Отель Введенский Санкт-Петербург

Hotel “Vvedensky” is a 5-10 minute walk from two metro stations: Chkalovskaya and Petrogradskaya. Moskovsky Train Station is a 20-minute transport ride away. In this historical building before the revolution was located Vvedenskaya gymnasium. The hotel claims 4 stars, thanks to its convenient location, comfortable rooms and good breakfast. However, there is no spa, no swimming pool, no fitness club, no children’s center. Prices for rooms are average for the historical center of St. Petersburg. Mostly business travelers and tourists with a good budget come here.

Anton Botin writes a review: “lived in the left wing – a new repair, clean, fresh. Breakfast is buffet. You can order scrambled eggs, omelets or waffles. The location of the hotel in the center of the Petrogradsky district allows you to quickly get to both the center and Krestovsky Island. On Bolshoy Prospekt there are many shops, bars, restaurants. Of the cons: no ventilation, air conditioning can not cope, the room is stuffy (in the heat). Sound insulation is average, in the toilet in general everything is very audible … The buffet is ordinary, if not modest – compared to other 4-star hotels.”

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Rooms are fresh and not very good

The hotel rents 190 rooms of varying degrees of comfort. Some of them were refreshed in 2019-2020, the other part remained in the same restored form. Guests have access to the sauna (extra charge) and gym (free of charge). Free Wi-Fi is also available in all rooms.

  • The standard area of 21-25 square meters. meters is designed to accommodate two people and, compared to other hotels in the center of St. Petersburg,is quite spacious. The room has a king-size bed with an orthopedic mattress. Opposite it is an LED TV with cable channels. There is also a standard set: hairdryer, safe, paid mini-bar and a minimum of cosmetics. The bathroom has a full bath. The interior is monochromatic.
  • Standard comfort is the same room, but after the renovation of spring 2020. Of the changes: air conditioning was added, the bath was replaced by a shower. But the main thing is a new modern design in a motle urban style. Living in such a standard is much more pleasant.
  • Superior room of 30 square meters. meters is designed to accommodate three people. From the equipment added sofa, coffee table, shower. This type of space has also undergone renovation in 2020 and has a fresh interior.
  • Deluxe area of 35-40 square meters. meters consists of two rooms and is designed to accommodate three guests. There is a higher level of comfort, which is achieved through interior decoration with expensive materials and furniture in the classical style. Bathrobes and slippers have been added from the equipment.
  • Suite two-room area of 58 square meters. meters is designed for three tenants. A dining area has been added to the deluxe facilities, each room has its own TV, a bath and bidet are built into the bathroom. The design is made in the style of minimalism. It offers panoramic views of Bolshoy Prospekt.
  • The business suite with an area of 70 square meters. meters has three rooms: a bedroom, a living room and a study, but is designed to accommodate only three people. From the equipment is added a capsule coffee machine and a gorgeous view of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. The fresh interior has been renovated in the style of a superior room. Premium apartment of 64 square meters. meters has the same characteristics and view from the windows on the Big Avenue.

AIV writes a review: “the guest liked: the breakfasts are excellent, the staff is polite, the rooms are comfortable. I did not like the restaurant “Weightlessness”. Ordered from the menu – expensive and tasteless, chose one dessert, and brought a completely different. Compared to breakfasts in the hotel – heaven and earth. On the Swedish line, my husband and I ate so much that we didn’t eat anything before dinner. Parking at the hotel is terribly expensive and there are often no places there. But you can attach yourself to the street nearby.”

Meals at the hotel

  • Breakfast in the restaurant “Poet” takes place from 7 to 10:30 in the hall with a soft and soothing interior, made in pastel colors. The hotel has its own confectionery and bakery, so croissants, cakes, bread basket – always at the proper level. The choice of fried eggs or omelet. There are mandatory cereals, salads, snacks. Laid out placers of fruit in slices, slices of cheeses, sausages, fish of weak salt. Pour coffee beans, fruit fresh juices, juices, etc. In other words, quite a decent breakfast for 1100r for a hotel of 4 stars. Here from 11 to 16 you can taste a business lunch.
  • Restaurant “Weightlessness” is located on the top floor of the hotel “Vvedensky” and has a view terrace with tables. Through the panoramic windows offers a wonderful view of the city center. From a bird’s eye view, all the main attractions of St. Petersburg are visible. The interior is made in a pleasant modern style of the city restaurant. The author’s menu from the chef is replete with simple dishes from different cuisines of the world. Here they like to cook fish and seafood in different variations, antipasti, pate and cheese fondue for the company. Picked up soups from Russian cuisine, for example, triple ear with a glass of vodka or borscht. The average bill without drinks will be 1500-2000r. Wine by the glass has a ruthless price tag: 430-1900r per glass of 125 ml. Teapot 400-600r. A glass of fruit fresh – 330 p. Very expensive institution.
  • In the confectionery hotel you can order one of the cakes weighing 1.5 kg and costing 2000-3500r. There are also assorted cakes 120-230p and pasta 80p. Sweet lovers can treat themselves to desserts and cakes by ordering delivery to their room.
  • Cafe “Biscotto” is located on the second floor and welcomes guests with a simple “geometric” design, where the eye has nothing to cling to. The inflated price tag for the simplest dishes complements the extremely low weight of portions. For example, chicken broth (300 ml) costs as much as 370p. Beef steak with dor-blue sauce weighs 200 grams at a price of 970p. And baked beets (180 grams) with inclusions of goat cheese are offered to buy for 430r. The average bill without drinks is 2000-2500r.

It should be added that within a radius of 100 meters around the hotel opened its doors with a dozen cafes and restaurants for every taste and purse. Including network establishments, where you can comfortably sit, eat, drink and have a snack, while spending half as much money.

Hotel facilities

Guests here are available standard options: dry cleaning, laundry, transfer, food delivery to the room, photo shoot. In addition, you can visit:

  • a room on the 9th floor, in which as many as three simulators are installed. With a room area of no more than 20 square meters. meters to play sports here is problematic. Nevertheless, guests of the hotel can visit this “gym” at any time of the day.
  • The sauna in the hotel can accommodate no more than 7 people. In addition to the steam room, it also includes a small lounge with a TV, sofa and table. There is a Jacuzzi bath, showers and a cedar barrel with ice water. The cost of visiting and the menu of snacks from the restaurant are negotiated with the administrator.
  • Renting bicycles in the hotel is also a paid service, available only in the warm season. Nevertheless, it is very popular among tourists. Every year there are many who want to ride a bike in the center of St. Petersburg, parks and squares, see the famous white nights and bridges.
  • Children’s playroom is open only to visitors of the restaurant “Weightlessness”. Open on weekends during the opening of the institution. This is a small room with a sofa and a table, which has plasma with cartoons, educational games and a variety of children’s toys.
  • Beauty salon “Dessange” can afford to visit only very wealthy people. Haircut with styling for gentlemen here costs 2650r, and for ladies and at all 4500r. Manicure nails 2700r. Facial massage 2200r.
  • Flower shop «Barbie flower’s» specializes in bouquets in a modern style: small size, expensive, but elegant. Very manual (with a lapdone and less) bouquets can be chosen in the range of 800-2000r, medium size – 3000-5000r.
  • Conference halls and meeting rooms in Vvedensky can be rented by prior arrangement. There are rooms with different design and volume, accommodateing up to 15, 25, 60, 100 and 220 people. A banquet in the restaurant can also be booked after the event. This hotel plays weddings, celebrates anniversaries, organizes executive receptions and corporate parties.

Marina writes a review: “Clean, quiet. The staff is not very friendly: they are not rude, but you should not wait for a smile. The buffet menu is very modest: there is no feeling that you are eating in a restaurant. There are a lot of Asians and Hispanic retirees around. Taking a shower in the room, you pour everything around – an ill-conceived pallet is made. On the pluses: Peter and Paul Fortress and the cruiser “Aurora” in a 20-minute walk. “

Within walking distance…

Prince Vladimir Cathedral was consecrated under Tsarina Catherine the Great. In Soviet times, it was one of the few churches in St. Petersburg that did not close after the repression. In 1989, the parishioners solemnly celebrated the 200th anniversary of the consecration. This majestic and voluminous temple, built in the shape of a ship, is decorated with ancient and modern icons, among which the miraculous image of St. Nicholas and the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God are especially revered. Here you can attend the service, order demands, confess and take communion.

Alexander Park, in addition to vegetation, includes institutions that are worth visiting:

  • The planetarium, opened in 1959, has a rich exposition, located in seven thematic halls. Guides tell interesting information about astronautics, astronomy, the history of space exploration. You can watch the interactive program “Planet Umki”. Children under 17 years old, pensioners and veterans are given a discount on the ticket;
  • The Artillery Museum is located in the center of the park and consists of a large number of full-scale samples, halls and stands. Guides talk about the rich history of wars and weapons, starting with armor. A lot of real guns, machine guns, pistols, etc. are open to the eyes of visitors. The whole hall is dedicated to the Kalashnikov assault rifle and its modifications. Guides lead the tour, being armed to the teeth (for entourage). Also, the stands contain photographs, secret maps of the General Staff, diorams, battle paintings, etc.;
  • The Music Hall Theatre is visited to watch performances and horror musicals based on the works of famous classics: Oscar Wilde, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, etc. On the small stage put children’s performances about Baba Yaga, Brement musicians, Winnie the Pooh, etc.;
  • the wax museum is located in the same complex of buildings in the center of the park. The museum is small and little-known, but will delight guests with inexpensive tickets. Employees talk about wax dolls and their prototypes – personalities known in certain circles.

Peter and Paul Fortress is located next to the park. Among tourists, this ancient ensemble has earned popularity as a symbol of the city. Inside the fortress stands the majestic Peter and Paul Cathedral – the tomb of russian sovereigns. Nearby is the Mint and the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. The sinister and cold prison of the Trubetskoy garrison with a torture chamber and the Museum of Cosmonautics are available for visiting. Around a variety of historical relics, monuments, squares and cafes. Landscaped promenade of Hare Island with a beach.

The cruiser “Aurora” is a 10-minute walk from the Peter and Paul Fortress. After repairs, the ship has a central naval museum. In the hold of the vessel is deployed a high-quality and interesting exposition. You can also walk along the deck, where tourists like to take selfies. Ticket price – 400р.


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