Advantages of holidays in Club Tess Hotel 4* Turkey, Konakli – Reviews 2021

Holidays in beautiful Turkey for residents from around the world have always been in price. The hotel complex Club Tess Hotel 4 Turkey, reviews of which are very ambiguous, is always ready to accommodate any tourists in its cozy rooms. Employees of the institution speak different languages well, so there are no problems with communication during their stay here.

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What else can be said about this complex? Let’s try to figure it out.

Room stock

The hotel rooms, although they do not have a large area, are comfortably equipped and remind guests of a comfortable home atmosphere. To stay here there is everything you need, but if you come to “spend a vacation in the room”, this place is definitely not suitable.

In total, there are 157 rooms, 4 of which are suites, all other standard rooms. Can accommodate from 2 to 4 people in one room. An interesting nuance is that the hotel can not be settled by single men. Only in a pair with the second half or with a friend.

The rooms have:

  • Shower or bath, there are all necessary toiletries;
  • TV, satellite TV;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Telephone;
  • Mini-bar (extra charge);
  • Balcony or terrace (sea or grounds view);
  • Air conditioning;
  • Safe (extra charge).

All rooms are furnished with modern and practical furniture, and the interior of the room is decorated very stylishly and modernly. The area of the rooms is very small, but it compensates for the cozy interior. Accommodation in the villa is more comfortable, but, unfortunately, all basic services are provided only in the main building. This is the only drawback of the local villas.

Nikolay, Moscow: “We have already gone to Turkey more than once, but we encountered such a service for the first time. Settlement – to speed up the process had to pay extra. We were immediately settled in a villa, in the same room with complete strangers. We lived like in a dormitory: to the toilet and shower in turn, slept in clothes. We were accommodated only on the third day of our stay at the hotel. In addition, all services were provided only in the main building, we had to run there from the villa every time. The service is terrible, the linen has not changed in 2 weeks, towels too. The garbage was taken out at 6 am, woke everyone up. Find a better place.”

On-site activities

This place provides all the necessary services for its guests. First of all, guests can enjoy interesting animation. Every evening there is an entertainment program for everyone in a small garden next to the building or next to the pool.

If vacationers want to relax their body and soul, you can always visit the sauna or take a steam bath with friends in the hammam (steam bath). You can play volleyball on the beach or enjoy a variety of water sports. If you do not want to go to the beach, you can stay by the pool in the hotel. In addition, children and adults can ride on water slides.

For lovers of outdoor activities in this hotel there is a place to accelerate. Guests can make use of the fitness centre, and there is also a place for table tennis and darts. If there is a desire to “ride the balls” in billiards, you will have to pay extra.
Fans of shopping will also find a lot of interesting things. The hotel has several shops with souvenirs and basic necessities. If necessary, you can visit the currency exchange office. Parking for guests here is free, which is very convenient for travelers in their car.

For families with children, there is also something interesting. There is a children’s pool and a children’s playground. For younger visitors, there is also a special animation. If desired, you can order a separate baby cot, but this service is paid.

Elena, Sevastopol: “The village of Konakli has a very cozy and calm atmosphere. The hotel itself can not be called neither bad nor good. This is a great place if money is not enough, and you really want to go to Turkey. We were almost not in the hotel, more often walked around the city itself, it is good that the center is close. The sea is unforgettable, the beach is not very good. This place is great for an overnight stay. The furniture is new, shower, basic cosmetics (shampoo, soap, towels, etc.), everything is there. If there are no other options, you can go.”

Service and meals in the hotel

The hotel itself is located in the small town of Konakli. The airport is 111 km away. The city center is also nearby – 13.4 km from here. In addition, everyone can find near the hotel a wonderful nightclub and many unusual places for an interesting holiday. On the territory of the hotel itself, too, arrange discos, where residents can dance, relax and get acquainted with other tourists.
To get to all the sights of the city, there is a public transport stop near this place. This is a very picturesque place, so all visitors should organize a couple of excursions.

Regarding the service, the reception works around the clock, but based on the feedback, at night and in the evening it is very difficult to achieve something from the staff. In the rooms, maids clean up every day. In addition, there is a dry cleaning and laundry, which will help vacationers with children.

If necessary, you can rent a car directly from the hotel. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. If you come to Turkey on business, here you can rent a conference room equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture.

In case of unforeseen situations in the hotel there is an opportunity to call the doctor in the room. This is especially true for vacationers with the whole family, because during a trip with children, tourists often face various difficulties.

The staff is very helpful and fluent in different languages. Employees try to fulfill all the requirements of the guests of their institution if possible. Future guests should know that sometimes there are problems with drinking water. You have to dial it at a local restaurant.

As for food, based on the official information about the hotel, the food system here is “all inclusive”. A buffet breakfast is served from 06:00 to 10:00. Guests can enjoy local and international cuisine. Breakfast includes salad and boiled eggs. Dinner can include fish or meat, served hot to choose from several options.

If you want a snack, everyone can visit the restaurant of this institution. There is also a snack bar and a lobby bar. There is also a bar near the pool serving drinks and light snacks. Each room is required to have a minibar.

Alexandra, Minsk: “I confess right away, we bought into a low price, expected more from the hotel. The rooms are decent, but the furniture, at least we have, was broken. The doors to the balcony didn’t open either. Separately, I want to say about nutrition: feed one grass! Meat for 2 weeks seen only twice, and only fried chicken! The fish has also only been a couple of times, the cheapest and most terrible to taste. The salad the next day was made of the same products, the guests assumed that these were collected residues from plates. The bar is a separate conversation. Empty bottles are collected in a bag, and then filled with some liquid. I can’t recommend this place to anyone!”

Private beach

Very close literally across the street is the private beach of this complex. You can walk to it in just a couple of minutes, the distance is not more than 100 meters. The 1st coastline of the sandy-pebble beach, where tourists can always find umbrellas and sun loungers for a more comfortable stay.

Unfortunately, its territory is not protected, so on the beach you can see many residents of the city and even hotel staff. If you want to drink cooling drinks, there is a bar. There you can also take an air mattress.

Natalia, Kharkov: “It’s bad even for the economy option. Of course, the hotel has very friendly and helpful people, especially nice women working in the dining room. We lived in a villa, right on the beach, and I want to say that this is a terrible beach! There is no security there, everyone who could not get to the normal beach go here. There is no question of any cleaning, between these bricks (it is difficult to call it pebbles), papers, cigarette butts, bottles are constantly lying around. Even the staff itself lies around the clock on broken sunbeds and torn mattresses. Bar on the beach and bar can not be called! Loved the setting in the room more or less.”

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other hotel, Club Tess Hotel has its advantages and disadvantages. Tourists who stayed here during their vacation and helped to form an opinion about this complex. It should be noted that the cost of rest in this institution is several times lower than in others, so you do not need to treat it very biased. This list is based on reviews from Tess Hotel.

The advantages of the hotel include:

  • Low price;
  • Comfortable rooms with practical furniture;
  • The sea is 100 meters from the main building, the villas are located on the beach itself;
  • Friendly staff;
  • Daily housekeeping;
  • Located near the city center.

But like any other institution, this place has its drawbacks. These include:

  • Dirty beach;
  • Monotonous food, mainly vegetables;
  • Small area of rooms;
  • Young people and children will be bored here;

But despite its shortcomings, this hotel deservedly wears its 3 stars, although in some places it is mistakenly called a four-star. For an unfussy tourist, the hotel is quite suitable.

Rustam, St. Petersburg: “We chose this hotel because of the low price and the “good” description on the site. In addition, a big role was played by stardom, and in 2 * rested, it was cool. It’s the opposite. The food is terrible, they feed the same thing every day and not much of it is edible. I myself watched as some had to fight for more or less normal food. There is no animation, it is difficult to call a disco such, just music is included. The room was normal, but I didn’t see any cleaning. Only take out the garbage, bed and towels do not change! If possible, pay extra and choose another hotel. No, prepare for all its ‘features.'”

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Let the hotel Club Tess Hotel receives very contradictory reviews, this place still deserves the attention of tourists. The hotel is suitable for families and for trips with the company. The sea is very close, and in the evening the staff of the institution prepares an entertaining evening show for residents, and the staff is very friendly to the residents. If you want to go to Turkey,Hotel Tess is waiting for you!