Unique Cronwell Park Yakhonty Tarusa Gribovka, Russia — Luxury holiday near Moscow at democratic prices

“Tarusa Yakhonta” comfortably settled down among the forest thicket surrounded by coniferous trees and birches. The area is inhabited by a huge number of animals and birds, so during the holidays, spending days in the forest, you can observe with your own eyes the life of animals in the wild. In general, it is difficult to call this complex modern and progressive. Of course, it meets all European standards, but the remoteness from civilization makes it very original and original.

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General information

The park hotel,which we will talk about today, is located, perhaps, in the most ecologically clean area of the Moscow region. This is the Zhukovsky district of the Kaluga region. Very close to it is a small provincial town called Gribovka.

What can this place offer us? Firstly, spacious apartments, presented in seven different categories for every taste and budget. Secondly, a full four meals a day, which is already included in the cost of your stay. Thirdly, there is a developed infrastructure with many sports grounds, a spa center, conference rooms, restaurants and bars.

But a special pride of the administration is the progressive spa complex, which offers a wide range of services for the improvement and rejuvenation of the body. And after visiting the medical institution, you can play bowling, air hockey, questology, horseback riding, go fishing and perform your favorite musical composition in karaoke.

Catherine, Podolsk: “The service in the hotel is brought to the highest level, the staff is very friendly and welcoming, always listen to problems with great attention and try to solve them promptly. As for the furnishings, the courtyard is very neat, the surroundings are clean, the lawns are perfectly trimmed, lots of trees. There are barbecue areas, benches and walking paths. In general, even if you limit yourself to entertainment, there is always something to do. “

Food system

As mentioned earlier, the park-hotel “Tarusa Yakhonta” works under the “all inclusive” program. This means that all guests without exception have the right to a full four meals a day. The main meals are held in the main restaurant. As in most cases, guests must independently put the selected dishes into the plates This concept is called “buffet”.

What can you pamper yourself with? The menu of catering facilities located on the territory of the hotel is quite diverse. The widest range of dishes of European and Russian cuisine is presented, as well as several times a week during thematic evenings, chefs prepare food according to the author’s unique recipes. All products used in the kitchen are of unsurpassed quality and freshness, which not every hotel can boast of.

We have already mentioned that the main restaurant has a buffet system. As part of the program, guests can choose their own food and drinks. And if during the day you feel a slight hunger, it can be satisfied in one of the bars. It offers everyone to taste wine and other alcohol-containing products, as well as coffee, tea, fresh pastries, desserts, ice cream, fast food and much more.

Angelina, St. Petersburg: “I myself would never have chosen this hotel as a place of rest, a ticket here was given to me by my colleagues at work for my birthday. I will say right away, I was pleasantly surprised, although I do not particularly like forest adventures, I am more sympathetic to the sea and fine sand. But there is everything, of course, except for the sea coast. But the main thing that I want to note is nutrition. The restaurants have a very beautiful environment, a lot of textiles, candles, panoramic windows and open terraces. In such an entourage you want to eat a lot and tasty. Chefs are true masters of their craft. There has never been a place where I didn’t like the chosen dish. Thank you, work for glory!”

Room stock

Surely, you remember that all apartments are presented in seven different categories. The administration in the formation of the housing stock took care of tourists with modest budgets, and vacationers who are accustomed to live on a grand scale.

Standard rooms are small rooms. Conventionally divided into several parts – hallway, dressing room, sleeping area, working and soft corners. The “package” includes a double bed, bedside rooms, mini-bar, TV, split system. The addition of balconies with cozy outdoor furniture allows you to spend more free time in the fresh air, especially in the early morning hours, when you want to enjoy a wonderful invigorating coffee and delicious pastries.

About the comfort and coziness of the local apartments, former guests write laudatory reviews. The design is very soft, modern, with elements of classics, in light colors. There is no kitchen in the budget living quarters, and in the family suites and superior apartments there is a set, stove, microwave, electric kettle, cutlery and dishes.

Maxim, Serpukhov: “I often traveled to different countries – Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, etc. But I would never have thought that the Moscow region cleans better than in Europe and Africa. Maids are very tactful girls. If they come to the room, and they were asked to come later, no one will argue and argue, close the door behind them and return at the appointed time. They do a great job – the room always had clean towels and bed linen, fresh water in the minibar, and all surfaces polished to shine.”

Rest in SPA

Who does not want to deal with their appearance, especially if all the conditions are created for this. Especially popular services in the wellness center of the park-hotel “Tarusa Yakhonty” are all types of massage, as well as cosmetic procedures aimed at moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin of the face and body, removing unwanted vegetation, as well as correcting the figure and getting rid of cellulite manifestations and stretch marks. Girls often visit a hairdresser and manicure and pedicure masters.

There are also places in the complex where you will want to relax in a relaxed atmosphere with health benefits. A great option for you can be steam rooms, Turkish bath and Finnish sauna, as well as hot tubs. And then you can swim in the pool and relax on one of the sun loungers installed around the pond with heated water.

Separately, it is worth talking about the dream of all children and adults – a water park. It is a huge number of all kinds of slides and attractions, where kids splash with pleasure, accompanied by their parents. Experienced rescuers are always on duty at the water, safety precautions are fully observed. So, for example, no one will let you into the territory without a special hat and slippers.

Sandra: “Amazingly exciting we had a time at this park hotel. The child could not be pulled out of the water park, so we spent almost all the days there. I want to note the set of measures that have been applied in the institution for the safety of children. The steps are rubberized and have special pads, so that the risk of injury is minimized. In addition, every day rescuers tell the kids about the rules of safety on the water. “

Entertainment and leisure

In the summer, you will find a lot of exciting interesting things: fishing, equestrian school, tennis courts, paintball, rental of bicycles, Segways, roller skates and much more. Everyone can rent playgrounds and verandas for barbecue, participate in team competitions in volleyball, football, mini-golf, as well as make forays into the forest for a picnic.

Winter entertainment is also available in huge numbers. On the territory there is a rental point for snowmobiles and other motorcycles, skating rinks are poured, slides for sledding and tubing are being built.

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But no matter what time of year you arrive, there is a nightclub, billiard room, cigar, karaoke and other entertainment facilities throughout the year. Do not forget that some of the services are free, but there are those for which you will have to pay in cash. By the way, non-cash payment is also possible.

Park-hotel “Tarusa Yakhonta” has a huge number of positive reviews from tourists who at least once had a chance to visit it. What does that mean? Probably, about the fact that the employees of the institution are given to work with all their heart in order to make your stay in the hotel as comfortable and convenient as possible. The only category of people who may be dissatisfied is pet lovers. Unfortunately, in the room stock there are no rooms in which it would be allowed to keep cats and dogs.

But here everyone who prefers an active lifestyle and a vacation to the fullest. The administration did not forget about the newlyweds, especially for whom suites are equipped, the atmosphere of which is literally filled with romance. This is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon alone with your loved one. Perhaps this trip will be the most significant in your life, and in a few years you will return here with a child.

When booking rooms at the hotel, remember that on holidays and weekends their cost increases significantly. But you can successfully save on this by paying for accommodation a few weeks before the day of arrival.