The best hotels in the ski resort of Tsakhkadzor in Armenia: cozy and comfortable options for all tastes

The hospitable hotels of Tsakhkadzor Armenia welcome visitors with cozy rooms all year round. This place has gained popularity among tourists as a ski resort. In addition, tourists come here to get healthier and take a break from the daily bustle of the city and routine.

Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel

This hotel is happy to offer visitors a gym with new simulators, an indoor pool and ski equipment rental for walking. Each of the Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel rooms has a tv with lots of broadcasts and a comfortable bathroom. Some apartments have a small but roomy bar for drinks.

You can enjoy delicious food in any of the establishments located on the property. The menu of restaurants and cafes offers a wide range of dishes. In addition, guests are given the opportunity to taste natural juices in a special bar or visit a cigar bar.

Tourists who come to this place in the summer, will like walking. You can use a spa or sauna for recovery.

“We came on vacation with my son. He loved the children’s club. I liked hammams and a pool of clean water. There was a convenient transfer to the cable car.”

Ararat Resort Tsaghkadzor

Five-star Hotel Ararat Tsaghkadzor opened recently, two months ago, but actively wins the trust of tourists, providing high-quality service to its guests. Here, guests can relax on the terrace, visit a bar and restaurant and other entertainment venues. Among other things, there is a private parking lot.

Each of the rooms is fully equipped with basic equipment – TV, hairdryer, kettle and iron. Some of them have a living area. All guests receive bathrobes and slippers when checking in. There is a free wi-fi in the resort.

This hotel is best suited for skiers and cycling enthusiasts. The number base is 80 rooms. The airport is 50 kilometres away and you can book a transfer if necessary.

“Great hotel, were here with my wife. We love skiing so we liked the location of its location. Some might say that 2 km to the lifts is far away, but the comfort of the hotel more than compensates for all the time costs on the way to the tracks. Thank you to the staff for their attention and care.”

Elegant Hotel & Resort

This holiday resort is located in a place that offers stunning views of Tsakhkadzor. The institution is happy to offer travelers the services of a bar and a restaurant. There is also a skiing area (equipment is available for rent), a steam room and a swimming pool.

Elegant Hotel and Resort has everything you need for the most discerning traveller’s getaway: from its own air conditioning system, a roomy small bar for drinks, to access to wireless fast Internet and television with lots of channels. For the convenience of holidaymakers, the reception desk provides the services of a tour office. In addition, this hotel in Armenia has its own fishing area.

“Great hotel! The hotel offers a chic view of the Tsakhkadzor valley. Nearby was an ancient monastery. Relaxed with comfort, from rest were only the most positive impressions!”

Golden Palace Hotel Resort & Spa GL

Guests staying in an Armenian hotel in Tsakhkadzor will enjoy a cigar bar and restaurant inviting them to taste delicious food based on the recipes of the national cuisine of this region. Each visitor can enjoy relaxing treatments in the spa centre, which provides a large number of services. You can play pool or take a dip in the pool.

Each Golden Palace Hotel Resort and Spa GL is equipped with a television with lots of broadcasts and a living area for a comfortable holiday. There is also a well-equipped kitchen for the convenience of travellers coming to Tsakhkadzor.

Tourists will like the cigar bar, decorated in British-themed, which works around the clock. In addition, you can try the company cocktails of the institution, and enjoy the live singing of the artists. The pride of this hotel is the game-made dishes served in the restaurant.

“Great location! The skiing track is right next to the hotel.”

Best Western Alva Hotel & Spa

Guests of this spa can rent any suite or cottage, as well as use the rental equipment for skiing (in the winter season) or steam in the Russian bath. Guests will love the rooms equipped with everything you need – from access to the Internet to a modern TV, broadcasting a lot of channels to the most discerning taste. After a long day full of impressions, tourists can relax near the fireplace, available in the rooms (only in cottages).

Every day, Best Western Alva Hotel and Spa invites its guests to have a delicious breakfast in the restaurant, where you can enjoy Armenian cuisine, created in accordance with all traditions.

Each cottage is equipped with a kitchen with a refrigerator and coffee or tea appliances. In addition, the resort has a play area with billiards. You can have fun with friends or other guests at the Tsakhkadzor Hotel in Armenia at karaoke. Those tourists who come on vacation with children, will like a specially equipped playground.

“Loved the stay! The hotel staff are responsive and welcoming. Armenian cuisine is beyond praise! A wonderful pool with clean water and a beautiful bath.”

Kecharis Hotel

This Armenian hotel welcomes travelers who come on holiday to Tsakhkadzor. Not far from the resort complex is an ancient monastery, built in the sixth century.

Tourists who come to this hotel are offered a good time. You can play bowling or skiing (lifts are within walking distance). Among other amenities, the availability of wireless Internet at high speed, access to which is provided for free.

Every Kecharis Hotel has a strict brown decor. They have everything for the comfort of visitors: a comfortable bathroom. Although small, but very roomy bar, as well as a TV with lots of channels in any language.

The pride of this hotel in Tsakhkadzor is the establishment offering to enjoy delicious food created by upscale chefs based on the recipes of classical Armenian cuisine. The cozy restaurant Kecharis opened its doors to fans not only of Armenian, but also of European dishes. Connoisseurs of Caucasian cuisine can taste the delicious food prepared by the chefs of restaurants named after the famous Soviet films “Gentlemen of Fortune” and “Caucasian Prisoner”.

Other amenities include a sauna with a small pool. In addition, fans of ski walks can rent special equipment (you need to apply to the reception).

“Friendly hotel workers, there are several restaurants in the building (there were in each, everywhere they cook very tasty).”

Jupiter Hotel

The hotel is located on the main square in the Armenian city of Tsakhkadzor. The resort is happy to offer guests elegantly designed rooms equipped with everything you need. There is also a sauna. Guests can take a free ski bus ride. There are also free spaces in the private car park adjacent to the hotel. Each Jupiter Hotel apartment has a TELEVISION with channels for the most discerning taste. In the bathroom for the convenience of tourists prepared a robe and free means for personal hygiene guests.

Nutritional breakfasts are served every morning. For travelers coming with children, the hotel has a special room for kids, where they can play. For adult visitors, this recreation complex has a pool table as well as a small tennis court.

The hotel provides not only the rental of the necessary equipment for skiing, but also provides free travel to ski lifts. Not far from the holiday complex are the famous sights of Tsakhkadzor – the Orbeli Brothers Museum and an ancient monastery built in the sixth century. The staff of the reception, which works around the clock, are happy to offer tourists coming to the hotel information about local attractions that can be visited.

“We came on vacation with a company – I liked everything very much! The rooms are very comfortable, there is everything you need. The hotel staff are very attentive and responsive. Now I always recommend this place to all who go to Tsakhkadzor.”

House of Creativity Writers

Guests staying at this comfortable Tsakhkadzor hotel can use the pool. In addition, the House of Creativity Writers provides the rental of equipment for skiing (in the winter season). Each area of this hotel in Armenia is equipped with high-speed satellite Internet.

All apartments are equipped not only with a modern TV with a variety of satellite channels, but also a kettle for cooking hot drinks, as well as a refrigerator for storing food guests.

The resort has a great view of the mountains. Visitors to this hotel in Armenia can have fun playing pool, work on modern simulators in a specially equipped sports hall or relax in the sauna. In this institution Tsakhkadzor round the clock there is a reception desk, where you can easily exchange currency at a favorable rate, order a transfer or laundry services.

“The hotel staff were very attentive to my requests and questions. The room was very cozy and clean. And, of course, the Armenian cuisine left a lasting impression (liked everything, and taste, and serving)”.

Hotel Russia

Guests of this hotel can enjoy a great holiday. The services of the spa and massage therapists are prepared for the clients. In addition, there is an indoor swimming pool, which operates all year round as well as a fitness center. Each hotel occupant gets access to wireless free Internet, as well as a parking space in the resort’s own parking lot.

Hotel Russia rooms have everything they need: a TV with a variety of broadcasts, a food storage fridge and a whirlpool bath (not all rooms).

Guests are invited to enjoy light snacks at the pool bar or enjoy a traditional Armenian dinner at the hotel’s restaurant in Tsakhkadzor. For guests who want to order food directly to the room, such a service is available (performed at the request of travelers).

“The location of the hotel is wonderful. The staff are very polite and friendly. Constantly skied (admittedly, the transfer was not always on time). Great food – the food was very popular with the children. The hotel has a cinema, swimming pool, bath and a large playroom for toddlers. Musicians performed in the restaurant all the time. In general, I loved the rest!”


This boutique hotel is happy to welcome any guest. There is a ski lift and comfortable skiing paths. Barbecue equipment is also available (to rent it, you need to go to the reception desk at the hotel), karaoke and wireless high-speed Internet.

Every European-themed Tsaghkatunhas everything you need for any tourist’s holiday. As amenities – hair dryer, TV with a lot of broadcasts, and a table for work. Some of the rooms in Armenia have a whirlpool tub.

For the convenience of visitors coming on holiday to Tsakhkadzor, there is a comfortable business center and a restaurant with a bar. You can refresh your clothes in the hotel laundry room.

“The hotel was decorated in English style, which was very much like that. All the staff are smiling and welcoming. There was so much for breakfast that I needed to feel full until the middle of the day. The room is spacious and clean.”

In the Armenian hotels of Tsakhkadzor you can relax not only travelers coming alone, but also tourists who want to have a good time with their family. Most of these resorts have playrooms for toddlers, so you can take your children with you to Tsakhkadzor hotels. Such establishments are open all year round, but most guests prefer to stay here in the summer or winter season.