Аппарт отель Villa Balgatura Гурзуф Крым

The complex of guest houses “Apart hotel Villa Balgatura” offers an exceptionally comfortable stay in Gurzuf. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that all the buildings are built in the format of townhouses, are located on a single closed territory, representing a complete architectural ensemble. The houses are made in the Mediterranean style, so the complex is more like an Italian quarter. The territory is guarded around the clock. An excellent life support structure has been created here, which allows you to comfortably spend your vacation days on the Black Sea coast.

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Location and conditions

The hotel is located on the slope of Mount Balgatura. It has a domed hill shape and rises above sea level by only 150 meters. This is the highest point of Gurzuf. The slopes are covered with subtropical vegetation and vineyards. Local grapes are famous for their unusually sweet taste. On the territory of the mountain and the natural amphitheater, excavations are still ongoing. Here are found fragments of masonry of fortress walls, artificial terraces, fragments of household utensils. Since 2005, Balgatura has been a local protected area.

The hotel complex Villa Balgatura is a group of guest houses with a high level of comfort. They are 500 meters from the sea, but there is a free shuttle bus to the beach and back. Free underground parking is available on site. Large families or groups of friends like to come here. Only here they can be located as close as possible to each other, sometimes renting a whole guest house for this.

Pay attention! The hotel provides a shuttle service to Simferopol on request. You can get to the hotel on your own by trolleybuses 52, 55 to the stop “Krasnokamyanka village”. Then walk a little.

“We stayed in a duplex apartment overlooking Ayu-Dag and the sea. On the beach either drive, or guests go themselves. In principle, not far, at the same time you can go to the market to buy products. The landscape is mountainous and not very comfortable. A lot of descents, ascents, so it is advisable to wear comfortable hiking shoes. Air is a fairy tale. Juniper bushes grow on the slopes of the mountain. Breathing their aroma is very useful for people with respiratory diseases. The store is nearby, it is better to take fruits at the markets by the sea” Svetlana, Russia

Room stock

All rooms of the hotel are apartments with a kitchen. In addition to the main places there are 1-2 additional. All furniture is new, textiles are of high quality. The kitchenette includes a stove, microwave, kettle, refrigerator, dining area. All necessary utensils are available. The balconies are equipped with sun loungers and summer tea-drinking furniture. Air conditioning is provided everywhere. Bathrooms are equipped with showers. There’s a hair dryer. In addition, the administrator can take an iron, clothes dryer. Laundry and dry cleaning services are available for a fee.

The following apartments have been prepared for guests’ stay:

  1. One-room one-level (27-49 sq. m)) is visually divided into a bedroom and a kitchen-living room. Smaller rooms can accommodate 2-3 people, rooms of a larger area up to 4 people. Extra beds are presented in the form of sliding sofas. Some have viewable balconies or terraces for relaxation.
  2. Two-room duplex rooms with view balconies include a sleeping and living area. There are 2 bathrooms with showers. The area of the balcony of the bedroom is 7 square meters. m, kitchen-living room – 8 sq. m. As additional beds, folding armchair and sofa are used. Can accommodate 4 people.
  3. Three-room two-level with a view balcony. On the ground floor there is a kitchen with a living area, on the second floor there are 2 bedrooms. In one bathroom there is a bath and bidet, in the other – a shower. The maximum number of guests is up to 5 people.
  4. Four-room three-level apartment with a view terrace. On the first two levels there are balconies. The room consists of three bedrooms, kitchen-living room, three bathrooms with showers. Can accommodate 6 people. The terrace is located on the third floor. It is equipped with sun loungers for sunbathing and summer furniture.
  5. Five-room three-level apartment with a view terrace consists of a spacious kitchen with a dining area, four bedrooms with balconies, three bathrooms with showers and one full bathroom. There are sun loungers on the terrace.
  6. Four-room 4-level rooms with a spacious terrace on the ground floor. There is a kitchen with a dining area, three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with showers.

Wi-Fi is available everywhere. The complex has an autonomous water supply system, so hot and cold water is supplied around the clock without interruption. A heating system has been carried out.

Meals and restaurants

There is no restaurant or café on site. Guests can arrange meals themselves. For this purpose, the apartments are equipped with kitchens. The centre of Gurzuf is 700 metres away, so you can always go to the restaurant closest to the hotel for dinner. In the village there are canteens with affordable prices. They are scattered all over the coast and it is not difficult to find them.

The following restaurants and cafes may be suitable for dinner:

  • “Sommelier” (Leningradskaya, 21) – a cozy interior, fast service, a varied menu, a lot of desserts, the price tag is average;
  • “Boulevard” (Chekhov, 1B) – a pleasant in all respects coffee shop with branded apple strudel and good coffee, more suitable for a snack during excursions, the benefit of the institution is located in the center of the village;
  • “Pleasant date” (highway Yuzhnoberezhnoye) – home “delicious” café-bakery, a favorite vacation spot of local residents, here you can order lyulya-kebab, shurpa, kebab, sweets and pastries;
  • “Venice” (Pushkin embankment) – a restaurant specializing in Black Sea cuisine, the menu includes seafood, Italian pasta and desserts, good Crimean wines;
  • “Balaban Yantyk” (Vagul Street, 4) is a café of Crimean Tatar cuisine, people come here for fragrant pilaf, lagman, chebureks with various fillings, classic yantyks, which are fried according to an old recipe in a frying pan without oil.

In neighboring Yalta can be reached by your own transport, public means of transportation or order a transfer at the hotel for a fee. Almost no one goes there to eat, but for entertainment they go to Yalta.

Leisure and entertainment

Apart from TV programmes and excursions, the hotel does not offer any entertainment activities. About their own leisure take care of the vacationers themselves. Barbecue areas are equipped on site, so you can throw parties right under the windows of your rooms. Gurzuf, in turn, offers a lot of activities for visiting guests.

The village embankment is named after A.S. Pushkin. The poet rested here for three weeks in 1820. Today, the main walking area of Gurzuf is divided into three main parts: promenade, park, beach. The length is 2 km. On the territory there are shops, cafes, a pier with pleasure boats, children’s attractions. There is also a banana grove unique for the Crimea, relict trees grow, fountains with sculptural ensembles, monuments to famous people are installed. the hiking route passes through the parks of sanatoriums “Gurzufsky” and “Pushkino”. Both are monuments of landscape architecture of the 19th century.

In Gurzuf, conditions for youth entertainment have been created. Especially good here spend time lovers of outdoor activities. At their service:

  • diving;
  • tracking;
  • jeeping;
  • surfing:
  • yachting and boats.

The hotel can arrange sea fishing. Young people will definitely enjoy the tourist routes on ATVs on mountain roads. In the evening, nightclubs open, where holidaymakers have fun until the morning.

Beaches & Pools

The nearest village public beach is a 15-minute walk away. Minibuses run regularly (according to the schedule). The service is provided free of charge. The central beach of Gurzuf is clean and improved. It stretches along the coastline for 2 km. Geographically, it is divided into several sectors by breakwaters and concrete booms. They are installed at a distance of 100 meters from each other. The width of the sunbathing area ranges from 20 to 30 meters.

Pay attention! Some sectors belong to sanatoriums. Entrance to them is free, provided that vacationers use the services of beach equipment rental points (umbrellas, sunbeds, sun loungers).

A feature of the local coast is the red pebbles. Those who rest in Gurzuf not for the first time, know that it is necessary to bring special beach shoes. These are rubber slippers on a dense sole, which are sold on every corner. Without a sun lounger, it will also be uncomfortable to sunbathe. You can take a towel with you from the hotel.

The entrance to the water is steep. The depth begins quickly, and after 7 meters an adult will be chest-deep. Because of such a steep slope to relax with children here is not very convenient. In addition, there are often waves. It is best to find a beach where the site is separated under the “paddling pool” or a children’s pool is installed.

An outdoor pool is available on site at Villa Balgatura. If there are large waves on the sea, it is advisable to stay near it. Here, children will feel completely safe, bathing in clean water, and parents at this time can sunbathe on the sun loungers installed nearby.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts children from all ages. special discounts are not provided, but the administration conducts a loyalty program to the guests of the complex. Discounts can be granted for all guests if they stay in the apartment not for the first time. Especially for younger guests of the hotel there is a children’s playground. It is close to the pool. For kids there is a slide, swings, a sandbox, a carousel.

Parents come to Gurzuf with their children for various reasons. One of them is the proximity to Yalta and the relative cheapness of living near the sea. The distance from Gurzuf to Yalta is 18 km. Public transport and sea boats run between settlements. If there is a desire to visit one water park or dolphinarium of Yalta, then a walk on the sea will bring pleasure to the child.

In Gurzuf itself, there are several places intended for children’s entertainment:

  1. Pushkinskaya embankment. On it in high season rides are installed, you can ride a car, jump on a trampoline.
  2. Gurzuf Park is one of the most beautiful places on the southern coast of Crimea. Entrance may be paid, because the territory belongs to the sanatorium. A walk along the alleys of the park is good for health. There are sculptures, there is a light and amusical fountain.
  3. The rocks of Adalara will appeal to older children. Excursion boats go there, and guides tell entertaining stories about Black Sea pirates.
  4. Chaliapin Rock is an ideal hiking trail with children. Climbing it is not difficult, from above there is a magnificent view of the surroundings. You will get an unforgettable selfie.

The main place of rest was and remains the beach. Local entrepreneurs offer a diverse program of children’s entertainment with banana riding, cotton candy, games with cheerful animators.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The aparthotel’s tour desk offers plenty of options to explore local attractions. There are actually more of them than are described on the Internet. The most common are:

  • ruins of the Genoese fortress;
  • Ai-Petri and Ayu-Dag mountains;
  • Camp “Artek”;
  • Swallow’s Nest;
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Many places are associated with the names of great Russian cultural figures. Not only Pushkin rested here. There were Chekhov, Chaliapin, the studio of the artist Korovin is still preserved.

Staying in the complex of apartments Villa Balgatura, vacationers get a decent place to stay at affordable prices, an excellent option for a summer vacation.


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