Wadduwa, Sri Lanka: Attractions

Wadduwa is a developing resort in the south-west of Sri Lanka. In ancient times, traditional Asian medicine was used here and people were treated. Translated from Sinhalese, the name of the city is translated as “land of doctors”. Along with modern medical centers, the services of which are offered to tourists by local hotels, there are still several dozen connoisseurs of real Ayurveda on the coast. They don’t work in spas, but they can always be found through classifieds or word of mouth.

People come to Wadduwa for treatment, rehabilitation after illnesses, prevention of chronic diseases. Eastern practices can work wonders if you sincerely believe in them. The weather favors a good time and healing the body throughout the year. The high season lasts from December to April. At this time, the resort is visited by beach lovers. Dry weather is established, without sweltering heat and wind. Vadduwa Beach is a wide sandy strip with a gentle entrance to the water and a sandy bottom. Since April, the southwest monsoon enters the territory, heavy precipitation falls, which is often accompanied by strong gusts of wind.

Almost all hotels in Vadduwa are located on the first coastline. All categories of comfort are presented – from 5 stars to relatively inexpensive guest houses. The minimum cost of living is $ 50 per night. In the vicinity there are interesting places of interest that are worth visiting in your free time. hotel staff will help to hire transport or provide a car/ scooter / bicycle for rent. The review presents the most popular objects of the tourist infrastructure of Vadduwa for independent visits. Also in the city there are about 10 agencies organizing group and individual excursions along the coast.

Lake Bolgoda

The beach of the resort is not the only popular tourist destination. Here is the largest lake in Sri Lanka – Bolgoda. It occupies 2/3 of the entire territory of the Kalutara region. This is one of the richest lakes on the island in terms of biodiversity, as well as an attractive safari for lovers of water walks. The reservoir consists of two parts – North and South Lakes. They are connected to each other by a channel. Another waterway connects the lake to the ocean. Entertainment organizers offer several routes depending on the wishes of customers.

The first concerns directly a boat trip under the awning with a visit to a small island and the organization of a picnic on it. The second is a real safari with fishing, catching crustaceans and other lake inhabitants. A third way to relax is to go canoeing and kayaking. On the shore there is a club with instructors and a school, as well as an equipment rental shop. There is a river in the southern part of the lake. It is not wide, but it is quite suitable for rafting. We offer 2-3 hour rafting and serious water tours with a length of up to 3 days.



Richmond Castle

On the outskirts of the town in the direction of the village of Kalutara is an object of historical importance – richmond castle. This is a palace of the period of the British colony, combining several styles in its architecture, which is why it has a lot of eclecticism, luxury and Asian motifs. It belonged to one of the richest colonizers of Sri Lanka – a landowner with local family roots and a very long name. In history, his name has been preserved as Mudliyar. The palace was built in 1910 in honor of the wedding of the owner. The marriage with the richest and most beautiful bride of the island soon broke up. The couple could not have children, which greatly upset Mudliyar. He moved from the castle to the hotel room of a 5-star hotel, where he lived until his death in 1949. He gave the castle to the Department of Trust Management. The building first housed officials, then housed high-ranking officers of the British Army. Today it is a landmark that can be visited by paying Rs 500 for an entrance ticket with a guided tour. Without a guide, wandering around the rooms and courtyard of the estate will not be interesting. On the walls of the halls there is a huge number of photographs, each of which is associated with a separate story. How the owner loved his wife is evidenced by numerous wedding pictures. The house has preserved the original interiors of the first half of the twentieth century.

Address: Riverside road, Kalutara 12000, Sri Lanka



Gangatilaka Vihara temple in Kalutara

About 40 authentic temples have been preserved in the district. Gangatilaka Vihara in Kalutara is the most interesting of them. First, it is a modern temple. It was built in the 1960s. Secondly, it has the design of a hollow stupa, inside of which you can go. Analogues on the island no longer exist. Thirdly, it is a giant structure that can be seen from any part of the city. The building looks especially beautiful from the bank of the Kala Ganga River. The building is crowned with a snow-white dome, the inner walls are painted with frescoes, a sacred Bodhi tree grows in the courtyard. A fabric ribbon with desire can be tied to its branches, and it will come true someday. If you do not have a piece of fabric with you, then you can use a glass. Pour water into it, whisper a desire and pour water under the roots of the tree. The temple is active. Tourists will be interested to see the ritual of offering gifts to the Buddha, which is held three times a day, or to participate in ritual festivals.

Address: Galle Rd, Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Thudugala Ella waterfall

In the vicinity of Kalutara, if you go a little deeper into the jungle, there is one of the most picturesque waterfalls of the resort – Thudugala Ella waterfall. It’s not big, but it’s very beautiful. It is advisable to go to the place with a guide. Local hotels provide a guide upon prior request. It is needed not only to show the way, but also to provide assistance on the spot. The fact is that the stones in the pool at the foot of the waterfall are very slippery. Bathing in it is a tradition that no one breaks. The guide will support the person when descending from the stone pool, and then help to get out of there. Experienced travelers do not recommend going there on bicycles or scooters. Usually they go there on foot. This is a great hiking trail for lovers of walking. The picturesque trail will please you with excellent locations for photo shoots. Travel time is 30-40 minutes. On the way, you can go to the local market, buy fruits and flatbreads for a light snack near the waterfall.

Anda Dola Waterfall

Waterfalls are one of the main natural attractions of Vadduwa. The most beautiful of them are in the highland village of Ella. It is located in a valley between two mountains. Local residents are characterized by a measured lifestyle, housekeeping and work on tea plantations. If you get to Ella itself, and this is almost 160 miles, you can devote time to climbing one of the mountains. For example, trekking to Little Adam’s Peak will take 1 hour. But you can just walk or ride from Vadduwa along the riverbed to look at the most picturesque views of the highlands of the country. The nearest waterfall to the resort is Anda Dola. Its height is 113 meters. It is located near the village of Lankagama. It got its name because of the large number of wild boars that come here for watering. During the seasonal monsoon, the full-flowing current carries careless individuals into the mountain river. In the dry season, the waterfall does not dry up and is the main supplier of water to tea plantations.

Udawalawe National Park

In a couple of hours by car you can get from Vadduwa to the Udawale National Park. It is open every day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of the ballet is $ 15 (adult), $ 8 – for children. It is considered the sixth largest among 17 similar parks in Sri Lanka. The reserve was created to preserve the populations of wild animals relocated here during the construction of a reservoir on the Valava River (June 1972). Prior to this, land was cultivated on the territory for growing crops.

Today, the park is a natural landmark of the island and a habitat for a variety of species of animals and birds. The main and largest inhabitants were Indian elephants. A population of 600 individuals found refuge here. On the territory they move in groups of 8-10 females with cubs and a male at the head. Elephants have become a kind of symbol of Udavale. Tourists from all over the world come to see them. Excursions are conducted by jeeps. You can spend the night near the park. Campsites, ECO-hotels, there is a tent city. The park’s services include the organization of a transfer.

Official site: https://www.udawalawesafarifun.com/, https://www.facebook.com/udawalawesafarifun



Yalla National Park

Having been to Udaval. you don’t have to stop and get to the Yala National Steamers. It is located on the south-eastern coast, so from Vadduwa you will have to go about 5 hours, and from Udavale it will take only a couple of hours to get there. Here you can stay for 2-3 days to participate in a leopard safari, visit all 5 parts of the reserve, compare the conditions of beach holidays on the east and west coasts. Due to the huge presence of wild animals living in the park, walking tours of it are impossible. Movement only on jeeps with a guide and the ability to photograph everything in a row, but without a flash.

Prices for excursions – $ 15/8 (adult / child), safari – $ 45 for half a day, $ 75 for the whole day. Working hours from 06:00 to 18:00. Smoking, drinking alcohol, poaching, the presence of pets, hiking are prohibited in the park.

Address: Java, Southern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka

Website: https://www.yalasrilanka.lk/



Pahiyangala Ancient Temple – Yatagampitiya

In this cave, one of the largest in Asia, the remains of human skulls aged 37,000 years were discovered. It is located next to the village of Yatagampitiya in the highlands of the island. It is also called the mammoth cave. It is 200 feet long, 175 feet high inlet, and 160 feet wide. The cave is located at an altitude of 400 feet above sea level. Inside there are karst halls over 400 feet high. As archaeological research is still ongoing, many natural tunnels are blocked. In addition to research, the cave is also home to a Buddhist temple. A local monk used a stone sledgehammer to clear the entrance and level the ground. In front of the entrance there is a 40-foot statue of a reclining Buddha. The distance from Vadduwa to the place is just over 35 km.

Address: Yatagampitiya Village, Southeast, Sri Lanka



Brief Garden, by Bevis Bawa

Bevis Bava is a famous Sri Lankan architect who created the unique Brief Garden. Famous actors, politicians, artists, writers visited it. This plot of land was bought by his father, and then after his death, Bevis began to create a unique natural zone here, fully consistent with his worldview. He believed that in the garden everyone should find a cozy place for themselves, so it cannot be called a traditional botanical garden or a park of culture and recreation. It connects a little bit of everything – rare plants, secluded corners like the Parks of Versailles, sculptures scattered throughout the territory, water bodies. The entrance to the territory is open from 09:00 to 16:00 daily.

Address: Brief Garden Kalawila Village, Beruwala 12070, Sri Lanka

Website: https://briefgarden.business.site/



A holiday in Wadduwa is a great solution to spend time with health benefits and acquaintance with Sri Lankan culture. Numerous hotels with health complexes and spas receive guests all year round. The resort has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, a transfer from Colombo Airport is provided.