Hostels in Krakow: top 10 options for budget holidays in the ancient capital of Poland

Hostels in Krakow are a great way to get to know the city and save money. Each of them is equipped with everything necessary for the complete comfort of holidaymakers, and is filled with the color of such a charming Krakow.

Bubble Hostel

Bubble Hostel is a great option for anyone who wants to stay cheaply and comfortably in the heart of Krakow. Just five minutes you will spend on the road to the huge shopping center Galeria Krakowska, which is also the main station. A leisurely and pleasant walk to the heart of the old town of Krakow, Rynek G’wny, takes just 5 minutes to enjoy sightseeing, cozy restaurants, nightclubs and shopping shops. From the windows of the hostel, guests can admire the wonderful views of the park, the old town and the historic house under the globe with a beautiful tower.

This low-cost hostel provides 8 rooms, including family rooms, with access to a shared bathroom with a hairdryer and a fully equipped kitchen where each guest will find everything they need. Staying at the hostel includes free breakfast and tea with coffee throughout the day. All rooms are equipped with new furniture, personal lockers on locks and quality bedding. The hostel has a 24-hour reception and Wi-Fi throughout the hostel. There is also a free laundry.

For additional payment Bubble Hostel provides fresh towels, photocopy services, booking excursions, transfers.

“Everything is very clean and organized. The room in which we were settled was very cozy and comfortable. I really enjoyed breakfast and care from the staff who were really attentive and helpful towards me.”

Bubble Hostel is probably one of the best hostels where you can relax after a busy tourist day in Krakow.

Mundo Hostel

One of The hostels in Krakow, which has a convenient location, is a favorite of tourists from many countries – Mundo Hostel. Cozy and comfortable, warm as a native home. In addition, it is of a pleasant value, so that everyone who wants to know the world, can afford it.

Rooms here are decorated in the spirit of travel – there are Mexican, Nepali, Russian and Japanese, and the common rooms are decorated in the American and Indian style.

The hostel is located in a part of the city beloved by all tourists – it is located between the Old Town and the district of Kazimierz. From here, “within reach” to all the sights, as well as interesting places. Wavel Castle or the Vistula coast are a 5-minute walk away.

Here you will be greeted by affable staff who will gladly give answers to all the questions you are interested in. And also at your service comfortable beds with new mattresses.

“Great location – to Market Square 10 minutes on foot. Very friendly and friendly staff. They checked in at 9 a.m.!!! Tea and coffee in unlimited amounts. Good home breakfast. We lived in a 2-seater room without amenities. The room is small, the beds couldn’t be moved. Clean, warm, cozy.”

Mundo Hostel is a place where you can have a great time after a day of walking and exploring the city.

The Secret Garden Hostel

Beloved by many tourists and residents of Krakow hostel The Secret Garden Hostel it is conveniently located, as well as full of rooms, which are 22. To get from here to the royal castle on Wavelst Hill, you do not even have to call a taxi – only 1 kilometer can be overcome on foot, walking and enjoying the views of the city.

At the reception guests are greeted by friendly staff. The rooms have a radio, cupboards, a table with chairs, as well as a TV. There is enough space in each room for everyone. Another difference of this hostel in Krakow is the presence of a common kitchen, where you will have the opportunity to cook your favorite food.

Also here you will have the opportunity to rent a bike or book transfer services. It is worth noting that throughout the hostel there is free access to the World Wide Web.

“It’s a wonderful hostel. He is one of the few that deserves high praise. The beds are comfortable, there is plenty of space, there is a place to place your belongings. Also pleased with the presence of the kitchen. In general, I recommend to everyone.”

The Secret Garden Hostel is a great place for fun companies that want to explore the world. It’s cozy, comfortable – just like home!

One World Hostel

Do you like to travel? Love history? Then you’re definitely in Krakow! Walking around the city, you will certainly need to relax. And we recommend it in the hostel of Krakow – One World Hostel,which is convenient location, as well as low cost.

There is free wi-fi throughout the hostel, quite spacious rooms, more than comfortable beds and more. Here you will be greeted by friendly staff who will be held to your room. Another undeniable advantage of One World Hostel is the round-the-clock and uninterrupted operation of the reception (i.e., you can check in at any time of the day).

“A cozy hostel with 14 rooms. Pleased with the presence of parking. We were not going to stay in Krakow, but the long journey was tired and decided to spend the night here. I loved it so much that we spent three days here. It’s a nice place, and it’s even more inexpensive.”

One World Hostel is a choice of those who like to walk around the city, its attractions, as well as architectural monuments.

Dream Hostel & Apartments

Do you want to have a great time in Krakow and not to empty your pockets too much? Then you’re at Dream Hostel’s Apartments. From here, you can walk 15 minutes to the main town square, and 10 to the famous Vavel Castle.

In addition to a convenient location, this hostel in Krakow is famous for comfortable rooms, which are equipped with beds made of natural wood with comfortable mattresses. There is also a shared bathroom. It is worth noting that the staff of the hostel will gladly help you to choose and organize a tour in the city of Zakopana, Bochna or Velichka.

“The first thing that pleased us when we entered the hostel was the smiling and very hospitable staff. It feels like these guys are ready to turn the world around for the sake of their client. It’s very nice. Next, the room is clean cozy, smells nice. There is a place to settle down. In general, we managed to get a good night’s sleep here. I recommend it to everyone.”

Dream Hostel and Apartments is a great place for those who want to relax comfortably after a wonderfully eaten day in the incredible Krakow.

Hostel Submarine

Hostel Submarine is a fairly small hostel with only 5 rooms, each with chairs, comfortable beds, a table and a closet. This is one of The Hostels of Krakow, which has a convenient location. From here it is only 450 meters to the railway station and about one and a half kilometers to Vavel Castle.

The big advantage is that the reception here is open around the clock, that is, you will have the opportunity to settle at any time of the day. It is noteworthy that the hostel has a luggage storage chamber.

There are also family rooms and non-smoking rooms, and free access to wi-fi, parking and so on throughout the hostel. By the way, here you can stay with your pet.

“We chose a hostel specially next to the station. Somehow successfully sold a double room, paying only 31 euros for two days. The hostel is small, but well-designed kitchen, a lot of dishes, there is a microwave, refrigerator and stove. You can pay by card. There’s an elevator in the building, though it’s a sly one. The hostel itself is on the third floor. Neighbors were quiet, there was no noise. The room is clean and warm, a separate shower and toilet. They give out towels. It’s a stop nearby. They gave me earplugs.”

Hostel Submarine is comfortable and cozy – as at home. The best choice of travelers who need to spend the nights in peace and comfort, and if you want and get acquainted with the history of the city for a little money.

Mosquito Hostel Krakow

The cozy, as well as comfortable hostel in Krakow Mosquito Hostel Krakow attracts tourists from all over the world: first, a good location, secondly, each of its 10 rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a more pleasant holiday.

From here, it is only a 5 minute walk to the station. But to the famous area of the Market is no more than 500 meters. All the sights are “hand-to-hand” that is so important for the traveler.

There are bright rooms where you can access the internet for free. In addition, you will be offered breakfast (which is already included). The hostel has lockers, washing machines, luggage storage cameras and so on.

In the general lounge you will have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movie, drink coffee or tea all day without stopping (completely free), use the kitchen and prepare your favorite dishes, park your vehicle for free, enjoy the city from the terrace and so on.

“Super hostel. We took a separate room. All that sets it apart from the hotel is just the price, which is much lower. I liked absolutely everything. When I’m back in Krakow, I’ll stay here. By the way, thank you to the very sympathetic staff, always ready to meet their customers.”

Mosquito Hostel Krakow is a choice for those who want to have a great time and stay in the old part of the city, more than cheap.

The Little Havana Party Hostel

Located in the old part of the city, The Little Havana Party Hostel is colonial-style. It has several bars, a nightclub, a communal kitchen and a lounge. Smiling staff gladly organizes you excursions, parties and so on.

It is worth noting that throughout this hostel in Krakow there is free access to the World Wide Web. There is also a ticket office, which will allow you to buy a bus ticket. And thanks to the 24-hour reception, you can move here at any time of the year. By the way, this is where you will have the opportunity to settle with a pet.

“When we were in Krakow, we decided to stay here for the night. Enjoyed the fact that the hostel is located just 160 meters from Market Square. In general, all the sights are very close. The staff are smiling, sleep comfortably. The price included breakfast, we had lunch in the restaurant, and cooked dinner ourselves here. I liked it all. Thank you.’

The Little Havana Party Hostel is a choice of those who like the history of the old city, as well as its attractions.

Luneta Warszawska

If you are a lover of travel, exploring new cities and expanses, then you are in Luneta Warszawska – one of the hostels in Krakow, which is located in the old part of the city. Guests can use the free parking. Each of the 15 rooms has its own bathroom.

You can entertain yourself here, free entered the free web, going to the pool or playing darts. From the hostel to all the attractions is very close – no more than one kilometer.

It is worth noting that the hostel has a conference room, as well as rooms for non-smokers.

“The hostel is like a hostel. Nothing unusual was seen here. Sleep comfortably and quite spacious. I’m glad that everything is clean.”

If you want to sleep well after a long day and walk around the city, then you are in Luneta Warszawska,where you will meet affable and smiling staff.

Hostel Centrum Sabot

Do you need an inexpensive, but convenient and equipped hostel in Krakow? Introducing Hostel Centrum Sabot,which launched in 2016. There are 20 non-smoking rooms to choose from. There is free parking on site.

Returning to the room after a long walk and exploring the city, you can comfortably sit in a comfortable bed and go to the World Wide Web for free.

Some of the rooms have their own living room and an electric kettle. Thanks to the successful order of Hostel Centrum Sabot, to get to all the sights of the city is not difficult.

“It’s a great hostel. I travel around the world often, but the hostel was so much liked for the first time. Pleased that there is everything you need the traveler and enough space to accommodate all their belongings. I liked it, I recommend it.”

If you want to relax inexpensively and comfortably, then you are at Hostel Centrum Sabot. A sweet dream, a wonderful breakfast and after a walk about an interesting Krakow – will make your trip unforgettable.

Krakow is a wonderful city with a rich and interesting history. The market square is a fabulous place. Arrived here, you will feel in the past – interesting, colorful and funny. And thanks to the hostels of Krakow you will have the opportunity to have a sweet sleep, eat and have a good time. We wish you a good time in Krakow!