Chic Senza Wanted ze Inn Resort , Spa 5 Turkey, Alanya – Paradise for tourists

Senza hotels the inn resort spa 5 is committed to upholding ethical and professional values. The hotel staff are friendly and sincere towards the customers. The accumulated experience allows us to provide high quality services. The needs of holidaymakers are being met with an innovative approach.

The working concept is based on creating a festive atmosphere for tourists. The brand is known all over the world and is popular with people from different countries. The staff is fluent in English, German, Turkish and Russian. A high degree of sociability allows you to respond quickly to customer requests.

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Location and adjacent infrastructure

The hotel was commissioned in 2013. The area is 14,000 square meters. The hotel consists of one 7-storey building. The location of the facility is 20 km from the center of Alagna and 150 km from the city airport. Nearby there are entertainment venues and attractions, including:

  • Yilmazoglu Market – 200 m;
  • Fortress Alarahan Restaurant – 10 km;
  • Ulash Recreation Area – 15km;
  • Luna Park – 18 km;
  • Cleopatra Beach is 18 km away.

The city’s water park is 20 km away and 18 km from the local bus station.

Markets and shops selling food and souvenirs have been erected in the walk-through.

John: “The convenient location is relative to the city infrastructure. Large supermarkets, restaurants and cafeterias are close to construction. You can book a transfer at any time and go to the city for a variety of leisure activities. Nearby is an ancient fortress, impressive in its scale. Drive to it no more than an hour and a half on local roads without traffic jams. Before you leave, you can buy a lot of souvenirs in small shops, placed in walking distance.”

Beaches pools

Hotel guests can use the beach, which is 400 meters away. Next to the hulls the coastline is 50 meters long with a sand-pebble surface. Customers, without paying a fee, use umbrellas, sunbeds and mattresses and branded towels. The area’s infrastructure includes a shower, bar, cabin, terrace and garden. Guests can walk on the pier immediately adjacent to this place.

There are two swimming pools: open, for adults. The second with five slides has an area of 180 m2. The 1,350 m2 open is season-long and is available to guests of all ages without restrictions. In addition to swimming pools, people are offered recreational activities, paid separately. You can visit a paid wellness center with a spa. Citizens who want to protect themselves from the destructive ultraviolet, and high-quality sunbathing are offered to visit in the tanning salon.

You’ll have to pay at Senza Hotels the inn resort spa 5 for a hot tub with a whirlpool tub. Paid to make a therapeutic and restorative massage for holidaymakers living in the hotel. You can freely visit the Turkish bath or Finnish sauna, where there is everything you need for a quality holiday.

Olga: “The sea is very warm, and the absence of strangers coming from the city on the beaches helps to relax in a safe environment. The recreation area is 50 metres away. You can freely use sunbeds and umbrellas, but for some reason you have to pay for towels, which is inconvenient and abnormal given that it is a five-star institution.”


Guests can eat in the main restaurant with a terrace for 200 people and a closed section, which can accommodate up to 800 people. A’la Carte restaurant with fish and Ottoman menus is available on the reservation. You can drink and chat in one of the five bars located on the territory.

The food is organized as a buffet in Istanbulue. There is an all-inclusive system in place. You can visit Ocean Beach, where seafood is treated. Guests receive dinner, lunch and breakfast on a daily basis. There is an on-demand diet menu taking into account individual preferences. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are ordered at the Lobby Lounge.

Eugene: “There is a lot of food and food is diverse. Plenty of meat dishes, both fried and cooked, and grilled. Every day there are two types of soups and a lot of vegetable dishes. Fall from fruit peaches, melons, watermelons in unlimited quantities. There are snacks and soft drinks: water, juices, morsels. The menu is extremely varied and the dishes are delicious.”


Active holidays in Senza hotels the inn resort spa 5 is provided by a variety of sports grounds, including a number of popular objects:

  • hard-coated tennis courts are paid separately;
  • Fitness center – a full range of simulators for all muscle groups, treadmills, sports equipment for full training;
  • Table tennis – professional tables and equipment.

If you live in a hotel, you can use a billiard paid separately. There is an additional fee for diving or riding. Equipment for water sports is donated. People who want to organize not so much energy-consuming leisure, offer to visit the game room or fight in darts. Specially for children there is a play area for outdoor activities. Children who want to have a quiet time are offered to visit a equipped club. There are animation staff who entertain children under the existing program.

Peter: “Leisure in the hotel is organized in such a way that there is constant communication with other guests. You can find partners to play sports or swim in the pool on your own. Children always have room to attach, leaving them under supervision. Animators entertain the baby on a special program. Children don’t just hang around, they play sports or play supervised.”


Staff provide visitors with a high level of service. There is a 24-hour operation of the registration desk. There are lockers to store valuables and documents. A camera is available to store personal belongings and luggage. Relevant, offered by the administration concierge services, available for 24 hours a day. Everyone can contact the tour office and choose a suitable route. The administration installed an ATM on the territory to collect cash from a plastic card. You can exchange for Turkish liras the main world currencies right in the hotel building.

Rooms of Senza hotels inn resort spa 5 are cleaned free of charge on a daily basis according to the established schedule. An additional paid service has been developed, including the care of clothes. You can hand things in dry cleaning or laundry, there are services available for ironing. Families of toddlers have the opportunity to pay extra for childcare with the participation of a personal nanny. Business people have the right to use the business center service for a co-payment, where you can send or receive a fax. Here they make photocopies of documents and take orders for renting conference rooms and organizing banquets.

Hotel guests have on-demand access to any of the two meeting rooms for 150 to 500 people. The square of the premises is 360 – 840 m2, they are equipped with air conditioning and furnished with furniture of the executive class. You can see the performance in the amphitheatre, and after sunset go to a nightclub, arranged in the surrounding area.

The available list of free services includes a visit to a beauty salon, delivery of food and drinks. Separately, you charge for transfers within the city limits and to the airport. You have to pay extra for the delivery of products from the store and fresh press. Take money for the rent of a safe cell, where you can safely leave large sums of money, jewelry, documents.

Those wishing to go on an independent trip around the neighborhood, have the right to rent a car right in the hotel. Customers do not leave a deposit, but only pay a fee for the use of the vehicle. A wide range of vehicles with optimal fuel consumption and high comfort are provided.

Citizens living in Senza, Se Inn Resort,are free to use smoking spaces. It is allowed to spend time in the central living room with a TV. There are facilities for people with disabilities. There are comfortable high-speed elevators. Air conditioners in the foyer and all adjacent rooms are working around the clock. You can use the World Wide Web at your local Internet cafe on a paid basis.

Lana: “The overall list of services is quite large. There is everything you need for a comfortable pastime. Cleaned up on a daily basis, and did it magically when we were away. Toddlers can always be left with a nanny without worrying about his condition. If you are lazy to go for breakfast, then there is the possibility of ordering food to yourself.”

Hotel rooms and living conditions

Customers are offered several types of rooms with different levels of comfort and a list of default options. Regardless of the class of the hotel room, it has heating, air conditioning, balcony. Separate bathrooms with showers are made. Cosmetic and toiletries, hair dryers are given at no cost. You can use the mini-bar, replenished with drinks as it is empty. There is sound insulation, there are rooms for non-smokers and couples with children.

Offered in Senza hotels the inn resort spa three types of rooms:

  • Standard two-seater. There is a double and single bed.
  • Family two-bedroom. One double bed and a pair of single beds are installed.
  • Family suite with double, a couple of single beds and a sofa.

All rooms overlook the sea coast. Accommodation with pets is prohibited. They receive guests with children of any age.

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Constantine: “The conditions of accommodation in the hotel are acceptable, but in the autumn in October, there are already temperature changes at night, and the heating is turned on untimely. Air conditioners during this period work haphazardly. When it’s already cool outside, air cooling systems are functioning in the foyer and other rooms. Children in such conditions quickly forgive, and it spoils the mood. It’s better to come here in the summer.”

The hotel is ideal for visiting with family and people who love active leisure activities. Conditions for sports are provided and nightlife is organized as part of a bright program. The hotel is aimed at people who prefer to sunbathe at the seaside. Distance from the city limits for 15 kilometers, allows you to abstract from the bustle. However, if desired, you can always go on a tour or just go to the city, booking a transfer when it is convenient.

Despite the focus on holidays with family, Senza hotels the inn resort spa 5 can organize corporate meetings. There is a modern business center with conference rooms, where meetings and banquets are held. There is a public parking lot nearby, but you can’t pre-book a location for the car. Thanks to the all-inclusive system, you can not take care of catering and do your own business in a comfortable environment. It is better to come here in the summer season, avoiding buying tickets in the autumn, when it often rains in Turkey. People who want to spend time on the coast, here will be good, but fans of excursions, it is better to pick up another offer.