Azaria Hotel, Gelendzhik

Azaria is one of the most attractive hotels in Gelendzhik. Located in its very center, it will allow all tourists to organize a holiday in accordance with their preferences. The hotel invites you to spend an unforgettable holiday in a picturesque, ecologically clean place with developed infrastructure. From the balcony of the room you can freely admire the picturesque mountains and inhale the aroma of majestic pines. On the other hand, all the delights of a modern resort city are presented to the attention of guests.


Hotel Azaria is small but cozy. European architectural style attracts travelers accustomed to comfort. The dormitory building includes 4 floors and is ready to accommodate up to 100 guests at a time. The landscaped area of the courtyard will allow you to feel peace and tranquility, being in the lively center of the resort.

The reception works around the clock, there is a possibility to call a taxi, and the administrator on duty is always ready to answer any questions. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. Motorists will be provided with free parking, and for families with children there is a rental of strollers.

For lovers of outdoor recreation

Connoisseurs of secluded corners rarely choose hotels in the city center. But Azaria is unique in this regard. The day can be spent away from people, and the evening – in one of the restaurants of the central embankment. Bicycle rental is available on site, which is a pleasure for exploring the surrounding area. Motorists will be provided with free parking.


For those who have planned to spend all the days exploring the famous places of Gelendzhik, the hotel “Azaria” will be the best choice. given the proximity of attractions such as the scred lighthouse, the sculptural composition “Cat Scientist”. Within walking distance opens its doors historical and local history Museum.

For city travelers

In walking distance from the hotel originates a snow-white embankment. The hotel is built right on the shore of a picturesque bay. Here, tourists with children will spend unforgettable hours in the amusement park, can visit a cinema, restaurant or bar. Thanks to this, the hotel “Azaria” is equally good for any type of recreation: family, youth, business trips.

Beaches & Pools

Rest on the Black Sea coast, most tourists consider as an unlimited opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday and breathe the sea air saturated with phytoncides. Hotel Azaria attracts tourists with a convenient location, only 400 meters away from the central beach – the largest and most popular in Gelendzhik. There is everything for a pleasant pastime: drinking fountains and changing rooms, showers and toilets, volleyball and sports grounds.

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is a beach sanatorium “Blue Wave”, the hotel “Gardens of the Seas” and other beaches close to the center, with developed infrastructure. Fans of a comfortable beach holiday will definitely like the choice, thanks to the advantageous location of the hotel “Azaria” in walking distance there are at least five landscaped areas. An alternative for independent travelers can be natural pebble beaches near flat landscaped areas, some even with a sandy bottom. There are also a lot of them around the hotel.

You can start the morning with water procedures without leaving the hotel, a large swimming pool with sun loungers accommodates everyone who wants to swim in clean, fresh water. In addition to the outdoor, there is also a heated swimming pool with fresh water, geysers and waterfalls. Equipped with a children’s area, it will be an excellent leisure option for young parents, the water temperature here is always the same, comfortable for kids and older children.

Room stock

Comfortable rooms filled with coziness and home comfort await their guests. The interior, furniture and household appliances were selected specifically to create a unique atmosphere conducive to a good rest. In addition to the bed and upholstered furniture, each room is equipped with a TV, cable and digital TV, a modern bathroom and a safe. Refrigerator to store drinks and air conditioning to maintain optimal temperature.


Double room, which will be an excellent choice for a family of three. In addition to the double bed, there is an additional sofa, which will serve as both a seating area and a sleeping place. An amazing combination of exquisite sophistication and home softness in the interior creates exactly the atmosphere that is associated with vacation, sea and happiness. This effect is achieved with the help of interior designers, a combination of light and chocolate shades. The room has everything for a comfortable stay, you want to come back here again and again. For sunbathing, you can use the sun loungers by the blue pool. Guests can rent sports equipment and a variety of board games.


Double, one-room “junior suite” is a room with increased comfort. A favorite choice of tourists who want to afford something more, for reasonable money. The atmosphere is conducive to relax and tune in to rest. Exquisite, tastefully selected classic furniture, modern designer interior, perfect tandem. The room is small, but thoughtful colors fill it with light and make it cozy. This room features a bed and sofa, TV and air conditioning.


One-room “suite” allows you to comfortably accommodate two or four guests at the same time. Spacious and bright room gives rise to an atmosphere of lightness and ease. Designers skillfully use the additional free space to surprise even the most sophisticated guests. Here, every detail has an imprint of elegance. Colors, stylistic solutions – all modern and functional. The bed is equipped with an orthopedic mattress, comfortable for sleeping. and the climate control system will make the weather in the room as it should be.


Two-room “suite” in the hotel Azaria – a luxury apartment in which you want to return. The room is perfect for those who need home comfort and space. You will forget that you are in the hotel. The only reminder will be the staff who monitor the cleanliness and timely fulfills all the wishes of the guests.
The room is divided into a bright bedroom, equipped with a double bed with orthopedic mattress, and a respectable living room with upholstered furniture, air conditioning and TV.


Convenient system “all inclusive” will not worry about unnecessary expenses. The all inclusive system has gained wide popularity among tourists, and therefore was chosen as the main one for serving guests of the Azaria Hotel. The price includes three meals, in the format of “set menu”, that is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snack. In addition, we are ready to offer ice cream and pastries, fruits, hot and cold soft drinks. For dinner, an exclusive offer awaits – a glass of luxurious Kuban wine or a real, live beer.

In summer, it is difficult to deny yourself an evening walk in Gelendzhik, so it is easy to combine it with dinner in one of the cafes or restaurants that are located around the hotel. This is a chance to get acquainted with the cuisine of different chefs and perhaps bring home a unique recipe, which for a long time will surprise guests. Travelers who are interested in seafood restaurants can go to San Michel, Santa Fe or VINiGRETH. «


The hotel provides vacationers with bicycles, which are pleasant to ride in the evening or in the morning along the picturesque central promenade, breathe the sea air and admire the relict Pitsunda pines. In addition to the rental of sports equipment, guests can enjoy the hotel’s own swimming pool, which is open until late in the evening, many cozy restaurants on the embankment, memorable places and attractions. For young people in Gelendzhik there are dance floors and night entertainment venues, which are located at a distance from the embankment, so that loud music does not interfere with others to relax.

Nearby Attractions

Gelendzhik is one of the most comfortable cities of the Black Sea coast, and the cleanliness strictly observed in the city is noted by every tourist. The city with its ancient history, unique relief and climate knows how to interest guests.


Scientists and historians still puzzle over the origin of these stone structures. In Gelendzhik there are a little more than a hundred of them. Tourists note that when approaching the stones, an inexplicable energy is felt. Dolmens are located near the village of Vozrozhdenie.

Safari Park

In almost natural habitat conditions on 160 hectares of natural land live wild animals, saved from human hands. In the safari park you can see wild boars, leopards, wolves, cougars, foxes and other wild animals. On the territory of this zoo in the open air there are attractions, the Alley of Fairy Tales, a cave, a museum with exhibits raised from the bottom of the sea. In addition, the park seems to “climb” the mountain, a cable car is organized for tourists, and an observation deck is located at the top, from which breathtaking panoramic views open.

Parus Rock

A vertical stone plate is two dozen meters high, and only a meter thick stands on the shore of the Gelendzhik Bay. The unusual shape, and even the hole in the middle, made this rock a local landmark. Near the Sail it is customary to make wishes.

Waterfalls on the river Janet

Near the dolmens flows the river Janet, forming a beautiful valley of waterfalls. There is a belief that if the newlyweds bathe in an emerald bowl, which is located under one of the large waterfalls, then their love will be eternal.
Gelendzhik Museum of History and Local Lore
History buffs can visit the Museum of Local Lore. which is more than 100 years old. The museum includes a hall for temporary and permanent exhibitions, the house of the writer V.G. Korolenko, archaeological finds and much more.

Reviews of vacationers

Natalia, Saratov

Azaria and the city itself I really liked, rested here for the first time. I came to rest alone, my husband was not released from work, and my son did not want to miss lectures at the end of the school year. I thought there would be difficulties, but at the airport I was met by a car from the hotel, the room was settled in the shortest possible time, and even invited to lunch.

The food is delicious, the staff is polite. But the most striking thing in Gelendzhik is the air. And when you live in a good place, the atmosphere is three times more pleasant. I will definitely come here again.

Svetlana, Pskov

For a long time we chose a hotel in Gelendzhik, stayed on Azarium and did not lose. We were waiting for the second baby, the eldest is often sick, so not only the climate, but also the silence was important to me. All this we found in Azarium, rested three, the child is healthy, my husband is satisfied, and I gained strength before giving birth. Next year, the four of us will come.

Alina Abramova

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