Central London Hotels: Royal Comfort and Luxury in the Capital of Foggy Albion

For an interesting, rich and comfortable stay, tourists coming to the capital of Great Britain choose hotels in the center of London. Located in this part of one of the main and most interesting cities in Europe, you can visit the maximum number of attractions,get acquainted with the culture and life of the British, feel the culture of the people.

Corinthia Hotel London

This large luxury hotel is located in one of the most prestigious areas of London. The rooms are represented by spacious rooms and suites with panoramic windows, magnificent design and comfortable furniture. Choosing to stay in the capital of Great Britain this famous hotel, guests get into the atmosphere of aristocratic sophistication, which is combined with modern functionality.

The Corinthia Hotel has its own largest spa in London and a well-equipped gym. There are several restaurants and bars on site, serving traditional English breakfasts and national dishes. Not many hotels in central London can boast of their own hairdressing salon, in which the famous master Daniel Galvin and his talented students “condescens” over the hairstyles of guests. In addition, the Corinthia Hotel is the first hotel in Britain, which housed the department of the branded department store Harrods.

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“Very, very respectable and luxurious hotel. As a connoisseur of all English and especially theatre productions, I liked the proximity of theatres and galleries. It’s an incredible pleasure to study the art of Britain’s greats, as well as stroll through Trafalgar Square and Whitehall.”


Luxury executive hotel located in the Meifer area near Hyde Park and Oxford Street. Sitting here, guests will feel a unique aura of elegance, glamour and sophistication. The hotel rooms are equipped and decorated in the best English traditions. In the decoration and design of all halls and halls used a lot of marble, stucco, paintings.

Only in the magnificent restaurants of this hotel in central London you can taste dishes that were formulated more than 100 years ago, as well as original drinks prepared in the bar. Guests can enjoy a daily traditional afternoon tea with classic English pastries in the hotel’s luxurious lobby.

On the 7th floor of the building there is a private spa and fitness room. This is the best place at Claridge’sto keep fit even on a tourist or business trip. And wellness and rejuvenating treatments will be a pleasant bonus to living surrounded by elegant interiors and attractions of the capital of Great Britain.

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“Amazing hotel and high class service! All the rooms are so beautiful that there are simply no words. About restaurants I want to say especially enthusiastically. Excellent cuisine and excellent serving of dishes. We’re shocked, it’s called “world-the-world service.”

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences

A magnificent hotel located in the heart of Westminster – the main tourist area of the city. Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences occupies an old building built in the 19th c., which creates an unforgettable atmosphere of an old British house.

The hotel has a large number of executive suites, which have not only a separate bedroom, but also an equipped kitchen and a living room. The bathroom is decorated with marble slabs, equipped with a bath and accessories necessary for the adoption of water procedures.

This central London hotel will have many unforgettable experiences. Several luxury restaurants provide varied and high-quality food. Depending on the chosen institution, you can try dishes of national, continental, Indian and southern European cuisine. Guests of the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences also have access to the award-winning spa.

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“Loved the location of the hotel. All the sights are nearby, there was no need to go far. Also nearby are the streets on which there are fashionable shops, to walk through them will appeal to any girl. The staff is polite and the atmosphere at the hotel is luxurious.”

Hotel Café Royal

The hotel is located on Regent Street in a historic building with high stucco ceilings and luxurious apartments. Of the 180 rooms of the Hotel Café Royal – more than 60 suites of the highest level of comfort, from the windows of which you can observe the life of the historical part of the city.

Staying in a hotel in central London is a fascinating journey and acquaintance with the most interesting country, and accommodation in the Hotel Café Royal allows tourists to spend time in the hotel in a rich and diverse. In the center of the building is the famous restaurant Ten Room, the atmosphere of which disposes to ease and ease in communication. In the bars of the hotel you can order delicious non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as a glass of wine or other drink. And, sitting in the royal interiors of the oscar Wilde bar, you can spend a private evening at a table with candles.

Guests can also visit the Hotel Café Royal’s own wellness centre and relax in the entertainment club, which serves exclusive signature dishes and themed parties.

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“The hotel loved absolutely everything – from the spacious and very beautiful room to the entertainment and SPA treatments. Thanks to the hotel staff, there were only positive impressions from the trip to London!”

Rosewood London

The location of the hotel is High Holborn Street, within walking distance of the trendy boutiques and shops on Covent Garden and Oskford Street. Rosewood occupies an architectural historic building, and its interior design continues the delightful design history of the façade. Rooms are decorated with handmade furniture and Italian marble bathrooms.

The hotel’s only restaurant is more like an exquisite living room in the house of noble English aristocrats. The interiors use leather furniture with velour finishes of dark tones, many book racks and a large fireplace. It offers classic English cuisine, as well as à la carte breakfasts.

Located in the center of London, you can walk for hours around the neighborhood and see the sights of Camden, and the proximity of the metro allows you to go on an independent journey through the city and its districts.

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“Everything about this hotel is worthy of the highest praise – the staff, the interior, the décor and the service. In addition to the fact that the hotel is located in a convenient location, so it still has a SPA with a swimming pool and sauna. It’s so nice to relax, and the London climate has, coming to the room, quickly climb under the blanket, sit by the fireplace or go to the steam room. I’m thrilled!”

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

The modern, multi-storey Four Seasons Hotel is located next to Hyde Park and Buckenham Palace in the heart of London. Leaving the hotel, tourists get to the walls of Westminster Abbey, and, resting in the room, can admire from the large windows the surroundings of the historic part of the city.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane is not just a hotel in the center of London, but a full-fledged complex with the highest level of service and a variety of services that allow you to spend time in the capital of Great Britain interesting and rich. In addition to the rooms well-equipped with comfortable furniture and functional appliances, guests can spend time in the gym or take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy rejuvenating treatments in the spa of this hotel.

The Four Seasons hotel has restaurants and bars, as well as a comfortable lounge area with soft sofas and elegant interiors. In the mornings, guests can go down to breakfast, which includes traditional English and Irish cuisine, as well as in-room dining. Meals in the hotel are provided by an Italian restaurant, which serves both world-famous pizza and pasta, as well as author’s delights from the chef.

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“I just fell in love with this luxury hotel with its cozy rooms and beautiful halls, bars, restaurant. Breakfasts every morning were served very hearty and delicious. You can choose from any hot dishes, including real English oatmeal, as well as snacks, pastries, cheeses. “

The Langham London

Famous London hotel with more than 150 years of history of hospitality, high level of service and a variety of services. It is located at the end of Regent Street and has almost 400 rooms of different comfort levels. The Langham was one of the first to be recognized as the best hotel in Europe, and the unique charm and atmosphere of exquisite and luxurious furnishings, for many decades attracted members of the royal family, as well as high-ranking guests of the capital of Great Britain.

This hotel in central London has its own restaurants, which not only serve dishes worthy of the most demanding gourmets, but also sound quiet classical “live” music, candles burn and give the impression of peace and tranquility. The hotel’s bars serve original cocktails and alcoholic beverages from the best Wine Houses.

Accommodation at The Langham Grand Hotel allows you to be surrounded by cultural and architectural monuments of the city. Nearby there are theaters, an art gallery, as well as a conference center, which hosts major business events.

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“Staying at this hotel, we felt so important that it was breathtaking. The rooms are truly luxurious. The bed is very comfortable. The breakfasts are stunningly delicious. There are no comments, and is it possible to find flaws in the best hotel in Europe!”.

The Berkeley

Superb hotel with elegant interiors and luxurious service, located next to Hyde Park. More than 200 rooms are equipped with high-quality modern furniture and functional appliances. The private bathrooms are decorated with marble, the matte shine of which allows you to feel special in a hotel with a centuries-old tradition of hospitality and a high level of service.

For tourists and vacationers, the hotel in central London is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the sights, as well as walk along the famous streets with branded boutiques, where there are often discounts. Near The Berkeley there are subway stations that allow you to quickly get to any part of the city.

The hotel’s two restaurants serve exceptionally fine dining, while the bar offers comfortable armchairs and sofas over afternoon tea, which has no equal anywhere else in the world.

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“Despite the fact that the hotel has a lot of rooms, people do not stumble upon each other. Here it always seems that there are very few people in the halls and bar. In the rooms, all without exception are worthy of five stars. For us, this hotel and its restaurants were a real discovery.”

The Ampersand Hotel

The hotel is set in a large architectural building in the Victorian style. At the entrance to the lobby of the Ampersand Hotel,guests are greeted by a luxurious grand staircase, framed on the sides by columns, forged railings and illuminated by an old multi-level chandelier.

The interior of each room is unique. In the design of the rooms, designers used bright, colorful wallpaper with a large pattern, heavy fabrics with draperies and fringe, bright accents and paintings. All rooms are equipped with functional appliances, and the elegant atmosphere in the bathrooms is emphasized by marble tiles and original plumbing.

Like many hotels in central London, the Ampersand Hotel has its own restaurant, but few such establishments in the UK capital prepare Mediterranean cuisine for guests. Here you can not only have a satisfying dinner, but also have a great time in a pleasant and refined atmosphere.

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“Amazing hotel. A lot of things to use. Wellness centre with sauna, gym, games room. We also took the opportunity to take a few riding lessons. The rest turned out to be rich and memorable, especially since there were a lot of interesting things nearby. “

Draycott Hotel

Luxury art hotel in an elegant area of Chelsea. It will be a great place to stay in the capital of Great Britain for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of London’s historical past. Not only the façade of the building and its halls, but also the rooms are decorated in the style of royal bedrooms and furnished with antique handmade furniture. It features satellite TV, air conditioning and a comfortable work area with a desk.

Meals at this central London hotel are provided by the in-house Draycott Hotel. Each stay in this luxurious hall creates the illusion of a theatrical performance, where each guest is important and honorable. Breakfast is served here in the morning, lunches and afternoon tea are served at lunch, and sparkling champagne is served in the evening.

Draycott Hotel is surrounded by wonderful sights of ancient London – magnificent Knightsbridge, Saatchi Gallery, Sloane Street. You can visit other interesting places by going on a tour of the city by metro, the nearest station of which is a stone’s throw from the hotel.

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“Great hotel where everything reminds us that the UK honors and idolizes its Queen. The staff is very friendly and helpful, ready to fulfill any request in a second period of time. The hotel’s restaurant is just gorgeous.”

Planning a trip to London should be approached with knowledge. For leisurely walks through the streets and squares of the city, the ideal time is May, June and the first month of autumn. In July, the city is flooded with rains, and in winter and spring it is almost always cloudy and windy. However, many families and groups of tourists go to the capital of Great Britain for the New Year to visit the unforgettable atmosphere of festive scenery and enjoy the shining lights of the historic center of London.