Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville

In our vast country, most of the inhabitants constantly dream of spending a few beautiful days by the warm sea. One of the most remarkable places on the Black Sea coast is considered to be Anapa. There is a wonderful subtropical climate, very mild and pleasant. Everything has a great holiday with the whole family, and there is no better place for this than the Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville hotel.

Note! Hotel Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5* serves on the system “ultra all inclusive”. All conditions are created so that everyone feels the most loved and welcome guest.

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Anapa is truly a unique place. It’s always sunny and warm. It’s the warmth! There is no suffocating heat, no debilitating dampness – just in moderation. That is why Anapa has always been a desirable place for a family holiday.

Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville is located near the sea. A private beach with white quartz sand, which never burns the feet, disposes to complete relaxation after strenuous working days during the year. This is a real reward for fruitful successful work, which can not but reward yourself.


The infrastructure of the hotel in general and the beach in particular is arranged so that guests feel as comfortable as possible at home. It has everything you need for a good rest during the day and incendiary parties after sunset.

Importantly! At Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville, the most beloved and long-awaited guests are children and their parents. This is a family hotel of 5 stars, so for such guests there is everything you need to relax and have fun not only children, but also their parents. In the shade of sprawling trees it is very pleasant to walk and rest, in children’s clubs young guests are engaged in animators, mini water park will deliver many wonderful hours of relaxed communication.

Beaches, swimming pools, restaurants and bars, as well as sports and playgrounds are compactly located throughout the hotel. It will not be difficult to find an occupation to your liking, but still, to come to the Caucasus and not see the local beauty would not be right. A wide excursion program will please the guests of the hotel. An excellent souvenir, reminiscent of the trip, will be numerous photos and videos. Each frame will remind you of the happy minutes spent at the resort.

Photo and video shooting can be ordered from professional photographers of the Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville, because the entire vast territory of the hotel is one continuous photo zone. Surely every guest will have a favorite place and a photo shoot made in these places for a long time will be a source of inspiration.

Pools and beaches

At dawn, looking out of your window, you can catch the moment when a light fog is still standing over the beach, a very romantic moment. The sea is only about 500 meters away, a walk will only add pleasant sensations, but you can use an electric car to have time to swim in the sea before breakfast. Exquisite entertainment for those who are used to waking up early.

Note! The hotel Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville has its own guarded beach with a very developed infrastructure, which can only be accessed by the bracelet of the guest of the hotel, so that no outsider can be there. In emergency cases, professional rescuers are always ready to help, and the medical worker on duty will provide emergency assistance to the victim.

At full disposal of guests are:

  • sunbeds near the water will allow you to soak up the sun;
  • Le Paradis Snack Bar offers a snack;
  • in the VIP tent to spend time with friends and family in private;
  • in the inventory rental point a large selection of equipment for entertainment on the water,
    free Wi-Fi;
  • a place where you can smoke a cigarette without creating inconvenience to other vacationers;
  • place for temporary storage of personal belongings (depository);
  • towel pick-up point;
  • locker rooms;
  • foot bath;
  • showers;
  • toilet.

Everything is done so that vacationers get maximum pleasure from staying on the seashore.

Don’t want to go to the sea? Near the residential cottages there is a cascade of pools with clean water, including a children’s water park, as well as a mini water park. In inclement weather, too, you do not have to deny yourself the pleasure of swimming. It features an indoor pool with heated water.

Take note: on the beach, in the pool and, most importantly, in the water park, you get just excellent photos! Sincere children’s laughter, captured on video, will always remind you of a wonderful trip.

Room stock

The main component of a wonderful holiday are apartments, which for some time become home to guests of the Hotel Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville. Understanding the wishes of guests, to live in comfortable conditions, all rooms are arranged with great taste. Creating the interiors of the rooms with special trepidation and care, were engaged in designers. They put all their skill and desire to make the space comfortable for each member of the family.

Cozy cottages can be booked, different in volume and level of comfort, rooms. Even the simplest apartments are very cozy accommodation.

In total there are 405 rooms in the following categories:

  • Standard single – 1 room, 14 m2 for 1-2 guests;
  • Standart – 1 room, 21 m2 for 2-3 guests;
  • Superior – 1 room, 24 m2 for 2-4 guests;
  • Family standart – 2 rooms, 28 m2 for 4 guests;
  • Family superior – 2 room, 44 m2 for 4-6 guests;
  • Suite – 2 room, 35 m2 for 2-4 guests;
  • Suite superior – 2 rooms, 44 m2 for 2-4 guests;
  • Suite executive – 2 rooms, 44 m2 for 2-4 guests;
  • Apartment – 3 rooms, 78 m2 for 4-6 guests;
  • Apartmentsuperior – 4 rooms, 110 m2 for 4-6 guests;
  • Apartment executive – 4 rooms, 14 m2 for 4-6 guests.

Importantly! Hotel Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5 * positions itself as the best place for a family holiday. They really want to see the happy smiles of your children, to hear their carefree laughter, so we will place your tomboys and princesses under the age of 12 for free in extra seats.


Guests of Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5* have a variety of culinary preferences and this was taken into account. In 9 restaurants, cafes and bars you can enjoy truly exquisite cuisine from different countries. It does not matter whether our guests just want to have a snack, refresh or arrange a romantic evening, this can be done easily and naturally.

bar and restaurant is designed in a certain style, corresponding to the cuisine that is the main one in this institution. Do not forget about the children, they have their own café, filled with all sorts of useful goodies, and in each “adult” institution there is a well-thought-out menu for children. Dishes have special icons indicating their features, such as the “gluten-free” or “vegan” icon.

Restaurants nearby:

  • The culinary journey begins with the most beloved and visited restaurant Normandie. In it, the concept of “buffet” is raised to a completely new level. More than 300 delicious dishes make up an open menu and you can compose your own culinary essay. A feature of the restaurant is an open kitchen, which allows you to watch the birth of masterpieces.
  • For lovers of French cuisine, the ideal place is the gastronomic restaurant Saint Michel. His chef is just a virtuoso! Exquisite interiors prepare visitors to meet with amazing tastes and aromas. Here harmony is present in everything! A special menu has also been developed for children. You can also arrange meals on the tablet menu.
  • In the evening, disco bar will help to arrange a cheerful friendly party with good music. It is located away from the living quarters, so you can heartily sing and have fun until late at night. The bar is open until 2 a.m.
  • Having been in France, you can move to Italy. Guests of Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5* will find a piece of it in the bon appetit snack bar. All the magic of Mediterranean cuisine is concentrated in the ability to combine the tastes and aromas of individual products into a symphony of incomparable tastes.
  • Nearby from the pools is the Marinie snack bar, it is loved by all guests without exception. It is interesting for both children and adults. The decoration of the bar is designed in a marine style, in the menu the same meat cooked on coals, grilled vegetables, french fries, pancakes with filling. Here you can get brunch or dinner. The menu includes milk porridge, scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes, dumplings, broths and so on.
  • Continuing the gastronomic journey, guests are sure to get to the beach snack bar Le Paradis. Resting on the sea coast, our guests at some point feel the desire to have a snack or refresh. In “Le Paradis” there is always ice cream, kvass water, lemonade and other soft drinks. Also to satisfy the rampant appetite will help delicious chebureks, hot doges and sandwiches.
  • Children and adults just love sweets, a large assortment of delicacies is always found in the children’s café Caramelka. Especially popular here are matchless milkshakes. The secret is that they are prepared from the local freshest milk of the highest grade and the addition of natural syrups and fruits. Not to look into it at least 1 time a day is not a feasible task.
  • The only bar that works around the clock is the Lobby bar. It is located in the heart of the Chalet. Here you can hold a business meeting, have a snack, drink a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Children here also find something tasty and something delicious. There is access to the Internet, fresh press.
  • By the pools there is 1 more very original bar. Pool Bar has a wide range of ice cream, soft drinks, fruit ice. During the fun in the pool, it never hurts to cool down a little.
    Hotel Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville pays close attention to the quality of products. The maximum number of them are produced in the Krasnodar Territory. The same goes for wines.
    Interesting nearby.

Leisure and entertainment

The entertainment program of the Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville is not limited to the pools and the beach. For active guests who like to regularly load their body, there is an excellent fitness center with a gym. They are equipped at a professional level. Yoga, step aerobics designed for different levels of training guests. You can train both independently and under the guidance of an experienced coach.

On the game terrace you can always hear cheerful conversations and laughter, both children and adults. There is an interesting activity for everyone. Children arrange battles in air hockey, for adults there are several professional billiard tables. Board games are great to play with the whole family.

Active recreation on sports and playgrounds for children and adults, located between the cottages and on the beach, also give the opportunity to shake up a little and restart. In the daily bustle of cities, this is simply necessary.

The hotel’s animators organise interesting activities for guests of all ages on a daily basis. These are a variety of master classes and activities:

  • creative;
  • gastronomic and culinary;
  • multimedia;
  • beach parties;
  • concerts of guest stars;
  • competitions;,
  • quests;
  • entertainment on the water;
  • club for kids;
    club for teenagers.

Every guest of the hotel will find something to do. In addition to the entertainment program, you can spend time with health benefits in the SPA complex.


From the first day of its work, the Hotel Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5 * is a very high bar – to provide its guests with world-class service. All employees perform their duties more than professionally. Guests from the first minute are surrounded by care and not intrusive attention. Friendly staff helps to make the stay unforgettable.

Elina from Kazan writes that she rested at the end of March this year. Here is what she writes: “A beautiful hotel in which absolutely everything is provided!” They were surrounded from the first minute with care and attention, helped to accommodate, provided with a map of hotel facilities and a schedule of events. Elina and her whole family are very grateful to the hotel staff and their friends who advised to go to Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5*.

Tatiana from Noginsk has already had two vacations in Deauville and plans to come this year. They are looking forward to the moment when they can again plunge into the atmosphere of incredible pleasure from a holiday at sea.

Anatoly from Krasnodar brings his family to Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville 5 * is also not the first time, and they visit this hotel at different times of the year and invariably remain in complete delight with the service and entertainment. Every time they find something new and interesting for the whole family.

For 7 years of operation, the hotel «Alean Family Resort & SPA Doville» 5 * has gained fame as one of the best places for a joint holiday with children. It is loved and waiting for both its regular guests and new ones. Interesting offers for early booking, spa treatments make the rest in this wonderful place even more attractive.

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