The best hotels in Alupka by the sea for families with children in the Crimea

The small town of Alupka, located 20 km from Yalta, is considered to be a children’s health resort of the southern coast of Crimea. As a sanatorium-resort area, it began to develop from the beginning of the 20th century. By 1941, there were 24 specialized sanatoriums, some of them were engaged in the rehabilitation of children. Alupka is famous for its climatic conditions, close to the Middle Earth (hot dry summer), the cleanest sea (pebble beach cover, rocky bottom, clear water). There are not very many hotels here, even less, located directly near the sea. The best of them are presented in this review. Due to the fact that the city is not oversaturated with tourists, a quiet chamber atmosphere is created in Alupka.

What attracts Alupka parents with children

On the territory of the city there are several children’s sanatoriums, including a general somatic profile for Mother and Child, as well as specialized in the treatment of bone tuberculosis in children. The resort has natural balneological abilities to restore health. Every year thousands of families with children come here in order to have a good rest, heal and gain strength for the next year.

Alupka is interesting for its history and monuments. The settlement was founded in 960 (the first written mention). The town gained fame in the 19th century, after in 1823 it passed into the possession of Count Mikhail Vorontsov. By the way, the pearl of the coast – the famous Vorontsov Palace – was built here, in Alupka. The count was courteous with the indigenous population of the village, so the first thing he built here was a church for the Orthodox and a mosque for Muslims.

Since the beginning of the last century, specialized sanatoriums and boarding houses began to open in Alupka. Gorky and Bunin, Chaliapin and Rachmaninoff, prominent Russian figures of science and politics liked to come here. The military also chose this place and created a departmental sanatorium for the treatment of respiratory organs. It still works. The special air of Alupka has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Children leave here strong and healthy. Parents can only choose a place where to stay during the holidays.

Where to stay in Alupka with a child

The economy of Alupka is largely built by the provision of resort services. The town itself is small, it covers an area of only 4 sq. km. Almost every resident is ready to provide vacationers with a corner, room or bed in his home. But vacationing with children always requires more. They need regular meals, normal living conditions (taking into account compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards), the opportunity to organize leisure activities according to their interests. Therefore, parents most often choose comfortable hotels. The best of them are presented below.

Migratory Birds Hotel

The rating opens a small but very cozy hotel “Migratory Birds”. It is located in a secluded corner on the coast near the Vorontsov Palace. The territory is closed from outsiders and is guarded around the clock. It offers 11 comfortable rooms,located in three elegant wings. Each room is named after one of the gemstones. The color scheme of the design is designed in pastel colors. In the hotel fund there are one-, two-room, duplex rooms. Some rooms have a kitchen. Separate entrances lead to the wings, stone paths are laid between them.

The restaurant caters are also available. The kitchen offers Slavic, European and Mediterranean dishes, bread and pastries of its own making. On the territory there is a swimming pool, a children’s playground. The inn is only open during high season. You can’t come with animals. The administrator will help with the transfer. There is private parking (paid).

“I recommend it to those who want to combine secluded accommodation, excursions, comfort. Rooms are equipped with chic furniture. Here you feel like at home surrounded by familiar things. The cook prepares amazing food. Nearby there is a round-the-clock store “Marina”. To the sea walk about 5 minutes» Igor, Russia




Aquilon Hotel

If there is no desire to move away from people, then the best option would be the hotel “Aquilon”,located in the heart of Alupka. The hotel occupies a post office building, which was built in 1993, then in 2006 completely renovated for the needs of the hotel fund. The three-storey house has 17 rooms, a café, a conference hall. Inside there is a cozy green courtyard, in which garden furniture for rest is installed. Rooms of the following categories are prepared to accommodate guests:

  • Standard (with balcony and without), there is a refrigerator, a hairdryer is possible to install a cot or an extra bed;
  • Junior suite with balcony or glazed veranda, there are dishes, sofa bed (as an extra bed);
  • Suite consisting of 2 rooms with balconies, sea view and a furnished view terrace.

You can come with pets weighing up to 10 kg, with a vet passport. Upon check-in, a deposit of 5,000 rubles will be charged. The amount will be refunded on the day of departure, unless the animal causes damage. For children’s recreation there is a children’s playground with a sandbox. High chairs are available in the dining room. Meals in the café are provided à la carte, a separate offer of dishes has been developed for kids.

“A very nice place to stop in Alupka is the Aquilon Hotel. The rooms are clean, the kitchen is excellent, akin to homely. To the sea to walk 15 minutes, if with a child, then longer. The beach is pebbly, the entrance to the sea is gentle. It is necessary to take beach shoes with you to walk on the stones” Victoria, Russia





Hotel Villa Oneiro

Another option for secluded accommodation within the city offers a private hotel “Oneiro”. The villa is built on the territory of the former possessions of the Greek tea magnate. Guests are welcomed by a nice three-storey mansion, designed for 14 rooms. According to the levels of comfort, they represent Economy, Standard and Comfort. A baby cot will be appointed to the rooms for a fee.

The guest house is famous throughout Alupka for its Tavern. It is believed that mullet and rapanov with onions are perfectly fried here. A separate menu has been developed for children. Godlewski Park is 60 metres away. It is equipped with 3 playgrounds with swings, carousels and sandboxes. To the sea 10 minutes walk. The villa welcomes guests in 2004. Private parking is available. A shuttle service is available on request. Pets are not charged.

“My children were just fascinated by the Viennese waffles that are baked in the Oneiro Tavern! They are decorated with fruits, almonds, caramel, ice cream! But now on the case. This hotel is possible to stay with children. The conditions are comfortable – and feed, and wash, and put to bed. Supplement for a child’s place 850 rubles. per night. Maybe in the summer the amount will grow, it is better to clarify this issue with the owner» Tatiana, Russia





Mini Hotel Sochi

The two-storey guest house with attic has been welcoming guests since 2016. The hostess took into account all the wishes of the visiting holidaymakers with families and children. Therefore, the hotel has:

  • equipped kitchenettes (refrigerator, microwave, kettle, dishes, sink);
  • private bathrooms;
  • shared pool with lounge area;
  • a place for cooking kebabs;
  • Wi-Fi throughout.

A children’s playground is available for younger guests. There is an age limit. Children from 4 years and older are accepted. It is forbidden to come to animals. Free parking is available on site.

“I got a double impression after staying at the Sochi Hotel. On the one hand, the Vorontsov Palace is a 2-minute walk, the sea is close, walk 10 minutes, breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared to order. On the other hand, I did not see happiness in the eyes of the staff. The cleaners and security guards are clearly disinterested in promoting this business. Therefore, I can recommend staying in it 50 to 50%” Vitaly, Russia




Mini-Hotel Manor At count’s Park

The main advantage of the Estate at the Count’s Park is the bright and spacious rooms. They will not be close with children, there will always be a place for a crib. In addition to the rooms there are separate cottages and houses in the park. Food is inexpensive. Breakfasts are offered to choose from, children’s menu, set lunches. There is a place for cooking kebabs. Free tea is available throughout the day. In assortment – the best Crimean tea fees. For children under 5 years old, milk is given free of charge during the evening broadcast of cartoons in the hotel cinema.

The road to the sea (10 minutes of quiet walk) passes through Vorontsov Park. Children can play on the playgrounds. You can always book an excursion and transfer to the object of interest (water park, zoo, etc.), family tours to local attractions are provided. On the territory of the hotel complex there is a wood-dry bath, an outdoor seasonal swimming pool.

“This is a wonderful hotel with hospitality unusual for the Crimea. We really liked the attitude towards the guests. Here really appreciate those who come to rest in the Crimea. Prices are ridiculous by the standards of the same Caucasus, and the service is much better. There is a very healing air. One walk through the park to the sea heals more than a complex of procedures in the SPA” Elena, Russia




Guest House “Kvilt”

A small guest house “Quilt” belongs to the category of accommodation of economy class. There are only family rooms designed to accommodate 3-4 people (18 and 20 sq. m.). Each room has an en suite bathroom. You can prepare lunch or dinner in the shared kitchen. Meals are not provided by the hosts. Within walking distance there is a grocery store, a market, household markets.

To the sea to go far. Regular guests of the hotel are advised to come here by car. There is a place to park. The owners also do not organize the transfer. There is a swimming pool on site. There is a small lounge area with sun loungers. Wi-Fi is available anywhere. Smoking is prohibited. Animals are not inhabited.

“Very friendly and helpful hosts. We built a beautiful mangal area in the yard. Excellent conditions in the kitchen. You can cook whatever you want. The rooms are clean, everything is at home. If you need to wash things, the hostess Natalia will provide a washing machine. The service is inexpensive. The room has air conditioning, mosquito nets are stretched on the windows. The child was never disturbed by midges. I recommend to go here to those who travel on their own. You will love the service and living conditions» Irina, Russia



Boutique hotel Dacha Rachmaninov 5 Alupka Crimea

It is impossible not to mention the 5-star hotel complex “Rachmaninoff’s Dacha”. It is located in the area of the park of relict plants Miskhor, on the Alupkinskoye highway, 20 km from Yalta. The building and the main infrastructure were built in 1958. In 2019, the main building and other buildings were completely reconstructed. The concept of cozy luxury and individuality is preserved. At the Dacha there was the same hotel fund, consisting of 10 unique roomsin design.

This place “breathes” memories. The main mission of the owners is the possibility of revealing the talents of young geniuses. Here, in silence and solitude, you can engage in music, paint pictures, compose poetry or prose. Children are accepted from a very early age, there are no restrictions. They can take their favorite animal with them if the parents are ready to pay for the pet’s accommodation in the amount of 2000 rubles per day (depending on the size).

Meals are served in the hotel’s dining room. Breakfast is available to choose from. From 13.00 the restaurant accepts all guests without exception, including those who do not stay at the hotel. For children under 9 years of age, not only a bed is provided free of charge, but also meals. For their entertainment are provided:

  • children’s pool;
  • club;
  • playroom with tutor services;
  • outdoor playground.

The hotel has its own enclosed beach area by the sea. Guests are guaranteed a 5-star service in all respects of the rest.





Judging by the real reviews of guests of the Crimea, the most convenient place to stay in Alupka will be the Mini-Hotel“Usadba U Grafsky Park”. It is close to the sea, a beautiful park with relict trees. A lot of good reviews have been written about the staff, hotel service and culinary abilities of the chef. The complex is perfect for parents with children.


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