The best park-hotel “Drakino”, Russia — Moscow suburban rest with benefit for the soul and body

Park-hotel “Drakino” can without exaggeration be called a pearl among such institutions offering comfortable accommodation and a wide range of entertainment. Clean air, cozy atmosphere, good food, entertainment activities – this is not the whole list of what awaits you in this beautiful place. Read about all the details in the following sections, but for now let’s start with general information.

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About the hotel

The uniqueness of this hotel complex lies in the fact that it is built near the cape formed by the Oka and Roach rivers. If you drive his address into the search engine, you will see that he is near the Kaluga and Tula regions. On the territory of the park hotel there is a huge number of infrastructure facilities: restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, sports equipment rental, sports grounds and much more. Here, guests do not suffer from the question of how to spend their leisure time. Finding entertainment to the liking of even the youngest guests who came with their parents.

If we have touched upon the topic of children’s recreation, then it should be noted the main ways of pastime. For young tourists, an original rope camp, a park with attractions and games, an equestrian club (according to the rules of attendance, the entrance to the school is allowed only accompanied by adults), there is also an institution that is called a mini-club abroad. Within the framework of this project, experienced and professional animators, teachers and educators are engaged with children.

Miron, Moscow: “We come here with the whole family several times a year. This is a great alternative to a vacation abroad. Due to my work, I can not go far, as there are often situations when you have to return to the metropolis and solve business problems. And here all the conditions for pastime with the family are created, and it is useful for children to be more in the fresh air. I recommend this place to everyone, it’s really good here!”

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, every time during the planning of holidays and weekends, people weigh all the pros and cons, and on the basis of this make a decision in favor of a particular tourist complex. Since today we are talking about Drakino,it is advisable to mention the advantages of the institution. So, let’s begin:

  • Budget savings. You do not have to buy tickets, prepare visas and passports. Expenses will include only a trip to the Moscow region (you can come here by private car), accommodation in the booked apartments and paid services provided on the territory of the complex.
  • Magnificent landscapes. When checking into the room, you will see the beauty of the local surroundings, for this it will be enough just to open the curtains and look out the window. Residential buildings are surrounded by majestic pine forests and manicured gardens.
  • Close location to the capital. Park Hotel is located in Serpukhov district. But the difference between the noisy streets of Moscow and the endless forests is so contrasting that every resident of the metropolis by the end of the vacation will certainly begin to think about buying real estate somewhere nearby.
  • The widest range of services. At the disposal of guests is a spa, cosmetology rooms, a hairdresser, a Turkish bath, a jacuzzi, baths with essential oils.
  • Healing and strengthening of the body’s immune forces. High-quality medical procedures in combination with surprisingly clean air give a striking effect. If during the holiday you pay due attention to your health, the investment will more than pay off. And you are guaranteed to return to work renewed, full of strength and energy to achieve new goals.
  • Guests can not be separated from their pets and take them with them to the park hotel.

As you know, any coin has two sides, and in the case of “Drakino” there are no exceptions. Among the important shortcomings, tourists note a huge number of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. Of course, this issue is especially acute in the summer months, so if you are going to visit the hotel in June or August, stock up on means of protection from these brazen inhabitants of the forest.

There is another shortcoming – this is the availability of additional paid services. Advertisements often mention the fact that visiting the spa is free, but in fact the presence of pitfalls completely spoils the impression of the hotel. For example, access to fitness equipment in the fitness room, hot tubs and other benefits of technological progress is provided for a separate fee.

Ksenia, St. Petersburg: “For a very long time I chose a place to stay, because not every institution is ready to provide a room in which you can live with pets. Having stumbled upon the “Drakino” on the Internet, I was glad and began to call the hotel and book apartments. But in the course of the conversation, I was disappointed. It turns out that according to the rules, it is allowed to take a pet weighing no more than five kilograms with you. That is, my diver can not travel with the hostess. Yes, by the way, I hasten to share information with those who decided to bring their hamster or toy terrier here. The administration will forbid you to settle in the main building, for dogs and cats there is another building. “

Choosing the right time for your holidays

Hotel complex “Drakino” is always open to the public. But you should come here during the optimal season for you, so that the rest is deposited in memory as the most pleasant weekend in the Moscow region. So, let’s analyze the features of staying in the hotel at different times of the year:

  • In the warmest months, a large number of infrastructure facilities are open here. You can spend your leisure time in the rope town and other special camps, as well as your own aqua zone with a beach on the river bank. For a fee, the administration provides jet skis, catamarans, boats, slides and much more. On the sandy coast there are changing cabins, sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as areas for cooking meat in the fresh air. Especially often guests speak with admiration about the fishing organized by the hotel staff.
  • During the off-season, when the temperature outside still (or already) allows you to spend a long time outside the residential buildings, guests of the institution visit the riding school, ride quad bikes and karts, play volleyball, basketball, mini-football. Corporate paintball competitions are often held here.
  • In winter, you will find exciting and extreme sports, such as skiing and special sledding, snowmobiles, tubing. Also on the territory of the hotel complex make a music rink, open almost twenty-four hours a day.

Igor, Kaluga: “On the sites you can often find information that Drakino has very clean air, which some consider almost a panacea for all diseases. But I have my own opinion on this. Yes, of course, in comparison with Moscow, this is “heaven and earth”, but let’s not forget that at least ten chemical plants are currently operating in Serpukhovo, daily throwing an incredible number of toxic compounds into the atmosphere. The only thing that can save the environment is the forests, in the depths of which the tourist complex has disappeared. “

What you need to take with you

“Suitcase mood” is the state when people step around the apartment from corner to corner and frantically remember that they forgot to put in the bag. So, we will help you in this difficult matter, publishing below a list of necessary things in a trip to Drakino:

  • Documents. Naturally, this is a passport, health insurance and other important papers.
  • Personal hygiene products. They should be taken only by those who do not like to use the products provided by the hotel administration.
  • Sprays, ointments, creams and serums to protect against insect bites. Do not neglect this point, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of mosquitoes.
  • Camera. Not to capture the brightest moments of your life is just a sin!
  • Money and cards. On the territory of the hotel you will have to pay for some services, so you can not do without cash.


Park Hotel Drakino is located just a 10-minute drive from the town of Serpukhov, which is undoubtedly a significant advantage. This means that during your stay in the hotel complex you can regularly go to the village, walk along its streets, go shopping and get acquainted with the sights. On the territory of the settlement built many churches, temples, chapels and other shrines. It is also possible to see with your own eyes the unique monuments of architecture, the appearance of which is timed to coincide with important historical events taking place in Russia at different times. But special attention of tourists deserves prioksko-Terrasny reserve, which has no analogues within the capital region. On the territory of this natural object grows more than 1 thousand species of plants and lives 142 species of birds and 57 species of mammals.

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Nadezhda, Tikhvin: “The trip to this institution made me look at the world a little differently. During the long years of work, I rarely allowed myself a vacation, and in most cases it was trips to the sea abroad, where I lazily lay on the beach for several days in a row, sunbathed and bathed. In the Drakino hotel near Moscow, I began to play sports, study the history of our country, join the nightlife. It has everything for a good rest with a lot of entertainment. I also recommend coming here with children, because the city children are not accustomed to a long stay in nature at all. “

Park-hotel “Drakino” is a great place for New Year holidays, summer holidays and autumn and spring holidays. At any time of the year you are waiting for exciting adventures, thrills and pleasant impressions. Walks in the forest, sports, spiritual development, active nightlife – all this you just have to feel for yourself. Hurry up to buy a tour to this beautiful place, hidden from prying eyes in the woods and built on the site of a once thriving village. Don’t miss your chance!