The best 5 star hotels in the Seychelles: a fabulous holiday on the islands away from civilization

Five-star hotels in the Seychelles are perfect for all romantics, outdoor enthusiasts and just fans of loddom on the beach. Each of the hotels of the highest class is an archipelago of comfort and luxury with many advantages and pleasant little things. Read more about the 10 best five-star hotels in the Seychelles: here are the following lines.

Fregate Island Private

Fregate Island Private is a private island hotel. Delivery of guests to it is provided by small planes or speedboats. The hotel itself is a complex of villas that are scattered throughout the island. Each of the houses is equipped with modern furniture and appliances. Travel between mansions, beaches and infrastructure is carried out on electric vehicles.

Guests are fed in the hotel’s main restaurant. Its menu consists of Seychelles, French and European cuisines. By order, it is possible to serve meals in any of the corners of the island.

For entertainment on Fregate Island Private, there are tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, a fitness center, a children’s play area, a pool room, a spa, bicycle rental points and water sports equipment. All guests of the establishment are provided with a free diving lesson or a 60-minute massage.

The hotel is great for those who want to combine solitude with sports, fishing or contemplation of underwater scenery. It will appeal to couples in love, and families with children.

“The island is small but beautiful. The privacy of the villas is pleasantly striking. I liked to be alone with my beloved and nature. The staff work well. Two assistants were constantly there and helped to understand what is where. In general, I am satisfied.”

Raffles Praslin Seychelles

A beautiful resort near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Anse Lazio and valle de Mea National Park (listed by UNESCO) Hotel Villa rooms can accommodate 2 to 4 people. They are located at an altitude of 15-20 meters above sea level. In all rooms the bedrooms have windows facing the ocean. The main feature of the hotel is the presence of two landscape pools of common use, which offer magnificent views of the island and the water surface.

To satisfy the appetite of guests in the hotel is equipped with 6 restaurants. The best is Lostan, where visitors are offered Mediterranean cuisine. In the lounge on the roof of this institution available hookahs with several dozen smoking mixtures.

The interests of young guests on the premises are satisfied by the animators of the Sugar Palm Club. Fascinating leisure of adult travelers provide workers of the beach, libraries (with Russian and English-language editions), bicycle rental point, massage room, sauna, fitness center.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles is great for lovers and couples who want to retire in a small paradise.

“Great apartments overlooking the sea and swimming pool. The staff are lovely. Helped everywhere, on the beach offered fruit, water with ice, cold towels. The hotel is located on a mountain. Of course, buggies come to the guests quickly, but still not very convenient.”

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Fabulous hotel on top of a small hill, 25 km from the capital Seychelles – Victoria and international airport. The peculiarity of the villas of this hotel is the possibility of settling in one of them from 4 to 12 people at a time. All rooms are decorated in french colonial style. Each of the villas has a patio, a mini-bar, a tea or coffee service, a combined bathroom with a shower, a separate pool, a TV with satellite channels.

The main restaurant of the hotel – Kannel pleases visitors with European cuisine for lunch and dishes of Creole and Asian cuisines for dinner. The second restaurant, which is called the E’e, serves continental breakfasts and Mediterranean dinners. The bar of the first of the establishments specializes in light snacks and fruit drinks, and the second has a great wine list and menu of sashimi and sushi.

There are a lot of opportunities for entertainment in the hotel: snorkeling, surfing, fishing. There is a helipad on site, from which you can go on an aerial tour. A special club is open for the youngest guests, where every day there is an entertaining show program.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is a great hotel for staying with a large family or a group of friends.

“A hotel with a beautiful beach in the Seychelles. The staff are responsive. A few minor troubles were resolved quickly and without objection. In addition to relaxing on the beach, you can also swim with a snorkel.”

Enchanted Island Resort

The cozy Enchanted Island resort is located on one of the Seychelles Round Island. It is a spacious and comfortable villa that is surrounded by a tropical garden

Each pitchfork is equipped with an air conditioning system, so the rooms are never hot. A nice addition to the rest is the presence of terraces overlooking the Indian Ocean in all rooms without exception. They are decorated in the traditional “colonial style.” Here you will have a living room with a large and modern TV (satellite), as well as a DVD player with sets of popular movies. In your personal bathroom you will have all the necessary cosmetics and bath accessories.

The local restaurant is able to please even the most exquisite gourmets, because they prepare dishes of “international cuisine” with a light note of Creole influence. Fans of wellness and beauty treatments will appreciate the local spa. And fans of outdoor activities will be able to work out in a fully staffed gym. By the way, you can also rent a kayak or snookerling equipment.

The spa has several treatment pavilions, each with its own steam room, shower and terrace. There is also a fitness centre and swimming pool. Snorkeling and kayaking equipment is available at the Aquatics Centre. To get to the hotel you will need a motorboat (departing from Mahe Pier). There is also an international Seychelles airport on Mahe.

“Very friendly and professional staff. The privacy of the hotel. The villas are very clean. A quick solution to emerging problems and most importantly in the interests of the guests. Care and attention to guests. No children in the hotel. A small drawback is the free transfer from the hotel to the main island only once a day, which imposes certain inconveniences.”

The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach

A corner of comfort in the lush greenery of Morne National Park. Rooms and separate villas, equipped with modern furniture and appliances, are available to the hotel’s guests. There are separate swimming pools for the guests of the estates, and for the inhabitants of the rooms – a large common bath. A pleasant addition to all the rooms – a spray for good sleep, which can be applied on pillows.

The hotel is located at the beach and has its own piece of coastline. At the ocean are separate sunbeds for all guests of the institution. There are also canoe rentals, surfing, diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Seven restaurants are scattered throughout the hotel. Only one of them is open all day, the rest receive guests only at certain hours (for lunch or dinner). The main restaurant, called “1502,” has a children’s menu. By appointment, you can order a romantic dinner at any of the establishments. The restaurant, T’te-y-T’te, has terraces with stand-alone tables and ocean views for such events.

The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach will appeal to couples of all ages without children or with one child aged 12-18 years. And also in this hotel created all the conditions for the admission of people with disabilities.

“Modern beautiful hotel. The two-storey villas are just beautiful. The beds are big, but the mattresses are a little harsh. Breakfast is great, even compared to other Seychelles hotels. There are a lot of dishes to choose from and they are all delicious. The staff is friendly and helps everywhere.”

Constance Lémuria

One of the best 5-star Seychelles hotels. Its rooms combine the best features of modern and traditional island architecture. The ceilings in some rooms are made of straw, and the chairs in the restaurants are made in the form of turtle shells. There is a river running through the hotel, which flows into a small lagoon.

Quenching the thirst and appetite of guests provide 3 restaurants and 4 bars. Each of them has an individual design. Meals in the establishments are made both on the buffet system and on the menu.

There is an 18-hole golf course and 2 tennis courts, as well as sports bike rentals, surfboards and snorkeling facilities. The spa staff help guests relax among palm trees and bamboo trees.

On the border of the square, which occupies the hotel under the sun are warmed 2 beaches with white sand and a gentle entrance to the ocean. For those who want to get to know Seychelles better, there is a car rental office, which operates a personal guide service.

Constance L’muria has long been loved by couples in love and married, as well as families with children as young as 14.

“It’s a great hotel. Especially for the Russians it has a guide who speaks our way. All wishes and requests are granted instantly. The kitchen is on top. The area is not very large, but it has a lot of animals – peacocks, turtles. The latter sometimes crawl into the rooms. The hotel’s beach is also cool. In general, I liked everything.”

Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa

A great resort at Beau Wallon Beach. The number fund of the institution consists of rooms of 4 categories: from semi-luxe to penthouses. Each of them can receive no more than four adults or two adults and two children. There are three restaurants in the hotel. The main one from 5 o’clock in the morning offers continental breakfasts, which you can take in special boxes on excursions. It also offers buffet lunches and dinners from world cuisine. At Pescado, Michelin-starred chef Gennaro Avanile is the one that cooks delicious seafood.

The hotel’s spa has all the necessary facilities for various cosmetic procedures. There is a special pavilion for yoga classes. A babysitting service is available for families with children around the clock. A variety of games for kids are organized by the animators of the children’s club. The list of additional services of the hotel includes the organization of weddings on the beach, by the pool or in the banquet hall. The administration of the institution takes care of the ideal service of each of these events.

Savoy Seychelles Resort and Spa is a great place to settle couples or families with children of all ages.

“The hotel is super. We all liked it. The kitchen is just a combine. In the main restaurant that just was not, and in Pescado fish just fingers licked. Every day we had dinner at Pescado and left with a lot of positive emotions. The chef himself told us about his dishes and how they are cooked. We hope to come to Savoy again.”

Constance Ephélia

A large charming hotel between green hills and white sandy beaches. It offers rooms and individual villas with a capacity of up to 6 people. In most of the rooms the windows overlook the ocean, in some rooms – on the mountains.

The restaurant’s meals consist of a buffet breakfast, light snacks by the pool and dinner, which consists of Mae Island cuisine. The menu of small restaurants, which are located on the property, contains dishes of Chinese, Japanese, Italian cuisine. Fresh juices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are available in the hotel’s bars.

Those who do not like to lie endlessly on the beach can snorkel, play squash or tennis, ride a bungee, take a kayak or visit the gym. Fans of passive rest are offered cosmetic procedures in the hotel spa and complete relaxation of the body in the sauna. Several shops and souvenir shops are open for those wishing to shop in the hotel.

Constance Eph’lia is a great place for single people, couples and families with 1-2 children to relax. This hotel will appeal to both young people and older people.

“If you want to completely “turn off your head” and forget about the house – then this hotel is for you. It is completely guest-oriented. The staff does all your wishes without fuss. Due to the fact that my wife and I had birthdays during the holiday – we were upgraded to the room category. We also had enough entertainment: squash, tennis, kayaks. All this refreshes the head and calms the nerves.”

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

A delightful resort on the island of Silhouette. On its territory built several dozen comfortable villas, a spa with a full range of cosmetic services, a large swimming pool, surrounded by palm trees.

The gastronomic wishes of the guests satisfy the chefs of 7 restaurants and cafes. These establishments serve Italian, Japanese and Seychelles cuisines, alcoholic and soft drinks and cocktails, freshly squeezed juices.

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa is well-equipped to welcome children. In the rooms can be installed small cribs, the restaurant has a special menu, the list of services includes the services of a nanny. The children’s club is well equipped with playrooms and a mini-cinema. The hotel staff knows several languages, including Russian.

For sports, the venue has tennis courts, squash courts, dart boards, pool tables, bike rental points, masks and snorkeling tubes, canoeing. Businessmen in the hotel are available services for office rental and business meetings. The hotel is suitable for guests of all categories and ages: single people, couples in love, families with children.

The Hilton Hotel is the only one on Silhouette Island. And it pleases. We rented an oceanfront villa and were very pleased. The feeling of solitude and peace never left us. The nature near the hotel is beautiful. The staff are friendly. The honeymoon at the Hilton was right.”

Kempinski Seychelles Resort

A wonderful hotel in the southern part of the island of Mahe, on the shores of the picturesque bay of Lazar. There are double rooms with sea views or mountains to accommodate travellers. Each room has eco-friendly wooden furniture, iPod docking stations and tea or coffee drinking services.

The hotel has three catering facilities:

  • Cafe Lazar, which has breakfasts and buffet dinners;
  • Restaurant L’Indochine, where daily, from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Seychelles cuisine is available;
  • The Windsong Restaurant, located on the beach, is 10 to 15 metres from the surf line. A significant part of the dishes on the menu of this institution consists of seafood.

The hotel’s wellness complex includes a spa with 6 treatment rooms, a gym and an Olympic swimming pool. A mini-club is open for kids and a babysitter service is available. Teenagers and sports fans can hire canoes, snorkeling masks and surfboards.

The Kempinski Seychelles Resort has a 32-person conference room and 10-person meeting room. The hotel is perfect for holding business meetings and meetings at the highest level, recreation of couples and families with children.

“The rooms are cozy, spacious. The area is just huge. There are plenty of opportunities for entertainment. There is an opportunity and fall on the beach and turn the paddle on the boat. There were a couple of misunderstandings with the beach staff, but they were quickly resolved. Breakfasts are great. They include several types of coffee and champagne. In general, everything is great.”