Art-hotel “Ukraine”, Sevastopol, Crimea

Art-hotel “Ukraine” is built in the heart of Sevastopol,and all those objects that the peninsula is so proud of can be visited without difficulty. Walking on foot is a pleasure, and the location of the hotel plays an important role in this.

Absolutely at any time of the year your vacation in Sevastopol will be pleasant: the air temperature is comfortable for all age categories, the sea is very close, and the high level of service of the Art Hotel “Ukraine” will leave only positive memories.

Summer is a period of holidays and waiting for good weather, interesting travels, gentle sun and bronze sea tan. And our southern resorts, especially the Crimean peninsula – unique historical places that have seen many victories and defeats in their lifetime.

Visiting the tourist mecca of the Crimea – the city – the hero of Sevastopol – an event for everyone is memorable. The city and its surroundings have everything: gentle sea, beaches, hotels and sanatoriums, historical places and nature reserves.

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Hotel Location

Art-hotel “Ukraine” 3 stars more than 10 years accepts its guests in the center of Sevastopol. You can get here in an hour from the international airport of Simferopol or in a few minutes from the railway station. Some guests use public transport, but intercity transfers are better done by taxi.

All the most famous sights of the city – the port is very close: Grafskaya pier and Primorsky Boulevard, Panorama of the defense of Sevastopol and the observation deck on the bay.

Room stock

The number of rooms is small, but very cozy, it offers standard and superior rooms, junior suites, some have 2 rooms, which is ideal for a family holiday. The interiors are made in calm colors, everything is modern and stylish, no wonder this is an Art Hotel. The rooms are pleasant and comfortable to relax, the decoration is made of natural materials, and the rooms are decorated with paintings by local artists.

All rooms are non-smoking, there are special conditions for guests with disabilities. The whole territory is under round-the-clock security, room service and cleaning takes place at a convenient time for you.

Nikolai and Svetlana, Moscow “We started our journey through the Crimea from Sevastopol, always wanted to get acquainted with the city, and the best solution was to stay in the hotel “Ukraine”, in the very center. From here you can easily reach all the main places of the city, the area is excellent. No city noise in the rooms can not be heard, it is pleasant to be, everything is beautiful and modern. Breakfast – varied and delicious, immediately realized that the menu in the restaurant to order is worth it, which was done. Several times the reception staff helped with the solution of issues, thank you very much! If we come to Sevastopol again, then only to “Ukraine”

Meals at the hotel

The price includes breakfast buffet in the main restaurant “Guests”. The establishment also serves an à la carte menu throughout the day.

This is one of those central restaurants not only of the hotel, but also of the city, which is already almost 60 years old.

For all this time, he earned the respect and love of residents and guests of Sevastopol. The chef serves dishes of Russian and European cuisines of high quality performance, as well as the famous wines of the Crimea.

It would seem that it is not surprising guests with pancakes or cutlets in Kiev, but it is here that they are prepared so that you want to order again and again.

During the day, a delicious business lunch is served, there are semi-finished takeaway products (they are of such good quality that the restaurant has its regular customers), a huge selection of desserts and fresh pastries.

If you are planning a celebration or other event, the restaurant “Guests” has a catering service and organizing receptions, and you do not have to worry about the result, it will be excellent.

The Art Hotel also has a very famous confectionery “Minute”, there is always the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and pastries, and the staff will tell you which cake is the most delicious and best suited for your holiday.

In the lobby bar you can spend the evening with a glass of wine or a cocktail with light snacks.

Living in the heart of the city, it is simply impossible not to visit the restaurants and cafes of local cuisine on the waterfront or at the main attractions, the main thing is that your vacation is pleasant and useful!

Oleg, Sochi “We want to thank the staff of the hotel and restaurant “Guests” for the excellent organization of our wedding. Although we ourselves are from the resort town, but we dreamed of getting married in the Crimea. A lovely room for the newlyweds was a continuation of our main day. The buffet is super, everything is very beautiful and delicious!”

Leisure and additional services at the hotel

If you come to Sevastopol on business or on an excursion, then after a long day it is very pleasant to plunge into the comfort and relax in the spa center of the Art Hotel “Ukraine”.

It offers the services of:

  • beauty and cosmetology salon;
  • massage room;
  • hairdresser;
  • manicure and pedicure room;
  • modern spa programs.

This hotel often hosts seminars and conferences, the central location of the hotel and excellent technical support for this reason. If you need to organize a business-level event, the hotel administration will provide parking for your partners, a large bright room for meeting with equipment, your event will be known even on the hotel page. If necessary, the restaurant prepares a buffet of any level.

In the name of the hotel there is a word “art”, which means that it is closely related to art, painting – there is a whole gallery, a visit to which is available to all guests living. In the great hall there is a collection of works of the participants of the Sevastopol plein air, which has been held regularly since 1998. Such an event has become popular not only here, but also outside the peninsula. The team of participants was replenished with artists from Germany, Slovenia, China and other countries. Visiting the gallery, you will get extraordinary pleasure from the Crimean landscapes, and the most liked works can be purchased for yourself or as a gift.

After admiring the Crimea in art, it’s time to explore the local attractions live!

Sights of Sevastopol

Sevastopol has earned the title of the most comfortable resort city for family holidays, and it is also called an open-air museum. Imagine that only in this city there are more than 1500 historical monuments, primarily military, but also the archeology of antiquity and modern buildings can cause interest.

Monument to the sunken ships

This monument is a symbol of Sevastopol, and it stands on a granite cliff in the center of the city, towering over the water for 17 meters. In the 1960s, the image of the monuments was placed on the coat of arms of the city, and now, walking along Primorsky Boulevard, you will easily notice it. The obelisk is crowned with the figure of an eagle with open wings and a laurel wreath in its beak. The monument is dedicated to all the ships sunk by order of Prince Menshikov in the middle of the 19th century to block the way to enemy ships. More than 90 ships were killed, but Sevastopol slept.

Konstantinovskaya battery

The defensive structure of the Crimean War of the 19th century stood on the first line of defense of the city. It is named after the grandson of Catherine the Great Konstantin Pavlovich and was built in the Sevastopol Bay. Such a fortress in the form of a horseshoe rises above the sea surface by 12 m, and in those days its guns controlled the entrance to the local water area for 2 centuries.

During its history, the fortress has suffered severely more than once, and for the first time it was bombed from English ships in 1854. It has been in restoration many times, and in the 21st century it was opened to visitors as a museum.

Let the place has lost its military direction, but the naval romance has not gone anywhere. In addition to the fact that here you can visit historical exhibitions, also climb to the observation deck and enjoy the views of the city. As in the good old days, at noon, a cannon shot is heard, chimes are beaten, and bottles are beaten on ships in the port. All – we are at sea!

Count’s Wharf

Previously, the pier was called Catherine, and has always been and remains a symbol and pride of Sevastopol. Since the times of the Russian Empire, the sailors themselves respectfully called it count by the title of the creator of the Black Sea Fleet (single) Marko Ivanovich Voinovich. His family estate was in the north of the bay, and he liked to moor to the port from here, from the south. After the revolution, the pier was renamed in honor of the Third International, and then the popular, “count” name was returned only after the Second World War. The pier, built of noble stone, has always decorated Sevastopol, and in our time it is included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of the country.

Tauric Chersonesos

A very interesting ancient name of the Crimea – Tavrida – forever entrenched in many monuments of the peninsula. Chersonesos today is not only a reserve protected by the state, but also an object of culture from the UNESCO list, a place of archaeological finds and excavations of the ancient city. From here you can go down to the rocky sea shore and relax.

On the territory of Chersonesos there is an Orthodox St. Vladimir Cathedral, the project of which was created by St. Petersburg – architect D.I. Grimm. It was dedicated to Prince Vladimir, the baptist who initially accepted the faith himself, here in Chersonesos in 988. The temple was laid in the 1860s in the presence of the royal family of Alexander II.

Unfortunately, the Second World Age brought only destruction to the temple, it was blown up, and it took more than 60 years to begin restoration. The new, “resurrected” cathedral was opened in 2004 and consecrated, and now it is the largest functioning temple in Sevastopol, and services are held daily.

Another unusual monument is here, in Chersonesos. This is a bell that silently stands near the North Basilica of the 6th century. It is very recognizable, but also the “youngest” of all the local attractions. Strangely, but there are different versions of the date of its casting, weight, but it is known that since 1925 it was used as a foggy lighthouse, that is, it was its sound that helped the ships.

In the modern world of technology, it has become unclaimed, and now simply decorates the reserve.

Museum Underground Sevastopol

The newest and most interesting for all ages museum of Sevastopol. Since 2018, he began to tell guests how to survive in difficult conditions of war, limited space and other force majeure.

In short, this is a bunker – an object classified as “secret”, which most often looks strict and impregnable, but makes it possible for a large number of people to survive in an emergency. This is what the museum tells. It is literally “hidden” in the center of the city, in a hill, which causes special interest in itself.

Everything that is secret and mystically veiled always attracts guests of the city.

Chersonesos Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands on the cape of the same name, this is the very west of Sevastopol, and is a tower of 36 meters, lined with local Inkerman stone. It was built after the Second World War, in 1951 on the site of the destroyed from 1816. To date, it is not only an object of cultural importance, but one of the most powerful structures for navigation in Europe.


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Sevastopol is the visiting card of the Crimea, and simply the most significant Black Sea port, which has survived so many invaders in its lifetime that there is no place in the whole city that would not be associated with military feats. You can get acquainted with Sevastopol for a long time, but you will fall in love with a beautiful city from the first minutes.

Sanatoriums, guest houses and hotels have their hospitality, coziness and comfort, as well as Art – hotel “Ukraine” is glad to its guests. Book accommodation and vacation in this wonderful place and enjoy your vacation.