Best Hotels in Borovsk, Kaluga Oblast

The oldest city in the Kaluga region Borovsk is a separate page in the history of the whole state. This is a city of military valor, one of the most interesting tourist centers of the Kaluga region. At one time, he received a bad reputation. It was here, in an earthen prison, that the Old Believer boyar Feodosiya Morozova was tortured to death. Borovsk has long been considered the capital of the Old Believers. Of all the Christian churches located on its territory, three were built by the Old Believers. After the death of the leaders of this religious movement, old believers from all over Russia reached out to the city.

Borovsk is interesting for its modern tourist infrastructure. The economy of the city is built on it, so hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities try to provide guests with the most exclusive conditions for recreation. The TOP includes 11 of the most interesting hotels in the city.

Guesthouse in Borovsk

This luxurious hotel,decorated in the style of classicism, guests call an oasis of comfort and coziness. Each room has its own design. “Standards” are specially created for business people coming on business trips. Junior suites will be appreciated by married couples. Impeccable Suites will serve as a worthy place to stay for discerning tourists. Gostiny Dvor is located in the heart of the ancient city. The Protva River is a 10-minute walk away, as are the main attractions, as well as cafes and restaurants. The hotel does not provide catering services. Guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen, order meals with delivery or go to dinner at the restaurant they like. Each room is equipped with a minibar, kettle and fridge. The hotel administration cooperates with concert organizations of Borovsk, so all guests are informed in advance about the upcoming tour.

“Amazing in beauty and hospitality place! Wonderful staff, beautiful surroundings, it seems that you fall out of the 21st century and get into the 19th. You can order breakfast in the room for an additional fee. It is convenient if from the very morning you run away on excursions” Maria, Russia




Boroviki House

This is a separate two-storey house with four bedrooms. On the ground floor there is a living room with a fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen with a dining area, in other words, a shared lounge. On the second floor there are bedrooms with bathrooms. Outside, the house resembles a fabulous tower – log, with carved platbands and a balcony. Inside – a real modern – modern appliances, furniture, comfortable beds. The yard in front of the house is well-groomed, Christmas trees grow, a small children’s playground is equipped. The hosts provide guests with a place and accessories for cooking kebabs.

“Quiet and peaceful place. The main thing is that there are no high fences, because of which you can not see what is happening on the street. Very pleased with the warm floors. This is important in winter after a ski or hike. The owners are very nice people. they have provided everything to make their guests comfortable, there is even a dishwasher in the kitchen” Tatiana, Russia





The mini-hotel is characterized by its small size and high quality of service. A variety of rooms allows you to choose rooms for accommodation from 2 to 10 people (maximum – 11). Each room has a kitchenette, refrigerator, kettle, air conditioning. Free parking is available for motorists. An indoor swimming pool is available on site. Pets are allowed. A continental breakfast is served in the café in the morning and room service is available until the evening. A shuttle service to and from train stations and the airport is available (extra charge). Guests appreciate the care of the staff.

“My family and I stayed in zhemchuzhina for the night while traveling through the ancient cities of Russia. The first thing I liked was the kind-hearted attitude towards us, tired and capricious visitors. Quickly settled, all shown, gave out accessories for the grill, so that we could fry the kebabs. In the morning we came to breakfast and it was another plus in the piggy bank of the hotel: home cooking, dishes to choose from. Keep it up!” Olesya, Russia





The complex of small wooden houses with all amenities is located on the shore of Lake Komlevskoye. In miniature houses there is everything you need for a comfortable stay – a bedroom, a kitchen-living room, a terrace with outdoor furniture. From each of them there is a wooden path to the beach. Sun loungers and umbrellas have already been installed on private grounds. Guests are attracted by the opportunity to live in nature, take a steam bath in the bath, walk around the neighborhood, go fishing. Parking is free, you can come with pets. The rate includes the use of the barbecue area and charcoal cooking facilities, free high-speed Wi-Fi. Here you can rent a boat, order food from Borovsk, transfer from / to the stations and the airport.

“Nice place with its own characteristics. The houses are small, so the two are good, and the four are cramped. Heating does not work constantly, it is included only for the period of stay, so you need to ask the administrator to turn on the radiators at least a couple of hours before arrival. Hostesses are pleasant, respond positively to any requests» Roman, Russia




Russkoe podvorie

Did you want to live in a real country house? Welcome to the “Russian Farmstead”. A log hut with an attic room awaits guests in all its authentic glory. Inside, modern amenities are stylized antique. Lunch will be at a wooden table, sitting on a chest. But you can cook food in a modernly equipped kitchen (no stoves, firewood and kindling). Everything is civilized. But this is not just a hotel – it is a natural eco-farm, where poultry and horses are bred. Therefore, for breakfast guests can enjoy dishes from fresh testicles, and after – a horseback ride or sleigh ride.

“My children were absolutely delighted with the living conditions. They fed chickens and turkeys, tried to care for ponies, and most importantly breathed fresh air. One time we made kebabs, the other time we roasted fish on the grill. The owners give supplies and help to make a fire. Nearby there is a pond, a forest, a football field. Our holiday was a success” Nadezhda, Russia




Sibiriya Hotel ETNOMIR

Ethnomir is a special hotel complex created from environmentally friendly materials and representing the traditions of the peoples of the world. “Siberia” is a string of wooden houses with roofs of hemispheres, made in the tradition of yurts of the northern peoples. Here everything is aimed at preserving the environment. Natural light is provided by a window located at the very top of the roof, all furniture, textiles, interior decoration are made of natural materials. Within walking distance is the Ethnographic Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East. This is another piece of ETNOMIR, located in the open air. As for the living conditions in stylized yurts, you do not have to sleep on the ground, for this purpose comfortable beds are supplied, tables and chairs are also available, like all other amenities.

“ETNOMIR hotels are a real journey through the countries that can be made without leaving the territory of Russia. Not only do you live in a Mongolian yurt, so also folk entertainment. I managed to visit a craft workshop, learn several round dances, take part in folk festivals and all this in one weekend” Victor, Russia




Night in an Upside Down House

Children’s amusement park with an upside-down house is one of the modern attractions in ETNOMIR. Unlike similar places in other cities, this one can stay overnight. The house has 4 bedrooms, a shared lounge, a restaurant where breakfast is served every morning. It offers food and drink delivery, free parking and Wi-Fi. On the territory of the park there are shops, there is a terrace for sunbathing, pets are allowed to come here. Children will love not only the house,in which everything is turned upside down, but also a small petting zoo. It is home to squirrels, raccoons and other animals.

“My children and I liked the idea of spending the night in an upside-down house right away. In the morning after waking up, everyone was completely delighted that another bed was hanging over the bed, and in the shower they had to go along the “ceiling”. This is an incredible feeling of play from childhood, and there, as you know, everyone wants to return” Nastya, Russia




Night in Magic Villins Book

Another night in the park “Magic Country” (Ethnomir) can be spent inside a huge book. The mini-hotel is next to the Upside Down House. Guests of the hotel can enjoy the original room,restaurant, breakfast, shared lounge. Car owners are provided with a free parking space. Those wishing to cook kebabs will be provided with a place and accessories. Nearby are shops and a restaurant, as well as a park, where each is a separate tourist site. Hotel guests receive a discount on admission.

“I can’t say that I enjoyed living in such a cramped room, but I had enough impressions for a whole year. This is a very unusual place. Here you go back to childhood and want to re-read a book about the adventures of Ellie and her friends on the way to the Emerald City. I do not recommend the hotel for a long stay, but it will be interesting to stay overnight» Vera, Russia




Hotel Ukraine ETNOMIR

In all zones of Ethnomir there are hotels. One of them consists of cozy Ukrainian houses. Here are the traditions of Little Russia – craft workshops, the restaurant “Korchma”, which serves dishes of national cuisine, a cute farmstead, surrounded by a low hedge. Upon prior request, guests will flood the bath. Car owners can not worry about a parking space at the hotel,it is provided free of charge. In the park there are a lot of places where you can walk and have fun.

“All hotels in Ethnomir are somehow suitable for families with children. We chose “Ukraine” because we considered this place the most acceptable. I liked the room. The interior is thought out, made in folk style. On the windows prudently stretched nets. Breakfast is not like Ukrainian bread)) The choice is small, especially for children» Natalia, Russia





Hotel India ETNOMIR

The hotel,built in Indian style, fully conveys the atmosphere and spirit of a distant country. In the cosy rooms you can feel like a padishah or raja. The interior is thought out to the smallest detail – a low bed, decorative elements, bright colors. In the morning, a continental breakfast is served in the restaurant. Each room has a kettle. A food and beverage service is available. At the service of guests – folk Indian costumes for photo shoots, master classes on the development of national crafts, entertainment programs.

“This place can’t help but like it! Even in India you do not need to go to visit the atmosphere of incense, spices and good tea. There are many hotels on the territory of Ethnomir, but it is India that is most suitable for us in terms of comfort” Elena, Russia




House on the Tree

Interesting mini-hotel is made in the form of a treehouse. The owners offer to return to childhood, but to live in more comfortable conditions. It’s really great, both outside and inside. The house is designed to accommodate 4 people. There is a kitchen with a dining area, a shared lounge with a TV and a comfortable sofa, and the bedrooms have comfortable beds. Breakfast is served in the morning. Free parking and a children’s playground are available.

“We loved living in this house. The conditions are excellent, the entrance to the park is free. There is a swing for children, a gazebo with barbecue for adults. There was enough space for the family to live” Sophia, Russia




It is remarkable that in the most important ethnographic park of Russia conditions for interesting accommodation of tourists are created. In Borovsk, a unique place of rest has been created, where entertainment is held 365 days a year. To live in one of the hotels of Ethnomir means to be in the epicenter of the tourist life of the city. It remains only to choose which of the hotels is more to your liking.

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