What to see in Helsinki: top 10 attractions that every tourist should visit

Going to the capital of Finland and do not know what to see in Helsinki? The city is full of all different attractions. As a rule, tourist tours to this beautiful Finnish city are designed for several days, which are quite enough to visit interesting places and visit wonderful monuments.

It is best to stay in hotels for the duration of your stay in Helsinki. For a cheaper holiday in the city there are hostels and campsites. In hotels, the staff speaks Finnish, and if you do not know it, you will be addressed in English. Finns are a hospitablepeople, and residents of the capital are friendly to foreigners who show attention to Helsinki and Finland. But, at first glance, they may seem too restrained and non-talkative.

Going on a trip, stock up on a Finnish phrasebook and a map of attractions. The latter, by the way, can be taken at the airport or on the streets of the city, the printed information necessary for tourists is distributed by citizens dressed in green uniforms.

In advertising and information brochures you can find places to get acquainted and outline sightseeing. Of particular interest to tourists in Helsinki are:

  • Museums;
  • Squares;
  • Religious monuments;
  • Parks and natural complexes on the islands.

The city of Helsinki is very convenient in terms of transport. Here you can perfectly move on trams, which run quite often, and the routes allow you to get to the most interesting places of the city.

The capital of Finland will appeal to both lovers of history and architecture, as well as connoisseurs of outdoor activities. Finns welcome family sports and fishing, so sightseeing can be combined with skiing or fishing in the Gulf of Finland. For active tourists there are all kinds of recreation centers on the shores and islands, where you can comfortably spend holidays in Helsinki.

Suomenlinna Fortress (Sveaborg)

The fortress of Suomenlinna was built in the middle of the XVIII century. This fortification occupies several rocky islands near Helsinki. Almost all the islands are connected by braids. Built by the Swedish government, the fortress of Sveaborg for several centuries survived many wars, was owned by Sweden, Russia,Finland.

Tourists are brought to the fortress by ferry. Visiting the fortress is free, you will have to pay money only if you want to visit museums, of which there are several. Numerous guides will be happy to tell you about the history of the buildings, battles and battles that took place near the walls of the bastion. To better navigate in the fortress, at the entrance to it you can buy a map that indicates all the objects located on the territory.


It is best to allocate a whole day to visit Suomenlinna. During the inspection of the fortifications, tourists can dine in several cafes or even relax in the hostel.

“In the cold season, it is better not to go to the fortress. We froze to the bone from the strong wind that blows around the islands. I had to move in short runs. Were in the toy museum, small but very interesting. From the ferry, the fortress makes a stunning impression.”

Temppeliaukio Church (Church in the Rock)

A unique attraction of Helsinki, which is sought to visit not only believers, but also curious tourists. If you look at the church of Temppeliaukio from a bird’s eye view, it will seem like a giant flying saucer, and at the entrance it looks more like a bunker.

For the construction of the church in the rock, a stone formation was chosen, it was blown up and covered with a roof, having received a full-fledged building. For the longest time, the builders erected a dome, which is a plane of spiraled copper tape. This Lutheran church is functioning, services are conducted and parishioners visit the temple daily.

The height of the hall from the floor to the dome is 12 meters. About 180 windows are cut through the hall and a huge organ is installed. This church has no bells. The bell ringing, recorded on an electronic medium, is played through speakers mounted on the outside of the building. In addition to Lutheran services, concerts of classical symphonic music are held here.

“We visited the church in the rock – an amazing structure, as if you get into a huge cave in which services are conducted and people come to pray. Just struck by the acoustics – such a sound can not be created in an ordinary building. Church paraphernalia, so familiar to our churches is not here. There is only a large cross and candles burn against the walls.”

Chapel of Silence Kampi

The most “young” attraction of Helsinki, the construction of which was completed several years ago. The Chapel of Silence is located in a lively area of the Finnish capital on Narinkatori Square. From the outside, it resembles half a giant egg. Inside, visitors enter a large space, the walls of which are upheated with light wood.

The idea of the appearance of this landmark of the city was to provide residents and guests of Finland with the opportunity to stay in complete silence, escape from the noise and worries and think or dream. At the same time in the chapel can be about 60 people. The chapel is not directly related to religious objects. About God and prayers remind only that the Bible, laid out on the shelves and written in different languages of the peoples of the world.

Coming to this temple of silence, visitors can think about the urgent, be alone with their thoughts. You can comfortably sit both on wide benches and on soft poufs. Psychologists work in the chapel, who, if necessary, can provide assistance or advice.

“I must say that this is generally the most interesting attraction of those that I could see. After walking around Helsinki with its wet and cold weather, we went into the chapel and felt such peace and warmth, just incredible! It would seem that nothing special – walls 10 meters high, benches and stones on which you can sit along the walls, but the atmosphere itself is unique. “

Monument to Sibelius

Jan Sibelius is a famous Finnish composer who is loved by Finns and music fans from other countries. In honor of him, a park is laid out in the city, where a monument is erected. The sibelius monument is an unusual work of art designed to remind people of what a complex, beautiful and rich life the author of music has passed.

The monument is made of 600 pipe scraps. All of them are soldered together, and a kind of musical instrument is installed on a hill. On the monument to Sibelius you can not only admire, but also listen. Thanks to the wind, which passes through the pipes with varying strength, unusually beautiful music from unique sounds is obtained.

Next to an unusual musical instrument on the pedestal is a bronze head of the composer. Tourists from all over the world come to look at the unusual monument and take pictures with it. Its architect Eila Hiltunen, working on the project of the monument, sought to create a very symbolic monument in honor of the famous composer.

“An interesting monument, which you need to see at least to expand your horizons. I read somewhere that the attitude towards him is ambiguous and many believe that he disfigures the territory of the park, but I did not think so. In my opinion, the monument deserves attention – unusual, interesting, impressive.”

Finnair SkyWheel Ferris Wheel

A new attraction of Helsinki appeared in 2014 – in the city park earned the Ferris Wheel Finnair SkyWheel. This 40-meter structure is an excellent option for exploring the surroundings of the city and the opportunity to take a bird’s-eye view of the panorama of Helsinki.

From the first days of operation, the attraction has earned great popularity. For the convenience of visitors, the wheel is equipped with closed cabins with air conditioning, which work both for cooling and heating, so those who want to ride on the Ferris wheel can feel comfortable in any weather.

On the wheel there are also special cabins with a glass floor and very comfortable seats. Those who want to ride in them, give a bottle of champagne – a great place to declare love or hold a romantic meeting. In the evening, the attraction is beautifully illuminated by many light bulbs in white and blue colors. Finnair SkyWheel is located on Katayanaokka Pier.

“A new, modern Ferris wheel. Booths are safe, closed. Slowly rising to a height of 40 meters, it allows you to see the city and the Gulf of Finland from a bird’s eye view. During the trip you feel very comfortable, even if it rains outside. We rode during the day, but I can imagine what kind of view will open on the evening Helsinki!”.

Helsinki Senate Square

The main square of the city, where there are interesting architectural and historical monuments. The Senate Square of Helsinki was built in the middle of the 19th century. the Main attraction of this square is the Cathedral, rising on the steps of which, you can see the panorama, preserved for several centuries in its original form.

Senate Square is surrounded by bright buildings and monuments:

  • House of Cederholm;
  • University;
  • The building of the State Council.

Right in front of the cathedral you can see a large monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander II with symbols indicating that the emperor was an intelligent man and carried peace and light to people.

Senate Square is a traditional venue for many events, the most striking and unusual of which is the celebration of Lucia Day. On this day, the Queen of Light is chosen among the inhabitants of Finland, and the coronation takes place with a large crowd of people. The winner wears a crown with burning candles.

“In every city there is a place where it is very pleasant to walk, to feel the spirit, culture, history. In Helsinki, such a place is Senate Square. A very impressive place of the SS is a large cathedral that stands on a hill. There is also a museum on the square that we visited. It was interesting to see how Finnish merchants used to live.”


One of the main attractions of Helsinki is the Cathedral, which is located on the Senate Square. The building was built for more than 20 years in the middle of the 19th anniversary. its architecture is quite strict, without frills. The building of the cathedral is crowned with a large dome, and sculptures of 12 apostles rise above the temple.

Two architects worked on the construction of the cathedral – Engel and Lorman. The interior of the temple is also concise and strict. The altar part is decorated with a large painting, which was presented to the cathedral by the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. And tourists who have visited the Cathedral find similarities in its architecture with many St. Petersburg churches. Also, the hall is decorated with sculptures of such significant figures for the country and the world as the Melanchthons, Agricolas, Luther.

Tourists coming to the capital of Finland, be sure to visit this largest temple in the city. The cathedral opens its doors daily for worship. And also among believers it is customary to order a wedding ceremony in the temple.

“Although the cathedral seems to be a beautiful architectural structure from the outside, the interior is simply disappointing. There are not a large number of icons, the walls are bare, several wooden benches nearby. In general, it is worth visiting the cathedral.”

Seurasaari Island – open-air museum

More than 100 years ago, an unusual museum appeared on the island of Seurasaari. The exhibits that tourists from different countries come to see are buildings and structures that have been preserved in different settlements of Finland and were brought to the island. In total, there are about 90 peasant houses, churches, water mills, farms, fishing boats and outbuildings. Visiting the island of Seurasaari – an open-air museum, you can better learn the history of the country and understand how people lived in the cities of Finland for several centuries.

In order to get around the island and get acquainted with its exhibits, you do not need to buy a ticket. You will have to pay only if you want to visit Seurasaari as part of a guided tour. From the center of Helsinki to the Museum of Finnish Architecture – 4 km. You can get to it by bus or by car. On the territory of the complex you can not only get acquainted with the life of the Finns, but also participate in a master class of national crafts.

“Nature lovers will appreciate this place. Huge pine parks and forests with a bunch of squirrels that are ready to jump in front of you to get food. On the island there are many wooden buildings that have survived since the end of the XVIII century, and even there are 2 real farms. If you have free time, you can set aside a day to visit here.”

Old Market and Market Square

The Old Market and the Shopping Square are the busiest place in Helsinki and the center of attraction for all tourists. This square attracts guests of the Finnish capital with the opportunity to buy souvenirs and delicacies, as well as to get acquainted with the everyday life of Helsinki.

The market square is open 6 days a week. On Sundays there is a day off, and every year in October the Herring Festival is held. On this day, you can buy fish cooked in a variety of ways, as well as try it directly from the hands of the merchant. In the Old Market, it is considered normal to bargain and argue with buyers and sellers.

Fans of rare cars are best to come to the city on the first Friday of any month, when an exhibition of antique cars is held on the Market Square. This place in the city will appeal to lovers of noisy events and collectors who can replenish their collections with new handmade exhibits, architectural items and national souvenirs.

“Very crowded place. Residents of the city come here to buy fresh fish, and tourists – to look. I have been to Helsinki more than once, but the Old Market never ceases to amaze me. In any weather, it is full of tourists, you can eat in several cafes – salmon soup is simply delicious. “

Linnanmjaki Amusement Park

One of the most visited parks. Every year there are about a million visitors. Linnanmjaki Amusement Park is a great place to spend time in the capital of Finland in a fun and rich way. From it will come to a real delight not only kids, but also adults.

The attractions installed in the park are produced in different countries of the world. Here you can have fun, gathered with a company, or relax with the whole family. Along with attractions for the bravest, the park has free entertainment. For example, you can send kids to ride on a small train, which moves at low speed and allows you to watch what is happening in the area from the trailer.

On the territory of the park there is a 2-storey house-aquarium, visiting which, you can get acquainted with the features of the flora and fauna of the country. Here, 2 sharks will appear to the eyes of tourists – the pride of the park. In the park there are several cafes where you can have an inexpensive and a drinking lunch. Tickets to visit Linnanmjaki are sold for both one-time rides and for several hours of stay in the park.

“Great place to get a lot of unforgettable emotions! Some rides are just crazy, like “Labyrinth of Horrors” and “Butter Churn.” The park has a lot of children’s entertainment, and attractions for the whole family. Many attractions have an age limit.”

The best time to visit the capital of Finland is during the summer months. The weather at this time is quite comfortable to visit the sights. In addition, numerous events, holidays and festivals begin at this time. It’s cold in the winter months in Helsinki, but that doesn’t stop tourists from filling the city during the Christmas holidays, when Helsinki is especially beautiful and big discounts are announced in shops and markets.