Boutique Hotel Villa Sofia Yalta Crimea

Yalta is not only the resort pearl of the Crimea, but also the historical center of the peninsula. To get in touch with the living history offers a boutique hotel “Villa Sofia”,located in the most prestigious area – the New Town. The house was built in the late 19th century. Here were the baths of Rofe. In the post-Soviet era, the building fell into decay and could have been demolished if the family of Sofia Rotaru had not intervened. Having invested huge funds, the former baths were bought, and then the singer’s recording studio was created. In 2008, the building and interiors had their hands with specialist designers. Here was equipped with a cozy hotel in the Moorish style. Today it is one of the architectural sights of Yalta. It was named after its owner.

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Location and conditions

The hotel belongs to the VIP class, is located in the city center, has a category of 5 stars. The nearest beach is just 50 metres away and is covered by the famous Lady with the Dog Monument. It is said that Rofe liked to visit the baths of A.P. Chekhov. After the procedures, he walked along the Embankment of Yalta, watched the vacationers and came up with new plots for his works.

When leaving the hotel, the guest immediately gets into the magical world of resort rest. This is the very center of the city Embankment, with its unique atmosphere, street musicians, summer restaurants and dance floors. From the windows of the hotel offers a beautiful view of the sea and the Yalta lighthouse. Each room has a small telescope. It’s a very romantic decision to watch the southern stars at night.

A convenient car access is provided to the building. Free parking is provided to those who come on their own. A shuttle service to and from Simferopol Airport can be arranged for a fee.

More information! By public transport (trolleybus, fixed-route taxi) you need to get to Yalta, get off at the stop “Spartak” or “Clothing Market” and walk about 1 km towards the embankment.

The service includes luggage service, porter service, assistance in organizing excursions, ordering tickets for performances, flowers, taxis, etc. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.

“This is the Yalta house of Sofia Rotaru. Everything is pathetic and expensive. Located in the heart of Yalta. Perfect for honeymoons. Both the rooms themselves and what surrounds the building are created for unforgettable photo shoots” Olga, Russia

Room stock

Boutiques are hotels in which each room is decorated in an individual style. The fund “Villa Sofia” has 12 rooms. All belong to the Luxury category. The interiors were designed by professional designers. The concept is directed towards the past – the charm of the “silver age” with its sophistication and luxury. Juicy oriental notes are added to the design. As a result of this compilation, a design that does not look like anything was obtained, which can be attributed to the ultra-modern approach to the design of premises.

Suites of the following subcategories are available for guests’ stay:

  1. Classic double (28-34 sq. m)- there are six single rooms equipped in the European Art Nouveau style (rooms 5 and 6), in oriental style (rooms 8 and 9), in the style of French Marrakech (10 and 11 rooms). To the two main places you can add an additional (euro-folding).
  2. Double Comfort (35 sq. m) – one-room suites (Nos. 3 and 4), decorated in oriental style and purple tones. The bed is located in a niche, installed on the pouill. All décor elements are handmade, including a carpet on the floor.
  3. Executive (42 sq. m) – one-room suites (NoNo 1 and 2) in the French style, with exquisite furniture, handmade lamps. The color scheme is designed in pastel colors, so the rooms are very bright.
  4. Luxurious (80 sq. m.) – two-room suites, including a bedroom and a living room. Room No. 7 is made in the European Art Nouveau style. Room 12 was Sofia Rotaru’s private apartment. It is decorated in a French style with a predominance of pistachio shades. The arrangement is more reminiscent of the Parisian attic, which is a symbol of the work of great poets, artists and musicians of the last century. Rooms have a balcony with outdoor furniture.

The rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, each has air conditioning, mini-refrigerators, TVs, safe. Household services (washing, ironing), food and drink delivery, mini-bar are paid additionally.

Pay attention! The hotel is popular with newlyweds going on a honeymoon. Each room will be decorated in accordance with their wishes, and the opportunity to rent a car or yacht will give the newlyweds additional photo shoots.

Meals and restaurants

The hotel has a cosy restaurant with a summer terrace. Meals are not included. You can pre-order an à la carte breakfast to be served exactly at the appointed time. The dining room is pleasantly decorated in the style of European Art Nouveau. The chef offers delicious dishes prepared according to recipes of past centuries. Basically, it is European and Mediterranean cuisine, adapted to local tastes. The villa has a separate hall for 10 people, which is called the Creative Living Room. It can be rented by a company of like-minded people to celebrate a celebration or spend the evening in seclusion from other people.

The summer terrace is located in the depths of a chic garden. Its interior is designed in pastel colors. Luxurious furniture is installed. Tables are designed for 2-4 people. Many dishes presented in the menu are recommended personally by Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru. Her opinion was taken into into view when the restaurant’s wine cellar was created.

If guests of Yalta decided to hold a gastronomic tour, then nearby there are some of the best points for gourmets:

  • Garden Cafe Terrapieno (100 m) – a restaurant of Italian cuisine with well-trained staff and not very inflated prices (by Yalta standards);
  • RESTAURANT CLUB-CAFÉ GENEVA (200 m) with different types of cuisines – author’s, fusion, Japanese, European, prices are high, there is a summer veranda overlooking the sea;
  • City Garden (200 m) – a café with affordable prices, children’s and seasonal menus, grilled dishes, fans of sports broadcasts like to gather here, 2 large screens are provided for viewing;
  • Chaika is one of the best restaurants in the city with an oyster bar, live music, dance floor and wine cello;
  • Orange – restaurant on the water with daily discos and a clockwork DJ, menu – Asian with dishes of Japanese, Indonesian cuisine;
  • BarabulyaBar – no one will pass by the Black Sea cuisine, low prices, barabula buckets, fried rapana and oyster bar.

“In Yalta a huge number of restaurants with interesting dishes and “horse” prices. The restaurant in Villa Sofia resembles an island of culture and exquisite sadness for the old days. The menu is very worthy for family holidays or business meetings. Pleasant wine list» Irina, Russia

Leisure and entertainment

Since the hotel is located in the center of the Yalta embankment, there is no special entertainment. There is a karaoke room where everyone can try themselves as a singer. There are also screened movies for evening viewings. Professional SPA treatments are available. The price list includes:

  • specialized programs “Antistress” and “Weight loss / figure correction”;
  • whirlpool bath;
  • massage according to the “Stone” system (hot and cold stones);
  • wraps and peeling.

The promenade during the day is a favorite place for walks of vacationers. In the evening, it turns into a solid chic entertainment area. Concerts, tastings of Crimean wines are held here, the Yalta-Gorka cable car works, a lot of restaurants and cafes, Nekrasovsky and Kalininsky squares are broken on the territory, monuments are installed.

Yalta is not the city where you will have to think for a long time about what to do at your leisure. The city opened a theater named after Chekhov, a concert hall “Jubilee”. Lovers of organ music can go to Livadia. Here is the largest body in the Crimea, the creation of which was joined by enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

Beaches & Pools

There is no swimming pool in the hotel, and it is not needed. The nearest beach is a few dozen meters from the entrance. The coating is pebbled, the status is urban, public. Theoretically, you can go to any of the coastal beaches and have a good rest there. But the most comfortable in Yalta are:

  1. Primorsky – stretches for 400 m along the coast. All pebbles are small, so you can walk barefoot. The entrance to the water is gentle, but the depth begins five meters from the shore. The infrastructure is at an altitude, so not only holidaymakers like to come here, but also local residents. Admission is free. There are rental points of beach equipment, at the entrance there is a small market where you can buy accessories for recreation. This is the busiest beach in Yalta. There are attractions, water slides, cafes, street vendors. The water is clear, so people come here for diving.
  2. Massandra is a great place for day and evening pastime. Admission is free, services are paid. At night it works in the format of “beach-café” until 2 am. This is a very clean place, awarded the Blue Flag of the International Tourism Federation. All safety standards are provided, so the beach is recognized as the best in the city. The coating is a large pebble, so you need to have beach shoes with you. Rescuers are on duty on the shore, there is a medical center. During the day they swim and sunbathe here, and in the evening the Grand M Beach club comes into law. Sand-colored sun loungers, tables, Black Sea cuisine is served, theme parties are held.

In the vicinity there are practically no wild beach areas, although they can be found in the area of the rocky shore.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts children from all ages. Young guests under 7 years old can stay in their parents’ room free of charge in a separate bed (1 child per room). At Rotaru Apartments, this privilege applies to children under 16 years of age. Special entertainment (animation, cartoon viewing, game room) is not provided. Leisure of young holidaymakers are engaged in their parents. For this purpose in Yalta all conditions are created.

In addition to beach slides, banana rides, vatrushka and parachute flights, the child can be invited to visit:

  • zoo “Fairy Tale”;
  • Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales”;
  • dolphinarium “Aquatoria”;
  • water parks “Atlantis” and “Blue Bay”;
  • attractions in the park on the Embankment.

It is impossible to imagine Yalta without a cable car. A 12-minute journey through the air will bring little holidaymakers a lot of fun. On the observation deck, where the trailer arrives, you can take interesting photos.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Yalta itself is the main attraction of the Crimea. Chekhov lived here, each place has its own history. To get to know it better, it is recommended to visit the historical and literary museum. And after that, plan further excursions along the coast. The hotel will help to determine the routes and transfer. Coming to the “capital” of the South Coast, guests of the resort primarily seek to get to the “Swallow’s Nest”, “Massandra Palace”, Mount Ai-Petri and the Uchan-Su waterfall. On the territory of the city there are also places of interest, which include:

  • seaside park. Gagarin;
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden;
  • Dacha Omür;
  • monument to Roosevelt-Stalin-Churchill.


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Staying at the “Villa Sofia” guests will be in the center of the most interesting events taking place in Yalta. Exquisite luxury of the rooms will give peace and tranquility after an active holiday at the resort facilities. The location in the city center is the main advantage of the boutique hotel over other places of residence.