The majestic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of the best hotels in the world with a stunning level of comfort

Hotel Sail in Dubai is known all over the world, it is famous for its hospitality and unsurpassed level of service, offers guests to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury. This resort complex, which features its similarity to a sail, has already been recognized several times as the most luxurious place for travelers to relax.

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Appearance and architecture

The Burj El ArabHotel, designed as a sail, has everything to please even the most discerning customer – even a shuttle service in a luxury Rolls-Royce with a personal driver. For guests who are no longer surprised, the institution provides the services of a tour by helicopter, rising into the sky from a special platform on the roof of the hotel building. Luxury relax on the spacious terrace, which is located beach houses and pools. There are also several restaurants or bars, including the world-famous Nathan Outlawat Al Mahara.

In this place, striking tourists with luxury, there are no ordinary rooms. All of them belong only to the category of “luxury.” For those who come on holiday to the Sail Hotel in Dubai, check-in at the reception desks, which are located on all floors of the hotel. For those who want to fully experience the luxury of the hotel, the services of a butler are available. All staff of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah resort were trained under a special program and work only to the highest standards of hospitality. As for the cost, the prices of 2017 remained at the same level.

“Despite the fact that this hotel was built more than 15 years ago, the building and rooms are still as new. I loved the breakfasts, there was a lot to choose from.”

The Sail Hotel in Dubai is close to a white sand beach. The building is located on a private island. Guests can access the luxurious suites, which offer great views of the sea. You can enjoy delicious food in any of the 9 restaurants offering a wide range of dishes.

Burj el Arab has a spa that offers visitors treatments to maintain beauty or to improve. Guests of the resort can swim in one of the two spacious pools with warm water or relax in any of the 32 gazebos located on the cozy terrace of the institution.

For those who want to spend their holidays alone, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has fenced water zones. In addition, guests have the opportunity to visit the treatment rooms in the resort complex, from which you can admire the amazing beauty of the Persian Gulf. Guests can use a whirlpool bath, steam bath or sauna. All prices of 2017 remained at the level of last year.

“This hotel just won my heart! Everything is so beautiful and gorgeous here that you don’t want to leave! Stunning restaurants and great spa treatments.”

Rooms and restaurants

Each room in Burj al-Arab has windows created by French craftsmen with stunning views of the Persian Gulf. In order for guests to stay in touch, they have wireless Internet in their hotel, the cost of which is already included in the accommodation.

In each suite, residents will find an iPad tablet, which is covered with gold 4-carat spray. In addition, the Sail Hotel in Dubai has a state-of-the-art computer, a media center, an iPhone charging station and a large TV.

At the bar, which is called Sky View, visitors to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah are invited to enjoy a fragrant strong coffee or try the establishment’s signature drinks. Al Muntaha restaurant treats its customers with exquisite dishes created by chefs according to classic European recipes. All prices of 2017 in these institutions remained exactly the same as last year.

“It is the second time I have come and I will come to this luxurious place again. From the rest I have only the most positive impressions. Love the rooms, the beautiful view from the windows, the delicious food and spa services. The beds are comfortable, the room was clean. The staff are very polite and smiling.”

Children’s Club

Small visitors in this hotel will have something to do. It is for them that the institution has prepared the services of the children’s club Sinbad’s Kid’s Club, which is located on the 18th floor of the recreation complex. Hotel Sail in Dubai ensures that none of the kids will be bored. The cost of the service is already included in the accommodation. It is also free for those who have a membership card of the wellness center. Children from 12 months to 12 years are waiting here. Prices of 2017 in this club are no different from the prices of last year.

For young tourists in Burj al-Arab there is a special room with a playpen and beds, in case any of them want to relax. In addition, this club organized a system of lunches and dinners for kids. This means that they can taste delicious and healthy dishes in between games. Children can also have fun outdoors near the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah building.

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“Luxury hotel. Stayed here with my family for only one night, but if possible, we will come at least for 3 more days. My daughter was delighted with the children’s club. Delicious food and gorgeous pools. The Internet is well-caught, constantly in touch with colleagues. Very comfortable pillows.”

This hotel is open to tourists at any time of the year as Dubai is always warm. The establishment is suitable for all categories of travelers: coming families, alone or large companies. Especially love this place newlyweds, for whom the honeymoon in the resort is unforgettable. The only downside of the hotel is its cost. Prices for rest in this institution can not afford everyone, so some tourists prefer to stay here only for one day.