The best hotels in Kabardinka with a swimming pool: 10 comfortable options for recreation in the Krasnodar Territory

Going on a trip to the Krasnodar Territory, be sure to look into the best hotels in Kabardinka with a swimming pool. It is there, near the Black Sea coast, you can relax, gain positive impressions, and improve your health with the greatest comfort. There will be many options in front of you, and each of them is good in its own way.

Park Boutique Hotel “Achilleon”

It is the park boutique hotel “Achilleon”that is most often chosen by tourists. He owes such popularity to his location. Leaving the room in a leisurely step, you can get to the coast in five minutes. The station and airport, of course, is far away, but who wants to return there after arrival?

As soon as you cross the threshold of the hotel, you will immediately feel like a king. Here for you will work a restaurant with delicious food and a bar. Prices “Achilleon” is quite acceptable, because the real quality should be affordable. And it will be guaranteed to you.

Of course, one of the main objects of the hotel is its outdoor pool. Sauna lovers will also be satisfied. Air conditioning will allow you to regulate the temperature conditions in the room, and a large flat-screen TV will help you pass the evenings. There is also a refrigerator, hair dryer, and other necessary appliances. The Internet is easy to connect via free Wi-Fi.

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“The sea is a stone’s throw away – there is nothing more to think about. We stayed at Achilleon, and are very happy. The service is conscientious. The money was able to keep up exactly, and there were still souvenirs left. The only bad thing is that this paradise opens only from mid-August. “

Hotel Terrace

The second option for relaxation is Hotel Terrace. It is distinguished by the fact that it is located close to the central market and shops, and it takes longer to get to the coast. Here, customers are provided with many pleasant bonuses, in addition to the standard set of amenities. So hygiene products for the bathroom are given completely free of charge.

The pool is located on the roof, which is very convenient for sunbathing. As the name implies, the terrace itself will be at your complete disposal. From there, the mountains and the sea are clearly visible, giving the landscape more romanticism. Hotel Terrace rents bicycles and there is a tour desk for hiking. His help is indispensable when sightseeing.

Wi-Fi is available in the rooms. It’s free, as is parking. It is the cheapness of the service that makes the Hotel Terrace preferable. You can come there at the end of May. There are seventeen rooms to choose from.

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“Very cozy place! We took a room for the whole family. It seemed that the children wanted to spend more time on the terrace, and in the pool, than in the sea. It is convenient to go for food, and if you are completely lazy – ordered to the room. “

Marinus Hotel

Lovers of beautiful interior are highly recommended Marinus Hotel. In it, each room surprises with its original design. The rooms are spacious and bright, the furniture is wooden, the décor is at the highest level. The restaurant is equally elegantly furnished and features a picturesque garden outside.

Another advantage of Marinus Hotel is a children’s playground where kids can safely play without their parents. Nearby in the yard there is a gorgeous view and a huge pool. If you are tired of sunbathing, you can hide under the shade of the terrace.

Marinus Hotel pampers guests with quality service. Breakfast is served every morning. Chefs show the skill of cooking traditional Russian dishes. There is also karaoke for evening gatherings.

The Black Sea coast is just a fifteen-minute walk away. When the client is going to go back, he will be helped with a transfer to the station or airport. Marinus Hotel has been hosting since mid-April.

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“We were amazed by the situation. There are plenty of apartments to choose from. We took a non-smoking room. We were satisfied with the food, the pool. Prices, however, bite. But if you really rest, then with chic!”.

Resort complex Nadezhda

If one Black Sea is not enough for you, then please go to the Resort complex Nadezhda. It is located just a three-minute walk from the beaches of the sea, and has its own private beach. The vast area also has several swimming pools with or without a roof.

In addition to ordinary rooms, the most sophisticated customers can afford luxury villas with balconies. Most of them also have a kitchen equipped with the latest technology. However, there is no need to cook yourself. There are as many as four restaurants to choose from. There you will be gladly fed with dishes of different nationalities. Every morning Nadezhda Resort Complex pleases customers with a buffet. If the desire to mess with food still wakes up, it is best to arrange a barbecue right on the terrace.

For sports lovers, nadezhda Resort Complex opens the doors of the gym. After that, you can relax in the spa, relax in the sauna and enjoy a massage.

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“We came to rest, and almost stayed there to live, so everything is equipped. We did not have time to walk to the amusement park, it’s a pity. The DJ in the restaurant was not impressed, but it’s a matter of taste. And now we will come only to Hope!”.

Pearl of the Sea Hotel

Another wonderful place with a private beach is the Pearl of the Sea Hotel. Here the service and furnishings are also at the highest level, although on a smaller scale than in the resort complex. There are several houses, and the rooms in them are very diverse. Someone will like a strict and practical environment, and some will prefer maximum space. Everywhere there are high-quality air conditioners, TV, there is an Internet connection.

The wealth of choice is given in the choice of activities. The terraces are easily replaced by a gym, and a spa is at hand. There is even a nightclub, where a special program is prepared for adults. Hotel Pearl of the Sea is distinguished by the presence of not only European, but also oriental dishes in the menu of its restaurant.

Children can be left on the playground, and they can go to the tennis court. For those who are accustomed to take care of themselves on vacation, there is a place in the beauty salon. Very close to the Pearl of the Sea Hotel is located from the train station, and the airport is relatively close.

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“There is so much entertainment that you get lost right away. Everywhere you want to visit. It is convenient to get to the hotel, that’s why it was chosen. But Japanese dishes should be eaten in moderation.”

Capri Hotel

The Capri Hotel is suitable for those who are content with comfort. It is in the assortment abound, but the decoration is modest. However, everything is done on conscience. A standard set of equipment in the rooms, and to the shore to go only six minutes. Private parking is available free of charge. In the courtyard of the Capri Hotel there is a large swimming pool. To tan, sunbeds are placed around, and there are canopies with a shadow. For a snack, you can look into the lounge, where you can enjoy a buffet and pleasant music.

The most beautiful view opens from the outside, from where you can see the mountain peaks. There, on the terrace or near it, you can cook yourself a kebab. There are no gyms or restaurants in the Capri Hotel. Although the athletes will not have to go far either. The grounds are ideal for cycling. Divers will be satisfied, no matter how deep they dive. You can get to the hotel relatively quickly.

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“The interior is uncomplicated but bright and pleasant. The outside is also spacious. Everywhere you can feel the smell of the sea, and I want to go to the beach as soon as possible. “

Cedar Grove

Lovers of beautiful nature are recommended to stay in the hotel Cedar Grove. It is this grove that grows in its vastness, purifying the air, and decorating the view from the windows, balconies. A large beautiful house, surrounded by trees, immediately attracts the eyes. In it you can find yourself immediately, barely leaving the bus station.

The apartment is well equipped. The atmosphere inside is very rich, the details of the interior are selected exquisitely. At the same time, Cedar Grove is in the middle price category, in relation to other hotels and complexes. The rooms there are of moderate size, but everywhere there are excellent bathrooms. Slippers for convenience come complete with a hairdryer.

The area of Cedar Grove is elite and protected, so that peace and tranquility are guaranteed to all visitors. There is a cozy café, spacious halls and extensive parking. From the beach you are separated by only eight hundred meters, and on the way to it vacationers pass through a beautiful park. The surrounding area is replete with other interesting places, institutions.

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“The nature is gorgeous! The place itself is perfect – silence and smoothness. Quiet even the sea, because of the cape around the bay. Also, the weather pleased with the sun almost all the time. The boat trip was a success.”

Kabardinka is a cozy resort village of Krasnodar. It is worth visiting because of the incredibly beautiful nature. Come in spring and summer to relax on the Black Sea coast. Local hotels will allow you to experience royal comfort at an affordable price.