5-star hotels in Turkey for a comfortable holiday with children on the beach

The temperate climate of the Mediterranean favors vacation days in the family circle, including infants and teenagers. Unsurpassed service, rapid infrastructure development contributes to the improvement of recreation conditions even with infants.

A dozen hotels in Turkey, marked by parents and children as the best place for a family holiday.


Mandarin Oriental

Located in the coastal zone of the Aegean Sea, with its own beaches in the waters of paradise Bay, what could be better? Exceptional service and comfortable rooms in the main building or separate villas on the coast are conducive to a family holiday.

For the convenience of kids and parents, all the necessary attributes are provided – cradles, car seats, baths, children’s menu. On the private territory of the hotel there are 2 children’s clubs, a pair of swimming pools, equipped according to the safety requirements of your children.

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Kids are offered recreational activities, applied arts, games. Teens can find board, interactive games, tablets, Xbox. Upon request, a babysitter’s call is available. Luxury apartments, with magnificent views of the bay, garden, with a private pool will give a real pleasure.

Katerina, Ufa: “We do not regret that we chose Mandarin Oriental. We went traveling with our granddaughter. Here everything is provided to the smallest nuances. Given the hilly terrain, the convenience of movement is guaranteed by the edectro buggy. An amazing variety of food delights, a crazy (in a good sense) entertainment program combined with a careful attitude to children, left a good impression. This is the best place for a family holiday.”

Maxx Royal Golf Resort

An exclusive holiday destination, on the Mediterranean coast. Proximity to commercial and cultural centers, transport interchanges saves time. Here, everything is scrupulously thought out to the smallest detail. The exclusive concept of providing services is aimed at meeting the expectations of holidaymakers.

Accommodation in separate villas or rooms will allow you to feel your uniqueness surrounded by luxurious interiors. All-inclusive meals are able to satisfy the most unusual taste preferences of guests of all age categories.

A family holiday with the youngest representatives will seem fabulous, thanks to the care and attention of the staff. For the younger generation, there are restaurants with a children’s menu, game rooms, active entertainment areas, animation performances.

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It is difficult for teenagers to choose from the variety of leisure activities presented – paintball, beach volleyball, pulsating water slides, a cascade of nine pools. While adults enjoy spa treatments, their children will spend unforgettable hours in children’s clubs, in the area of mini-splashes and attractions.

Unsurpassed service, exclusive decoration of rooms, amazing natural landscapes will leave warmth in the shower for a long time.

Maxim, Mytishchi: “The resort is not inferior to world leaders in anything. My wife and I were able to spend time together while the boys were busy entertaining. Everything is cool, thank you!”

Swissotel The Bosphorus

The hotel complex has a certificate of representative level. Its location allows you to admire the incomparable landscapes of the Bosphorus. The fusion of exclusive design, Turkish flavor and progressive technologies meet the most demanding requirements.

Trendy, stylish restaurants offer traditional and extravagant dishes combined with exquisite drinks. Within walking distance are designer brand stores, bazaars, palaces and mosques.

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The spa complex, awarded with prizes and awards, will surprise with a variety of restorative and relaxation procedures.

The attention of young parents and children is presented with all kinds of entertainment activities, baby food. If necessary, there are baby bassints and chairs.

Babysitting attention is paid separately. Importantly, upon reaching the age of 12, persons are considered adults. With animals weighing up to 6 kg. it is permissible to move into a detached apartment.

Timur, Kazan: “The object of tourist attention, service at the level of aerobatics. Safety, goodwill and satisfaction await you.”

Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa

The hotel family-run SPA complex is an ideal base for relaxation and contemplation. A place to enjoy nature, privacy and boat trips. Sophisticated design of hotel rooms, unsurpassed level of service, unique SPA procedures attract tourists here.

On the courtyard drowning in greenery there are outdoor and closed pools, private beaches, a health center. Exquisite dishes are designed for adult visitors and small gourmets.

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The Swedish breakfast line offers a great variety of options for free to satisfy the most demanding taste. Baths or shower rooms are equipped with cosmetic accessories of well-known companies, bathrobes.

Traveling with children here you can call a nanny to the baby, an extra children’s bed. Play club children’s pools entertainment activities will interest your children no less than boat trips, sun and sea baths.

Teenagers will be interested in visiting the nearby underwater archaeological museum, the castle. The entire area of public and private use is included in the free Wi-Fi zone. Every week guests are pampered with gift certificates that allow you to visit the SPA treatment of your choice.

Veronika, Volgograd: “We stayed with our son. We were amazed by the amazing views from the apartment. I liked the relaxation treatments.”

Divan Adana

Located in the center of one of the districts of Adana, in walking distance there are historical monuments, attractions, untouched beautiful places.

The hotel is 4 kilometers away from the business center, which makes it convenient for business trips. Stunning architectural solution, creative ideas of designers attract guests from all over the world.

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Exceptional accommodation conditions, exclusive service and comfort will meet all expectations.

Guests with children can choose a family room with the provision of a cradle, cot. Babysitting assistance is available at an additional cost. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in the delights of a local pastry shop.

An indoor swimming pool, a sports training center will help to keep in shape during the trip. The combination of Mediterranean warmth and Anatolian hospitality will provide the highest level of comfort and unforgettable impressions.

Tatiana, Donetsk: “The service of the hotel staff is beyond praise. Interesting interior solutions, impeccable cuisine. It’s the best I’ve seen in Adana.”

Akra Hotel

Staying at this hotel surprises with luxurious scenery from each room. Thoughtful design solutions allowed to combine comfort and sophistication.

It offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a private coastal area, several restaurants with amazing views of the seascape.

There is a restaurant for vegans, offering a variety of fresh vegetable and fruit dishes, sugar-free desserts, vitamin drinks. Spa detox center includes programs of anti-aging care, body weight control, programs aimed at maintaining beauty, reducing stress, increasing energy and immune potential.

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Guests under the age of 12 receive a 75 Turkish Lira Gift Card at the hotel’s entertainment centre. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for young parents for the convenience of a family holiday.

Additionally, you can request the help of a nanny, a bassinet, a feeding chair. The entertainment center offers bowling, billiards, video games and consoles.

Point Hotel Ankara

Ultra-modern hotel with a fantastic location, in which progressive technologies and Art-tech design organically complement each other. A significant role in the décor is given to art. The exhibits on display increase public areas.

Your breakfast will be decorated with a panoramic view of the city from the top floor, where the restaurant is located. After working days, it is pleasant to reduce the stress load in the fitness room, and then in the hammam or sauna. Private parking will save you time and money

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Couples and people travelling with children are offered streamlined rooms with excellent soundproofing and additional options on request. Extra rollaway beds are available for EUR 15 per night.

Alexander, Seist: “An excellent ratio of benefit, personal approach and pricing policy. Excellent location.”

Renaissance Izmir Hotel

Its territorial position in the bustling area of Izmir opens up new opportunities for business and leisure travellers. Tourists can explore the local attractions in the vicinity.

Free time can be spent in the indoor pool, hammam. During your holiday, you are guaranteed first-class facilities and service.

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Traveling with children will be offered options for family settlement. The buffet, designed to receive young visitors, will pleasantly surprise with an assortment of favorite dishes for kids. The menu of the main restaurant contains baby food.

Nikolay, Kaliningrad: “Spacious premises, the presence of a guide brightened up my stay with my daughter. The proximity of the market and small shops was very useful. Gorgeous menu. Happy with the trip.”

Swissotel Grand Efes in Izmir

Surrounded by landscaped gardens in the commercial heart of Izmir, the premium hotel includes more than 400 diverse rooms. They offer views of the sea surface, the Cordon embankment.

Within walking distance is the Museum of Archaeology, a cultural park. Immediately from the entrance you are immersed in the atmosphere of a living art gallery, where masterpieces from all over the world are collected. The wellness centre offers wellness and beauty treatments.

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Rooms for couples are equipped with everything necessary for traveling with children. In the list of additional services you can find the provision of lullabies and baby cots.

Violetta, Belgorod: “We were in Izmir as part of a business tour. Superb atmosphere, beautiful decoration of rooms and bar pull on a solid assessment of excellent.”

Ciragan Palace Kempinski

The former residence of the Ottoman sultans – the grandiose “Shiragan” gives a sense of royal belonging. A grandiose architectural structure overlooking the Bosphorus or a park, elegant textiles, antiques remind of the former luxury.

Panoramic windows, exquisite bedding, natural décor materials give a feeling of exquisite glamour. The spacious green palm garden is conducive to leisurely walks.

The proximity to the business district and historical sights makes it attractive for business or pleasure. Restaurants and bars will give an unforgettable taste experience.

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Vacationers have a choice of more than 300 rooms, including all amenities. Everything you need will be at your disposal. Spacious family rooms are equipped with modern attributes for the stay of children of all ages.

Baby care services are subject to a fee. Strollers, outdoor play equipment, toys are provided free of charge.

Boris, Pushkino: “The incredible decoration of the apartments, the royal menu and the fascinating landscapes amazed me to the depths of my soul. I am sincerely grateful to the unobtrusive care of all those who tried to improve the conditions of my stay in Istanbul. I highly recommend it to choose from all the other options.”

Below we made a comparative table for the best hotels in Turkey 5 *

НаименованиеМестонахождениеНомераУдобстваРазвлеченияСтоимостьРазмещение с питомцами
Mandarin Oriental От аэропорта Милас – Бодрум 26,6 км. Дуплекс с частным бассейном, Junior Suite, Апартаменты, Люкс, Стандарт Сервис уборки, кондиционер, лифт, Вай-Фай, сейф, косметические принадлежности, фен, книги, приставки, семейное расселение Живая музыка, кулинарные уроки, фитнесс, гребля, дайвинг, детские развлекательные программы До 12 лет без оплаты Не допускаются
Maxx Royal Golf Resort Удаленность от аэропорта Анталии 25 км. Виллы, королевский люкс, семейный люкс, люкс Клининг, интернет, стоянка, сейф, лифт, русскоговорящий персонал, детские коляски, кроватки, игры Аквапарк, детские клубы, аниматоры, боулинг, дайвинг, теннис, библиотека, бильярд До достижения 12 лет без оплаты Не приветствуются
Swissotel The Bosphorus От аэропорта Ататюрк Стамбул 16, 2 км. Люкс, президентский, Лофт, Резиденция, Стандарт Трансфер, Вай-Фай, детское меню, стоянка, кондиционирование Фитнесс, процедуры – СПА, игровое оборудование Детям до 6 лет свободно Не допускаются
Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa Милас – Бодрум аэропорт 31 км. Виллы, Делюкс, Люкс, Стандарт Уборка, кондиционирование, лифты, сейф, стоянка Каналы для детей, игровое оборудование, детская комната, клуб 1 ребенок до 2 лет бесплатно, до 6 лет все без оплаты Не приветствуются
Divan Adana Адана аэропорт 2,7 км. Делюкс, Люкс, Полулюкс, Стандартный, Улучшенный Лифты, кондиционирование, свободный Wi-Fi, парковка Детские телеканалы, библиотека До 6 лет без оплаты Не допускаются
Akra Hotel Анталия аэропорт 8,8 км. Люкс, Делюкс, Сьюит, Стандарт Кондиционирование, коляски, аренда авто, лифты, сейф, детский буфет, свободный интернет Детское оборудование, площадка, прокат велосипедов. До 12 лет свободно Не допускают
Point Hotel Анкара аэропорт 29 км. Делюкс, Полулюкс, Комната для инвалидов Интернет, парковка, кондиционер, сейф, лифт Телеканалы для детей, книги, музыка Бесплатно до 6 лет Не приветствуются
Renaissance Hotel Аэропорт Измира 15 км. Апартаменты, Бизнес – люкс, Классический Трансфер до аэропорта, интернет, уборка, сейф, кондиционер Игровая площадка, детские каналы 1 ребенок до 6 лет или все дети до 2 лет без оплаты Нельзя
Swissotel Grand Efes Измир аэропорт 14,8 км. Классический, Апартаменты, Представительский, Бизнес – люкс, Гостиная Клининг, кондиционер, лифт, сейф, трансфер, стоянка, интернет Детская площадка, телеканалы 1 ребенок до 6 или все до 2 лет без оплаты Нельзя
Ciragan Palace Kempinski Ататюрк Стамбул аэропорт 18 км. Гранд Делюкс, Сьют, Делюкс, Люкс, Студия – люкс, Двухместный Кондиционер, уборка, парковка, Вай-Фай, сейф, лифт, коляски прогулочные Детская площадка, игрушки, телеканалы детские До 12 лет свободно Не допускаются

Editor’s choice

According to the opinion of travelers and experts, the best option for a holiday with the younger generation is Mandarin Oriental in Bodrum, its advantageous differences are:

  • fantastic location with over 50 hectares of coastline;
  • two own coastal zones with all the necessary options;
  • clubs of applied art, attractions;
  • a varied menu for children.


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