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The center of sanatorium-resort treatment in Ingushetia since Soviet times is the health resort-hotel Armkhi. Local mountain air is useful for people with weak lungs, asthma and bronchitis. Since 2013, a ski resort has been developing here. Descendants fulfill the covenant of the legendary founder of Armha, who in 1925 assured everyone that here, in mountainous Ingushetia, a new “Russian Switzerland”would be built.

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Location and history

After the Civil War, the young Soviet government set the Council of People’s Commissars the task of creating a network of resort areas for the rehabilitation of workers, peasants, creative intellectuals and children. Sanatorium construction was launched in the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Black Sea coast. The Ingush Republic offered its own option – to organize a health resort in the Jeyrakh gorge. The documents were prepared and submitted by the head of the health department Abdul-Hamida Tangieva. In 1925, an expedition was sent here from Moscow, which included doctors, climatologists, professors of the capital’s universities. Their task was to fully explore the territory and determine its health value. The commission was drawn up on the instructions of the People’s Commissar Semashko N.A.

Armhi (in the early 20s – the village of Mokhkat) and the village of Achaluki are located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. In the process of research, it turned out that the pollen of curly pine makes especially healing air. Forests cover almost all the slopes of the gorge and nearby mountains. During the flowering period, this type of pine not only disinfects the air, filling it with phytoncidal volatile substances. Pollen doubles the healing effects of air. During the flowering period (May), miners, subway builders, slaughterers were sent to Armhi on state vouchers. It was decided to make the All-Union resort year-round so that as many people suffering from pulmonary diseases as possible could improve their health.

The Moscow Commission could not render another verdict on the unique natural zone of Ingushetia. In 1926, Tangiev managed to convince the Council of People’s Commissars that the resort would really benefit Soviet citizens and their children. Money was allocated for construction, medical workers came to Armhi, equipment was bought, and salaries were increased for service personnel. Work was carried out until 1928. During this time, 4 buildings were built, a capital bridge over the Terek was built and 2 wooden bridges over the mountain river Armhi were thrown. On June 15, the grand opening of the mountain-climatic station took place. In its first season, the young resort received 30 patients and 126 vacationers.

The further fate of the sanatorium is similar to the history of almost all All-Russian health resorts. First, takeoff, expansion of the health zone, financing. Then the decline, lack of funds and complete oblivion in the post-Soviet period. Only in 1998, the government of Ingushetia found funds for the restoration of a unique resort. A new seven-storey building was built by the Turkish company. The infrastructure includes a conference room, fitness room, spa and swimming pool. The recreation center received the status of the Medical and Health Complex “Jeyrakh”. In 2008, the resort returned to its former name.

Since 2012, within the framework of the national project, a ski resort has begun to be built and developed here. The first trails, an outdoor swimming pool, a cable car appeared. The complex consists of 2 buildings –“Armhi”and “Seagull”, as well as several guest houses. The service combines Caucasian hospitality and European level of services, comfortable rooms and sanatorium-resort treatment, skiing and the organization of excursion tours to the sights of the Caucasus. The resort is located in the mountains at an altitude of 1520 meters.

Room stock

To accommodate guests, the hotel offers a choice of 2 hotel buildings and several cottages. At the same time they can take up to 180 guests. Hotel“Armhi”has the largest number of rooms. There are single and quadruple budget rooms, standards, junior suites and suites (including presidential). The price includes breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking space for the car, travel on the cable car.

Pay attention! Children under 5 years stay with their parents free of charge. From 5 to 14 years inclusive with significant discounts.

Prices for rooms range from 1600 rubles / day (single budget room) to 7000 rubles / day for the presidential suite. The information is current as of October 2020.

Hotel “Chaika” is located in the area of walking and the main entertainment facilities of the resort. All rooms are duplex. Decorated in a modern style. The price starts from 2000 rubles / day. The rate includes breakfast according to the Swedish system, free access to the pool and cable car. On the territory there are 2 sports pools for jumping and swimming (both open), cafes, mangal areas, a terrace under the roof of the building. Within walking distance there are ski slopes, a rope town, a paintball club, a bathhouse and a restaurant.

The guest houses are built on a mountainside of local curly pine. For the most unpretentious tourists who want to completely merge with the local nature, bungalows are offered. This is a tree house without amenities (the bathroom is located 30 meters from the dwelling) with two beds, electricity, a bedside table and a small balcony. Barbecue and gazebo can be used free of charge, for swimming in the outdoor heated pool will have to pay.

Two other types of mountain cottages are designed for five people. There is a house with a bathhouse, there is a gazebo. Both types of guest houses are equipped according to the standards of European service. The two-storey cottages have their own kitchen, bedrooms, barbecue and dining areas, bathroom.

Important! No hotel accepts pets.

“We stayed in the Armhi building. From our room there was a delightful view of the mountains. Balcony. The beds are comfortable, the linen is perfectly clean. Mineral mountain water flows from the tap. Not far from the hotel there is a very beautiful waterfall. I especially want to note the staff. Everyone from the director to the cleaners we crossed paths with were welcoming, very polite and helpful. And of course, without artificial smiles and bows. The receptionists, the drivers, the staff in the dining room, all deserve praise. Especially I would like to note the staff of the excursion department for their professionalism and love for the history of Ingushetia. We hope to come again” Elena and Nikolay, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Caucasian hospitality is associated with national cuisine and extraordinary bread-keeping. Feed all vacationers ready-made points of public catering resort. Restaurant “Erzi” consists of two halls, an open terrace, decorated in the national style. It serves national, Asian and European cuisine. Café“Armhi”serves budget dishes. The assortment includes locally produced food products (cheeses, cottage cheese, fresh milk, honey). Cafe “Chaika” is located on the territory of the water sports complex. The menu includes dishes of European cuisine.

Pay attention! Breakfast is included in the room rate. Lunch and dinner are available upon prior request or à la carte.

“The food is very tasty, full in both the Armhi dining room and the Erzi restaurant. We are very pretentious in terms of food, but the breakfasts made from natural products were good and varied. A couple of times we successfully went to the dining room for lunch and dinner, except for the hotel restaurant, to which you need to go by cable car, there is no other catering within a radius of 30 km” Oleg, Russia

Leisure and entertainment

The infrastructure of the resort provides vacationers with a variety of leisure activities. The most popular is active recreation. For skiing, 2 slopes with a length of 1200 m are landscaped, each of them is served by rope tows and chair lifts. Officially, the cable car is open until 20.00, but thanks to the Caucasian hospitality, the administrator can extend the service of the descent / ascent until late at night. Electric lighting and artificial snow generators are installed along the routes.

All instructors are medically qualified. The problem with personnel was solved quickly and simply. Of the local guys working part-time on the construction, chose 25 of the most athletic, trained in the Moscow club Leonid Tyagachev. Then the guys received the appropriate education and formed a team of instructors from them. Today, four of them have international class certificates.

In addition to ski slopes, vacationers are waiting in the local paintball club, an open shooting range in the mountain forest, at sports facilities, in swimming pools. In summer, a rope town, mountain bikes and a health ladder are very popular. Local rocks were chosen for themselves by fans of base jumping. Members of the Moscow Wingsuters Club gather their friends here every summer. Horse riding or quad biking can be booked on site.

On the territory there are 4 swimming pools – two outdoor (summer), one indoor and mini-pool in the building of the hotel“Armhi”. The hotel also offers a bath and Finnish sauna services.

Recreational opportunities for children

The resort is becoming a popular holiday destination with children. A games room is available. If parents want to go on a long and difficult hike, then their kids will be looked after by experienced nannies and educators. The room is under video surveillance, so parents can always ask and see what their child was doing during their absence.

Important! There are age restrictions (only children from 3 to 7 years old are accepted).

The service is paid – 100 rubles per hour without per-minute tariffing. The price is current for October 2020.

A school is organized for young skiers, and they can also ride on the slopes on ice. In the rental of sports equipment there are skis and sledges.

In summer, an outdoor playground is available for children. A children’s track is available in the rope park.

“We ventured to come with the children and never regretted it. From the windows there was an excellent view, in the dining room the children ate everything. We climbed the cable car and admired the majestic rocks of the Caucasus. It is convenient that there is a private parking and a children’s room. While adults study the wine list in the bar, children are supervised” Alla, Russia

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Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel offers sightseeing tours to the sights of mountainous Ingushetia. It is not for nothing that it is called the Land of Towers. There are preserved the remains of ancient fortresses, architectural monuments of the Middle Ages, the pagan temple of Myat-Seli. On the way, tourists stop at springs and thermal springs.

The most popular are trips to the fortress complexes of Erzi and Vovnushki. Erzi can be reached on foot. The distance is 8 km. Of the eight surviving towers, 4 restored objects, family crypts and the Yevkurov family tower are available for inspection. To Vovnushek drive about 45-50 minutes. This unique object consists of two towers located on the tops of the gorge. They are considered a symbol of Ingushetia, and their image is used in the manufacture of souvenirs.

Jeyrakh district is a protected area. Wild animals live in the local forests. Bear trails to Table Mountain, where the pear-game grows, are far from the resort. Meeting with wolves, lynxes, brown bears, wild cats and jackals does not threaten people. In the district, the work of the huntsmen’s farms is excellent. Locals are more afraid of meeting with mythical genies than with wild inhabitants of mountain forests. According to their assurances, there are a lot of anomalous zones, under the influence of which inexplicable adventures occur with a person.

Hotel“Armhi”is one of the most beautiful Caucasian hotel complexes. On its territory continues to work year-round sanatorium. Therapeutic procedures are carried out by doctors of the international medical center “Sinai”. The resort returns to the origins of the treatment of pulmonary and bronchial diseases. In addition, other organs begin to be treated here. The team consists of specialists in cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, physiotherapy and manual therapy. Medical equipment allows you to undergo a full course of wellness procedures.

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