Where to go and what sights to see in Kazan: 10 most interesting tourist sites

Where to go in Kazan and what sights to see? – this question tourists constantly ask local guides and guides. We will give you the answer by describing the glorious city from all sides. Tens of thousands of tourists tend to visit it annually, and their flow is growing for a reason.

Kazan is a huge city with a population of more than a million, which lies at the junction of Slavic and Eastern cultures. This is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, and a place in which beautiful architecture is more common than ordinary houses. Monuments of all stripes, sights of all guises – it will be difficult for you to choose a route to see them all.

If St. Petersburg is called the second capital of Russia, then Kazan is deservedly the third. This is the center of religions around the world – the city has a special temple dedicated to their unity. In addition, science, industry and culture are at a high level of development here. Some architectural objects, such as the white-stone Kremlin,are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All kinds of sports championships are based in Kazan every few years. Significant cultural events occur in it all the time. This city is easily included in the top ten most visited cities in the world by tourists, and in the top three – Europe.

Kul-Sharif Mosque

In Kazan, people go to church every Friday. This is the custom of the Tatar people. And it’s not just a temple – it’s a juma mosque. The Kul-Sharif Mosque is just such a structure.

It differs, first of all, in size. Believers of all ages pray collectively there. In addition, the Kul-Sharif Mosque is a beautiful monument of oriental culture. Its blue dome and peaked peaks rise above the Kazan Kremlin Square – in its western part. The majestic building was built on the donations of parishioners.

The exterior of the building is luxurious! It is lined with marble and granite. Inside, carpets are spread out, and a chandelier made of colored crystal reaches five meters in diameter. Once under the dome, you are speechless with admiration and for a long time remain impressed. For Muslims, this is a native home, and for you – an opportunity to be filled with positive oriental energy.

“This is probably the most beautiful and famous mosque in Tatarstan.”

Kazan Kremlin

Welcome to the Kazan Kremlin! This is the oldest part of the city, and its main attraction. The Kremlin is a whole complex of monuments of history, architecture, and just a cultural heritage. Here you can still find traces of the first settlements, and here is the residence of the President of Tatarstan.

The Kremlin is located on the banks of the Kazanka and Volga rivers, near the Square of the First of May. It occupies fifteen hectares of land, and the walls stretch for a total of 1.8 kilometers. They have eight preserved towers standing at different angles, and five more have sunk into oblivion, preserved in the form of skeletons.

The Kazan Kremlin is ready to please any guest with beautiful views. There is the former Governor’s Palace, now the Presidential Palace. There you will find the famous Kul-Sharif mosque, and other temples, churches, monasteries. There is also a cannon yard of several buildings, a school and a separate colorful tower Syuyumbike. Any Kazan tourist is obliged to visit the Kremlin, because the whole of Tatarstan begins with it.

“It’s especially beautiful early in the morning and in the evening when the lights come on.”

Temple of All Religions

It is called the temple of the universe. There are no services held there, but you can be sure that the place is sacred. The temple of all religions symbolizes the unity of faith of different peoples of the world. It stands in a village called old Arakchino on the territory of Kazan, and looks quite strange.

As soon as he gets closer, every tourist begins to unwittingly count the numerous domes, gabled turrets and spires on the roof. Each such head of the temple refers to a certain religion, both active and gone. Decorative elements cover sixteen religious movements, which in the walls of the outlandish structure finally united. According to the idea, the architectural monument works as a museum. It has a curious gallery for exhibitions, as well as a concert hall. On weekdays, in addition to excursions and special events, visitors are closed.

“Very nice house! The idea of unity of faith is good, it is a pity that in our country it is implemented only symbolically. “

Syuyumbike Tower

Syuyumbike Tower is located on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. According to one theory, it was built by the same craftsmen as the Borovitskaya Tower of the Kremlin in Moscow. Outwardly, they are very similar to each other, and the original purpose is an observation post.

The structure consists of seven tiers. Their total height is 58 meters. At the very top of the tower is a hexagonal tent, which in ancient times served to store important state documents. Not every observer immediately notices, but the Syuyumbike Tower gradually falls to the northeast. It falls, like the Pisans, but the angle is still relatively small.

The structure is crowned with a double-headed eagle sitting on a golden apple. This tower is a symbol of the whole of Kazan, and its fame has spread much further. As for the name, it came from the name of Queen Sumbeka, who ruled in the sixteenth century. Be sure to visit this Kremlin facility to appreciate how tall it is.

“Interesting legends are told about it. Romance!”

Bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral

If you are in Kazan, on Bauman Street, do not pass by the Epiphany Cathedral. It is visible from afar with its five chapters. The modern building is made in the style of Russian Baroque, and earlier in the same place there was another – wooden.

But much more remarkable is the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral. It is made in the form of a tower, reaching a height of 62 meters. This height seems greater, because the surrounding buildings are an order of magnitude lower. Below is a quadrangle in two floors. The first of these was once a church shop, and an interview room. On the second there was a temple for the glory of John the Baptist.

The architectural solutions of the bell tower combine the modernized motifs of ancient Russia, and the style of the late XIX century. Once in this bell tower baptized Chaliapin. Try and you will cross yourself within its walls – God’s mercy and good impressions are guaranteed.

“Beautiful view of the city. There are few people, no one adjusts the time of the visit.”

Kremlin embankment of Kazan

If you want to arrange a leisurely walk around the city of Kazan, it’s time to visit its embankment. The Kremlin embankment of Kazan runs along the Kazanka River. Its improvement was taken up recently, but today the place appears before vacationers in the best possible way.

The ideally flat road is suitable for both pedestrians and lovers of roller skates, skateboards, bicycles. It is so smooth that there is nowhere to stumble, with all the desire. Water flows nearby, greenery is planted on the other side, green areas are arranged. Only one is inconvenient – you can go down to the river only in two places. The rest of the coastline is fenced.

The Kremlin embankment of Kazan tirelessly pleases visitors, and local residents walk along it with pleasure. This is a landmark that does not bother after the hundredth visit. Figured lanterns illuminate the road in the dark.

“It’s full of cafes, fresh air, peace.”

Palace of Farmers

There are many historical districts in Kazan, and in Vakhitovsky there is a popular among tourists palace of Farmers. It stands north of the Kremlin. This building houses the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture of Tatarstan.

Architecturally, it belongs to eclectic. The exterior of the palace looks impressive. It has two symmetrical wings, and the central part is crowned with a dome. In the middle and at the edges there are three portals. The Palace of Farmers is replete with small architectural forms. Its appearance can be the envy of many objects of the Kremlin. This is one of the best places to take a photo for memory, and feel yourself in a royal atmosphere.

If you find yourself on the Palace Square on the City Day, you will be lucky enough to see the annual concert “Kazan Autumn”. This has been happening since 2011, every August 30 in the open air, and admission is free.

“It’s very cozy in the park. The columns are pompous! In general, the location is excellent.”

Kazan Family Center

There is a very unusual registry office in Kazan. This is the center of the Kazan family, which surprises with one of its kind. Externally, the building looks like a cup, or bowl. It stands on the banks of the river in the Novo-Savinsky district. Thanks to the remarkable appearance, it is not difficult to find it, and from the roof you can clearly see the surrounding city. You can climb there for a modest fee by stairs. For the newlyweds in this case, an elevator is prepared.

According to the idea of the author Dashi Namdakov, this house should resemble a boiler standing on fire. The Kazan family center was opened in 2013, and immediately began to accept marriages. Three floors of the center are made in different styles, from traditional Bulgarian to modern. Up to a hundred marriages can be registered in just one day. In addition to the fact that the registry office itself is a landmark, during its construction a significant part of the coast was groomed. There you can walk after the painting.

“We were greeted by girls in traditional costumes, all so polite and cute.”

Millennium Park

Millennium Park or “Millennium” Park is located in the Vakhitovsky district of Kazan. Its construction was planned after the one-story houses in the area fell into complete dilapidation. After their demolition, there was a wasteland, and on the nose you could see the millennium of the city. So it was decided to improve the site for a significant day.

Now its territory is replete with monuments, fountains with beautiful figures. Trees of different species are planted everywhere. During the opening, officials who came from all over Russia were honored to personally plant rows of blue spruces. And no one is going to stop there. Since the Millennium Park is still very young, new vegetation will be planted many more times.

However, for walks and recreation, the Millennium is suitable right now. Like the Kazan embankment, it is worth coming there at any free time. In the central area there is a square for various celebrations.

“The park is small, there are not enough tall trees. There’s no parking, so tow trucks are working.”

Monument to Cat Kazansky

Kazan Cat is a character of local legends and fairy tales. According to folklore, it was such a cat during the capture of the city by the troops of Ivan the Terrible that saved the Kazan Khan. He warned the ruler about the digging, and became a hero. Since then, many more times the animal was mentioned in the people. So they decided to put a monument to him.

The monument to Kot Kazansky stands on the square, at the intersection of Bauman and Musa Jalil streets. The sculpture is cast in aluminum, and is a whole composition. The same beast, proud and fat, lies on the couch in the gazebo. There are four beautiful pillars around it, and a mouse sits on the roof. Since the favorite metal of the locals is silver, the monument is tinted in its color. True, silver is old, dark. On the dome you can see pieces of mirrors and colored glass. At the bottom there is an inscription: “Kazan cat: Astrakhan mind, Siberian mind…” The administration of this attraction cost a million rubles. Pet it if you want more luck.

“All passers-by stroke the belly and take pictures. The queue is always big – they love their beast.”

Kazan is a dream city, where you have to admire every second building, fountain, tree. In it, the Russian spirit is mixed with the Eastern, and unique cultural heritage is born on the clash of cultures. Look at the temple of all religions, and the Kul-Sharif mosque, the palace of farmers. There is no such person whom they will leave indifferent. Visit the third capital of Russia, where once again you will discover all its beauty.