzzi.

Free Wi-Fi is available on site. However, some vacationers note that stable communication is not available everywhere, especially on the beach. Satellite and cable TV in the rooms provides several dozen channels.

Anna, Minsk: “Choose an apartment away from the center of the hotel, it would be good with a view of the hotel yard, like ours, then the music from the disco will not interfere.”


The hotel complex looks like a fairy-tale town with a green oasis in the courtyard. Tall slender palm trees shade paths and playgrounds, bright flower beds are everywhere, paths leading to fountains, swimming pools and sports grounds are sheltered from the hot southern sun by canopies. Tiles and paving provide unimpeded and comfortable passage for strollers from the building to the beach.

Hotel chain Crystal Hotels,which includes our hotel, has thirteen centers for recreation and entertainment in different places in Turkey, and offers quality service for all categories of tourists. Crystal Paraiso is best suited for families with children, especially considering that one child under 12 years old can stay for free. Our resort has a calm, measured rest away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, all entertainment can be found on the territory of the tourist complex.

Bogazkent is a dynamically developing town, the infrastructure of which is constantly expanding and growing. Almost everything you need is concentrated on the territory: restaurants with a traditional menu and fish, cafes, bars, sports grounds, swimming pools with a variety of water slides and attractions, shops. Outside the hotel complex there is a market, a shopping center, a variety of shops.

For sports enthusiasts, a variety of activities are available: table tennis and tennis on the court, volleyball on the beach courts and basketball, mini golf, fitness and sports water classes.

Those who wish to relax and soak up should go to the spacious SPA and wellness complex, equipped with everything necessary for professional body care.

To the choice of guests various types of massage: relaxing, Ottoman, Thai for the body and separately for the feet, Indian for the head, shiatsu, therapeutic effects of aromas and hot stones.

Massage can be supplemented with mud and algal wraps, aticellulite and peeling procedures, special programs for facial skin care.

For connoisseurs of relaxing and tonic water procedures – Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam.

Cultural entertainment events are held daily at various venues: a spacious conference hall for 150 spectators, equipped with modern technology, a concert stage with bright light design, disco dance floors, where live music often sounds. The large gaming center offers games for all ages and tastes: billiards and bowling, darts, slot machines and many other fun entertainment.

If you want a vivid impression of nightclubs, then within a fifteen-minute drive there are numerous entertainment venues in Belek.

The complex is deservedly proud of the quality of services provided for younger guests. Children have a real expanse here: beautiful inventive animation is available throughout the day on the playgrounds. Swings, complexes, attractions, a mini-club and a children’s pool with water descents, bright, immersed in greenery will bring unforgettable impressions to children of all ages – from kids to teenagers. It should be noted that all sites are under awnings, trees and other protection from sunlight.

If adults want, for example, to go shopping or excursions, they can leave children under the reliable supervision of nannies who usefully organize children’s time.

Anna, Tula: “The area is spacious, you can walk well, so many trees, flowers and benches everywhere. The SPA offers a sauna and hammam (services are free), an hour at the masseur is paid – $ 40. You can play on the machines or ride the rides, but it is also paid, from 10 to 100 $. It’s not bad.”

Sea, beach, swimming pools

Beaches in this region occupy a six-kilometer strip with a sand and pebble coating. The descent into the sea is gentle, with small pebbles at the bottom. The water in the sea for most of the year retains a comfortable temperature for swimming and, although it has a slightly turbid consistency, still remains clean. No wonder the beach is included in the zone of the National Reserve. The resort of Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort and Spa belongs to half a kilometer of the sea shore, which has sunbeds and sun awnings, umbrellas, showers. There is a café on the coast. Fun pastime can be provided on water trampolines, adult and children’s, as well as parachute flights, riding a scooter or “banana”.

From the hotel to the beach 5-7 minutes walk, but you can use the regular beach tractors, which causes a cheerful delight in children.

If you are lazy to go to the sea, then at your service pools with clean water, comfortable places to relax on the shore. There is a pool for kids with a depth of about 40 cm, where the child will ride on water slides of different heights. For adults, there is a swimming pool with a water park and comfortable places for sunbathing and relaxing in the shade.

Mary, Kharkov: “The territory is quite decent. Everything is covered with vegetation and it’s just great! Everywhere everything is cleaned and shines with purity. A huge pool for everyone, and there is still a small one – only for adults. A huge number of playgrounds for children and there is also a complex of attractions, quite decent. Not Disneyland, of course, but still, very good. Yes, there is a bowling alley and you can play billiards. The pools have water slopes that are open on schedule.”


Crystal is famous for its restaurants, which serve delicious and varied food of different peoples. There are Mexican and Italian, Turkish and traditional restaurants. A buffet is available in the morning and a buffet restaurant in the evening. The seafood restaurant offers a great menu of seafood and fish dishes. You will also be welcome in numerous cafes and bars.

Miron, Moscow: “Kitchen. This is crystal’s greatest virtue! The food is delicious!- Pleases the abundance of all sorts of dishes. It is necessary to express special respect to the chef, as well as the entire kitchen team. Dishes are prepared for every taste. For the whole day in different parts of the hotel all the time offer great delicacies. Freshly squeezed juices in the morning for a fee. Coffee from the coffee machine, however, tasteless. But the tea is wonderful! And a great selection of fresh fruit. Several restaurants with menus are available! Some of them are for the money. I didn’t go to them because there were a lot of different dishes in our restaurant.”

Climate and attractions

The resort is located in the Mediterranean climatic zone, where the hot summer lasts from mid-May to mid-September and the thermometer hangs at values above 30 degrees. But thanks to eucalyptus and pine forests, the air remains fresh and healing. The water in the sea will please the warmth of lovers of comfortable sensations, especially at the peak of the heat – July-August. Other months will give velvet weather, the season of which falls at the end of April-May and September-October, often also the beginning of November allows vacationers to swim.

In winter, the temperature is kept at around 14-17 degrees. Although the days sometimes “please” with rain and cloudy skies, this time seems to be created for golf lovers. Mild weather, relative calm, comfortable service and an indoor pool give everything you need for lovers of a leisurely holiday in Crystal Paraiso.

Bokazgent belongs to the environmental complex “Bird Paradise”, replete with local and migratory birds. In certain seasons of the year, about 170 bird breeds are found here.

Hotel Crystal is also located in a protected area. On the private beach and in the surrounding area you can often see the sign “Careful, turtles”. Seeing this, know that you are close to the place that the turtles of the Caretta Caretta breed have chosen for the breeding of babies.

Lovers of historical antiquities can be attracted by an excursion trip to the ancient ruins of Perge (IV century BC), where summer performances of musicians take place and classics sound. Guests can also explore the even older Aspendos, a Greek city built in the tenth century BC. Its walls remember the Great Alexander, the Macedonian conqueror. There you can touch the past at the ruins of the amphitheater, hippodrome, basilica, Necropolis, built by the Romans.

And those who are thirsty for extreme sports will find it, going to the city of Manvgat, to a very beautiful waterfall of the same name, the width of which exceeds forty meters, and the height is about two, creating ideal conditions for rafting.

A good, thorough shopping or a fun walk through restaurants and discos awaits everyone in Belek, Antalya, Side, where you can easily get from Bokazgenta.

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Kristina, Gomel: “I think that you can relax in this hotel for people of different ages! Someone will like youth discos, there is plenty of alcohol! An optimistic mood for fun is important and everything will be fine.”

Employees of Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & Spa 5* Hotel Belek Turkey are fluent in several languages and will easily understand your requests, animators will be able to easily communicate with children. All employees try to show maximum attention and cordiality.