Amazing Fan & Sun Club Serra Palace ex Club Kalimera Serra Palace 5* Turkey, Side, Kyzylot — Reviews, photos, description of services

FUN&SUN Club Serra Palace ex Сlub Сalimera Serra Palace 5: reviews, service description, photos – in this article we will provide you with all the information about how comfortable tourists feel during their stay in this complex. Everyone knows that the overall impression of a vacation abroad is influenced by a large number of factors, each of which we will separately analyze today.



This is the first thing that travelers are interested in, since a significant distance from large cities, the airport and the sea coast creates a lot of problems associated with long journeys and the inability to purchase everything you need for a good rest. In some hotels, for example, they deliberately inflate prices in their stores, if their territory is far from bazaars and shopping centers. Tourists have no choice, so they buy the right things at a cost two to three times higher than the market.

But the tourist center we are discussing is not included in this sad list, because it was built only 19 kilometers from the city of Side. To the nearest international airport, however, will have to go about 60-90 minutes, but this flaw more than compensates for the ability to overcome such a distance on a comfortable car offered by the administration of the institution.

In the vicinity of the hotel there are many shopping centers, bazaars and small shops with souvenirs, beach accessories, sports goods and clothes, because the institution belongs to the resort area of Kyzylach. Here you can always buy Turkish tea or coffee, fresh fruit, oriental sweets and much more.

In general, the complex was opened in 2004. Today it occupies a vast area of 43,000 square meters. The last reconstruction was carried out not so long ago, so the rooms have all the modern equipment that meets all European standards and fully meets all the needs of guests. There is a huge garden in the courtyard, so during the season bungalows are immersed in greenery. There are several swimming pools, including an indoor pond with clean heated water.

Andrey, Tula: “The setting around is very beautiful, the rooms are homely, there are a lot of exotic trees and plants outside. The only thing I would like to say in a negative way is a decent distance to the beach, which, in principle, is not characteristic of hotel complexes in this category. But you can look at it differently – there is an opportunity to walk through the gardens and admire their beauty. “

Room conditions

The total number of rooms has 295 different apartments, located mostly in bungalows. Since on the territory of the hotel FUN & SUN Club Serra Palace ex Сlub Сalimera Serra Palace 5 * it is allowed to use tobacco products, so for non-smokers there are special rooms. Also, people with disabilities who move in a wheelchair can count on comfortable rooms.

In standard suites there is always a coziness and homely atmosphere. In the bathroom and improvised living room hang mirrors, there are soft chairs for meeting and receiving guests and relaxing after excursions and other trips. There is a desk where you can work and play on the computer you brought with you. The beds have bedside tables on which there are watches and phones for communication with the reception staff.

As for the equipment, each room has a plasma TV with a large number of TV channels. Air conditioners are individual, their work can be adjusted using a remote control.

Walking around the room, you will certainly find a safe in it. They are used only by those guests who have paid for it separately. But personal hygiene products, bathrobes, towels and a hairdryer are provided free of charge.

Svetlana, Tver: “This is the second time I have come here as part of a business trip. This time from my windows there was a wonderful view of the sea, which I enjoyed on the balcony with beautiful outdoor furniture. Service after midnight is not included in the list of free services, probably, so the staff were more willing to respond to my requests at this time of day. Cleaning was carried out regularly, everything was shiny and pleasing with cleanliness. “

Food system

In the hotel complex FUN & SUN Club Serra Palace ex Сlub Сalimera Serra Palace 5 * several food options are assumed. All snacks and main meals throughout the holiday are already included in the price, but guests who do not want to eat on the principle of “buffet” have the opportunity to pre-order food in restaurants such as “à la carte”. The average cost of lunch in these institutions does not exceed 20-25 dollars.

Those who are accustomed to the concept of “all inclusive” and seek to take from it the maximum possible, waiting for a fairly rich assortment of hot, meat, side dishes, soups and salads. As a dessert, you can enjoy cakes and oriental sweets, as well as fruits. The Moorish café constantly bakes fresh pastries. Here you can taste unique Turkish coffee and become a participant in the tea ceremony based on the traditions of this great country.

A whole network of bars and cafes is located on the territory of the hotel, so no one and guests never complain of hunger and thirst. Two of them are concentrated near places of constant congestion of people – by the pool and on the beach, the rest are scattered near important infrastructure. In them you can take unlimited alcoholic beverages of local production, lemonades, mineral water, juices and cocktails. The list of paid products includes ice cream, fresh drinks and alcohol-containing liquids brought from abroad.

Olga, Chelyabinsk: “The food here is very good. I love the local spices, and they are not spared and added from the bottom of my heart. In general, the food system is thought out to the smallest detail: tables and chairs, dishes and appliances are enough for everyone, they are always clean. Of course, the most delicious is always crowded with guests, but even after a strong stir on the table there is quite a lot. An incredible number of desserts makes you forget about diets and restrictions. In season, the café has a lot of fruit (apricots, peaches, grapes, watermelons, melons, oranges and much more). In terms of the variety of dishes and their quality, the hotel is not in vain awarded five stars. “

Water activities

As mentioned earlier, in the hotel FUN & SUN Club Serra Palace ex Сlub Сalimera Serra Palace 5 * built a large pool in the fresh air. There is also a water body for children, a water park and an indoor facility in the spa. To umbrellas and sun loungers vacationers have free access, as well as to everything that is offered in nearby bars. Mattresses and towels owned by the property are available. This rule also applies to all property located on the territory of its own beach with a length of 200 meters. As part of the all-inclusive program, guests can ride bananas, water aerobics and water polo. On the coast there is a soft sandy surface and a convenient gentle entrance to the sea.

If you want to get the most out of your vacation, get ready to pay for water activities separately. Among the popular sports, I would like to especially note the school of scuba diving, windsurfing and parasailing. Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased with the possibility of seclusion with a guide on a boat far from the shore.

Nadezhda, Kemerovo: “I was struck by the large number of types of water transport on which you can ride. I learned to operate a jet ski here, enjoyed a trip on a luxury yacht, experienced a whole range of emotions on water skis. I recommend everyone not to waste their time lying on a sun lounger, but as soon as possible to plunge into the world of adventure and adrenaline. Already several times I come to Turkey, visited different hotels, but here the lowest prices for all kinds of entertainment on the water. I recommend it!”

Leisure activities not connected with the sea

If you are tired of being on the beach all day or sunbathing by the pool, we offer you an excellent alternative: active sports and cosmetic procedures. Many complain that in the local spa for almost everything you need to pay separately, but believe me, judging by the reviews it is worth it. For example, people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system here help to solve health problems experienced masseurs working on Indian technologies. Judging by the reviews, the Turkish bath and steam room are very good here, in which you can relieve stress and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins accumulated over the year.

But the beauty salon, built in the hotel FUN & SUN Club Serra Palace ex Сlub Сalimera Serra Palace 5 *, offers everyone to use the services of a hairdresser and manicure master for free. What is not a reason to transform your appearance or radically change your image?

Supporters of an active lifestyle will certainly enjoy a large number of opportunities to engage in their favorite sports. It has everything you need to keep fit and hone your skills in competitions with your hotel neighbors. There is also a darts area, mini-football, mini-golf, and a tennis court. Billiards, volleyball, archery, bicycle rental, boccia, gym – all this is available to every guest living in the rooms under the “all inclusive” program.

Nikolay, Vladivostok: “I came here with my friends. We were not settled for a long time, because the registration of new customers begins after two o’clock in the afternoon, and we arrived at about eleven. But they immediately put bracelets on us and sent us to lunch. In the hustle and bustle of check-in, I did not notice how the first day went, but I remembered the evening very well. Thanks to the local animators who staged such a show, they set our company the mood for the next two weeks. Thank you very much!”

After analyzing the reviews posted on the World Wide Web, we concluded that in the hotel FUN & SUN Club Serra Palace ex Сlub Сalimera Serra Palace 5 * you can and should relax, especially if your vacation coincides with the beginning of the tourist season in Turkey. The fact is that the bars and some restaurants of this hotel, as well as the disco and other entertainment events are held outdoors, so during the off-season they are always closed. Hurry up to book rooms, otherwise there is a risk of being left without an apartment. Then you will have to look for another complex, and it is not a fact that there you will get the same number of positive emotions.