Unforgettable Foresta Festival Park Russia, Prokhorovo — Description, reviews, photos

Park-hotel “Foresta” is located in a forested area, located 20 kilometers from Podolsk and 26 kilometers from Chekhov. At the disposal of guests are cozy and beautiful apartments with free access to wireless Internet, an indoor pool, a paintball club, a tennis court and other infrastructure facilities.



Every tourist who is faced with a difficult choice of a suitable hotel complex, for sure, at least once wondered: why it is worth buying a ticket is the park-hotel “Foresta”. Below we will try to highlight the main advantages of this institution, which can be a decisive factor for a positive decision. So, let’s get started!

  • Significant budget savings. Everyone strives to reduce their costs, even when it comes to vacation. Rest in the suburbs in itself involves the fact that the institution can be reached by your own car. So, forgive long flights, acclimatization, poisoning with foreign delicacies and other unpleasant nuances. In addition, you do not have to deal with the registration of a passport and permission to enter the country. Another nice plus: for car owners on the territory of the complex there is a guarded parking.
  • Possibility to leave for any time. Not many can afford a full vacation, and even a two-week break in work for many Russians for years continues to be a pipe dream. But no employer has the right to take away holidays and weekends from you. During such short-term holidays, you can go to the park hotel, especially since often these days the institution hosts entertainment events.
  • Accessibility. If you are unexpectedly pulled out of vacation, you do not need to buy tickets for the next flights in a panic and carry to the airport with full suitcases. It is enough just to order transfer services and leave the hotel for a few hours for important negotiations or meetings, and then calmly return to your favorite room.

Evgenia, Moscow: “The excellent location of the hotel allows you to quickly solve problems with business, only for a while breaking away from the rest. In general, I liked the hotel very much, the rooms are cozy, the courtyard is very clean and tidy. In summer, a lot of greenery, the air is fresh, the temperature outside is optimal. During the hot summer months, the room remains cool.”

Children’s leisure

It is not surprising that couples with children often come to the Foresta Park Hotel. This is a great place for kids, and the administration pays special attention to the issues of their comfortable accommodation. For example, at the request of parents, employees will necessarily install an extra bed in the room.

Naturally, all conditions are created for children here. The spa area has a swimming pool. It has a shallow depth and is equipped with slides and attractions. Rescuers are always on duty at the water, who always explain to their young guests the safety rules and do everything to minimize the risk of injury.

On the territory of the complex there are several playgrounds with swings and carousels, because playing in the fresh air has a positive effect on the mood of the children and their health. In the main building there is a special room in which they spend their free time during the weather and doges. There are rope slides, a dry pool filled to the briny with plastic balls, a maze, a trampoline and much more. Educators and teachers teach them the basics of ethics, communication in society, conduct master classes on modeling from clay, plasticine, assembling from the details of the designer, cooking and drawing. Within the framework of the project “children’s mini-club” cheerful animators work with kids, competitions, sports competitions, evening discos and entertainment shows are held.

Often there are cases when parents want to retire to spend the evening in a romantic atmosphere, go on an excursion or go shopping in nearby cities. Especially for such moments, the hotel has a staff of nannies and educators who always look after the child while adults solve problems or, conversely, relax alone with each other. This service is paid, you will have to pay for it separately.

Svetlana, Moscow: “My daughter is delighted with this hotel. Almost all day long she did something in a mini-club, went on excursions and splashed in the pool. The animators here are very clockwork and cheerful, help the kids not only to enjoy every minute spent in the walls of the institution, but also to communicate with peers and make new friends. But this is not the most important thing. The fact is that, like most children her age, my daughter categorically refuses to eat normally. But then she weaved everything that I ordered her at the restaurant. Thank you very much to the local chefs, their children’s menu deserves praise. Original design and extraordinary taste – it is this combination that makes the prayer eat, as expected, three times a day. They’re also asking for an additive!”


In thepark-ark-hotel “Foresta” there are many rooms equipped and suitable for long stays. Extensive number of rooms will allow you to find an option for every taste and budget. In the standard “set” of equipment and furniture that you will find in any apartment: TV (plasma panel with a flat screen), individual air conditioning, telephone for internal communication, safe for storing valuables, cash, bank cards and jewelry, hairdryer and hygiene products, slippers, bathrobe, a huge double bed, a work area and a couch.

The main advantage of staying in this hotel,according to many travelers, is the fact that smoking is strictly prohibited on the territory of residential buildings. For these purposes, special places are allocated. Another important point that someone will consider a plus, and someone a disadvantage – a ban on entry with pets. The administration tries to do everything for a comfortable stay in the rooms, so we decided to exclude from the list of irritating factors the night barking of dogs or the meow of a cat.

Mark, Odintsovo: “I had no complaints about cleaning. The maids always came at the same time, which allowed them to properly plan their day taking into account their presence in the room. During cleaning, employees clean plumbing, change towels and bed linen, update the mini-bar and hygiene products for hair and body care, wipe the dust, vacuum the floor. Sometimes they pleased me with beautiful structures made of napkins and towels. Every request was responded to positively, even if I voiced them in a claim form and not quite correctly. “

Summer and winter entertainment

As you have already understood, a huge number of infrastructure facilities have been built on the territory of the Foresta complex. The administration considers its swimming pools to be especially proud. One pond is located in the open air, the other two (children’s and adults) – in the building of the spa center. There are also sports grounds for tennis, football, volleyball and mini golf. In the mornings, you can visit the gym, where experienced instructors work, always ready to develop individual exercise programs for their clients.
In the summer, almost all possible entertainment is available to the residents. At the rental office you can rent a bicycle, Segway, rollers, badminton rackets, ATVs and much more. Employees of large corporations often come here to play paintball and ride motorcycles.

In winter, the hotel also equips the territory for outdoor recreation. An ice rink, a hockey box are poured, ice slides are erected. Near the hotel there are plots of land where horseback riding and snowmobiling takes place.

Food system

Each guest has the right to choose the type of food. For example, the hotel offers concepts such as full board, half board and continental breakfast. By the way, the morning meal can take place in your apartment, the staff brings food to the room on demand. But still, many travelers often choose the “all inclusive” program.

For those who have chosen a full three meals a day, included in the price, the main restaurant works daily. In it, everything is subject to the principle of “buffet”. Guests independently put the selected dishes into the plates, and leave dirty dishes on the tables. Several times a week, themed dinners are held here, within the framework of which guests have the opportunity to taste author’s dishes, delicacies and hitherto unknown delicacies. For light snacks, romantic evenings and friendly gatherings, there is a whole network of restaurants and bars with a varied menu.

Artem, Serpukhov: “The food is very tasty, never stumbled upon an oversalted or spice-spoiled dish. Breakfast usually consists of pancakes, cottage cheese, cereals, dairy products, pastries and light vegetable soups. At lunch, many types of side dishes, salads, cold snacks are served. In the evening, meat, fish, chicken and seafood are appointed. There is a children’s menu and food for vegetarians and health food advocates.”

Park Hotel Foresta has recently become a very popular and sought-after establishment. And in principle, the administration is doing everything for this, and even more. Just imagine: a gym, a spa, a hairdresser, sports grounds, restaurants and bars were built. The emphasis is also on children’s leisure, which is also actively developing, complemented by various programs and projects.

While working on this article, a huge number of reviews about this institutionwere read, and, I must say, only one or two percent of them have a negative color. This is a great indicator that the park hotel we are discussing really deserves your attention. And if you have already made a positive decision, hurry up to book rooms, because there are rarely many free places in the hotel.