The best hotels in Mexico – an unforgettable and comfortable stay

Going on a Mexican tour, you need to get acquainted not only with local customs, outlandish archaeological and natural features, but also with the place of stop. The choice of the best hotel in Mexico should be based on living conditions, location of the hotel and tourist complex, accessibility and variety of entertainment programs, additional options. To help travelers overview of hotel complexes on the Mexican coast.

Buckle up, let’s go!

«Catedral La Paz»

A new conceptual version of the settlement in the center of La Paz, near the Cathedral of Our Lady. Elegance and comfort can be seen in all the nuances and details of exterior and interior decoration. Here you will find personal attention, care, exquisite cuisine, caressing sun and white beaches. Private parking is available on site. For guests there is an outdoor terrace for sunbathing, an outdoor swimming pool.

The premises of the housing stock have an area of more than 20 square meters, in which there are flat 43-inch screens, hair dryers, coffee makers, split system. In the shower rooms there are sets of hygiene products, sets of towels.

Wi-Fi is freely available, in the bar located on the roof of the building, you will be offered drinks and cocktails according to unique recipes, amazing pictures of the setting sun open here.


In the main restaurant, the chef is able to surprise guests daily with Mexican dishes with an unusual ingredient composition. You can diversify your vacation by going fishing, sightseeing or playing golf.

Olga, Novosibirsk: “An interesting place to relax. Fresh building next to historical beauties. A rare combination of beauty, comfort and attentive attitude to guests. Very tasty food.”

«LOtel at Doce18 Concept House»

Holiday home “LOtel at Doce18” has a central urban location and is located in the famous Casa Coen 18th c. construction. After its restoration, a hotel was opened here, linking together colonial traditions and modern concepts of comfort. Combining under a single roof of different concepts provides unique opportunities for guests.

The whole space is of particular importance for the convenience of guests. In the spacious living room between the two courtyards you can sit with a book for reading or tea, on the sun terrace it is pleasant to bask in the rays of the hot sun.

Refresh will allow the clear water of the outdoor pool. In the heart of the hotel there is a body and face care area. The entire area of the conceptual house is covered with free Wi-Fi.

The rooms are dominated by white or cream shades. Inside all rooms there are air conditioners, flat panels of screens, coffee machines, furniture with spacious beds. In the rooms with a bathroom there are sets of towels and slippers, sets of cosmetics.


Breakfast is served in the morning room and is prepared with daily delights. The restaurant offers a traditional Mexican menu. Free parking is available on site adjacent to the hotel. In the lobby around the clock at your service registration desk, there are shops, lounge area. For the convenience of guests on arrival, upon departure, a shuttle service is provided.

Irina, Moscow: “The bed feels like clouds – airy and soft. Amazing for breakfast chilakiles. Exquisite furnishings, interesting interior details, everything is very cool.”

«Hotel De La Soledad»

Do you want to plunge into the times of bygone days? You are invited to stay in the colonial past house-hotel in charming Moreria. This residence has been welcoming guests since the mid-18th century.

Preserved its former beauty, the old hotel is pleased to give its guests memories of the past, modern joys of civilized recreation. The original design of the rooms is complemented by works of art, bright furnishings.

In addition to the exquisite interior with the addition of local flavor, the rooms contain LCD TV screens, personal safes, bottled water, split systems. Showers are equipped with designer plumbing, hygiene kits.

The whole area around the hotel “La Soledad” is surrounded by plantations of tropical plants, creating reliable protection from the heat. In the green area there is an open-air living room, a bar-restaurant serving traditional and modern cuisine of the Mexican people. There is a free parking area nearby. In half an hour you can get to Lake Ouiceo.

Maria, Syzran: “The hotel is stunning with its monumentality, unique elements of décor. Unsurpassed living conditions, incomparable cuisine. The warm light of the lanterns in the dark gives a special charm to the amazing street living room.”

«Hotel Solar de las Animas»

The central city location of the hotel makes it attractive for lovers of sightseeing walks. Guests will have the opportunity to explore the foot of the volcano, the church. The interior is designed in the colonial style of the 17-18th c. More than 90 rooms combine the technology of modernity with the true harmony of traditional hospitality.

Guests will be surprised by the luxuriously decorated pool, surrounded by exotic plants. The décor of the restaurant and bar enhances the temptation of aromas and taste experiences. The solemn decoration of the conference halls guarantees the holding of any events at the highest level.

From the regal bedrooms, paintings of courtyards are opened. Ceramics, marble floors, double shells, all fills with luxurious notes of chosenness.


Inside, bedding, pieces of furniture – all made of natural materials. Sets of exclusive cosmetics, bathrobes, await guests. The whole hotel has free internet, use of exercise equipment, sauna and terrace.

Peter, Novorossiysk: “The hotel is a fairy tale! Such service and beauty have never met. Even the little things are perfect. The serving of dishes, the aromas of spicy herbs stimulate the appetite before the start of the meal.”

«Casa Santa Lucia»

Historically attractive Zacatecas invites you to stay at the hotel “Casa Santa Lucia”,located 110 metres from the cathedral. The building has been preserved since the 16th c., was restored. Now the mini-hotel offers accommodation in rooms with free Wi-Fi, coffee maker, LCD screen, satellite TV channels, bathroom with hairdryer and a set of cosmetics.

Breakfast awaits you every morning in the dining room. Within minutes you can find cafes and restaurants ready to offer a variety of local cuisine. On the picturesque terrace there is a bar where amazing cocktails are prepared.


In 250-300 m. from the entrance: cable car, the territory of the weapons square, museum expositions.

Igor, Voronezh: “A simple option with good service and location. Everything is affordable and high-quality. Breakfast is hearty, everything is fresh. There are no complaints about the interior design and bedding. Everything is decent.”

The Reef 28 All Inclusive Adults Only

Masterpiece style in combination with high-tech equipment of the premises offers “The Reef 28”,exclusively for those who have reached the age of majority, where everything is included in the accommodation service. Free Wi-Fi, easy, free access to the local white-sandy beach, chic luxury apartments, rooftop bar with swimming pool, haute cuisine – this is part of what the hotel offers.

Rooms with a high degree of comfort include: coffee makers, scales, hair straighteners, hair dryers, mini-bars, digital safes, flat-screen TV panel, tropical shower, pillow set and duvets.

Meals when staying on the territory of the hotel are unlimited, free access to the club beaches, the area with simulators is provided. On the roof there is a panoramic area with a swimming pool and a bar.

Two restaurants, a buffet and three bars of different orientations are able to satisfy any requests of resting guests. Fresh dishes and drinks of Asian and Mexican cuisine will please the most demanding visitors. At the rooftop bar, you can sipp a cocktail and watch the sunset or celebrate a new day at breakfast.

All residents are provided with free use of the transfer, swimming pool, free spa treatments.

Kristina, Kaliningrad: “An ideal place for a youth holiday. Here everything is provided for round-the-clock entertainment. Creative approach to the design of rooms, preparation of main dishes. The rooftop area with swimming pool is outstanding. With such options in the hotel on the beach have only been a few times.”

«Cartesiano Puebla»

The hotel accommodation complex is two colonial-era mansions restored and improved for a good rest. The balanced balance of antiquity and modernity fills the reality around you here with elegance and charm.

The space of the hotel is filled with a library, a botanical garden, fountains, sculptures and paintings. Bold colors emphasize the originality of the original dishes prepared by the chef to please your taste buds.

The number of rooms is a spacious room equipped in the former monastery residence, the former factory for the manufacture of tiles.

The rooms are equipped in such a way that, getting here, you will feel weightlessness and ease of flight. Sets of linen made of the best textiles, duvets showers with rain nozzle, widescreen plasma panel, cosmetic set, coffee maker, safe, all this is at your service constantly.


The patio terrace will take you to another era, the modern swimming pool with lounge area and café will take you back to the present. To increase the level of adrenaline will help parachute jumps, hot air balloon flights. As a measured rest, excursions, sunbathing are offered.

For the convenience of guests there is a parking area, free transfer.

Vyacheslav, Toronto: “Fantastic place. The rooms have an unusual configuration and design. High level of comfort and service. A huge range of entertainment activities and services. It’s the best I’ve seen in Mexico in a while.”

«Rosewood Puebla»

In the town of Puebla there are more than 2500 historically valuable objects. Rich architecture, unusual history attracts tourists to this area. The main places of pilgrimage are the city cathedral, Zocalo Square, the chapel. From the terrace offers an indescribable beauty of the view of the paintings of the ancient city walls.

The pool, located here, has a constant water temperature, around there are sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. Excursion activities have a different focus from inspection of historical and cultural artifacts to culinary master classes with the removal of a sample of personally prepared blue tea.

The amenities in the living rooms of the hotel include the presence of a TV panel, a personal bar, accessories and cosmetic sets for the shower, a safe and good furniture. To please gourmets on the basis of the hotel there is a restaurant of European-Mexican cuisine, a beer hall serving light snacks and live beer, a bar with the inclusion of confectionery products, on the roof with a panoramic view of the city walls.


Fitness club, Internet and SPA in free access to guests of the hotel complex.

Violetta, Primorsk: “The newest complex, with a high level of service. A beautiful terrace where you can sip a cocktail to contemplate and enjoy the harmony of nature and civilization. In the rooms everything is provided, including bathrobes and sets of cosmetics. Accommodation was satisfied.”

«La Valise Tulum»

With an unsurpassed location on the Caribbean coast, the hotel offers luxury accommodation options located on the upper floors for bungalows in the coastal zone. The proximity of the jungle gives a feeling of extreme relaxation alone with nature.

Stunning views of the dawn, night stars and the sea surface fascinate and absorb all your thoughts. On the one hand, from the line of bungalows stretches the coastline, on the other the pool, extending into the jungle. This place is ideal for meditation and restoring mental balance.

All conditions are provided in the premises for living: handmade furniture, tea accessories, individual safes, in the rooms on the upper floors there are bathrooms, in the bungalows there is a shower under the picturesque sky.


Wi-Fi zone covers the entire hotel perimeter. Breakfast is included in the accommodation. Follow-up meals can be enjoyed at nearby restaurants and cafés. A shuttle service is available to all guests.

Ekaterina, Pskov: “An impeccable kind of rest for freedom-loving people. Unity with nature, silence and comfort help to detach from everyday worries and bustle. I got an indelible impression of the indescribable natural beauty.”

«Mayaland Hotel & Bungalows»

Known since the beginning of the 20th century. the resort of world level, near the park of archeology of Chichen Itza. Around the hotel there are tropical parks and gardens, on the territory there are three open-air swimming pools, a spa club.

To stay offered rooms of luxury level, bungalows,which have split systems, a small bar, sets of cosmetics, smart TV system. It offers 3 restaurants and a pizzeria. The main recipes of dishes are borrowed or restored according to ancient Mayan manuscripts.


In the area of walking distance there are pyramids, archaeological sites. The adjacent forests are replete with wild exotic animals.

Nikolai, Obukhov: “A colossal territory, everything is well-groomed, like paradise gardens. Living conditions are royal, original presentation of dishes and simple and fresh products. Great pool.”

НаименованиеЛокацияФонд номеровУдобства в номереРазвлеченияЦена за проживание
«Catedral La Paz» Г. Ла-Пасе, до побережья 400 м., до а/п 11,5 км. Одноместный, двухместный, сьют Плоский экран, кофеварка, побудка, туалетные аксессуары, фен Гольф, бассейн, ловля рыбы, бар Ребенок до 11 л. без доплаты, животных не допускают
«LOtel at Doce18» До а/п 65 км., 400 м. до музея, 1 км. до местного рынка Традиционный, студио-кинг, суперлюкс, люкс, делюкс Кофе-машина, кондиционирование, теле-панель, камин, косметические наборы, тапочки, балкон Настольные игры, велнесс-центр с бассейном, массажные процедуры, гольф-клуб Детей заселяют без доплаты, животных не допускают
«De La Soledad» Морелия, до а/п 25 км. Улучшенный, супериор, полулюкс, мастер твин, люкс Система кондиционирования, телеэкран, телефонная связь, махровые халаты, фены Бюро экскурсионных маршрутов, сауна, детские телеканалы, площадки, выставочная галерея, сад С домашними питомцами заселение запрещено. Разрешается заселение ребенка любого возраста
«Hotel Solar de las Animas» Г. Текила, до а/п 69 км., к реке 21 км. Делюкс, улучшенный, двухместный, мастер, королевский Мраморные полы, халат махровый, тапочки, полотенечный комплект, эксклюзивная косметика, круглосуточный клининг, побудка, сейфовая ячейка, небольшой бар, телеэкран Зал тренажеров, сауна, конный спорт, аренда велосипедов, библиотека, бассейн открытого типа, кабинет массажа, зал фитнеса Детям до 12 л. бесплатно, старшим 45$/с. Животные размещаются платно с предварительным обсуждением
«Casa Santa Lucia» Г. Сакатекас, к а/п 18 км., к озеру и подножию горы 3 км. Двухместные Спутниковые каналы, плоский ТВ, кофеварки, фены, принадлежности для душа Детские каналы ТВ Все дети заселяются без доплаты. Животные не допускаются
«The Reef 28» Г. Плая дель Кармен, к а/п 20км., метров 15-20 до пляжа Полулюксовый, мастер-люкс Мини-бар, сейф, микроволновка, кофе-машина, тапки, халаты, банные аксессуары На крыше бассейн и крытый, зона-спа, тренажерный центр, массаж, живая музыка, ночной клуб, дайвинг, стол бильярда, тенниса Размещение с детьми не предусмотрено. Домашние питомцы не допускаются
«Cartesiano Puebla» Г. Пуэбла, к а/п 23 км., менее 1 км. до музея, библиотеки, торгового центра, 1,5 км. до рынка Стандартный, люкс, делюкс, президентский 55 дюймовая панель ТВ, кофеварка, небольшой бар, душ дождевой, раковины двойные, принадлежности для душа Спа-клуб, гольф, конный спорт, полеты на воздушном шаре, аренда гироскутеров, парашютный спорт, экскурсионные обзоры города Ребенок любого возраста размещается без доплаты. С животными вход запрещен
«Rosewood Puebla» Г. Пуебла, 13 мин. прошулки до библиотеки, 7 км. от музея, 23 км. до а/п Двухместный, делюкс, премьер кинг, сьют Телесистема, смарт каналы, личный бар, банные комплекты, индивидуальный сейф Спа-клуб, тренажеры, бассейн, гольф, кулинарные мастер-классы Все дети с доплатой 50 долларов в сутки. Размещение животных оплачивается дополнительно
«La Valise Tulum» Г. Тулум, до а/п 69 км., до подножия горы 7 км Люкс, бунгало Антикварная мебель и ручной работы, частные сейфы, наборы для чая и кофе Дайвинг, рыбалка, йога, парусный спорт, осмотр руин майя, ночные клубы Заселение с детьми невозможно. Домашние питомцы не допускаются
«Mayaland Hotel & Bungalows» До а/п 1,5 часа езды, к озеру 1,5 км. Семейный, стандартный, улучшенный, бунгало, люкс Плоская теле-панель, кофеварка, небольшой бар, система кондиционирования, вентилятор, сейф, принадлежности душевые, фен Верховые прогулки, лес, бассейн, аренда авто, прогулки к пирамидам майя Ребенку до 6 л. размещение бесплатно, с 7 л. 30 долларов/н. Домашние питомцы запрещены к заселению

Editor’s choice

After analyzing the great variety of variations for holidays on the coast of Mexico, the editorial staff preferred “Cartesiano Puebla” for a holiday with the family. “The Reef 28” was approved as the best for a friendly company, staying in a single or double tour.

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