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Among the snow-covered forests that envelop the expanses of the National Park in Central Finland, the ski resort of Ukkohalla is comfortably located. Thanks to the fabulous landscapes of untouched northern nature, this picturesque corner of the earth is called Finnish Switzerland. And according to the research, it is in Ukkohalla that the cleanest snow in Finland falls.

The elevation differences in the ski resort are small, but the combination of the grandiose infrastructure of the sports center and the unique charm of Ukkohalla made it an honorary list of the most popular winter destinations in Europe for outdoor activities. For this reason, booking a hotel at the resort should be taken care of in advance.

Ukkohalla is a fairly quiet place, so a holiday at the winter resort is primarily suitable for couples, as well as traveling with children. Guests will find 160 km of ski slopes, magnificent slopes for both professionals and novice athletes, as well as half-pipe for snowboarders.

In addition to extreme sports in Ukkohalla, you can also enjoy exclusively Finnish leisure: ride deer and dog sledding, walk in the forest on snowshoes and go ice fishing. A frosty evening is traditionally invited to spend in a warm Finnish sauna.

The mountain slopes of the resort descend directly to the shore of Lake Syväjärvi, around which there are small apart-hotels and private cottages:

Holiday Home Villa ukkohalla

Accommodation at Holiday Home is ideal for travelers accustomed to modern amenities, even living in the National Park among the virgin nature. A secluded house with magnificent decoration, fashionable design and tastefully selected furniture will allow you to feel a feeling of maximum comfort, even away from civilization.

The private house is located away from the ski center, although it is only five minutes by car. Away from prying eyes, guests can enjoy complete privacy in the fabulous forest. In the frosty winter, vacationers will have a pleasant evening in their own Finnish sauna and sincere conversations by the fireplace in a warm company. The maximum in the house can accommodate six people.


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Hallan Akka Apartments

The cozy wooden house meets all the standards of quality rest in the Finnish style: each chalet has a living room with a fireplace and a traditional sauna where you can warm up in the harsh cold. In the summer months, guests can relax on the spacious terrace and enjoy a barbecue.

The house is located right on the shore of the lake and within walking distance from the ski slopes and lifts – an ideal location for daily sports. But even in the warm season, when the snow-white forest is saturated with summer colors, leisure in Ukkohalla continues to be active: guests will relax on the beach, water sports and cycling.

Salla: “Warm and atmospheric cottage in a good location.”


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Lake Residence Ukkohalla

The unique location of the aparthotel right at the foot of the mountain allows you to practice winter sports all day long, and during your holiday you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Lake Syväjärvi from your own apartments. The coastal location has other advantages: in the winter lake, guests can fish trout and salmon, and in summer relax on a private beach.

The layout of one-storey apartments is ideally designed for a comfortable stay. Each apartment has three bedrooms, a separate living room and absolutely everything you need: from an equipped kitchen and a Finnish sauna to a spacious terrace with stairs leading directly to the lake.

Sarah: “Well located near the slopes, clean apartment.”


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Skivillas 61 m2

Two-bedroom apartments offer accommodation with excellent value for money, given that the maximum they can accommodate a company of six people. A pleasant addition to the inexpensive accommodation will be a cozy terrace with a fantastic view of the natural beauty of Finland.

For those who want to take a break from cooking after a busy day on the slopes – the hotel has its own restaurant, and in the bar you can warm up with strong drinks. Traditional thermal treatments are also available for holidaymakers: a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath are at guests’ disposal.

Rich by the standards of the ski resort, the infrastructure awaits Skivillas guests not only on the territory of the apart-hotel, but also outside it in the village of Hürünsalmi:

  • Lifts and ski slopes
  • Snowmobile route
  • Saunamaailma Spa
  • Keilaukko Bowling Club
  • Vakeboard Center
  • Shops & Restaurants

Anonymous: “We had a great time. Cozy apartment, beautiful view, good location.”


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Two-storey houses,located on the mountain slopes of the National Park, are only a five-minute drive from the ski lifts, and a fantastic view of the fabulous nature and the picturesque lake Syväjärvi from its own terrace will not leave indifferent any guest both in winter and in the summer months.

In a traditional Finnish house, vacationers will be able to enjoy all the delights of a holiday in the Scandinavian country, without leaving the territory of the apartments. You can warm up in a frosty evening in a private sauna or by the warm fireplace, firewood for which is provided completely free of charge.

Lena: “Affordable housing, perfect if you don’t need anything special. The kitchen was spacious enough.”


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Hotel Inn Ukkohalla

Those who want to spend their holidays in a hotel and take a break from the usual way of life are ideal hotel Inn Ukkohalla as accommodation at the resort. Personalized service in the hotel is guaranteed to guests: the hotel has only 17 rooms.

Maximum accommodation in a hotel room can be two people. This is an ideal option for a romantic trip to a winter fairy tale. All rooms have parquet floors and a private bathroom. Also no surprises with the payment of bed linen, as is customary in cottages and apart-hotels of the resort: all standard amenities are included in the price.

A pleasant addition to the hotel comfort will be the presence of a classic infrastructure for a good rest in the hotel:

  • Wi-Fi (extremely rare in Ukkohalla)
  • Own restaurant and bar on site
  • Complementary Finnish sauna

Sergey: “The place is fabulous – a view of the slopes, to the ski slopes about a kilometer. The hotel itself is small and one of the most affordable in the area. It is possible that in the whole hotel you will spend the night alone. “



Skivillas 47 a2

Everything you need to relax in the winter resort is within a radius of 200 meters from the aparthotel,ranging from ski slopes and ski lifts to supermarkets and restaurants. Just a few steps from the apartments is also the Saunamaailma Spa, where you can pamper yourself with a swim in the pool and jacuzzi, as well as access to the traditional smoke sauna and gym.

Accommodation in the apartment is ideal for a small family: the apartment has only one bedroom, but there is a separate living room. Traditionally, in Finnish, the apartments are equipped with a private sauna for thermal treatments on a cold winter evening and a balcony overlooking Lake Syväjärvi.

Anonymous: “Everything was perfect! I would like to return to this place very soon! The apartment was very cozy and well equipped.”


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Vacation at the ski resort is primarily a busy day of sports events, at the end of which it is very important to be in a comfortable place where you can relax and sleep. These options in Ukkohalla are perfect for relaxation after an active day, but each of them has its own advantages.

Those who prefer to be a stone’s throw from the ski lift and not overpay for accommodation will suit skivillas apartments. Those who want to enjoy a holiday in an authentic wooden house should stay in Hallan Akka Apartments, and the best option for lovers of modern design is Holiday Home Villa ukkohalla.

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