What to see in London: top 10 attractions to see in the capital of Foggy Albion

Be sure that you can see a huge number of attractions in London, and the impressions of this metropolis covered with fog and smog will be unforgettable. But in order for the trip to bring only pleasure, you need to know about some of the nuances that are associated with traveling to the capital of Great Britain.

London is ready to meet tourists at any time of the year. The weather here is not stable and at any time it can rain or a strong wind, so clothes should be chosen taking into account climatic features. In the summer in London it is quite comfortable, tired of sightseeing trips, you can sit in parks on benches or right on the lawn.

Upon arrival in the city,it is best to immediately buy a map and booklets that tell about the sights and activities. Such printed products are available for purchase in the Information Office.

It is most convenient to see the sights on your own on a 2-storey tourist bus. Firstly, in it you will definitely be given special headphones, through which simultaneous translation of everything that the guide tells about is carried out, and secondly, at any time you can get out if some place is particularly interested, and after its inspection to take the next bus.

Features of shopping and nutrition

In London, at any time of the year, you can find sales, where the cost of things “falls” by 3, and sometimes 4 times. Payment in stores is carried out both “for cash” and by card.

It is most economical to eat in local pubs. For relatively little money here you can eat an impressive piece of meat with fried potatoes, order a mug of traditional beer and pastries.

The people of London are benevolent people. Even if you do not know the language, and only know a number of memorized phrases, you will try, what is called “on your fingers” to explain how to pass or drive to the right place.

London Eye Ferris Wheel

The popular attraction in the capital of Great Britain was opened on the eve of the Millennium and immediately became one of the main attractions of London. It is located on the south bank of the Thames. The Ferris wheel “London Eye” (London Eye) allows you to explore the surroundings of the city from a height of 136 m – this is one of the tallest such wheels in the world.

The attraction raises visitors in capsule booths, each of which can accommodate up to 25 people. Interestingly, the superstitious Englishmen, wary of the number “13”, so as not to suggest bad thoughts came to ride on the wheel, just missed the booth with this number, and after the 12th immediately goes the 14th.

The Ferris wheel at night and in the evening is illuminated by multi-colored LEDs, which gives it a certain mystery and mystery. Having bought a ticket for the attraction, you can also capture the memory of this event, taking a picture at the end of the circle. The photo is taken automatically by a special camera in each capsule-booth, and you can print and take it with you at a souvenir shop nearby.

“Very high Ferris wheel. When you climb to maximum height, it’s breathtaking. Very comfortable booths, spacious. They are made entirely of transparent glass, so the city is visible from all sides.”



Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the center of attraction for all tourists who come to London. It is impossible to visit this city and not come here. Almost 200 years ago, there were Royal Stables on this site, but in 1820 they were demolished and a beautiful central square was built, which was soon named after a significant event – the victory of England at Trafalgar.

The square is also the beginning of 3 main streets and a kind of “zero kilometer”, from which the report of the mileage of all roads begins. In the center of Trafalgar Square there is a high stele in honor of Admiral Nelson, and next to it is a beautiful fountain where tourists like to gather and take pictures.

A few years ago, guests of the city came to the square to feed the pigeons. But due to the deteriorating sanitary situation and the appearance of a huge number of birds, it was forbidden to sell food and feed pigeons. Trafalgar Square is surrounded by several embassies, the London National Gallery and the Admiralty Arch.

“Noisy, crowded place. Tourists from different countries go, photograph architectural buildings. Getting to Trafalgar Square is very easy, almost all transport passes through it, there is a metro station nearby. If you are interested in history and architecture, the square will make an impression.”


Madame Tussaud’s London

Every tourist who came to the capital of Great Britain, seeks to visit the London Madame Tussauds Museum, whose expositions have been surprising and fascinating for more than 150 years. Madame Tussaud’s London appeared in the city in 1835 It was founded by a native resident of the capital,who learned the art of working with wax from the famous doctor Kürtüs. Having created the first collection, she traveled with her around the country.

Today in this museum, which has long become a symbol of London,14 thematic halls. The total number of figures exceeded 1000. Here you can see realistic Queen Elizabeth, pop star Madonna, famous film actor Johnny Depp. The luxurious furnishings of the museum, as well as 4D technologies allow you to create a unique feeling and even the movement of wax figures.

10 years after the opening of the museum, its expositions were replenished with figures of the Cabinet of Horrors, which presents the masks of the victims of the Paris guillotine. This is perhaps the most popular exhibition in the history of the museum. You can visit Madame Tussaud’s London by buying a ticket, the price of which does not exceed 30 euros.

“Incredible sensations appear when you walk through the halls of the museum. Everything is created here – noise effects, animation, interiors to feel as real as possible. From some figures goosebumps run through the skin, so they resemble their prototypes. I highly recommend visiting this museum.”

Tower of London

Tower of London is the main attraction of the capital of Great Britain, a historical and architectural monument that has become the “visiting card” of London. The Tower is a large structure of several towers and structures, enclosed in concentric rings of a stone wall and a deep, today dried, moat.

At various times, the Tower of London performed certain functions. The fortress protected the city from conquerors, served as the Royal residence and a place of executions and tortures. It housed prisoners from noble royal families, for example, the prisoners of the Tower were Princes Richard and Edward. Here in the confinement for some time was the future Queen Elizabeth I.

Tower of London is located in the center of the capital on the north bank of the Thames. Today it houses a collection of royal treasures and jewelry, exhibits from the royal armory. For many centuries, a special position in the fortress – “ravensmaster” – has been preserved. This is the man who watches over a flock of black crows. It is believed that if the birds leave the fortress, the English monarchy will fall.

“Undoubtedly, the Tower is a very interesting place. We were here as part of an excursion. We managed to see the hall with weapons and knightly armor, including for horses. But the complete delight of the inspection of the royal treasures could not be obtained. It is simply impossible to get to the exhibits. To calmly explore the Tower, you need to choose a time when there are not so many tourists. “

Buckingham Palace

The main residence of the English monarchs until the end of the 90s of the last century was hidden from the eyes of tourists, but now in certain months you can visit the expositions of this palace. Buckingham Palace is the venue for receptions, banquets in the garden, business and festive dinners. But its main purpose is the place of residence of the royal family.

Buckingham Palace is located in the Westminster area. At different times, Edward the Confessor, William the Conqueror and the monks of Westminster Abbey “mastered” here, but in 1762 the palace became the property of King George III, who declared it the official residence of the English monarchs.

The entire territory of the palace occupies 20 hectares. The building is surrounded by a large beautiful garden with fountains, neatly trimmed lawns and sculptures. This garden hosts gala banquets and dinners. The decoration of the interior halls amazes with magnificence. Here everything reminds of the reign of Queen Victoria. If you come to the palace at 11-00 o’clock, you can watch the most interesting spectacle of the procession of soldiers and the changing of the guard.

“Having visited Buckingham Palace, you feel that you have touched something hitherto unknown and especially aristocratic. You should find out in advance when the changing of the guard will take place, but if you manage to get to this spectacular performance with music and estrical dressage, the impressions will remain unforgettable. “

The British Museum

One of the largest museums in the world. The British Museum contains a huge collection of exhibits collected from all over the world from antiquity to the last centuries. Here is the world heritage not only of Britain, but also of China, India, Greece and other countries.

Today, the British Museum has more than 7 million exhibits. The central hall, which is also called the Great Courtyard, covered with a glass dome, is considered the largest public area in Europe. Its area is more than 6 sq. m.

In the museum for tourists there are a variety of thematic halls, where Egyptian sculptures, the Library of the British Museum, frescoes, golden sarcophagi, Greek expositions are presented. A great public outcry is caused by the “collection of stolen masterpieces” collected in Greece and brought to London by colonial conquerors.

The British Museum regularly conducts thematic excursions, during which you can visit not only the exhibition halls, but also go on a trip to the little-visited sights of London. Also his “calling card” are the events “Night at the Museum”.

“The museum impresses with its scale and huge collections. In the few hours we spent here, we managed to see only a few rooms on the 1st floor. Amazing exposition of antique clocks and impressive Egyptian Hall! In the cold season, do not undress, it is very cool. “

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the main symbol of London. Its construction under the guidance of the architect Horace Jones was completed at the end of the XIX century and, I must say, that the opinion of the citizens of the bridge caused an ambiguous assessment. It was called ugly, tasteless and even monstrous.

The bridge consists of two towers with a height of 64 m, which are connected by galleries. Under them there are 2 adjustable spans. Interestingly, the wings of the bridge can be bred at any time, and not at certain hours, such as in St. Petersburg. The passage of the ship under the bridge usually takes no more than 10 minutes, during which traffic on the bridge stops.

Currently, the galleries of the bridge are used by tourists as observation decks. You can climb them by a special staircase, which is located in the tower. From a height of more than 60 m, tourists like to be photographed and view the views of the surroundings. Tower Bridge is associated with several amazing and sensational stories, which you can learn about by visiting this attraction of the capital of Great Britain.

“An interesting and recognizable landmark of London. We visited it with the children and had an incredible pleasure. The excursion is paid. Inside, you can see an exhibition that tells about different bridges of the world, as well as throw a coin into the machine, which in a few seconds will turn into a “commemorative cake”. The view from the bridge to the Thames is stunning.”


London’s National Gallery is located in the city centre. The monumental building with massive columns and a huge dome crowning the roof is recognizable to tourists from all over the globe. Within the walls of this museum of the capital of Great Britain, the most famous works of painting and art are collected.

Visiting The National Gallery you can get acquainted with the paintings of famous artists from the Renaissance to the present day. Here is a painting of France,Italy, England, Spain, Holland. The expositions are built on the basis of the scientific method, and all the canvases are arranged in chronological order.

An interesting feature of this museum is that all collections are exhibited in full, and their location does not depend on the national characteristic. At first glance, this is not very convenient, but listening to the words of the guide, you can understand why this principle is chosen for the placement of canvases. Visiting the National Gallery of London is free, the museum is open seven days a week.

“A very interesting museum even for those who do not understand art. The children were left in a special playroom. If you get tired, you can sit in a cafe, there are several of them. Admission is free, but donations are welcome.”

Westminster Abbey

One of the oldest buildings in the capital of Great Britain. The building, which today is visited by thousands of tourists, was built in the 13th time To this day preserved ancient mosaic floors inside the temple, frescoes on the walls and ceilings, the coronation chair of St. Edward.

For many millennia, the abbey had a significant impact on the political life of the country. It was one of the richest organizations in the country and in Europe. Westminster Abbey is both the tomb of royalty and famous people of England. Here are buried Newton, Darwin, Lord Byron and other famous people who contributed to its development, culture and science.

Westminster Abbey is the traditional place of coronation of all royalty, and marriages of members of the royal family are also held here. Every day parishioners come to liturgies and services. Visiting Westminster Abbey is paid, and you can get to this attraction of the capital of Great Britain by metro, getting off at Westminster station.

“Interesting building with beautiful architecture. It is not so easy to get to the abbey, during the services they are not allowed here, you have to wait for the end. It is impossible to be photographed, only at the entrance, postcards with views of the cathedral are also sold here. When entering the abbey, you should turn off the phone.”

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Parks and gardens of London are stunning in their beauty, well-groomed and scale. But Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are not only a place where you can relax in the shade of beautiful plants, but also an area where active citizens traditionally meet who want to discuss political and social events.

In the 16th place. Hyde Park was the property of Westminster Abbey, but King Henry the Eighth bought these lands to arrange a hunt here. A few years later, under another ruler of England, the territory was given over to the arrangement of a public park. The area of the park is more than 1.5 sq. km.

Next to Hyde Park are Kensington Gardens. They occupy more than 1 sq. km. Walking through different areas of the park and gardens, you can see groups of people who are actively discussing something, arranging oratorical meetings, arguing about political and social events.

The park is also a venue for festive and solemn events. Here you can go horseback riding, play football or have a picnic on the picturesque green lawn.

“Quiet place for walking and contemplating the beauty of nature. There are lakes, shady corners, recreation areas with sunbeds (for a fee). Here everything disposes to a quiet rest, reading books, reflection. Very close to the noisy, busy streets of London, but in the park it feels like you are out of town. Nice place!”

You can see the sights of London at any time of the year, but most tourists come here in the summer, when the climate is a little more comfortable. At the same time, prices for accommodation in hotels are increasing. In winter, London is damp and windy and this seems to be very cold, although the average monthly temperature in February and January is only +3-4 degrees.