The best hotels in the world located under water

Everyone is probably tired of the already uniform supply of hotels and many travelers are tired of relaxing in houses with the same type of interior. In this situation, the owners of the hotels in the property decided that it was necessary to make a splash in the progress of this business. At the moment, there are hotels that have excellent views from rooms under water. Thousands of marine animals swim in the depths of the sea, and many species are even unknown, and you will look at this wonderful underwater life all night.

Hotels that already have a good reputation and are considered the best.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

This hotel has been under construction for about 13 years in Fiji. The founders of the unique business have already transferred more than 10 million to builders, but the price is growing. Soon the hotel will open, and will delight vacationers. However, now you can order a capsule number. Now more than 100 thousand places have already been booked. Admiration is caused by the unusual art of the architect, who competently approached the issues of marketing, the composition of the room consists of 70% glass, and ceiling lamps attract the attention of fish. In the hotel you can have a good time, which attracts a large number of people.


Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental

This hotel was built on the site of a forgotten quarry in Shanghai, which for a long time was not needed by anyone. The owners decided to build a hotel on this place, in which a huge amount of money was invested. Rooms for people will be located under water and on steep vertical walls. Cliffs are supposed to be converted into hanging gardens. A beautiful view will unfold from the windows of the room.




Jules Undersea Lodge

For those who love an unusual and cheap holiday in America. This hotel is an ordinary laboratory that collects information about the inhabitants of the sea. If there is a need for settlement, the laboratory turns into a hotel,which can only be accessed by water. Guests will find a very modest atmosphere in the rooms, equipped only with the most necessary household items.



Lovers Deep

This hotel is afloat like a boat, only under water. Its current location is in Saint Lucia. A strange hotel, however, very interesting, unfortunately, not for state employees. For a hotel with such a scale, you will have to pay a tidy sum. It is in this hotel that there is a servant, a butler and a chef.


Alina Abramova

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