Bright Galaxy Beach 4* Turkey, Alanya, Mahmutlar — Advantages and disadvantages

Those tourists who have already visited Galaxy Beach 4, wrote their reviews on the Internet, so that those who want to relax here in 2018 could clearly imagine what awaits them. Prices for booking here are very low, although the level of comfort and quality of service is at a high level.

The hotel is on state support, so everything is so cheap here. The fact that the buildings are located on the first coastline is the most attractive advantage of this resort. From the windows not only offers a beautiful view of the vast expanses of water, but also feels the salty air. In addition, the hotel has its own beach, where you can freely use sunbeds and umbrellas.

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Location and description

Galaxy Beach Can be reached from galaxy Beach International Airport in two hours. Nearby is the city of Alanya,where you can go to the bazaar or on an excursion. The pension itself is located in the village of Mahmutlar. Right next to the building of the guesthouse there are tall apartment buildings of local residents.

The area of the territory is 3,800 square meters. The resort complex consists of two seven-storey buildings. The buildings were built in 2002. Since then, the premises have been periodically updated and repaired. From the outside, they look very attractive: the walls are painted in bright colors, and the roofs of the balconies are decorated with beautiful figured coverings.

Across the street stretches a gorgeous beach. To get to it, you need to go through the underpass. It’s much safer than crossing a busy highway. In general, to the water line from the buildings is not more than 50 meters. The first line, on which the boarding house is located, is very convenient in terms of beach holidays.

The coast itself is strewn with small pebbles, but the beach is covered with sand, the entry into the water is quite convenient, gentle. The Mediterranean Sea is clear, blue and wavy. On the shore there are many sunbeds and umbrellas. Enough for everyone, even when the settlement is full. To brighten up the rest, you can buy a deposit for a soft mattress for a sunbed.

Anastasia, Kiev: “Very budget option. We went to Turkey for the first time, we have nothing to compare with. Therefore, the assessment is objective. The food is delicious, not enough meat, I would like more. Good animation, music. On the shore of the slabs are huge and the stones are not a minus, of course. I liked the hammam. If you do not find fault with such trifles, then, in principle, everything else is good here. For such money, we did not count on much. “

Room stock

The hotel has 111 rooms. They are all in the same category – standard. Among them there is one equipped specifically for people with disabilities. Also of them six family apartments, designed to accommodate a group of up to four people. Children under three years old can stay free of charge, as they do not occupy an extra bed. Pets are not allowed. For a child who needs a separate bed, cover the couch.

There are 71 rooms in the main building and 40 in the second building. The area of the chambers is small – double rooms from 18 to 22 square meters. Additionally, it is possible to put a cot or another bed, if necessary.

Rooms have ceramic floors. The bathrooms are fitted with a shower. The sinks in the bathrooms are made of solid stone. Towels, bathrobes, slippers, bath accessories – all in sufficient quantity and periodically changed. The bedroom has air conditioning, which allows you to keep cool on hot days.

There is a telephone, refrigerator, modern TV, soft beds, couch, bedside tables, armchairs, wardrobe and table. Rent a safe is paid, as well as wireless Internet. On the balconies there is a table and two chairs so that you can enjoy the surrounding views and breathe in the sea air. The sea is across the street, so the rooms overlooking the coast are a bit noisy due to the constantly passing traffic. 75 rooms have a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alexandra, Perm: “We went here with my sister. As soon as we entered the lobby, we were immediately welcomed, fed and settled. The apartment is clean, the appliances are serviceable, everything is in good condition. Amazing view from the window: mountains, sea, beach. Cleaned daily, thrown out the garbage, changed hygiene supplies. Every two or three days everything was completely washed. Only bed linen had to be asked to change, because, apparently, the maids forgot about it. But in general, the rest turned out to be wonderful. “


Service here is of the “all inclusive” type. Upon arrival, wear bracelets with which you can eat at a local restaurant. In total, there are 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. All receptions, except for an afternoon snack, are held in the dining room according to the concept of a buffet. Food here is quite diverse. The bulk of the dishes are vegetables and fruits. Afternoon snack takes place in the bar.

The restaurant is located on the fifth floor. It is quite large, can accommodate up to 250 people. There are always enough places for everyone, as well as food. Feed here well, mainly vegetable dishes. Sausages, cutlets, sausages, side dishes, as well as desserts, pastries and drinks are served. Meat, poultry and fish dishes are served several times a week. There is a separate menu for children.

There are 3 bars in total. The vitamin bar is available at an additional cost. All others are included in the reservation. The bars serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, juices, coffee, snacks, ice cream. But you can use the bar products for free only up to 23 hours. After – everything is paid.

In addition, for great coffee lovers, around the clock it can be done in a coffee machine. It is freely available for guests, so at any time of the day you can come and make yourself a cup of an invigorating drink.

Victoria, Moscow: “We went here with a young man. We weren’t hungry for a single day. We ate every day to capacity. Large selection of hot dishes. A lot of salads. The young man weaved the soup puree in one go two or three plates. There wasn’t a lot of fruit, but we didn’t worry much about it. If this is not enough, you can buy nearby in the bazaar or in shops. The bazaar has amazingly low prices! I bought a guy’s t-shirt there for only $1.”


Guests in Galaxy Beach 4 offer a variety of services. Many of them are for an additional fee. For example, you can visit the sauna or Turkish bath and take advantage of massage services. But you can visit the gym or water aerobics classes for free to stay in shape, even when such an abundance of food is available.

You can rent a billiard table to drive balls. At the same time, you can freely play volleyball, table tennis or leave darts on the beach. It is also possible to rent equipment for water sports. For those who do not know how to use them, you can hire a coach-instructor.

3 times a week there are discos. If this is not enough, you can attend parties in other hotels or clubs. In the mornings, the instructors conduct exercises and aerobics. To interest tourists, competitions in table tennis, beach volleyball, darts and even billiards are held.

If you rest here in June, you can get to the International Opera and Ballet Festival, which is held annually at the theater in Aspendos. Of the excursions here offer to go to the ancient buildings in Antalya, in an ancient cave on the eastern side of the Chan Mountains, visit the minaret and the Basilica of the Virgin Mary. For active recreation, you can buy a tour by jeep or water parachutes.

Outdoor swimming pool with clean water. There is a separate area for children. Around the perimeter there are comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a children’s playground for children. Every day the animators conduct various entertainment programs for guests. Live music plays, shows and discos in the evenings.

Also temporarily residing here can use the laundry, dry cleaning. You can rent a car or a bicycle. Parking, however, near the hotel is paid. But there is a bus stop nearby, from where you can easily get to Alanya,Antalya, Side and Belek.

Arthur, St. Petersburg: “We did not count on much when we came here, so we were very satisfied. Every evening we were taken to the disco. Constantly held interesting events, all sorts of entertainment. The pool is clean, even the slide is there. Animator Ozzy is the best! I thank him. Thanks to this person, the rest has become much more fun. In short, for the first vacation abroad – ideal. “


Services are provided by highly qualified employees. Guests can request babysitting services at the reception. For a few hours, you can safely leave the child with the teacher. Fortunately, the staff speaks many languages.

All the employees are very friendly and good-natured. They are always happy to meet all the guests and run at the first call so that the guests are comfortable. Throughout the complex you will be accompanied by smiling staff. Animators will make every effort to ensure that you do not get bored and are satisfied with the performances and entertainment programs.

It is here that excellent masseuses, hairdressers, manicure and pedicure masters, cosmetologists and many other qualified professionals work. Going to the next procedure, the guest can be sure that he will receive quality service at a low price. Waiters and bartenders are also always happy to see guests. With all their appearance, they show that it is important for them to provide a good level of service so that the guest is satisfied.

Experienced animators will help not only to have fun, but also, for example, to learn to dance. They constantly hold different colorful performances, competitions, bright shows. Everyone is particularly impressed by the local fakir show.

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Vyacheslav, Moscow: “Great staff work here! The food is delicious, thanks to the chefs. Nearby there are many shops and a bazaar. You can go to the next hotel, there is also a good entertainment program. The Turks are a great people. Near the boarding house there are many Turks who sold excursions, told where and what is better to visit. With them we hung out in the evenings, smoked hookah, listened to music. Everything is fine, those who like to chic – go to the Maldives, not to Turkey. “

Many people who are going to spend a vacation abroad often choose Turkey for this. This is due to the fact that there are low prices for accommodation, food and clothing. Moreover, to come here to rest, you do not need to make a visa, the registration of which again costs additional money and takes a lot of time.

For these reasons, you should choose Galaxy Beach. This is the most budget option. There are standard entertainment for tourists – excursions, beach, clubs, bars, swimming pools and so on. For the average tourist, there is everything you need for a modest amount. That is, rest here is available even to the most ordinary worker.

This resort is suitable for many categories of citizens. Young couples will have a great rest here, as there are many options for evening entertainment and a lot of romantic attractions. Families with children will also be satisfied, as there is a children’s club and all the conditions for children’s recreation. For business people there is an excellent conference room. Here everyone will find an option for pastime and entertainment for themselves.