Crystal Family Resort & Spa hotel in Belek, Turkey

The feeling of comfort is one of the most important factors in choosing a place to stay. In this matter, you should rely on your personal preferences and the tastes of those with whom you will spend this vacation.

In travel agencies, employees offer a variety of options, based on the taste and budget of the customer. Basically, the choice falls on either Egypt or Turkey. Since it is considered economical and at the same time interesting and good vacation. Let’s stay specifically in Turkey, hotels happily welcome all vacationers, offering excellent conditions at low prices. Each hotel has a certain characteristic, in relation to rooms, food, fun programs, etc. There are certain points of superiority that elevate the hotel in the top above – this is the territory, the beach and the location.

How to choose the right hotel and not be disappointed?

1. How many stars.

Everyone who is going on vacation and decided to stay in a hotel almost the first thing interested in how many stars there are. This is partly correct, but it is not always the case that a 5-star hotel is better than a 4-star hotel. First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly study all the hotels of the resort. Browse the entire Internet, read and compare reviews, ask friends and acquaintances, and then draw certain conclusions.

2. Beach.

Everyone wants clean, soft sand so that there is no large crowd of people, etc. However, if clean sand can still be found, then with people there is a difficulty, because if this is the season, then there will be a lot of people in any case. There is only one option – to fly to rest after the season closes.

3. Food.

Almost everyone chooses an all-inclusive hotel. And this issue should be approached with all care, since you will have to eat this food 3 times a day and all the time of rest. At all sorts of restaurants and cafes especially do not roam.

And the most important advice: you should never rely on the professional opinion of travel agencies. Their task is to sell a ticket as soon as possible and get a salary. Also, there are still stale vouchers that need to be urgently sold. Then the travel agent turns on all his ability to convince and beats this ticket as something unusual and rare.

About Bogazkent

The resort town of Bogazkent is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 50 km from Antalya and 10 km from Belek. It is considered a young village that is just beginning its development in the field of recreation. Because of this, the surrounding nature is not yet so heavily polluted and not stuffed with a large number of buildings. In this area is very beautiful and quiet, rest here is great for people who do not like to hurry and for seven couples with a child and without. Around the territory there are forest glades and groves. There is almost the best point of departure for viewing the special places of Antalya, Side or Belek.

The sandy shore of Bogazkent occupies about 6 km. The entrance to the water is neat, without sharp breaks, which is why it is so popular for those who go on vacation with children. The resort coast has just begun to gain momentum, which is why the cost of rest in Bogazkent is somewhat lower than in other cities. There are only three hotels in the Crystal chain. Located on the front line and provide tourists with cocktails, umbrellas from the sun and towels.

About Crystal Family Resort & Spa

Crystal Family Resort & Spa opened in 2008, its previous renovation was carried out in 2014. Built of four 6-storey buildings. This hotel is part of the Crystal Hotels chain. Neat, well-groomed terrain, comfortable rooms, high level of service, obscenity, soft beach. Suitable for a quiet family vacation.

The spa resort is located immediately on the beach of Belek-Bogazkent. The hotel has 5 stars, offers tourists modern rooms with access to the terrace.

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Olga, St. Petersburg: Everything is very close, fast, comfortable. All the staff are always smiling and very friendly. The pools are clean, monitor the water and the territory near.

Hotel grounds and services

It features an outdoor roof pool, a water park and a spa. Rooms are decorated with wooden furniture and the highlight of the hotel is large floor-to-ceiling windows. Many rooms have a mini-bar, satellite TV. The best rooms offer incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The spa offers relaxing massages. There is also an indoor pool and a Turkish bath. Of the entertainment there is also a tennis court, mini-golf and fitness. For children there is a special playground, a variety of multiple play areas. On the territory of the hotel there are several restaurants, Turkish and Italian cuisine, in a local café they offer the most delicious cocktails that you will not be awarded anywhere else to try.

Anna, Ekaterinburg: The hotel is designed for 1100 people. There is a children’s and diet menu. Lots of fruit, lots of fish. Cinema with cartoons in different languages. Big, comfortable, clean beach.

Now about the facilities of this hotel:

  1. Free parking.
  2. Free internet.
  3. Food and drinks.
  4. Rental of bicycles, rollers.

Leisure and entertainment:

  1. Tennis court.
  2. Golf course.
  3. Sauna.
  4. Fitness.
  5. Spa.
  6. Wellness center.
  7. massage.
  8. Darts.
  9. Indoor swimming pool.
  10. Outdoor swimming pool.
  11. Hot tub.
  12. Billiards.
  13. Sauna.
  14. Bath.
  15. Canoe.
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Hotel Rooms

Galina, Moscow: A high level of nutrition is common, we personally thanked the chef. All rooms are made in a very interesting interior, there is a balcony and we were lucky to have a sea view.

1. Standard room for two with 1 double or 2 different beds.

View from the window to the surroundings. The room has: Internet, mini-refrigerator, mini-bar balcony, air conditioning. Meals: food during the day and in the evening is not included in the price. Breakfast serves: bread, pancakes, cottage cheese, yogurt, pastries, butter, eggs, fruit, porridge. Treats: cappuccino, fresh, green tea, jam, honey, cookies. In the bathroom: shower, shampoo, gel, hair dryer. For standard room: safe wardrobe, telephone, balcony, heater, carpet.

2. Standard Triple Room. View from the balcony overlooking the sea

Stanislav: Good price for such a quality holiday. The hotel is cozy, but there is enough space for everyone. I did not like the fact that there was only one tomato from the natural juice. The child was placed in a crib. The window overlooked the football field.

Hotel services: parking, staff brings food to the room. From the window panoramic view of the sea. Meals: lunch and dinner are not included in the payment. Breakfast: bread, omelet, pancakes, yogurt, jam, fruit, butter, buns, oatmeal. Drinks: cappuccino, green tea, fresh, water. The bathroom has: shower, toiletries, towels, ironing for drying hair. In the room – telephone, balcony, heating, desk, TV, wake-up service, linen.

3. Family room (2 parents and 2 children)

Includes: free parking, room service. Meals: lunch and dinner are not included in the price. Breakfast: hot dishes, rolls, yogurt, cheese, pastries, jam, scrambled eggs. Drinks: cappuccino, green tea, juice, water. In the bathroom: shower, towels, shampoo. In the room: telephone, balcony, heating, safe wardrobe, table, wake-up service, air conditioning, elevator to access the upper floors.

Kristina, Moscow: Three days ago we returned from rest, we were there for the first time. We went with my husband and little daughter. Very impressed by the hotel, food for every taste, for children there are animators. The terrain is small but cozy. The water and sand are clean.

4. Family room (3 parents and one child)

Family room, there is a separate room for children. Meals: lunch and dinner are not included in the price. Breakfast: cereals, jam, yogurt, milk, buns, pancakes, cottage cheese. Drinks: cappuccino, green tea, juice, mineral water. In the bathroom: shower, towels, soap, shampoo, gel, ironing for drying hair. In the room: safe, air conditioning, table, bar, wardrobe with key, laptop table, connecting rooms, telephone, TV.

5. Family Room for 4 Adults.

A beautiful view of the sea opens. Meals: lunch and evening are not included in the price. Breakfast: yogurt, milk, jam, pancakes, bread, eggs, cottage cheese, casserole. Drinks: coffee, tea, juice, water. In the bathroom: shower, hairdryer, towels. In the room: bar, wardrobe with key, terrace, air conditioning, TV, safe, table.

Valentina: Loved the staff service, everyone is very smiling and friendly. There would be more such staff in all hotels.

Hotel Policies

  • Check-in from 14:00, check-out before 13:00.
  • Pets are allowed only if they are small.
  • Cards accepted

Rules for placing children:

A child of any age is allowed to stay. From 10 years old is no longer considered a child.

Ekaterina, Krasnodar: Pleasant service, but the choice of vegetables is not rich in variety. The child was very pleased with the playroom.

Upon check-in, it is necessary to provide a credit card that was used to leave the prepayment.

Victoria: The territory is not large, but the children are always in sight. The hotel is fresh, the interior is interesting.

Attractions near the hotel

In the vicinity of the hotel there are many interesting places:

  1. 5 km away. Club for golf lovers.
  2. 10 km away. Golf course.
  3. 12 km away. Ruins of the ancient city of Aspendos.
  4. 12 km away. Amphitheater of Aspendos.
  5. 14 km away. Theme park.

There is also a huge variety in excursions and visits to various interesting places:

1. Hamam on the Beach. From the hotel 272 m.

Turkish hammam, includes a huge variety of services for the treatment of the body, relaxation and a simple rest for the soul. Hammam programs begin with a bath, in order to open the pores and the body is prepared for the procedures. Next, scrub and moisturize the whole body. You can also additionally do a massage with shells, face and body masks and scrubbing.

2. Aquapark “Troy”. From the hotel 5049 m.

The atmosphere of this water park is reminiscent of the times of great warriors. The most important attraction of the park is a large horse, made in full size. There is also a huge tower, approximately as high as a horse. From the horse and the tower you can descend on exciting slides. In addition to water slides, there is also a lifting slide, which throws up with a high water pressure.

3. Dolphinarium “Troy”

In addition to providing with dolphins, the dolphinarium also offers an interesting show with whales and walruses. One of the most interesting numbers is the drawing of a picture by these animals, which you can then buy as a keepsake. Also in the dolphinarium you can swim with dolphins, take a photo and get a lot of positive emotions.

4. Soho Nightclub.

Great for nightlife lovers. This club also plays live music, so you can sit in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Beaches of Belek.

Many sandy beaches are located next to the hotel. They are considered the cleanest and most well-groomed, even have the “Blue Flag” award. Along the beach line there are many cafes and restaurants with very tasty and varied cuisine.

6. Monument to Ataturk.

After passing a little behind the monument to Ataturk, you can get into the artisan rows. There are many products that are handmade.


As for the rest in Bogazkent, as at any resort you can find your pros and cons. For example, in Bogazkent there are no nightclubs and all entertainment is on the territory of hotels. Therefore, for young people, rest here may seem boring, but for people who came just to relax and relax – it will be just right. The same can be said about the beach. Some like sand, others prefer pebbles, in this case, opinions will again diverge. Therefore, it is important to understand what kind of rest you want, explosive or calm. Take into account all the nuances, weigh the pros and cons and make a choice.

This resort is very young, but is developing rapidly. All hotels are ultra-modern and meet all the requirements for a full and comfortable stay. We also note the rather long summer season of this resort, which undoubtedly belongs to the pluses.

There are many good rated hotels, but by all indicators Crystal Family Resort & Spa occupies a leading position.


Alina Abramova

Be travelers, not tourists. Try new things, meet new people, and go beyond what's right in front of your nose. These are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in. (c) Andrew Zimmern