Amazing Xanadu Resort 5* Belek, Turkey – Ideal for families with children

Tourists who have chosen the Mediterranean coast of Turkey for a holiday, and stayed in the SPA-hotel Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 * in the city of Belek,leave positive and praised reviews. The opening was in 2000, and 15 years later there was a restoration of a number of objects with a radical change in design. Near the five-star hotel there are also entertainment areas for children. In general, the tourist cluster provides an opportunity to relax with pleasure with the whole family.

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General description

Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 * is conveniently located on the outskirts of the young resort settlement of Belek. Due to its location, it also attracts tourists who want to get acquainted with the sights of the Antalyaregion. The distance from the airport is 40 km, which is most convenient to overcome by taxi. The area is surrounded by a ring of mountain peaks that do not miss clouds with precipitation. Thanks to this factor, there is almost never precipitation.

Externally, the SPA-hotel is made in historical architecture, and each room is made in the original style and does not repeat other objects. For guests at the disposal of a hotel, a beach, canteens, a shopping center, and children’s playgrounds. The total area is 150 thousand km2. Free parking is available for customers. The territory includes landscaping and is pleasant in appearance, many coniferous trees and small animals.

Mikhail, Tyumen: “At 8.00 we break through the clouds and land in Antalya. In the window of the plane we see that it has rained. We drove halfway through and drove out from under the clouds. We unload from the bus to Xanadu with positivity. The sun is warming and the sky is clear. Conclusion: the position of the hotel is super-comfortable. The mountains that hold the thunderstorm front are far behind. There’s rainfall. And so it was later. A friend in Antalya sat in the rain for a couple of days, and I, diving from the pier, looked at these clouds above him with a smile. ”

Number base

The hotel includes 421 rooms, including apartments in the flagship building and detached cottages. For tourists, there are three types of “standard” and “junior suite”:

  • Room with one large or two regular beds;
  • Triple, including an additional 1 sofa bed;
  • Family, designed for two adults and 1-2 children.

Young couples and small groups of friends are settled in the main four-story building, and for families there are 12 two-story bungalows with separate infrastructure and catering. There are also two presidential villas for meetings and negotiations.

Alena, Novomoskovsk: “By our settlement, there were few people, after a few days there were more of them. But there’s still no feeling of much crowding. The territory is spacious and green, often there are coniferous trees and turtles with lizards, reminiscent of the neighboring Gloria Golf. The apartment received the 2nd floor, with a side view of the main entrance. Closed windows well isolate the noise from the street, but from the neighboring rooms the audibility is good, I remember the negotiations on Skype around 12 at night. ”


Xanadu Resort has one of the largest conference rooms in Belek Kubilai Khan on 1112 m2. The room is characterized by high ceilings, the absence of columns and other obstacles. The general architecture allows for business meetings, festive celebrations and events. In addition, in the central building there are 9 small halls designed for 100 guests, designed for meetings and negotiations. The staff has its own animators and managers who can prepare and conduct an individual event at the request of the client.

For business guests who, even during the holidays do not part with business and business affairs, there is a business center that provides access to high-speed Internet, telephone communication and any office equipment. A personal secretary and an interpreter are also available for an additional fee.


The beach is within walking distance and is designed for a huge number of visitors. It is worth noting the coastline, which is 415 meters – this is the largest coast in Belek. The way from the hotel passes along an equipped road, parallel to which there is a treadmill. The shore is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, and mattresses are distributed at the exit from the hotel. The descent is gentle and smooth, without sharp drops and debris. The moty at first consists of pebbles, as it deepens, changing to sand. For guests, beach areas of increased comfort are offered:

  • 16+. For those who want to relax in a cozy quiet atmosphere and drink strong drinks;
  • VIP. Vacationers with a small company can use a separate place, hidden from prying eyes.

On the pier there is a snack bar with delicious drinks and food. On the open territory there is a large water park, including 9 water slides for all ages. A wide range of sports entertainment:

  • volleyball and mini-football,
  • two tennis courts,
  • shooting.

The main building also has a lot of games:

  • bowling and darts,
  • billiard tables,
  • table tennis and others.


Also, visitors are prepared for a wide range of health SPA-salons. The Shang-Du center will allow you to refresh and strengthen the body in a short time. It contains the best SPA-procedures. Appropriate attributes will allow you to fully immerse yourself in Oriental culture. In the location of the whole complex for treatment sessions:

  • Individual programs Imperial and Deluxe Suite;
  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pools;
  • Massage sessions;
  • Aquatherapy and wraps;
  • Turkish hammam;
  • Qualified staff and doctors.

You can visit a special trade salon and buy cosmetic products. There are separate offices for both women and men.


At the end of the day, guests are waiting for interesting and exciting events that are developed by a special team of managers. For customers, celebrations are available according to an individual scenario proposed by the organizer, for further demonstration in a narrow circle. At the performances there is always modern music and dancers, emphasizing the oriental way of life.

During the holiday, visitors are offered delicious desserts and booze. Among the alcohol there is a good selection of wine, vodka, cognac and beer. The delicacy menu is mainly made up of Mediterranean dishes. For lovers of peace and quiet at night, a beach bar is open, where you can always eat deliciously.


For visitors, there is also a transfer of small groups in the vicinity of Belek. There is a permanent route to two golf courses where international competitions are held. The organizers can book a guided tour in advance along any route of the proposed route or discuss an individual tourist path. Those who wish to spend a short time near the complex can always rent a car with a driver.

Olga, Moscow: “We were in early June, but it was already warm weather. The food is good, and there are all conditions for feeding babies, a comfortable table and high-quality mixtures. Our baby was full of entertainment – a heated pool and a lot of slides. On the birthday of the hotel got to the foam party with the colors of Holly, fireworks. The terrace is green, fresh air, pines, animals… Relaxation and family vacation)”.


For guests Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 * provides three meals a day according to the formula “all inclusive” on the type of buffet, which takes place in the flagship restaurant “Silk Road”. You can also order a dish. The interior is surrounded by ornamental plants and a terrace with beautiful views of the sea and gardens.

Also on the territory of the complex a large number of institutions, each of which represents the national cuisine of different peoples:

  • Traditional dishes and drinks of Turkish cuisine;
  • Dolce Vita Italian dishes room;
  • Dragon Bar with an assortment of Chinese food;
  • French delicacies and salads in the institution La Cascade.

It is worth emphasizing that in each institution cooking takes place under the personal guidance of a professional chef who knows all the taste subtleties of national cultures.

River fish bar Uskuna is sure to appeal to seafood lovers from the Mediterranean. A comfortable lobby bar, open from 8 a.m. to 24 hours, will provide an opportunity to see the highest class of service.

Irish Pub. In it you can enjoy an exotic atmosphere with live music, and try delicious drinks.

Located in the central square of the Secret Garden Bistro, in the bungalow area, it is always ready to please guests with instant food and hot drinks. On the beach there are three bars:

  • snack bar,
  • adult-Bar for adults,
  • café by the pier.

Xanadu-Bar is the main catering of the cluster, in which there is always any food: fast foods, pastries, bakery products, seafood and delicacies. Also, guests can buy products in shopping centers located in the flagship building.

Alla, Dnipro: “A rich selection of dishes: a lot of meat, fish (and only without bones), fruits, sweets, dietary dishes, baby food. The hotel has only freshly squeezed juices. The vitamin bar is located in the indoor pool, where you can enjoy carrot, grapefruit, orange and apple drinks.”

Children’s rest

For kids prepared a lot of exciting entertainment. It is worth noting that the organizers have a clear regulation on programs for each age, which is available to some, for others is prohibited.

A separate cluster for children “Fairy World”, including 5500 sq. m. fun and joy. It is not just entertainment facilities, but a complete combination of harmony: interior, swimming pools, slides, games – everything you need for a child. The staff is represented by experienced and responsible teachers, educators and animators who conduct entertaining master classes. Parents can safely leave their child on supervision, and they themselves do their own business.

Fancy Land includes the following zones:

  • Reception with registration;
  • Cognitive programs with presenters for different age groups;
  • Snack restaurant;
  • FreshPark water industry with nine attractions;
  • Lunapark;
  • Game and music halls;
  • Outdoor area with canopy.

Up to 4 years

At the entrance of the corridor there is a registration of visitors, after which the kids are allowed into one of the rooms, depending on the age group. For a child 1-3 years old, a zone of 90 sq. m. is available, in which rooms for games, food, sleep and swaddling are located. There is also a children’s toilet and a kitchen for master classes.

Up to 8 years

For middle-aged children, a covered area of 265 sq. m. is prepared, which includes:

  • Needlework and art;
  • Children’s kitchen for cooking;
  • Costume and cosmetology;
  • Lounge with TV;
  • Film attraction;

8–16 years

The most spacious area that offers boys and girls to get involved in interesting business and play sports:

  • Amphitheater with karaoke, repeating the architecture of the main theater;
  • Musical complex;
  • Board games and video games;
  • Adventure Park.

In each age room of the cluster there is an exit to an open terrace with bright landscapes of gardens and the sea coast. Each group is monitored by professional and experienced staff who play along with the kids in their hobbies.

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Elena, Minsk: “Healthy children’s world. And animators, as specially arrived for the entertainment of children, aliens. A big great team, which fascinates during the day, and mini-shows arranges, and in evening performances helps. Show balls, magicians…, and in the evening The Little Mermaid and Alice. The child watched Alice without interruption, and then took pictures with the actors.

Although Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 * is large in scale, for those who want to relax with their families in silence there are separate cottage rooms that are located away from the main premises and have their own infrastructure – chic gardens, a swimming pool and a bistro café. Service at a decent level, excellent organization. Adults will always have something to do, and for children there are hobbies for every taste, regardless of age.

Also, the complex is great for busy people who have almost no free time – guests have access to any equipment that may be required to maintain business processes.

If you are considering tourism in Turkey with children for pleasure – Xanadu Resort will be an excellent choice.